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Author Miguel Amado
Miguel Amado
Updated on Nov 22nd, 2022
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

Milksta 2023 Tasty Coffee-Alternatives For Nursing Mothers

Milksta has created a line of products that are focused on mothers and their babies. We talked with Lian Delos Reyes, CEO and founder of Milksta, to learn more about the company. 

Can you tell us a bit about Milksta?

Milkstabrew started to create innovative, plant-based lactogenic beverages. These are formulated to increase the mother’s milk supply without medication. They also help ease the stress caused by low breastmilk supply for nursing and pumping mothers.

We’re firm advocates for breastfeeding. Milksta strives to empower mothers to embrace their transformation into motherhood and encourage them to celebrate the natural, biological norms of being a mother.

Like a mother’s never ending love for her children, we’ll never stop innovating and creating what mommas need to give their kids what they deserve. 

Your own experience is the reason why you started Milksta. Did you find that the products in the market were insufficient or non-existent for your specific needs?

I started Milksta as a passion project and side hustle to fulfill my desire of combining coffee and breastfeeding boosters. I already worked a full-time job but I became fascinated by breastfeeding as well as moringa as a superfood and galactagogue that is used widely in my home country, the Philippines.

When I gave birth to my second son in Brazil, I asked my Brazilian husband to look for moringa because I wasn't able to produce milk – this was the exact opposite experience I’d had with my firstborn in the Philippines, when I’d found breastfeeding a breeze. He couldn't find it in Brazil so I suggested we stay in the Philippines with my mom (a nutritionist) until I was able to establish my milk supply.

I didn't really do any market research or in-depth study of the competition. I started with the thinking, “this product will solve my own problem.” I even told my husband, “If nobody buys them, I’ll drink them all or gift them to my mommy friends.”

When it started to gain traction, that's when I realized that nursing mothers seem to be an underserved market.

What products do you offer?

At the moment, we have vegan (100% plant-based) lactogenic lattes packed with superfoods (including moringa leaf):

  • Boobie Latte™️ (Decaf Lactation Coffee)

  • Moringa Tea Latte™️ (Dairy-Free “Milk Tea”)

  • Pink-a-boob™️ Tea Latte (Decaf Strawberry Milk Tea)

What health standards do you have to follow to offer a product like this?

As a firm believer of "food as medicine," all Milksta products only contain carefully selected ingredients that have undergone thorough third-party testing to assure their quality and safety. 

We worked closely with US-based food scientists, food safety teams, and manufacturers to bring this idea into reality. We only select “clean” ingredients, which means no allergens, nothing artificial, and no free radicals.

What are the most common reactions from your clients?

We always hear that our products are "lifesavers" – particularly the coffee that they have missed the most. Many are also grateful that the products helped them with their milk supply. 

But just like with health, breastfeeding requires a holistic approach. As a brand, we believe  "there's no such thing as a miracle pill.” And as a breastfeeding specialist, I realized the need to support moms with a community (Milksta Mommy Crew) as well as holistic lactation advice and guidance.

What are Milksta’s plans for the future?

We are a pro-momma and pro-baby company and our plans for expansion revolve around these core ideals. We have more products under Research and Development that will continue to uplift mommas' health and wellbeing.

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