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Author Sarah Kirton
Sarah Kirton
Created on Jun 26th, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

LahakX 2023: Precision Agriculture Spraying Technology

DeliveryRank chats with Eylon Sorek, the visionary Founder and CEO of LahakX, is revolutionizing the field of precision agriculture spraying. As the driving force behind this agri-robotics technology company, Eylon has developed a groundbreaking solution that utilizes a modular fleet of autonomous drones for spraying. Formerly known as Skyx Solutions, LahakX empowers growers and applicators by providing them with a cutting-edge system that offers spot spraying application and ensures precise coverage across their farmland. With a focus on cost-effectiveness, accuracy, availability, and safety, LahakX sets new standards in the industry, delivering unparalleled results and transforming the way agriculture is approached.

Can you tell us more about LahakX's precision agriculture spraying technology and how it differs from traditional spraying methods?

Our expertise lies in the development and commercialization of an autonomous fleet of agricultural drones specifically designed for crop spraying. Derived from the Hebrew word "Lahak," meaning "Swarm," our technology leverages the power of swarming to efficiently deploy large payloads. 

We have pioneered a unique mission planner that effectively compiles data from the entire fleet, fields, and spraying requirements. Moreover, our self-sustained autopilot technology ensures seamless operation across the fleet, incorporating real-time communication and computing capabilities. In addition to conventional broadcast spraying, our advanced system enables precise spot-spraying, significantly reducing the need for pesticides and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

What are the key advantages and benefits of using autonomous drones for spraying in the agriculture industry?

When it comes to cost, LahakX prioritizes affordability, aiming to offer prices lower than the current industry benchmark. We recognize that crop protection constitutes a significant portion of growers' expenses, and by providing cost-effective solutions, we can greatly impact their bottom line.

Ensuring accuracy is another crucial aspect of our technology. Through precise control of speed and altitude, we effectively manage drift, minimizing the risk of spray particles spreading to unintended areas. Leveraging technologies such as GPS or RTK, we achieve exceptional accuracy in our spraying operations.

By employing autonomous swarm technology, LahakX eliminates concerns related to mechanical failures, such as flat tires or broken machinery, as well as issues arising from human factors such as illness or fatigue. Our drones can operate reliably even after rainy days and navigate complex obstacles, ensuring consistent availability and performance.

Safety is paramount in our approach. Recognizing the potential dangers of working with pesticides, we prioritize the well-being of both the farming team and the environment. By utilizing drones and other spraying robots, we minimize human exposure to harmful chemicals and enhance the protection of soil and crops.

In summary, LahakX addresses the key factors of cost, accuracy, availability, and safety, striving to provide cost-effective solutions, precise spraying operations, reliable performance, and enhanced safety measures for growers and their farming teams.

How does LahakX's solution enable variable-rate application and what impact does this have on optimizing resource usage and crop health?

Our system is designed to seamlessly integrate with any prescription or recommendation provided by the Grower's Pest Control Advisor (PCA). We understand that each field may have different zones with varying sizes and shapes. Instead of applying pesticides uniformly across the entire field, our technology enables targeted application specific to each zone.

To achieve this innovative approach, we have developed a proprietary "travel agent" algorithm. This algorithm ensures that the drones apply pesticides precisely to the designated zones, optimizing the effectiveness of the treatment. Unlike traditional manned drivers or pilots, our spot-spraying technology allows for accurate and efficient application that significantly reduces the amount of pesticides used.

The use of spot-spraying not only delivers economic benefits by minimizing pesticide consumption but also yields substantial environmental advantages. By reducing the overall quantity of chemicals applied, we promote sustainable and responsible farming practices that are environmentally friendly.

We are committed to providing advanced solutions that maximize efficiency, minimize pesticide usage, and contribute to a more sustainable agriculture industry. Our technology empowers growers to optimize their spraying practices and achieve both economic and environmental benefits.

Could you share some success stories or case studies where LahakX's technology has demonstrated significant improvements in cost, accuracy, availability, and safety for growers and applicators?

We have made substantial investments to establish a qualified team, obtain necessary licenses, and develop a reliable ready-to-fly solution in order to offer commercial spraying services. The agricultural spraying industry is highly regulated, and having all the necessary requirements in place is a significant asset for our company.

For our initial operations, we have chosen to focus on serving Monterey County, California. This particular market aligns perfectly with our expertise and capabilities. Monterey County is renowned for its high-value crops that require frequent spraying throughout the year, often in small blocks. Our precision agriculture spraying technology is well-suited to meet the specific needs of growers in this region, allowing us to deliver targeted and efficient spraying services.

As the Founder and CEO of LahakX, what is your vision for the future of agri-robotics and how do you see your company contributing to the advancement of precision agriculture?

We are focused on developing the technology infrastructure for a cutting-edge modular fleet of spraying robots. Our innovative approach involves combining both aerial and ground robots within a modular swarm system. Each robot in the fleet is designed to deliver unique performance capabilities.

Our ultimate goal is to provide growers with an autonomous, precise, and safe solution for their spraying needs. With our advanced fleet, growers will have the ability to operate and monitor the robots directly from their mobile devices, granting them convenient control and oversight of the entire spraying process.

By leveraging this technology infrastructure, we aim to revolutionize the way spraying operations are conducted in agriculture. The modular fleet's autonomy, precision, and safety features will enhance efficiency, accuracy, and environmental sustainability in crop spraying. We are committed to empowering growers with state-of-the-art tools that enable them to optimize their operations and achieve exceptional results.

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