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Author Chené Murphy
Chené Murphy
Created on Nov 22nd, 2022
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

CoolBeds4Pets 2022:  Keeping Your Pets Cool and Comfy All Summer Long

Rick and Jennifer Perez, co-founded Cool Beds 4 Pets with the goal of providing environmental comfort for pet companions by offering high-quality American made products that help our beloved pets live their best lives.  In this interview DeliveryRank heard more from Rick about their business of keeping your pets cool.

Please share the story behind Cool Beds 4 Pets:  What sparked the idea and how has it evolved since then?

First of all, thank you for interviewing me. I am Rick, the Chief Everything Officer of Cool Beds 4 Pets. Cool Beds is a culmination of being inspired and fulfilling a need. We used to show dogs in AKC Conformation. We had pugs that my wife Jennifer and I used to show. I also showed my sisters dogs, Saint Bernards and Chow Chows. Keeping these dogs cool is a tough job sometimes. Our Pug mentor, Dori, used to make Cool Beds. Dori sadly passed away in 2009. When she passed, so did her business of making Cool Beds. In 2017 we needed new Cool Beds. Our original Cool Beds that we got from Dori were starting to wear out and we needed new ones. So, I started experimenting with making Cool Beds.

Now we make multiple different kinds of Cool Beds, and I have designed a new type of Cool Bed that offers built in surface protection! We call those Deluxe Cool Beds. 

What makes your products unique?

For starters, our Cool Beds are all handmade in Colorado, by me. Our Cool Beds are the only water activated cooling products on the market. What makes them different is the material inside. They are filled with a salt polymer crystal that when soaked in water absorbs 400 times its weight in water. It only takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to hydrate a Cool Bed. Then it slowly evaporates that water over the next 5-10 days. Providing a Cool and Comfy spot for your dogs and pets to lay on. After a few hours the top surface will dry to the touch but the cooling remains for days. Not just minutes or hours like other “cooling mats”.

Who are you typical customers?

They are usually pet owners who are concerned about their pets in heat or hot times of the year. We still go to dog shows and other dog competitions and set up our booth. A lot of our customers use crates or use our Cool Beds in the car when transporting your furry pals. 

What are some of the top uses for a Cool Bed?

Anytime you need to keep your pets cool! Folks will use our Cool Beds in the car, in crates, at home on the deck or your house. Cool Beds provides cooling power when your animals need it the most.

Where can customers get hold of your products?

You may catch us at Dog events like AKC Shows, Dock Diving, Fastcat, or other fun dog sport events. Or, you can go on to our website and order directly from us at www.coolbeds4pets.com. We’re also found on Etsy, where we work hard for our 5 star Etsy Seller rating.

Any new developments or plans for the future?

Right now our future plans are to keep getting the word out about our version, which we feel is the best version of Pet Cooling products. We strive to make the highest quality products for folks. I’ve been disappointed too many times to buy pet products that don’t deliver what they say they do. We have some other ideas for products, but we want to bring home the Blue Ribbon with Cool Beds!

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