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Author Chené Murphy
Chené Murphy
Created on May 24th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

Hero Bread 2023:  All the Flavor without the Carbs

Hero Bread™ is a San Francisco-based food innovation company on a quest to help make life a little better and happier by evolving the joyful experience of bread and baked goods. Hero Bread™ products are real food, just as delicious as the original but with little to no net carbs, 0g sugar, fewer calories and more protein and fiber per serving than traditional products.  In this feature Cole Glass, Founder and CEO of Hero Bread™  tells DeliveryRank their story. 

Please share the story behind Hero Bread. What sparked the idea and how has it evolved since then?

I was born with severe food allergies related to pollen, so I can’t eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables or nuts, and consequently have had to take on a diet of just carbs, protein and fat. When I began to search for low carb options to ensure my diet was as healthy as possible, I realized that all the low carb bread and baked good options were unavailable to me because they contained something I am allergic to like nuts, seeds, almond and coconut flours, or vegetables. I decided to go on a mission to recreate a muffin with a set of low carb ingredients I wasn’t allergic to right in my apartment kitchen.

Eventually, I cracked the code with a recipe that had zero net carbs, no sugar, and less than half of the calories of traditional muffins. Since then, the brand has grown beyond muffins and into the products we have at Hero Bread today, including bread, tortillas, hamburger and hotdog buns, even croissants, which we had available for a limited time late last year. Recently, we were listed as the #1 seller of white bread and burger buns on Amazon, and we are expanding into retailers and restaurants nationwide.

I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished at Hero Bread. We’re not limiting ourselves to existing recipes or ways of baking. We’re bringing innovation and transforming an industry that has made the same products with a similar ingredient list for centuries. 

Bread generally gets a bad rap - what is the goodness in Hero Bread?

You’re right! Carby bread is often portrayed as the villain of the food pyramid, especially when many sliced breads and baked goods available today are packed with the bad stuff like sugar. You have people who forgo the breadbasket, they replace hamburger buns with lettuce, or they eat a sort of deconstructed sandwich to avoid feeling guilty. At Hero Bread, the core of our mission is to give people the freedom to eat what they desire by making products they love without the bad stuff they don’t. 

Hero Bread answers a challenging, but exciting question: What if you could enjoy bread, baked goods and every other flour-based food imaginable without sugar or very few net carbs while having those products look, feel, smell and taste like their flour-based analogs?  We are proud to help people stop settling for low carb knock offs or cutting carbs altogether by offering convenient alternatives so they can eat the foods they love.

Does zero sugar compromise on taste?

Not at all! All our products taste just like your typical bakery aisle items. Our unique recipe removes any need for sugar, which is almost unheard of compared to other traditional baked goods. Typically, in the bread making process, sugar is crucial – not just for sweetness, but yeast needs glucose to rise and create the airy texture that comes with bread. That’s where our patent-pending formula comes in. The result is amazing breads, buns and tortillas that actually taste good – this is just the beginning, with more to come

What does healthy eating mean to you?

In my case, eating healthy was extremely difficult to manage because of my allergies, so I had to make a lot of compromises. Everyday people are making compromises to live healthier whether that means overhauling their entire diet or switching out a pantry staple for an alternative option. Hero Bread is revolutionizing the carby foods consumers know and love most by removing the net carbs and sugar they don’t – finally allowing people to enjoy the best foods on earth with the same great taste, added protein and fiber, and fewer calories – without any compromise or consequences. 

Where can we find Hero Bread?

Hero Bread is currently available for purchase online at Hero.co, Amazon, and Walmart. It is also available at Market District Stores in Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio, in addition to Dom’s Kitchen & Market in Chicago, IL. Some of our products, like the Hero Tortilla, are available at quick-service restaurants Just Salad and Freebirds. We are excited to continue expanding our availability on shelves and in-stores over the next few months. There are only exciting things ahead and to come from us!

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