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Author Chené Murphy
Chené Murphy
Updated on Nov 22nd, 2022
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

purrch 2022:  Where Pet Parents Tackle Everyday Challenges Together

Purrch is a best friend for modern-day pet parents. Connect with fellow pet owners and industry experts to swap advice, ask questions, and discover resources that can help pets live longer and happier lives. DeliveryRank heard more from Co-founder & CEO, Vail Weymann about their pet-first social media app.

What exactly is purrch and how did it get started?

A few years ago, I adopted a cute and bubbly terrier that seemed practically perfect in every way—until she moved in and we got to know each other better. As lovable as our pets are, and as fulfilling as a life with them is, each comes with a different set of ups, downs, twists, and turns. After that adoption, I realized that I had tons of questions and a lot to learn. 

I figured there had to be a community full of like-minded pet parents who were trying to navigate the same topics as me. A place where I could bounce ideas off of others, find helpful products, and get insightful answers. However, I came to realize that no such community for pet parents existed. 

When I met Ken, purrch’s co-founder and a fellow pet parent, we instantly connected over the fact that our dogs were so similar. We helped each other out, swapped product recommendations, and exchanged war stories. (Hey, pet parenthood can get messy both literally and figuratively!) 

And then the lightbulb went off! That single connection changed everything for me as a pet parent, and the idea for purrch was born. Ken and I set out to create a community where passionate pet people could connect with others and engage in conversation around topics they cared about. Fast forward a few years later, and here we are – a shiny new pet parent app.

Since launching purrch how has the app developed and grown?

Our focus has remained constant at purrch: to connect modern-day pet parents and help them navigate pet ownership with confidence. Naturally, we’ve tried things that didn’t quite work and dusted off accordingly. We’ve also celebrated many incredible moments when we stick the landing!

That said, over the last couple years—and through ongoing feedback from our users—we’ve perfected the art of creating the most meaningful connections and in-app experiences. Today, purrch feeds are more personalized than they’ve ever been before. Every time a pet parent logs in, they’re greeted with helpful information about topics they care about most and can interact with pet owners who have similar pets and concerns. 

We’ve also landed some really exciting partnerships with pet industry pros and experts, which elevates the purrch experience even more. For example, we’ve partnered with DIG Labs, a pet tech company that specializes in pet health via fecal and litter box assessments—a service they provide our users for free. We’ve also partnered with FidoCure, a genetic testing company that delivers a precision medicine approach to canine cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. Their experts provide helpful insights and resources for those whose pets are struggling with a recent cancer diagnosis. 

In that sense, purrch is way more than a place where you can share cute pics of your pet—it’s the ultimate information destination for pet parents.

Could you give us a run down of how the app works?

In a nutshell, purrch does all the heavy lifting for pet parents. That means they can more easily and confidently navigate the ins and outs of pet parenthood and make more informed parenting decisions for their pet. Our app for pets is a focused community (similar to other niche community apps such as Peanut and Nextdoor) versus a broad social media experience. We’re all about efficiency, information, and meaningful connections!

Here’s what new purrch users can expect: 

Once you’ve created a purrch account, you can build an individual profile for each of your pets. This profile is highly personalized with details about your pet, including their age and breed, specific health concerns and conditions, personality traits, and even dietary needs. You can also select specific topics to indicate which parenthood themes you care about most. 

Those detailed insights determine what populates in your pet’s purrch feed. You’ll connect with similar pets and see posts about the topics you care about most. You can even dig further into those topics by exploring the purrchPark. 

Of course, every purrch user is able to post to their feeds, as well. For example, you can ask specific questions, which go out to a community of similar pet parents and industry experts eager to lend a paw. You can also recommend products or places, post pictures, and so much more. 

What are some of the more popular features that users are interested in?

Today, purrch users can enjoy the following: 

  • Highly Personalized Feeds: Purrch feeds are highly personalized with topics picked just for you and posts from pet parents with similar pets and concerns.

  • askPurrch: A search tool where you can ask common questions about your pet (ex: Can dogs eat yellow squash? or Can cats eat peanut butter?) and receive expert-backed answers immediately. From medical issues to toxic foods, we cover it all. 

  • Smart Photo Analysis: Purrch users get a free stool and litter box analysis whenever they need. This service is provided by DIG Labs, a pet-tech company that cares about your pet's health as much as you do.

  • Visual Spaces: A one-of-its-kind visual discovery feature that allows you to dabble in digital art creations. Share before and after pics of your pet, discuss game-changing products, and offer pet parenthood insights.

  • Product & Place Discovery: Poke around the purrchPark to discover cool products and pet-friendly destinations, interact with pet pros, and find new kindred pet friends.

  • Digestible Learning Posts: Quick tips, insights, resources, and guidance from leading pet professionals and esteemed industry experts.

Any exciting plans or updates for the future that you could share with us?

We’ve had so many exciting changes over the last year, and we’ve only scratched the surface! Purrch users can look forward to new exciting partnerships and resources over the coming months that further enhance their experience and lives as pet owners. 

We’re still growing, and are eager for all you pet parents to join the app and help us continue to build this powerful community. After all, we are only as powerful as the pet parents who use our community. We’re also always open to new partnerships with brands that are as passionate about pets as we are. Our unique platform allows for authentic dialogue and connection between users, experts, and enthusiastic brands. 

For those who join us, we hope you enjoy purrch as much as we've enjoyed building it for you.  Download the app here.

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