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Author Kenaz Filan
Kenaz Filan
Updated on Sep 28th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

How to Cancel Sunbasket Subscription 2023: (Quick & Easy!)

Sunbasket makes it really easy to pause your future orders in your account settings, without having to call customer support. That’s even the case if you purchased Sunbasket's cheapest plan.
As convenient as meal delivery services can be, no company is suitable for everyone. While Sunbasket scores high marks for its wide range of specialized meal plans, you may find it’s not a good fit for your needs.

Sunbasket is one of the more expensive services out there. While Sunbasket offers excellent meal kits and prepared meals and a wide range of international flavors, you may want a service that offers more family-friendly comfort food.

Factor’s prepared meals offer a great selection of more sophisticated recipes, which are dietitian-designed and chef-prepared. And they cost less per serving than a comparable Sunbasket order.

Sunbasket makes it very easy to cancel your plan. So whatever reasons you may have for canceling your Sunbasket subscription, you’ll be glad to know that Sunbasket won’t make this difficult!

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How to Cancel Your Sunbasket Orders – A Quick Guide

Sunbasket has a very straightforward cancelation system. You can do it all from Sunbasket’s website, without exchanging a single word with anyone.

  1. Log into your account. Click the Manage My Subscription link on your account settings page and follow the simple steps.

  1. Sunbasket will ask you why you want to cancel your subscription.

  1. You’ll also be offered other options in an attempt to keep you subscribed, but to cancel, click No to confirm the cancelation request.

  1. Wait for the cancelation email, which will confirm that your request has gone through.

  1. Check our list of the Best Alternatives below. I recommend Factor with a diverse menu and a huge selection of extras and add-ons.

Step-By-Step: How to Cancel Sunbasket

  1. Go to Manage Meal Subscription and click the Cancel My Subscription button at the bottom. 

The meal subscription page from sunbasket
The option to cancel is easy to find on the Manage Meal Subscription page

  1. Choose your reason for cancelation from the list of options provided.

Sunbasket asks questions about why you want to cancel
You have to give a reason for canceling your Sunbasket subscription

  1.  Answer another question, providing more details about your reason for cancelation. 

Sunbasket asks more questions before you can cancel
Sunbasket will ask you to elaborate on the reasons why you want to cancel

  1. Answer yet another question and let Sunbasket know you absolutely, positively want to cancel.

A final question from Sunbasket asking if you want to arrange a call
Sunbasket tries hard to stop you from canceling by offering you a call with a representative to discuss your needs. Or you can just hit Cancel subscription

  1. Your Sunbasket subscription is canceled. Make sure you cancel before 12 pm PST (3 pm EST) on Wednesday or you’ll be charged for an extra delivery. 

Sunbasket cancelation confirmation page
After a lot of questions, you'll see the confirmation of the cancelation

Best Alternatives

1. Factor – Best Prepared Meal Delivery Service

A pork chop on cauliflower mash with green beans
Smothered Mushroom Pork Chop with Cauliflower Mash & Garlic Haricots Verts by Factor

Factor caters to busy individuals seeking delicious ready-made meals. If you enjoyed the taste and convenience of Sunbasket’s prepared meals, you’ll love Factor’s chef-prepared and dietitian-designed entrees. The menu features a combination of staple dishes and new additions, with Top-Rated meals highlighted for those seeking proven specialties.

If you’re skeptical about microwave meals, Factor will make you a believer. Unlike frozen meals, the food is never frozen, just carefully chilled for transportation. After just 2-3 minutes in the microwave, you can experience the true freshness of each meal without any compromise in texture or taste.

Every week Factor offers you a choice of 35 lunch or dinner entrees, with a mix of international cuisines and American favorites. You can explore Mexican, Indian, Italian, Thai, and Mediterranean flavors among others. In addition to the main meals, Factor provides various breakfast options, desserts, and drinks in the Add-ons menu section.

If you’re looking to manage your weight, most Factor recipes range from 350 to 900 calories, with an average of 600 calories per meal. Factor also provides Calorie Smart options of 550 calories and under, and customers have easy access to nutrition facts and ingredients for each meal.

Factor is an especially good choice for those on specialized diets. It’s keto and high-protein menus are especially good, and there’s also a decent selection of prepared meals for vegetarians and vegans. If you were a fan of Sunbasket’s Keto or Protein Plus meals, Factor makes adhering to your diet even easier.

The Smothered Mushroom Pork Chop pictured above is a Keto and Protein Plus meal that has just 15 g of carbs and 51 g of healthy fat to keep you in ketosis. Factor replaces the potatoes with a cauliflower mash and gives you a perfectly cooked pork chop smothered in a rich mushroom sauce.

Your Factor subscription includes a 20-minute free consultation with a registered dietitian, offering personalized guidance for your specific goals. Our reviewer was very impressed by this consultation, and with the option to sign up for further coaching sessions to help you with health or weight concerns.

You can order between 6 and 18 weekly meals, with prices starting at $6.19 per serving.

2. Green Chef – Best Clean Organic Meal Kits

A turkey tagine with colorful  vegetables and a slice of lemon.
Turkey Tagine with Zucchini, Tomato, Feta, Almonds & Cilantro Lemon Crema by Green Chef

Green Chef is a great choice if organic, farm-fresh produce is important to you. With sustainably sourced ingredients and healthy, chef-crafted meal kits that cater to a variety of dietary needs, Green Chef ensures top-notch quality in every meal.

You get 7 different meal plans to choose from with Green Chef, including options like Keto, Protein Packed, Mediterranean, and more. But whatever menu plan you choose, you can always order any of the 30+ weekly menu items. Many Green Chef meals have a gluten-free tag on them. These are certified gluten-free by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), providing peace of mind for individuals with gluten sensitivities.

Green Chef goes beyond just main meals by offering a variety of add-ons, including breakfasts, healthy desserts, extra protein, salads, and wraps. These add-ons provide the opportunity to enhance your meal plan with additional options to meet your specific preferences and needs.

Green Chef knows how to make meal preparation easy. The ingredients are sorted by recipe and come pre-portioned which minimizes waste. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow, with images to help you along the way.

While Green Chef's recipes are premium in quality, they don't sacrifice efficiency. The menu features plenty of 20-minute recipes, and the addition of 10-minute lunch recipes provides even more convenience for busy people.

I tested Green Chef at home and cooked some of my best meals ever simply by following the accompanying recipes. I also appreciated the premade sauces and spice blends, which made things even easier!

When it comes to pricing, Green Chef is on the higher end of the meal delivery service spectrum. But the quality of ingredients and specialized recipes make it worth the investment.

Your minimum Green Chef order is 3 meals for 2, with a maximum of 6 meals for 6. Prices start at $5.99 per serving.

3. HelloFresh – Excellent Selection of Meal Kits

HelloFresh's One-Pan Beef & Black Bean Tacos
One-Pan Beef & Black Bean Tacos is HelloFresh's Hall of Fame meal you can whip up in 20 minutes.

HelloFresh’s menu is suitable for kids as well as adults. Alongside the sophisticated international meals, you’ll find lots of family favorites like burgers and burritos. Our reviewer felt that HelloFresh is great for learning new cooking skills as well as making tasty food.

You can prepare and cook most HelloFresh recipes within 30 to 45 minutes. And you can whip up some of them in 10 or 15 minutes. Also, HelloFresh offers some easier kits marked as Quick (and Easy) that require minimal prep and assembly. You can even order extras once you sign up.

You can also check the on-site cookbook for ideas. It teems with more than 2,500 meal recipes and provides an array of meal categories like meatballs, flatbreads, and noodles. Furthermore, you’ll find a range of international cuisines there, including Mediterranean, Indian, and Cuban.

HelloFresh caters to various dietary preferences with its menu options. If you liked Sunbasket’s Mediterranean menu, you’ll find corresponding meals in HelloFresh’s menu. For example, you’ll find Buttery Barramundi with Tomato-Feta Salad, among other Mediterranean options.

The HelloFresh Veggie menu is sure to please vegetarians. There’s well over a dozen vegetarian-friendly recipes on the menu each week. Look out for dishes like Lemony Spaghetti with Brussels Sprouts and customer favorite Lone Star Green Pepper Mac & Cheese, to mention a few. 

The recipes are easy to follow, with images accompanying the step-by-step guide. You’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of each recipe’s nutrition and ingredients, as well as a heads-up about common allergens. 

You can order between 2 and 6 meals per week for 2 or 4 people. HelloFresh prices start at $3.32 per serving. For great savings, use our exclusive discount when you sign up: 18 free meals + first box ships free + 3 surprise gifts with code DR18HF.

Quick Summary of the Best Alternatives to Sunbasket

Top Plans
Top Plans
Factor75 logo
Green Chef logo
Hello Fresh logo
Our Rating
Our Rating
Starting Price
Starting Price

$6.19 Per Serving

$5.99 Per Serving

$3.32 Per Serving

Minimum Order
Minimum Order

6 prepared meals

3 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

Meal Types
Meal Types

Prepared meals

30-minute meal kits

Meal kits, speedy kits, prepared meals

Prep Time
Prep Time

2-3 min

25-40 min

5-50 min

Active Deals
Active Deals


Is it easy to cancel a Sunbasket subscription?

Canceling your Sunbasket subscription is very easy. There’s no need to talk to anybody on the phone or exchange e-mails. All you need to do is click on the Manage My Subscription link in your account settings page and follow the easy instructions.

Are there cheaper alternatives to Sunbasket?

Factor offers a wide variety of tasty and nutritious meals at a lower price than Sunbasket. Moreover, it goes the extra mile to meet, even exceed, guidelines set by the CDC, USDA, FDA, and Health Departments to ensure top-quality food for its customers.

Can you cancel the subscription at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but if you cancel after 12 pm PST (3 pm EST) on Wednesday, you’ll be charged for an extra delivery.

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