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Written by: Sarah Kirton on Nov 22nd, 2022

Kitty Kafe™ and Doggie Diner™ 2022: Chins up Cats & Dogs!

Kelly Pepper, Founder and Marketing Director of Katco, reveals to DeliveryRank how their amazing inventions - Kitty Kafé™ and Doggy Diner™ “Elevate Your Pet’s Life!”™ We find out more.

When was Kitty Kafe launched and what challenges (if any) arose around penetrating the market successfully?

Both Kitty Kafe™ and Dogio Diner™ were unveiled at SuperZoo 2021 in Las Vegas and have actually been on the market since last Christmas. SuperZoo was amazing as we were able to show off our elevated pet bowls and get great live feedback from both consumers and retailers alike. 

With any new product, connecting with consumers and brand recognition is always a challenge. Building our brands from all different angles has been our main focus since our launch.

What are the advantages of having an elevated food bowl for dogs and cats?

There are many. When our pets eat off the ground, they are fighting gravity and straining their necks. Having the bowls at the correct height - which our bowls allow for as they can be mounted at any height for your pets - makes eating more comfortable and significantly  reduces the risk of vomiting after eating. 

As the bowls are held in place with brackets, our pets are unable to move the bowls around, which of course leads to less mess and benefits both pets and owners alike. The fact that the bowls are elevated makes cleaning easier, and allows for the use of a robot vacuum ;). In addition, because the bowls are elevated, they can be mounted anywhere, not only off the floor. Perhaps if you are catifying your house and trying to find a solution to feed your cats while keeping the dogs at bay, Kitty Kafe™ can be mounted off a countertop for example, or any raised surface. This in turn increases accessibility for pet owners who may have a disability….

Our Kitty Kafe™ and Doggie Diner™ are made from high density, 100% recycled/recyclable materials and are BPA free, NSF Food Safe and top rack dishwasher safe. 

Do your Doggy Diner™ bowls cater for all dog sizes (Great Danes included ;))?

For now, the bowls are only available in one size and hold one cup of food or water, but we’ll be launching 2 and 3 cup sizes to cater for all doggie sizes either later this year or in 2023.

What can you tell us about your Katio™ boxes?

Katio is our flagship product. It is a cat litter box that can be installed in your window like an air conditioning unit. We are still finalizing with manufacturers but Katio will be coming to market in late summer.

It is made of high density 100% recycled/recyclable materials, very easy to clean and great for containing litter spread, keeping odors outside and saving valuable floor space in your home. As it is elevated to window height, it is perfect for pet owners with mobility issues and is ADA compliant. Scooping the litter is in fact made easy for everybody. It really is a game changing  product that speaks to our mission of “Elevating Your Pet’s Life!”.

Would you say that your clients are mostly city dwellers?

As our products are mostly designed to save space, people living in smaller spaces such as city dwellers tend to be our ideal customers, but it really doesn’t matter if you’re in an apartment, house or high-rise. However, we have had orders from all over, even for a Katio that fits in a RV window - so we know that our customers can be anywhere and on the go…

How do you see the future of your company?

Kitty Kafe™ and Doggie Diner™ are just one of the many pet products that we are developing to enhance the lives of pets and their owners. It is only the beginning for us and we intend to take over the world with our Katio Dogio brands with all kinds of pet products, food and treats, litter and perhaps a merchandise line. We really see ourselves as a lifestyle brand. 

We also have a charitable mission and a percentage of our profits is given back to our charity partners (rescue centers etc..) every year. This is super important for us. Watch the Space!

Want to find out more about Katio • Dogio, visit or follow on

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