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Author Sarah Kirton
Sarah Kirton
Updated on Nov 22nd, 2022
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

NutriAdmin 2023: Pro Software For Nutritionists and Dietitians

We chatted with Diego Oliveira Sanchez, co-founder of NutriAdmin, about his professional all-in-one software that’s used by thousands of nutritionists and dietitians worldwide.

How and when did NutriAdmin come about?

The idea for NutriAdmin was conceived back in April 2016. My business partner (Magda Sternik) and I both had an interest in nutrition, and we started interviewing nutritionists and dietitians to enquire about their profession.

After a few phone calls, it became clear that they needed software to perform their work more effectively. At the time, many were keeping records on paper, Microsoft Excel, or other systems that were either obsolete or not specifically designed for nutrition.

Using the data from our interviews, we released a basic version of NutriAdmin within a couple of months that addressed the most common issues mentioned by professionals. We’ve continued to collect user feedback during the five or more years we’ve been running the software and have continuously improved the functionality.

So how does NutriAdmin work and who can benefit from it?

The software allows professionals in the nutrition industry to perform a variety of admin tasks, such as managing secure client records, appointments, questionnaires, case notes, processing payments, and generating reports. Additionally, there’s a component where the user can create recipes and meal plans, and retrieve nutritional analysis data to help their clients.

Can clients’ records be linked up to a professional database?

There are many ways to export data from NutriAdmin and share it with third parties, and a few integrations with third-party software. 

We don’t have a way to automatically link records to a professional medical database. It could theoretically be done – but the user would have to export the data and format it appropriately. A more common use-case is to generate a report with any relevant medical data to share with a doctor as a document.

Where are most of your users based?

Mostly English-speaking countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. The largest user pool is in the US, which makes sense given that it has the largest population.

Do nutritionists and dietitians practice similarly regardless of location? 

Every professional needs to take structured case notes, set up appointments, and perform nutritional analysis. However, the actual data recorded can change dramatically amongst users.

For example, some users only use NutriAdmin for admin purposes, such as setting up appointments and arranging payment, while others create complex reports, and others focus only on the nutrition aspects. Of course, some users use every single feature available.

We also have US, UK, and Australian food databases to provide local products for our users that may only be available within their location. 

What’s your background?

I studied physics at Madrid and Imperial College London, then completed a Masters in Scientific Computing at Cambridge University. After university, I worked in banking at Citi, London, where I met Magda (she has a background in Computer Science from Edinburgh University). After a year, we both left to start NutriAdmin together, and to this day we’re still business partners.

I’ve always had an interest in nutrition, having read extensively on the topic, and combining this interest with my passion for software and data analysis has fortunately resulted in a great match of my skills and professional preferences.

When did your interest in nutrition start?

I was mostly in good physical shape as a child, but when I joined university at 17, I started making some questionable eating choices and gained weight. At one point, this became a serious problem. 

By the time I turned 20 years old, I was around 30kg overweight. At this point, I started taking the issue seriously and reading as much as I could about nutrition. I slowly started to learn that I had many misconceptions about food and what constituted a healthy meal. I started testing diets, and building healthier habits using my own research and the help of a professional nutritionist.

Within a year, I became fit again. I was even fit enough to participate in the boat races during my stay at Cambridge University. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that learning about nutrition changed my life dramatically. I’ve been healthy and kept my optimal weight for nine years now, all thanks to what I’ve learned. 

I’m passionate about nutrition and I want to help professionals in this field because I’ve seen, in my own experience, that knowledge can improve people’s lives. Everybody is different, but it’s my belief that in many cases help from a nutritionist or dietitian can result in acquiring good habits to dramatically improve health.

Are there other companies out there providing this service?

There are a few competitors, although no other software is identical. Some other software providers have a different set of features or focus more on certain aspects.

One thing that makes NutriAdmin unique is that it’s been designed specifically for nutritionists and dietitians, so the software caters in every way to this group. Other products may target a slightly different professional or user, and this will result in a different experience.

It can be a good idea to check a software reviews site, such as Capterra, where a user can compare different software options and read user reviews. NutriAdmin offers a 14-day free trial and we also have a large number of video tutorials, so a prospective user can acquire as much information as needed before deciding to buy.

What’s next for NutriAdmin?

We’re currently developing a companion app to improve the meal planning experience. The app is called Mealplana. We expect to have the first version ready by the end of summer. 

We’re using our knowledge of the industry to create a sleek and optimized tool for professionals who design meal plans for their clients, either in high volumes, with really in-depth analysis, or just in a professional and elegant way.

We’ve collected extensive feedback from our users regarding details that are important to get the software right. We want to provide value to nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, gym owners, food catering businesses, and any other roles where meal plans are important.

Mealplana will focus exclusively on meal planning, recipes, and nutrition analysis, so it will be of use to those professionals who need an in-depth software product for this purpose.

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