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Author Sarah Kirton
Sarah Kirton
Created on Jul 31st, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

Let's Cook 2023: Cooking with Ease & Style

Gustav Johansson, the Co-Founder of Let’s Cook chats with DeliveryRank. In our fast-paced world, finding moments to care for ourselves can be challenging, but Gustav and his team have a solution. Let’s Cook is dedicated to taking care of you in every way possible. They carefully select fresh and local ingredients, surprising you with new and varied recipes each week to ensure you eat a healthy and diverse diet. What's more, they tackle food waste by providing exact ingredient measures, avoiding leftovers, while generously serving portions for the hungriest tummies. 

Can you walk us through the process of how Let's Cook works, from signing up to enjoying the meals?

Pick your plan

We want you to feel at ease. Choose the plan that best suits your preferences: gourmet, family, surpries, vegetarian, or vegan. Select the number of days and servings per day you'd like us to deliver each week. You'll never get bored with our wide variety of recipes!

Receive your meal kits every week

Every Tuesday, eagerly anticipate your personalised kits in eco-friendly packaging. They contain all the necessary and precise ingredients to prepare the recipes you selected for the week. Every detail is measured and selected accurately, right down to the perfect ripeness of the avocado.

Cook following the recipe

It's your time to shine! Unleash the chef within and enjoy the moment to prepare your chosen dish. Don't worry; our recipes and video tutorials are here to assist you. You can even get the little ones involved as our recipes are easy to follow!

Dine with your loved ones

It's dinner time! Treat yourself to a delightful and unique dinner on any regular weekday. It's the best reward after a busy day – a scrumptious and healthy delight, prepared just for you... and by you!

Leftovers? Save them for tomorrow!

Food should never go to waste! At Let's Cook, we carefully portion exact amounts of ingredients to avoid excess. Yet, we're generous with servings for those with hearty appetites... or those who want leftovers for tomorrow's lunchbox.

How do you ensure that customers have a diverse and appealing selection of recipes to choose from each week?

Navigating our fast-paced lifestyle during the week presents a real challenge. Finding time to think, gather ingredients, and cook becomes difficult amidst a multitude of tasks. It's even more demanding for families, with grocery shopping, kids, school, work, and household chores. As a result, we often end up postponing enjoyable things to the weekend, if possible.

To simplify our meals and avoid decision fatigue, we tend to stick to the same supermarket routine, cooking the same few recipes repeatedly.

Let's Cook offers a stress-free solution to the eternal "What's for dinner?" question. Weekly, we deliver meal kits brimming with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, perfectly portioned for delicious and healthy meals.

Our chefs thoughtfully curate a diverse range of recipes to ignite the culinary spark in you. Fuelled by their passion for both cooking and savouring delicious meals, they challenge you to elevate your culinary repertoire and skills. On the flip side, they ensure you can be pleasantly surprised with a different dish any day.

Currently you’ll find 21 recipes to choose from every week. Most of them are different from the previous week, except for a few of the best sellers that you have the chance to repeat. Our recipe variety spans from local and traditional dishes to modern international options. You'll find an array of choices, including meat, poultry, fish, vegetarian, and all plant-based vegan options.

We consistently develop fresh recipes, ensuring something new for our clients to savour every week. All recipes are thoughtfully crafted with the aim of being both healthy and delicious.

Could you tell us more about the personalized kits with fresh ingredients? How do you ensure the ingredients are of high quality and delivered in the right measures?

At our table and in our kitchen, we welcome only the best and closest. That's why we meticulously handpick fresh, locally sourced ingredients in perfect portions for your recipes. If you have specific preferences, we happily cater to them, ensuring gluten-free, lactose-free, or meat-free options, among others. Moreover, we wrap everything in packaging that's environmentally friendly, reflecting our commitment to the planet.

All our providers of fresh produce are local providers. Firstly, it supports the local economy, creating jobs and fostering community growth. Secondly, it reduces the carbon footprint by minimising transportation distances, contributing to environmental sustainability. Additionally, local produce is harvested at its peak ripeness, enhancing flavour and nutritional value. It promotes seasonal eating, connecting consumers with the region's agricultural cycles. Finally, it allows for stronger relationships between producers and consumers, ensuring transparency and quality along our supply chain.

All of the above ensures the best quality and makes Let’s cook stand out in this respect compared to any other option available. 

What resources and support does Let's Cook provide to help customers successfully prepare the recipes? Are there any additional features or tools available?

With the multitude of daily tasks, it's completely understandable that you can't manage everything. That's where we step in, taking away half the work. We meticulously plan the recipes and procure each ingredient in precise quantities. Your only focus is on cooking and... eating!

Each meal kit is a paper bag with all the ingredients, in the exact quantities, necessary to prepare the recipe you have chosen. The recipe you’ll find through a QR code on the bag’s label. You’ll have the written step-by-step version with descriptive pictures for each step, in English and in Spanish. Also, you’ll find another link to a 1-minute explanatory video.

In your opinion, what sets Let's Cook apart from other meal kit delivery services? How do you prioritize taste, convenience, and health in your offerings?

Humans are naturally creative beings. From birth, we are curious, explorative, experimental, and love to mix and discover – even creating makeshift kitchens with anything we find.

However, routine and adult life tend to dim this spark. Responsibilities like work, children, and the gym drain our energy and passion. Imagine a world where you rekindle that spark, where the motivation to care for yourself and your loved ones inspires you to embrace a new discipline: cooking. And in a comfortable and easy way, without the hassle of shopping logistics and with excellent guidance, you improve step by step and discover that you are a great chef!


Let's Cook awakens a feeling of attraction towards the unknown. I know I must go there, even if I come up with a thousand excuses. Deep down, I know I'll do well.

We offer the most recipe options each week, providing a wide variety of recipes – there's something for everyone every week.


Let's Cook encourages me to take care of myself with diverse and balanced recipes using fresh, seasonal products. It also helps reduce food and packaging waste. Good for me, good for the planet.

Our customers highlight the efforts we make to have environmentally friendly packaging, reducing both the amount of packaging and the single-use plastic footprint.


Let's Cook accompanies me in my everyday life, in the most ordinary and routine moments. But it does so with vibrancy and liveliness, bringing sparkle and surprise into my daily life.

Our recipes focus on the experience and well-being. One aspect is that we provide all the necessary ingredients in exact measures. No other company in the market does this.


Let's Cook offers a close and personal relationship, like a clan, among all the ecosystem's agents: customers, suppliers... We help and support each other on a daily basis to make life easier.

Our clients value the security we provide in our deliveries, as they can receive their kits in the evening when they are at home and not at work. We always keep communication channels open to address our customers' doubts, which they appreciate as a very positive aspect.

If you would like to find out more about Let’s Cook, visit https://letscooknow.es/en

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