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Author Ditsa Keren
Ditsa Keren
Created on Nov 22nd, 2022
Fact checked by Emma Vince

Keiko Watt 2023: The Secret Life Of Pets Revealed!

Your soul contract with your pet can be a gateway to spiritual growth, says Soul Level Animal Communicator® Keiko Watt. In this interview, she discusses the special relationship between humans and their pets.

How did you become an animal communicator?

One day, I was home alone with my kitties. I was passing through the hallway, and I heard “I love you” in Japanese. My first language is Japanese, but nobody speaks Japanese in my household. I looked around and thought that was very strange. I passed by the bathroom and looked inside, and I found my kitty sitting on the edge of the bathtub looking straight at me. I knew it was her. I couldn’t believe what I heard, so I picked her up and screamed: “Was that you?” There was no answer. This strange incident made me decide to learn animal communication.

I lost three of my kitties one by one in 2020. This experience gave me more compassion for humans. Dealing with loss is very personal. It doesn't matter how long this process takes, the animal is always there for the human.

Since I became an animal communicator, I trust my intuition better. This ability which everyone possesses evolved not only for the pet but for the human too. Now I read "past life" for humans, and I have a YouTube channel to help people and their pets.

What kind of services do you offer people and their pets?

I connect with both living and crossed-over animals. I believe there’s a connection between humans and their animals. I connect with the human first. It's a bit like psychic reading on humans, but the animal’s in charge of whatever comes up. After that, I connect with the animal.

In soul level animal communication® readings where the animal is alive, people ask about behavioral problems, relationships with other animals, their health and wellbeing, and what the soul contract is with the animal.

When the animal passes away, people often have a sense of guilt related to their passing, so they want to find out whether they did something wrong, and let their pet know how much they loved them.

Why is it important to communicate with your pet? 

Animals are constantly sending messages to the humans that care for them. It's up to us to quiet down and listen. Your pets know everything about you, much more than you think. When your pets are telling you something and you don't understand what they’re saying, it’s important to communicate with your pet so that you can both be on the same page.

Their message is simple yet very profound. Love yourself, trust yourself, and have more fun. It may sound easy in theory, but doing it in practice is a different thing.

Can you give some examples where your service really changed things around? 

One of my clients came to me with behavioral problems. His cats were using the couch and the living room as a place to do their “business". He tried everything: hired a professional carpet cleaner, and even bought a new couch but to no avail. It was a last resort for him to try an animal communicator. I don't even know how much he believed in it.

What humans must understand is that there’s a reason for a pet’s behavior. Usually, the pet acts a certain way to bring out emotions in us so we can face their root cause.

In this case, my client was a very responsible person who took care of everyone around him all the time. He spent a lot of energy on the people around him, but he wasn’t taking care of himself. So, his cats were asking him to take time for himself first. 

This was the soul contract between them, the lesson that he was learning from his cats. They suggested what he could do to learn that lesson. He took their advice and it not only solved his problem, but it also deepened their love and connection.

People think animals are the ones that need to change but in truth, it’s the human that needs to change. These behavioral problems don't stop overnight. It requires patience, but if you’re willing to work on yourself, some rewards are awaiting you.

Another session I gave was with a woman whose dog had passed away. After the session, my client felt lighter, made sense of her guilt, and let go of it. She was able to stay in the moment rather than reliving her past. She ended up feeling stronger than before, with the help of her animal in spirit.

What would you advise pet owners who seek to deepen their relationship with their pets? 

Understand that your pets are here only for you because you have a soul contract with them. You’re supposed to be with your pets to learn the things that you decided to learn from them before you were born. The animals are here to support you and teach you that lesson. So, show appreciation to your pets. You can think it or say it.

Can you imagine what they had to go through to be with you? You may think you’re the one who rescued that animal, but it’s the other way around. They’re the ones rescuing you.

The animal can see and feel your energy. So, I would like you to remember that happy humans make happy pets.

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