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Author Miguel Amado
Miguel Amado
Updated on Nov 22nd, 2022
Fact checked by Emma Vince

Winelivery 2023: Wine and Drinks to Your Doorstep

Food and drinks delivery companies are prevalent all over the world so if you want to conquer the market, you’ve got to bring something new to customers. That’s the idea behind Winelivery, an Italian wine delivery company that’s doing things differently.

Andrea Antinori, Founder of Winelivery, tells us about the company, what it brings to the market, and gives us an expert wine recommendation.

What is Winelivery and how did it get started?

Winelivery is an app that was created in Milan and is now available in more than 60 cities in Italy. It aims to deliver wine, beers, and other drinks to your door in less than 30 minutes and at the perfect drinking temperature. Winelivery’s the best way to enjoy your favorite drink while relaxing on your couch after a long day at work.

You can also solve problems such as sending a last-minute gift or bringing a top bottle of wine to your table when you haven’t got time to go out and buy it. 

Winelivery isn’t just a wine delivery app, it’s also a media and a data hub that communicates with its customers telling them the latest news from the beverage industry as well as collecting information about the customer’s preferences to provide the best service.

How is Winelivery different from other food and drink delivery companies?

Winelivery focuses on providing a premium service and a complete experience to its customers. The products offered on the app go through a tough selection process, including tasting and screening based on the client’s preferences.

Some people find wine labels to be confusing while others find they don't provide enough information. Winelivery has created a real wine-shop experience with our Wineadvisor. This feature allows the customer to find the perfect bottle for each occasion. By using the four-question test, our algorithm offers a selection of wines that matches the desires of the customers.

One of our biggest selling points is the fast delivery at the right consumption temperature. If you had forgotten to send a gift, for example. Winelivery can send a premium bottle with a dedication in less than 30 minutes, ready for the recipient to drink straight away.

Winelivery is a deep dive into the wine world – not only does it deliver the best bottles with outstanding service, but it also offers the option to buy wine courses and experiences in the best-known wineries across Italy.

Do you think your idea can be sold to other countries without losing its core values?

Winelivery was born to scale up. We made it in Italy and we’re already looking to expand elsewhere in 2022. Its core values are what characterize the business and will never change.

Of course, it'll have to adapt to a new country and culture but it’ll never forget its roots: outstanding service, exceptional product selection (studied to fit the taste of the new cities, plus a selection of Italian bottles), and most importantly, our client’s feedback.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when getting started?

When Winelivery was founded back in 2015, Italy was in a period of  “food delivery” development. Many big names had just started up such as Just Eat and Foodora. People were getting used to ordering food online and receiving it in a short time.

No one had thought about also being able to order wine or alcoholic beverages in the same way! So one of our greater challenges was to introduce the concept of last-mile drink delivery, therefore, creating a market and a demand for our service.

What are Winelivery’s plans for the near future?

Winelivery is opening its new flagship store, the Winelivery PoP, in one of the central streets in Milan. This will be a wine bar and delivery service combined and is the first of a series that we’re planning to open in smaller cities around Italy, where the delivery service on its own won’t be sustainable due to the low population in these cities.

The app’s expansion isn’t limited just to Italy. In 2022, we’ll be opening up to France

Italy is known for its great wine. What can you recommend?

Well, this is the toughest question so far! I would recommend an Altalanga blanc de noir. You can pair it with almost everything, especially with a good time! You can also take our “Undecided?” test to figure out which bottle is the one for you.

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