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Author Ditsa Keren
Ditsa Keren
Updated on Jun 1st, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

5 FoodTech Companies That Redefine The Term "Fast Food" 2023

In our ever-changing world, a new era of meal options and culinary experiences is here to redefine what fast food is all about.

Even if you really love cooking, doing it every day can be tiring and time-consuming. Whether you’re cooking for yourself and find yourself eating the same dish for three days straight, or cooking for a fussy family – it never hurts to add a bit of variety while also making your own life easier.

If you’ve been looking for some culinary inspiration but you don’t want to work too hard, here are five companies that DeliveryRank interviewed and found to be a great choice for those looking for a healthy, fast, at-home meals.

Freeze-Dried Meals By Top Chef Meals

Paul Ghiron, Founder of Top Chef Meals

Top Chef Meals has over 80 different meals to choose from and with the added choice of side dishes, thousands of combinations are possible. We also serve hearty breakfasts, healthy and sinful dessert options, as well as soups, and even smoothies.

Our meals faithfully abide by the top trending healthy eating lifestyle options for those who like keto, paleo, and low-carb meals.

No other meal company offers customers the ability to pick the components of meals that they will actually love. Add more protein, request more sauce, or change your veggie or starch sides. Your wish is our command.

We operate our own facility – in other words, we cook our own meals from scratch. Not many brands in our category do that. In fact, most outsource their kitchen, packing, customer service, and delivery needs. We do all of this in house!

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Homemade Meal Kits by What a Crock

Justin West, Founder & Managing Partner of What a Crock

While What a Crock is most popular with families, we do a great job at serving many different demographics. Since we sell our meals by the portion – and you can order just one portion at a time – our products are very attractive to singles who don't feel like cooking a whole meal just for themselves.

The fact that our meals are healthier than many other "prepared meals" but are still very easy to make, also makes us a great solution for seniors who may not want to or can't cook for themselves.

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Doctor-Prescribed Meals by Magic Kitchen

Greg Miller, CEO of Magic Kitchen

At Magic Kitchen, we refer to our products as home-style meals – those you’d have on a Sunday night when you have family and friends over. A nice, good-quality meal, nothing extravagant, but something people appreciate and remember.

Our target customers are in the older demographics, or those following special and personalized diets, whereas other meal kit companies are looking for millennials.

We work a lot with insurance companies and Medicaid and Medicare plans, where you can now have meals provided. Doctors can prescribe meals in the same way they prescribe drugs. They send us the prescription, we fill it, and bill it to the insurance company.

There are all kinds of diets out there and our menu has 230 items, so we present a lot of options for them to choose from.

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Ramen Kits by Crafty Ramen

Khalil Khamis, CEO of Crafty Ramen

Crafty Ramen is all about innovation, locality, and regionality. When you travel around Japan, it’s really interesting to see the unique flavors and ingredients that each region puts into its ramen.

When opening the restaurant in Guelph, Jared and Miki wanted their ramen to reflect the offerings of Ontario. We use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, and craft our homemade noodles from high-quality Ontario wheat.

We have two restaurant locations where clients can come and experience Crafty Ramen in a restaurant setting. We also sell our frozen ramen kits and pantry items in about 50 small, locally-owned grocery stores around Ontario.

Finally, we have an online subscription service for our fresh ramen kits as well as bowls, chopsticks, spoons, and other market items that cater to a great at-home ramen experience.

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Dietitian-Approved Meals by Pantry Fuel

Jennifer Stuchell, Founder of Pantry Fuel

Pantry Fuel meals are “dietitian-approved”. This isn’t a legal or standard label, but it means that we’ve partnered with registered dietitians, as well as doctors and nurse practitioners in our local community, to vet our menus and help promote their nutrition efficacy.

We prioritize transparency because it is paramount when it comes to offering food that promotes good health. While a multitude of food items or recipes might bear the "healthy" label, this is often subjective. 

We create recipes and menus based on science-driven data and a professional vetting process, so our customers can trust us.

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To Sum Up

If you’ve been accustomed to thinking of fast food as a synonym for fried and greasy, it’s never too late to change your mindset. 

As the food delivery market continues to break all-time records, FoodTech innovation around food storage and preservation is revolutionizing the ready-to-eat meals market. This combination creates a flavorful selection of meal options that you don’t want to miss!

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We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links.
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