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Author Jessica White
Jessica White
Updated on Sep 4th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

5 Best HelloFresh Weight-Loss Recipes 2023: Update

Planning and preparing meals when you need to stick to healthy options takes effort. Finding nutritionally balanced meals that aren’t bland and boring can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be with HelloFresh.

HelloFresh can help support your weight-loss journey. If you select the Fit & Wholesome plan when you sign up, you’ll be able to choose from at least 6 healthy recipes every week. Approved by dietitians, you'll be eating meals that aren’t just tasty, but super healthy too.

Read on to discover the best recipes I’ve found on the Fit & Wholesome plan. If you aren’t sure what to have for dinner, give one of these options a try. With only 650 calories or less, they aren’t just healthy, they’re packed with flavor, too.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best HelloFresh Weight-Loss Recipes

  1. Vegan Cajun Cauliflower Stew – Best vegan weight-loss recipe

  2. Goat Cheese Chicken with Figgy Balsamic – Best chicken-based weight-loss dish

  3. One-Pan Spiced Turkey Lettuce Wraps – Best Mediterranean-inspired recipe

  4. Pork Chops in Cranberry Shallot Sauce – Great gourmet weight-loss meal

  5. Sweet & Spicy Avocado Toast with Feta – Easiest weight-loss lunch dish

The Best HelloFresh Weight-Loss Recipes Reviewed

1. Vegan Cajun Cauliflower Stew – Best Vegan Weight-Loss Recipe

HelloFresh's Vegan Cajun Cauliflower Stew

Low calorie Vegan Cajun Cauliflower Stew

Key Features

  • 490 calories per serving

  • 79 g carbs, 15 g fat, 11 g protein

  • 15 mins prep time (total time – 40 mins)

If you’re looking for a vegan weight-loss recipe, this is it. The Vegan Cajun Cauliflower stew is healthy, nutritious, and packed with flavorful ingredients. It’s the perfect plant-based option for dinner when you’re on a diet.

Cajun cuisine features pungent spices, hot peppers, and rich sauces – which is what gives this low-calorie stew its flavor. It’s brimming with deliciously spiced cauliflower and fragrant long-grain rice.

It could be a challenging recipe for novice chefs, though. But the result is worth the effort of preparation and cooking. The dish has a medium difficulty rating, so it’s one to try when you have plenty of time to concentrate in the kitchen.

This is a hearty and comforting low-calorie option. Featuring tender cauliflower florets, a thick tomato-based sauce, and fragrant spices, it’s the perfect comfort dish for a midweek dinner. Have a look at the HelloFresh menu for more cozy dinner options.

With only 15 grams of fat, this is the lowest fat content of all the dishes on my list. So even though it tastes incredibly indulgent, you can rest easy knowing it’s super healthy and low in cholesterol too.

2.  Goat Cheese Chicken with Figgy Balsamic – Best Chicken-Based Weight-Loss Dish

HelloFresh's Goat Cheese Chicken with Figgy Balsamic

High protein Goat Cheese Chicken with Figgy Balsamic

Key Features

  • 490 calories per serving

  • 33 g carbs, 23 g fat, 38 g protein

  • 10 mins prep time (total time – 35 mins)

Chicken is no longer bland and boring with this delicious HelloFresh dish. With the combination of fig jam and balsamic vinegar, it really is packed with flavor. The melted goat cheese, side of crispy, roasted, garlicky potatoes, carrots, and asparagus take it to the next level.

This dish balances sweet and savory flavors. The figgy balsamic sauce perfectly complements the bitter tang of the goat cheese. Be sure to drizzle generously to make the most of this tasty recipe.

With a mighty 38 grams of protein, this is one of the HelloFresh’s Protein Smart options. You can see the Protein Smart tag underneath high-protein recipes on the menu. Protein is great for helping you lose weight. It boosts your metabolism and helps you feel fuller for longer, so there’s less chance of the dreaded snacking in between meals.

The colorful carrots and asparagus are packed with vitamins and minerals. To meet your weight-loss goals, always check the nutritional ingredients for calories, fat, and carbohydrates.

Make sure you read the recipe guide carefully before you start. It has a medium difficulty rating but HelloFresh includes step-by-step instructions that walk you through everything clearly.

3. One-Pan Spiced Turkey Lettuce Wraps – Best Mediterranean-Inspired Recipe

HelloFresh's One-Pan Spiced Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Low carb One-Pan Spiced Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Key Features

  • 550 calories per serving

  • 29 g carbs, 36 g fat, 32 g protein

  • 10 mins prep time (total time – 30 mins)

You don't have to travel to the Mediterranean to experience the cuisine. This Mediterranean-inspired recipe is a great choice if you want a healthy, satisfying, and flavorful meal.

The One-Pan Spiced Turkey Lettuce Wraps is a tasty combination of fresh ingredients. The ready-mixed shawarma blend is a convenient way to add a medley of aromatic spices. This infuses the ground turkey giving it a bold flavor.

This isn’t tagged as a spicy dish so don’t worry it might be too strong. Spices are actually beneficial for your weight loss journey, too. Some research says they can boost your metabolism, reduce inflammation, and even help keep your heart healthy. So feel free to throw on extra hot sauce from your own pantry if you like it.

The turkey is served on a bed of crisp lettuce leaves, adding an extra layer of texture and crunch. This is a refreshing alternative to traditional wraps and reduces the carb content to just 29 grams, which is the lowest of all the dishes on my list. There are plenty more low-carb recipes on the HelloFresh menu too.

Tagged as Easy Cleanup, this is a great option for a busy weeknight. To prepare the dish, you only need a small bowl and a large pan. Save on more washing up by serving the lettuce wraps on a board. This makes it fun to eat too, just keep some napkins handy!

4. Pork Chops in Cranberry Shallot Sauce – Great Gourmet Weight-Loss Meal

HelloFresh's Pork Chops in Cranberry Shallot Sauce

Easy prep Pork Chops in Cranberry Shallot Sauce

Key Features

  • 580 calories per serving

  • 62 g carbs, 23 g fat, 31 g protein

  • 5 mins prep time (total time – 35 mins)

This recipe for Pork Chops in Cranberry-Shallot Sauce makes an elegant gourmet dish that’s sure to impress. If you stick to the presentation suggestions, it could even be considered restaurant quality.

You’ll be amazed at how quick this dish is to prepare. It involves roasting the potatoes and green beans, pan-frying the pork chops, and stirring up a sauce. Despite the simplicity, it looks like a much more complex dish. You can easily check the difficulty rating when you click on any dish on the HelloFresh menu.

What really sets this dish apart is the luscious cranberry-shallot sauce that’s spooned over the juicy pork chops. Made with sweet cranberries and savory shallots, the sauce adds a depth of flavor to the dish that leaves you wanting more.

This recipe is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a fancy and flavorful meal. It's sure to become a new favorite at your dinner table. Cook it to cheer you up in the middle of the week, or save it for an indulgent weekend meal. It's the perfect dish for a special occasion or a date night dinner for 2.

5. Sweet & Spicy Avocado Toast with Feta – Easiest Weight-Loss Lunch Dish

Key Features

  • 630 calories per serving

  • 77 g carbs, 31 g fat, 10 g protein

  • 0 mins prep time (total time – 10 mins)

With zero prep time, you can have a healthy meal on the table in 10 minutes. This recipe for Sweet & Spicy Avocado Toast with Feta is a 10-Min Lunch option, which makes it the fastest recipe to make on my list. It’s also the easiest, so you’ve got no excuse for grabbing unhealthy snacks when hunger strikes.

This dish is a new, colorful, and vibrant take on avocado toast. And the best bit is, you don’t even need to mash the avocado. All the elements are prepped and ready to assemble so it’s a simple case of toasting the ciabatta, spreading on your guacamole, then adding the rest of the ingredients.

It creates a mouth-watering mix of bold and intense flavors and textures. I love the combination of crisp toasted bread, creamy avocado, red pepper jam, and tangy feta. This meal will definitely satisfy all your cravings.

Just be aware that this recipe isn’t suitable for those on a gluten-free diet. But there are plenty of other gluten-free and calorie-conscious meals to choose from if you browse the weekly menu.

This dish is low in cholesterol but high in sodium. It’s a recipe to be wary of if you suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure. But, as part of a varied diet, it’s a tasty dish to indulge in occasionally.

Quick Comparison Table

Prep/Cook Time

Number of Calories

Cooking Difficulty

Suitable For

🥇 Vegan Cajun Cauliflower Stew 

55 mins

490 calories


Low-calorie and plant-based diets

🥈 Goat Cheese Chicken with Figgy Balsamic 

40 mins

490 calories


Low-calorie, low-carb, high-protein diets

🥉 One-Pan Spiced Turkey Lettuce Wraps

40 mins

550 calories


Low-calorie and low-carb diets

Pork Chops in Cranberry Shallot Sauce 

40 mins

580 calories


Low-calorie diets

Sweet and Spicy Avocado Toast with Feta

10 mins

630 calories


Low-calorie and vegetarian diets

Tips for Choosing the Best HelloFresh Weight-Loss Recipes

Achieve your health goals while enjoying delicious, nutritious and satisfying meals. Although HelloFresh does have the Fit & Wholesome plan, follow these tips to help you find even more suitable recipes on HelloFresh. 

  • Check the calorie count: Although losing weight isn’t just about calorie counting, it can help to know how much you’re consuming. Look for meals that have around 500-600 calories per serving. Some HelloFresh meals are even lower in calories like the Vegan Cajun Cauliflower stew.

  • Try low-carb options: Carbohydrates can contribute to weight gain if you eat a lot of them in your diet. Opt for meals that are based on whole grains and beans rather than white bread or pasta. Check out HelloFresh’s range of Carb Smart options, including this One-Pan Spiced Turkey Lettuce Wraps.

  • Increase your veggies: You don’t need to go fully vegetarian, or even vegan, to lose weight, but eating more plant-based meals can support your weight loss journey. These meals are generally lower in calories and high in fiber. Look for recipes that feature a range of colorful fruits and veggies and dark leafy greens.

  • Pick lean proteins: Lean proteins like chicken, fish, turkey, and tofu are vital for weight loss, helping you feel full longer and potentially boosting your metabolism. They also generally have fewer calories than red meats.


Does HelloFresh have weight-loss meals?

Yes, HelloFresh has a Fit & Wholesome plan you can select when you sign up. Recipes in your delivery will contain 650 calories or less and are lower in carbohydrates. HelloFresh provides nutritional information for all of its recipes. This includes calorie count, fat, protein, and carbohydrate content.

Is HelloFresh a good choice for people on a weight-loss diet?

Yes, HelloFresh is a good choice for people on a weight-loss diet. There are at least 6 Calorie Smart options on the menu every week. Meals are easy to prepare and portion-controlled. This can prevent you from overeating and help you stick to your weight-loss goals.

What kind of meals does HelloFresh offer?

HelloFresh is a meal delivery service that provides meal kits. Most dishes can be prepared in around 30 minutes, although some quick-prep options are also available. Each meal serves 2 or 4 people and you can choose which plan best suits your dietary requirements such as Veggie, Family Friendly, or Fit & Wholesome.

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