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Written by: Chené Murphy on Nov 22nd, 2022

The Plug Drink 2022:  Support Your Metabolism and Optimize Your Lifestyle 

The Plug Drink is a plant-based functional recovery beverage that rapidly cleanses your liver of toxins, reduces unwelcomed symptoms after a night out, boosts your immune system, and keeps you properly hydrated. In this interview DeliveryRank heard from Co-Founders, Ray and Justin Kim, Co-Founders about the power of plants & herbs.

Please share the story behind The Plug.  What sparked the idea and how has it evolved since then?

Raised in an entrepreneurial household, we were inherently curious and always coming up with new business ventures. From a young age, we were always together and still do everything together, challenging and improving each other in sports or in school. With a work hard, play hard mentality we both began to seek a healthier alternative to boost productivity to support our lifestyle choices. And it wasn’t until three years ago, when we saw that there was a growing demand for a hangover solution, but a limited supply of truly effective hangover recovery products available in the U.S. This imbalance was an opportunity to bring a proven alternative from Korea and share it with the U.S. consumers. Together, we created The Plug, an all-natural better-for-you beverage that rapidly cleanses your liver of toxins and has the highest herbal concentration (3.6g) on the market.

This is where the mission of creating the perfect recovery drink began, and how The Plug evolved from concept to reality and from just a “hangover” drink to supporting a broader market of one’s liver’s health. Our mission is to educate consumers of the power of plants and bring awareness to liver health:  With Covid-19, liver diseases are on the rise with more than 1/3 of Americans experiencing “Fatty Liver”.  Seeing our customers’ testimonials on how we are making a positive difference to their health motivates us to work harder for our goal to make The Plug into a household name.

What is inside and what benefits do these key ingredients offer?

Our proprietary plant-based formula consists of 13 plants, flowers, and fruits including DHM, Dandelion, and Schisandra to name a few.   The Plug has the highest herbal concentration (3.6g) and our recovery formula is designed with electrolytes that rapidly cleanses your liver of toxins, reduces unwelcomed symptoms after a night out, boosts your immune system, and keeps you properly hydrated. Most of our ingredients are focused on optimizing your liver’s health along with other internal and external functions to improve your health and lifestyle. Lastly, we have no added sugar and no caffeine.

When is the best time to drink one?

The best time to drink The Plug Drink is as our tagline would say as “The Last Shot of The Night”. 

Can it be taken as a daily supplement?

Yes, around 40% of our customers drink The Plug for non-alcohol reasons as a liver detox/cleanse daily or every couple days, where we have seen many of our customers send us testimonials every single day on the benefits of The Plug when it comes to taking care of the liver. We want to be the first name that comes to mind when it comes to liver health and performance.

Any new developments or plans for the future?

Yes, The Plug will launch a new pill line of liver protection supplements in October 2022. The pills will contain a similar formulation to the current beverage line up with additional ingredients such as turmeric, milk thistle and Vitamin B that we purposefully avoided in its beverage formulation in order to maintain its flavor profile. As we build our product lines or “PLUGFAM” we look to enter different areas of the U.S. along with different demographics as we continue to grow and scale as a brand.

Where can we find The Plug Drink?

We have an omnichannel presence, where the majority is online (on our Website and Amazon), but we are focusing on our retail push as well. We are available online on our Website, Amazon, Gopuff, and all the delivery apps in the Los Angeles Area. In regards to retail, we are currently available in 1,2000+ retail locations nationwide, including 650+ stores throughout SoCal including 7-11s, GNCs, and others. Certain retailers we are in are the following: 49 SoCal BevMo!’s, 13 GoGrocers in Chicago, 23 Liquor Barns in Kentucky, 69 Stop n Go Locations in Ohio, and in conversations to launch with numerous more retailers by the end of 2022.

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