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Written by: Sarah Kirton on Nov 22nd, 2022

PRESS 2023: Juice Your Way To A Healthier Life

Ed Foy, co-founder of PRESS London, reveals all about the company that delivers plant-based health foods and juices to your door.

Can you tell us more about how PRESS started?

We started off making juices in a tiny, very dark kitchen in a TA Territorial Army barracks in south London, and selling them out of a cast-iron vintage bathtub at Old Street tube station. Any fun ideas we had of a glamorous ‘startup’ life were very quickly crushed!

Both you and co-founder Georgie previously lived in the US, how did that impact your business idea?

Seeing the way the US engaged with health and nutrition, and what people were spending on it, had a huge impact on our decision to launch. It got to a point where what you ate was starting to define you, and it was suddenly very trendy to care about what you put in your body. This was where we saw the future for both the UK and Europe.

What services and products do you offer?

We sell everything from cold-pressed juices to plant-based ready meals, including soups, snacks, and protein smoothies. We’re expanding our range on a monthly basis and our aim is to be a one-stop destination for healthy food that can be delivered to your home. 

We also have cleanses and meal plans that are focused on helping people achieve personal health goals.

What are the benefits of cold-pressed products?

Cold-pressing allows for up to double the concentration of nutrients per milliliter of liquid compared to other methods. Cold-pressed juice flavor profiles are also richer but more subtle, so even our greenest juices taste balanced and clean.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

Mainly the UK and Europe. Our emphasis is on consistency and quality, and we take sustainability very seriously. Our new eco bottle is made from 75% recycled plastic and 25% bioplastic (made from sugar cane rather than fossil fuels) and is completely recyclable.

How does one choose a program?

It really depends on your goals. If you’re looking for a quick reset to help your body take a break, we’d recommend a juice or soup cleanse.

If you’re more focused on managing your body composition and looking at healthy weight loss, then our Pro-Body meal plans are a great choice. You can choose anything from 14 days to 90 days for these. 

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