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Author Chené Murphy
Chené Murphy
Updated on Nov 22nd, 2022
Fact checked by Emma Vince

Toast! Supplements 2022:  Make The Most of Every Moment, Toast! to Your Health

Toast! Supplements produce tasty berry gummies powered by natural ingredients to help restore key nutrients and support your liver making alcoholic after-effects easy to bear.  DeliveryRank hears more about these essentials from the Founder of Toast! Supplements, Sean O’Neill.

Please share the story behind Toast! What sparked the idea and how has it evolved since then?

In the summer of 2015, I was wrongly diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Months of frustration and doctors’ theories that went nowhere led me to research how alcohol affects the liver, and how someone like me who wasn’t that much of a drinker could be diagnosed with this disease. I found a wealth of clinical research from the 21st century showing how natural substances like green tea and milk thistle could help keep an alcohol drinker healthy…some like prickly pear even appeared to help reduce or prevent a hangover!

After moving to Boston to seek better medical treatment, it was promptly discovered my liver was fine…my spleen however would have to go, and in the lengthy recovery process that followed I applied to business school. Starting my MBA program, I found many international classmates mentioned products they took in their home countries prior to going out and drinking with friends. Recalling my prior research, I decided to try it out for myself, putting together a mix of ingredients and asking friends to take it prior to drinking. From the earliest tests, people told me that I was onto something, that my mix was working…but it was also clear that they didn’t like the pills, or powders, or strange looking and smelling drinks. So, one day I experimented by mixing my formula with Jello and made some homemade gummies…and people loved them! That was the day Toast! and the Before You Drink Gummy was born. 

After finishing my MBA program, I launched Toast!, partnering with Dr. Joris Verster, the leading authority on alcohol hangover and the researcher behind many of the studies I had read. Working together to perfect the formula, we then partnered with an American candymaker to develop the delicious gummy bear you see today. 

More recently the brand has continued to expand and grow its product lines now offering immune support gummies as well as the Before You Sleep gummies. However, the Before You Drink Gummy is still the brand's staple product and we recently sponsored Miami Swim Week in 2022. 

What is inside the Before You Drink Gummy and what benefits do these key ingredients offer?

Powered by clinically researched natural ingredients, the Before You Drink Gummy includes ingredients like niacin, zinc, and L-cysteine all of which help the body metabolize alcohol, along with ingredients like prickly pear, milk thistle, and green tea which help reduce alcohol’s inflammatory effects. Many of these ingredients, including niacin, zinc, L-Cysteine, and prickly pear have had clinical studies that have shown them helpful in reducing hangover symptoms.

How should you take them?

Take one serving (5 gummies) before drinking. You can take an additional serving of 5 gummies as needed. 

Could you take them as a daily supplement?

They could be taken as a daily supplement to support liver health and proper function. 

Where can we get them?

Before You Drink Gummies are available for purchase on our website alwaystoast.com, in Urban Outfitters and on Amazon

Any new developments or plans for the future?

Currently, Toast! Supplements has expanded its offerings to include Before You Sleep and Immune Support Gummies for boosting immunity and aiding sleep. We have launched globally and look to continue to expand our offerings in both the US and internationally. 

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