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Author Ditsa Keren
Ditsa Keren
Created on May 24th, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

Reset Your Eating is a non-diet method to achieve optimum health

“Sailor Lane, creator of Reset Your Eating teaches clients how to acknowledge their bodies natural hunger-satisfaction cues to nourish themselves in a balanced and satisfying way”.

How did you come up with the idea of Reset Your Eating?

When I launched my Intuitive Eating business I wanted a name that described the services I provided for my clients. We were all once intuitive eaters. The basic idea is to re-learn that natural state where we ate when we were hungry, stopped when we’re satisfied and enjoyed the pleasure of eating. To me this translated as an eating reset, hence I called it:  Reset Your Eating!

Could you give us some background about how this company was launched?

While studying in college, I worked at a residential eating disorder treatment center. In that facility, clients were taught how to become intuitive eaters. I started working on becoming an intuitive eater myself and realized just how life changing it was! I then thought that it would be a lot more helpful for people to learn about Intuitive Eating before they developed eating disorders. So, I decided to start my own business and made myself available to anyone interested in Intuitive Eating and in Resetting their Eating. We scheduled individual sessions to work on improving their relationship with food and health optimization.

Are your programs based on specific traditions or are they personalized to suit every client's needs?

My program is based on the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating: Reject the Diet Mentality, Honor Your Hunger, Make Peace With Food, Challenge the Food Police, Discover the Satisfaction Factor, Feel Your Fullness, Cope with Your Emotions, Respect Your Body, Move and Honor Your Health. I work with clients on  personalized one-to-one sessions. During a session we discuss eating history, mindset around food, and goals for the future. At the end of each session set some goals for the following week and sometimes I also give out worksheets for the clients to fill out. When we meet again we discuss the client’s progress and either pursue the same topic or explore additional topics.   

Where are you located and could you describe the premises you operate in?

I’m located in Layton, UT and I currently operate via virtual sessions only. But I plan to expand my activity to live interview sessions in the not so distant future..

It seems a large number of people have lost touch with their bodies' natural hunger-satisfaction and hence nourish themselves wrong. Could you comment on why this is happening? 

A lot of people have lost touch with their bodies’ natural hunger-satisfaction cues. This is mostly due to our society’s diet and diet fad culture. Everyday there’s a new trend, advocating what, when and how to eat. Some of us were told to clean our whole plate when we were kids, eat all our veggies and only have dessert after the meal. And the list goes on. This teaches us implicitly that our bodies don’t know what they want or need and that we can’t trust their wishes. But our bodies’ cues are smart and we can stop stuffing them with foods that upset them or that are unpleasant to their taste buds. Even if we have spent our whole lives ignoring our bodies, it is possible to return to a place of tuning-in to our bodies’ needs and nourish ourselves in a more balanced way. 

Are we becoming a fat society?

I wouldn’t want to say that we are becoming a fat society. But fear of fat is definitely a big issue. Our bodies have different, natural set points to achieve optimum health .If we learn to become intuitive eaters, we can regain this natural state. For some people this will result in weight gain; for others, weight loss. Everyone is meant to look different, according to their innate constitution. Accepting our God-given bodies, as opposed to resisting them, allows us to live better and healthier lives from the inside out.  

Do you innovate and experiment with different programs/diets? If so, which success stories are worth mentioning?

I don’t do any diet programs. Intuitive Eating is an anti-diet program that focuses on bettering your health through getting to know your body and your specific needs. This mindset shift makes a big difference in my clients’ lives. When a client completes our  working sessions, he/she is much happier and healthier. He is also free from the shackles of diet rules and can fully enjoy his life without self-censoring.

How do you get your clients to develop a loving relationship with their bodies?

I think asking someone to love his/her body, after having had continuous body image issues is a counter-productive and impossible request. I find that working on respecting and accepting your body is an optimum way to develop a healthy relationship with your body. Working on this takes time and effort. I ask my clients to think of the things they enjoy and like about their body. This can be breathing, walking, exercising or feeling satisfied after a meal. I also encourage them to start taking their focus away from outer appearance. When they are having a bad body image day, they don’t need to make a fuss out of it. We all have days where we aren’t feeling our best, when we wake up tired and cranky. What we do with those days makes a difference. 

Does your approach address issues like trauma or childhood issues leading to eating disorders?

Yes and no. We do go over family food rules and past trauma and relate them to a client’s current eating but I still recommend a therapist for a more in depth trauma treatment.

How does your method work and why do you think it is most effective?

My method works because it is personalized to each person. Intuitive Eating focuses on getting in touch with your intuition and creating the healthiest lifestyle for you. We work through past restrictions, why we eat the way we do, our exercise or lack of exercise routine, emotional eating, and how to honor our health in spite and through it all. 

Instagram: @resetyoureating


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