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Author Sarah Kirton
Sarah Kirton
Created on Nov 22nd, 2022
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

Revive Active 2023: A Super Supplement for a Super Life

We chat with Dáithí O'Connor, Founder and Managing Director of Revive Active, a brand of super supplements that enriches people's lives by helping them achieve optimum health.

Why was Revive Active first launched?

Here in Ireland, there were a number of doctors who were into alternative medicine and felt that they could, outside of pharma, deliver ingredients and nutrients to their patients for recovery or general well-being. Within this group was a PhD in Molecular Medicine, an endovascular surgeon, a scientist, and a nutritionist. I was brought in from a business point of view.

We initially wanted to import supplements from the US. I started to do the research and soon realized that no existing supplements came close to providing what we were striving to achieve. We needed to set up our own company, create our own brand, and make our own product. We developed a super supplement. This is our tenth year in business!

What challenges did you face at the outset?

We started in 2011, during a recession, so that was a challenge in itself. It was a typical startup, working 24/7. However, when we approached health food stores and pharmacies, they realized they had nothing in their stores like what we had to offer.

They started buying our products in small amounts. It was a slow process but it all took off from there. We’re now in more than 2,000 pharmacies in Ireland, prestigious pharmacies in London, and a number of chains in the UK, including WholeFoods. Online, we sell internationally.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we’ve almost become a global brand. We’ve just finalized a deal with Fedex to deliver directly to the US and Canada from Ireland, so this will soon become possible and with no extra cost to the customer. We’re striving to enter retail in the US and Canada.

Tell us about Revive Active products and the science behind them.

We have nine products in total that cover all the age groups. Our flagship product, Revive Active, contains 26 ingredients in powder form. It comes in sachets and all you need to do is add water. 

One of our hero ingredients in Revive Active is Co-Enzyme Q10, which is made naturally in the body but, as we get older, we make less of it. It’s vital for energy, memory, reflex, and daily functioning. It’s found naturally in soybean and meat products but getting the quantities needed from our food is almost impossible.

We only use natural and active ingredients. There are no artificial ingredients, preservatives, fillers or binders, stimulants, or caffeine. 

We’re currently working on an amazing product that targets menopause, an area that’s critically under-catered-for. We’ve worked on this for two years and the product will be out in July.

What makes you stand out from your competitors in a potentially saturated market?

We offer the most comprehensive products, delivering multiple benefits. The customer is our top consideration and that’s why we’re in the super supplement category. The customer is the one who’ll tell their friends and family about us and will be the one to come back and buy more. 

In fact, our greatest form of marketing is our customers’ word of mouth. With network marketing, you can be assured that the products have to (and do) work. Let’s take our product Revive Active, which may be more expensive than other products out there, but the golden rule is always: you get what you pay for!

Would you describe your products and company brand as having the “Irish” touch?

I would!

We employ about sixty people and our products are made here in Ireland. Our corporate colors are green. We’re so proud of the fact that we’re delivering a brand that has numerous outstanding products. 

I walk down main roads in London and see our products in the shop windows. I take pride in the fact that we’ve supplied people from the rich and famous to the man on the street. If our legacy is that we make people look and feel better so that they enjoy a better quality of life, then I think we’ve succeeded!

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