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Top 10 Benefits of Fresh Dog Food: A Beginner's Guide

Fresh dog food is an increasingly popular choice among conscientious pet owners. More and more people are moving away from traditional kibble and canned options, searching for diets that offer superior nutrition and fewer additives. A growing body of research suggests that fresh food can provide numerous health benefits for dogs.

I’ve delved deep into the available scientific literature to compile a list of fresh food benefits. You might be wondering about the actual advantages of making the switch. You’ll find that a fresh diet can offer better nutrient bioavailability, hypoallergenic options, and improved digestion for your furry friend. 

For those looking for a reliable source of fresh dog food, I recommend Nom Nom. The brand is known for its high-quality ingredients and customized meal plans. It’s convenient to get pre-portioned meals delivered to your home that can be easily stored in your fridge or freezer rather than preparing fresh food yourself. Keep reading to find out more.

Quick Guide: The Top 10 Benefits of Fresh Dog Food

  1. High-quality Ingredients – Fresh dog food often uses human-grade, organic, and Non-GMO ingredients, making it more nutritious than traditional kibble.

  2. Healthy skin and coat – Research shows that fresh food can improve your dog's skin microbiome, leading to a healthier coat.

  3. Longer life expectancy – Antioxidants in fresh fruits and veggies boost the immune system, potentially increasing your dog's lifespan.

  4. Prevents health conditions – Fresh dog food lacks synthetic fillers and additives, reducing long-term health risks and vet visits.

  5. Weight management – Fresh foods contain no fillers, helping your dog maintain a healthy weight and reducing joint stress.

  6. Better digestive health – Fresh food often contains pre-probiotics and is more digestible, aiding in a balanced gut microbiome.

  7. Supports brain health – Ingredients like Omega-3 fatty acids and high-quality proteins in fresh food can improve cognition and behavior.

  8. Improves energy levels – A balanced blend of proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates in fresh food provides sustained energy.

  9. Good for allergies – Fresh food often has fewer and more natural ingredients, making it easier to manage canine allergies.

  10. Prevents picky eating – Fresh dog food offers a range of flavors and textures, making mealtime more exciting and palatable for your pet.

What Is Fresh Dog Food?

Fresh dog food primarily consists of whole, unprocessed ingredients. These commonly include meats like chicken or beef, fruits such as apples or blueberries, vegetables like carrots or peas, and often even superfoods like chia seeds or turmeric. The recipes are gently cooked at low temperatures to preserve all the valuable nutrients.

Image of 2 bowls of dog food - Nom Nom's fresh recipe and some commercial dry kibble.
Look how appetizing Nom Nom's fresh recipe looks next to a bowl of dry kibble!

Despite labels like "healthy" or "all-natural," commercial dog food may not live up to its claims. Unlike commercial kibble, fresh dog food looks like the ingredients it contains. You'll recognize the pieces of real meat and vegetables, making it easier to appreciate the quality of what you're feeding your pet.

Top 10 Benefits of Fresh Dog Food

  1. High-Quality Ingredients

Fresh dog food often features high-quality, non-GMO, and organic ingredients. This is a stark contrast to many commercial kibble brands that can include preservatives and artificial additives. Because the ingredients are often human-grade, you could technically eat it yourself—though I wouldn't recommend it. 

Nom Nom takes the concept of high-quality ingredients a step further. It sets itself apart by ensuring that all the meals are made from fresh, whole-food ingredients, delivering a balanced meal plan that genuinely supports your dog’s health. With Nom Nom, you're not just avoiding the pitfalls of subpar ingredients; you're actively contributing to your pet's well-being.

  1. Healthy Skin and Coat

Fresh food often includes essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. These nutrients play a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin and a shiny coat. Studies have shown that dogs fed a fresh food diet displayed a more balanced skin microbiome compared to those on dry food, which can lead to fewer skin problems and less itchiness.

Nom Nom offers a well-balanced diet that can contribute to better skin and coat health. It uses high-quality fats and oils in its formulations, further enhancing the levels of essential fatty acids. This translates into a direct benefit for your dog, as a balanced skin microbiome is a strong indicator of overall skin and coat health. 

  1. Longer Life Expectancy

Fresh dog food is rich in fruits and vegetables that are natural sources of antioxidants. These compounds are known to bolster the immune system and combat oxidative stress, a key factor in aging and chronic disease. By incorporating fresh foods rich in antioxidants into your dog's diet, you could be supporting a longer, healthier life for your pet.

Nom Nom includes these vital antioxidants in its meal plans, aiming for overall longevity. It provides a well-rounded diet that includes not just high-quality proteins but also fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants. This helps boost your pup’s immune system and potentially extend your dog's lifespan.

  1. Prevents Health Conditions

Commercial dog foods often contain synthetic fillers, additives, and preservatives. Many of these ingredients are linked to health issues ranging from allergies and digestive problems to more severe conditions like cancer. A study has shown that adding fresh vegetables to your dog's diet at least 3 times a week is associated with lower rates of bladder cancer.

Feeding your dog fresh food can prevent these problems, leading to fewer trips to the vet. Every meal from Nom Nom is carefully formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your pet while helping to prevent potential health issues down the line. 

  1. Weight Management

Traditional commercial dog foods often contain fillers like starchy foods, wheat, and corn. These can lead to weight gain and consequent health issues, such as joint pain. With fresh food, you're providing your dog with lean proteins and balanced nutrition, making it easier to maintain an ideal weight.

Nom Nom offers customized meal plans that are excellent for weight management. It avoids the use of low-quality fillers and instead focuses on lean proteins and other nutrient-dense ingredients. This not only aids in weight management but also supports optimal health across various bodily functions. 

  1. Better Digestive Health

Fresh dog food often contains prebiotics and probiotics that promote better digestive health. The balanced ratio of meat to vegetables in fresh food helps keep your dog's digestive system running smoothly. A well-balanced gut microbiome is vital for nutrient absorption, and fresh foods are naturally rich in the elements that support this. 

You might even notice a positive change in your dog's stool. This is an indicator of digestive health. Fresh food like Nom Nom’s are more easily digestible compared to traditional commercial dog foods, meaning your dog can absorb nutrients more effectively. In fact, you can purchase Nom Nom’s microbiome testing kit to track your dog’s health over time. 

  1. Supports Brain Health

High-quality proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids support neurotransmitters and cognitive health. These nutrients are essential for a dog's brain function, affecting everything from basic obedience to learning new tricks. Omega-3s have been shown to improve memory and even slow age-related cognitive decline in older dogs.

Nom Nom’s recipes include lean proteins and are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Its meals often feature ingredients like cranberries and blueberries, known for their antioxidant benefits that further support brain health. 

  1. Improved Energy Levels

The right mix of ingredients in fresh food can elevate your dog's energy levels. Quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, and essential fats combine to make your pup fitter and more energetic. Unlike processed foods, which can make your dog sluggish, a fresh diet provides the balanced nutrition required for sustained energy throughout the day.

Nom Nom carefully curates its meal plans to support higher energy levels in dogs. It incorporates complex carbohydrates from grains and vegetables that slowly release energy, helping your dog stay active for longer periods. 

  1. Good for Allergies

Fresh dog food offers a simpler ingredient list, which is beneficial for dogs with allergies. If you have a sensitive pooch, the fewer the ingredients, the easier it is to pinpoint allergens and avoid them. Fresh food often avoids the synthetic fillers and additives found in commercial kibble, which can exacerbate allergies.

Nom Nom provides a viable option for managing your dog's allergies through diet. It uses fresh, whole-food ingredients that you can actually pronounce, making it easier to identify any potential allergens. 

  1. Prevents Picky Eating

Fresh dog food can curb picky eating with a variety of flavors. If your dog turns its nose up at kibble, fresh options like Nom Nom’s Chicken Cuisine and Pork Potluck could make mealtime more appealing. The blend of textures and tastes not only adds excitement to your dog's meals but also ensures they get a balanced diet.

The cooking process of Nom Nom ensures all ingredients are well-incorporated. Meat and vegetables are cooked together, making it more challenging for dogs to pick around certain ingredients they may not initially like. Nom Nom also features on our list of the best dog food for picky eaters.

How to Choose the Best Fresh Dog Food?

Here are some top tips to help you choose the best fresh dog food: 

The Bottom Line: Is Fresh Food Better For Dogs?

Fresh food offers numerous benefits that make it a superior option for many dogs. From higher quality ingredients and enhanced nutritional value to improved health markers like skin quality and digestive health, fresh food stands out as an excellent choice. Research also indicates that fresh diets like Nom nom’s can positively impact longevity and overall well-being. 


Which fresh dog food is best? 

For balanced nutrition and quality, I recommend Nom Nom. It utilizes fresh, whole-food ingredients and offers a variety of meal plans to suit your dog's specific needs. The food is also custom-portioned, making it easier to manage your dog's weight.

Is fresh dog food better than raw?

Yes, fresh dog food is often considered safer than raw food. While raw diets can expose your dog to harmful bacteria and parasites, fresh dog food like Nom Nom is cooked at safe temperatures, eliminating these risks. The ingredients are also human-grade, adding another layer of safety.

How should I store fresh dog food?

Fresh dog food should be refrigerated or frozen. If you're not going to use it within a week, it's advisable to freeze it. Always keep it in an airtight container to maintain its freshness and prevent contamination.

How to transition to a fresh dog food diet?

Gradually mix fresh food with your dog's current diet over 7-10 days. Start with about 25% fresh food and increase the proportion daily. This helps to avoid gastrointestinal issues and allows your dog to acclimate to the new food.

Is Fresh Pet good for dogs?

Fresh Pet is generally considered a quality option for dogs. It uses natural ingredients and avoids artificial preservatives. However, I recommend doing your research and considering your dog's specific dietary needs before making a decision.

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