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Author Sarah Kirton
Sarah Kirton
Created on Aug 29th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

Plentiful Kitchen 2023: The Power of Culinary Medicine

Meet Chef Inbal, the health-focused chef and creative mind behind Plentiful Kitchen. With a holistic approach, she crafts dishes using nutrient-dense, whole ingredients, aiming to boost immunity, support gut health, and foster well-being. Her deep reverence for natural foods, born from her personal journey of transformation, led her to establish Plentiful Kitchen. From overcoming sugar cravings and health imbalances to discovering the power of culinary medicine, Inbal's mission is to share the gift of healing through nourishing and delicious meals. DeliveryRank finds out more.

Can you tell us about your personal journey from being a sugar junkie to becoming a health-focused chef and creator of Plentiful Kitchen?

Back in 2007, I found myself in a difficult situation. My health was deteriorating, and I realized that my lack of knowledge about food and its impact on my well-being was at the core of my struggles. After moving from Europe to Los Angeles, I spent the next few years navigating sickness, doctor's appointments, and searching for answers that remained elusive. It became clear to me that the food I consumed played a significant role in how I felt. 

This realization marked the beginning of my healing journey. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and candida overgrowth, and discovered that I had intolerances to gluten, wheat, and lactose. 

Determined to heal myself, I delved into learning about nutrition and eventually decided to pursue formal education in the field. Through a combination of dietary changes, meditation, and mindfulness, I was able to heal my body and overcome the health challenges I faced. This transformation empowered me and made me realize that many others might be going through similar struggles without proper guidance. 

I recognized the gap in healthcare where people were often left with pharmaceutical solutions that didn't address the root cause. With a renewed sense of purpose, I attended cooking school and studied herbology to deepen my knowledge. I envisioned a holistic approach to wellness, where food would be the foundation of healing. 

In 2017, I founded Plentiful Kitchen, initially as a personal chef service. However, it became clear that my passion was to make wholesome, healing food accessible to a wider audience. The pandemic prompted a shift in my business model, leading me to launch a meal delivery service alongside the personal chef aspect. This change allowed me to reach more people at affordable prices and share the message that food is medicine.

How did you discover the healing power of natural foods, and how has it transformed your life?

During my personal healing journey, I found myself grappling with health issues that were impacting my well-being. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism and candida, I was dissatisfied with the conventional approach of relying on pills that weren't offering the help I needed from the medical community. 

Feeling disappointed by the lack of effective attention from doctors, I realized there had to be an alternative path. This realization prompted me to delve into self-empowerment through education and changes in my dietary habits. I was determined to overcome these challenges without relying solely on pharmaceutical solutions. As I embarked on the journey of learning and healing, I witnessed remarkable changes in my health. 

The ultimate outcome was my restoration to a state of vitality and wellness. My journey was a lot about recapturing the feeling of well-being that I had before falling ill – a sentiment many can relate to when they've experienced illness.

What inspired you to offer meal plans targeting specific dietary needs, and what are some of the benefits your clients have experienced?

What truly inspired me to make this change in my offerings was the profound understanding that certain ingredients, particularly gluten and dairy, could have a significant impact on our well-being. Recognizing their potential to be pro-inflammatory and disruptive to our bodies, especially the highly processed forms prevalent today, made me realize the vital connection between what we consume and our overall health. 

This revelation became the foundation of my niche market. While I cater to individuals with conditions like celiac disease or intolerances, my focus extends to those who value the importance of a clean diet and its direct influence on how they feel. Clients can anticipate improvements in their energy levels, digestion, and overall well-being by avoiding inflammatory substances such as gluten, dairy, processed foods, and GMOs. 

Our commitment to quality includes using anti-inflammatory oils like olive, avocado, and coconut oil, as well as enhancing digestibility through soaking grains and legumes. Every dish is crafted from scratch, and we take pride in using glass containers to reduce plastic waste and eliminate the potential for plastics leaching into food. This effort aligns with our dedication to sustainability and responsible practices.

What can participants expect from your healthy cooking classes, and how do these classes help individuals and couples enhance their culinary skills?

Through my cooking classes, I aim to empower my clients with kitchen confidence, regardless of their culinary expertise. Whether they're beginners or experienced cooks, my goal is to help them venture into new culinary territories and embrace fresh ideas. I want them to feel at ease when preparing meals for themselves or their guests, without the stress that can sometimes accompany cooking. 

Efficiency is a cornerstone of my teaching approach—I share methods for efficient meal preparation, such as cooking for an entire week in one go and mastering meal prepping techniques. A key aspect of successful cooking is being organized and understanding the timing and order of tasks in the kitchen. 

Additionally, I provide insights into the synergy between spices, herbs, aromatics, and flavoring agents, enhancing their understanding of how these elements work together to create delightful flavors.

Could you share more about your postpartum support services and how you help new mothers ensure optimal nutrition and wellness during this crucial phase?

Supporting mothers during the postpartum period is an essential aspect of my work. This phase can leave mothers mentally and physically depleted, particularly due to the baby's demands on their body during the last trimester. Postpartum depression often links back to this depletion, specifically the lack of Omega-3 fatty acids in the body. Omega-3s play a significant role in our emotional and physical well-being, and their deficiency can contribute to feelings of depression and low energy levels. 

Drawing from my own experience as a mother, I recognized the challenges of nourishing oneself during this time of immense responsibility. Despite my knowledge about healthy eating, the demands of motherhood often left little time for self-care. It became evident to me that if mothers aren't cared for, the overall well-being of the family can be compromised. 

To address this, I offer a crucial service to support mothers pre and postpartum. By providing them with nutrient-rich, organic, and Omega-3 rich meals, I help alleviate their nutritional stress. These meals are designed to restore essential nutrients, including Omega-3s, that are crucial for their well-being. This not only supports their physical health but also relieves the burden of meal planning and preparation during an already demanding time. By taking care of mothers, we're ensuring the foundation for a healthier family.

How do you see the future of Plentiful Kitchen?

My vision for Plentiful Kitchen extends to a national level, with the intention of bringing the message that "we are what we eat" to more households. I aspire to teach people the transformative power of food as medicine and show them that cooking nutritious and flavorful meals doesn't have to be daunting. My primary goal is to make healthy, organic food accessible to a wider audience, promoting not only individual well-being but also supporting sustainable agricultural practices that benefit our land and farmers. Through Plentiful Kitchen, I aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to make informed choices about their health and the food they consume, ultimately creating a healthier and more mindful society.

If you would like to find out more about Plentiful Kitchen, visit https://plentifulkitchen.com/

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