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Written by: Ditsa Keren on Jan 25th, 2023

Enjoy Specialty Gin at Your Doorstep with The Gin Flavors

The Gin Flavors is a Brazilian eCommerce business with a huge selection of gin brands as well as a specialty subscription box for gin lovers. We asked Co-founder Erico Angelis to tell us more about it. 

Please describe what led you to start your company and how has it evolved since then?

It all started on a trip to Spain in 2016 when I came across the gin fad. When I had my first contact with Gin in Malaga, Spain, I saw that the recipes, the myth, and the rite of making Gin Tonica were very suitable for Brazil. I brought bottles and spices in my luggage and started making them for friends here. It was very successful and so my partner Fernando Aviles Gouveia and myself decided to embark on entrepreneurship.

We needed an initial investment to participate in an event in Araxá, Minas Gerais. We were lucky to have support from Bacardi, who believed in us and, in exchange for the visibility of their brand, gave us 36 bottles of gin. In two days of the event, we sold 580 gin and tonics. It was a success and everyone wanted to know where to find that drink and how to prepare it! This was the kick-off for The Gin Flavors.

Since then, The Gin Flavors has developed into a successful eCommerce business and has also been gaining ground within the events market. Recently, we were honored to receive an invitation from the British Consulate to sign the gin letter for the Queen's Jubilee in São Paulo. It was a great success!

What can you tell us about your gin subscription service?

In addition to selling distillate, spices, and kits for commemorative dates on our e-commerce store, we created our signature club in 2019, with offers membership plans starting at R$169.90 ($33 USD) per month.

Our kits typically include a bottle of gin, selected by our experts, exclusive glasses, and spices. In addition, they include our Alchemist magazine, which covers topics like travel, gastronomy, Gin mixing tips, and news about the gin universe. 

People all over Brazil can subscribe to our club to receive their monthly product kit or purchase the products individually through our website:

What are your future plans for The Gin Flavors?

In 5 years, we hope to become the leading provider of Jin-making training and supplies in the country, maybe even in the world. Like wine, Gin also has its traditions, and we are here to pass them onwards.

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