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Written by: Sarah Kirton on Nov 22nd, 2022

Nutritio 2022: Nutrition Software for Professionals

Laurentiu Nicolae, Co-founder of Nutritio - Virtual Assistant for Nutrition, describes how this web app helps dietitians and nutritionists with their day-to-day tasks, giving them back valuable time to spend with clients. 

Tell us about Nutritio and what inspired it.

Nutritio is the simplest way for nutrition professionals to increase the number of clients they see, by taking mundane, repetitive tasks off their hands.

A dietitian or nutritionist has a limited amount of hours in the day and therefore has a limited number of clients that they can take on, usually ranging from 5-10, depending on how efficient they are. A lot of non-contact time is spent on meal planning, calculations, and communicating with clients. Nutritio can calculate in minutes what a nutrition specialist would perhaps take hours to do.

A nutritionist can create content inside our app, for example, questionnaires and automations, which can really cut down on their workload. 

My co-founder and I met through our wives, who are both medical doctors. We tried several things in the medical field, none of which took off. One day, we were chatting with a doctor friend of ours, who specializes in diabetes and nutrition. She mentioned that most of her colleagues were still using pen and paper for a lot of their routine tasks. 

We then researched online and realized that there were no useful tools out there for nutrition specialists, such as those that exist for the travel industry, for example. 

From there, we launched Nutritio in 2017.

Does Nutritio cover all aspects of nutrition?

Things change and evolve all the time, so we can’t cover every single aspect. However, generally speaking, it covers the entire nutritional practice. 

We don’t go into the accounting and financial side of things. The nutritionist can send payment links from inside the app to their clients. However, we don't generate invoices, as our clients are all over the world and the accounting procedures and taxing systems are different. 

How much does Nutritio cost?

We offer all kinds of subscriptions and the packages are based on how many active clients a nutritionist has per month. It costs roughly $5 per active client, per month.

Where are your clients based?

All over the world: in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and the Middle East.

How is Nutritio rated as an app?

We’re rated with five stars on Capterra, which is a platform for apps. Our app is mostly web-based, so we don’t feature on the Appstore for example. We do have a mobile app for our nutritionists’ clients, but they can’t use it unless they’re working with a nutritionist.

What are your plans for Nutritio?

We plan to grow the app exponentially. We currently have about 9,000 consistent users and we aim to increase this dramatically. We haven’t been actively seeking new clients over the last few months but plan to do so very soon.

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