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Noom Review 2023: An Expert Take on This Weight-Loss App

Author Kenaz Filan
Kenaz Filan
Updated on Sep 3rd, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince


Noom is an innovative wellness and weight loss app that empowers you to make informed eating choices. Using psychology and information from nutritionists, this app is about making emotional and behavioral changes, rather than counting calories to shed weight. You’ll learn more about the foods you love eating and how to make the best choices for your lifestyle.

Noom is a fantastic resource if you want to learn about your diet and health and make some long-term changes, but it takes commitment and a level of personal accountability to be successful. If you’re hoping for an easy button for weight loss, this isn’t the method for you.

If you want to lose some weight by trying a different approach, Noom is a unique option. Noom lets you create a personalized profile, with different membership options, and receive realistic timelines to reach your goals.

There have been over 100 million downloads since the app launched, so I wanted to see for myself how the program worked. Read on for more information and start your Noom journey here.



24/7 support on the app

Every meal requires input and tracking

Color coding makes it easy to track food

Extra Premium programs cost more

Healthy, without feeling restrictive

You have to do the planning and cooking

Current deal – Get a free trial

How Does Noom Work?

Noom is like having a nutritionist, fitness instructor, and life coach at your fingertips. It works to change the relationship you have with food and educate you on how to include nutrient-dense meals in your diet.

You can also chat with fellow Noomers in Noom Circles, a collection of communities focused on food, exercise, hobbies, or other topics. Losing weight can be a lonely pursuit, so Noom encourages you to socialize and make friends with others who share your interests.

Noom doesn’t provide any meals or ingredients, so you’ll do the shopping and planning yourself. You can add on a custom meal plan for an additional cost if you want to skip that step. Noom is simply a tool to help hold you accountable for your health journey.

Cooking With Noom

The Noom “diet” works by giving each food a color:

  • Green: Foods that you can eat as often as you want

  • Yellow: Foods that fall somewhere in between 

  • Orange: Higher calorie foods with minimal nutrition

    A screenshot from Noom's FAQ section regarding their color coding

Noom sorts foods into color categories

Noom provides plenty of recipes that help you eat as much “green” food as possible. Some of the recipes I found while browsing Noom’s suggestions included Mango Chicken Salad with Couscous, Grilled Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas, Roasted Orange Tilapia and Asparagus, and Sweet and Sour Shrimp.

Noom encourages you to limit “orange” foods to no more than 25% of your daily calories. If your diet gives you 1,250 calories a day, you can enjoy a breakfast donut so long as you eat Green and Yellow foods at your other meals. Instead of cutting out treats altogether, Noom teaches you to limit your intake.

Noom’s food database has over 3.7 million options in foods and portion sizes. And if you’re eating out, Noom lists almost 200,000 food items at over 850 restaurants and chains.


All Noom subscriptions auto-renew unless canceled. The longer your commitment, the less you pay per month.

You can use Noom without a subscription, but you won’t get access to the articles, quizzes, or other features. All you can do is track your daily calorie intake, weight, and exercise progress. This gives you a chance to try Noom out and decide if it works for you before committing to the plan.

Noom Plan

Subscription Price 

Monthly auto-renewing plan 


2-month auto-renewing plan


3-month auto-renewing plan


4-month auto-renewing plan


5-month auto-renewing plan


6-month auto-renewing plan


7-month auto-renewing plan


8-month auto-renewing plan


9-month auto-renewing plan


10-month auto-renewing plan


11-month auto-renewing plan


Annual auto-renewing plan


Noom also offers a number of Premium programs at an additional fee. For example, Noom Mood costs $149 for 16 weeks of personalized one-on-one coaching, daily mood logging, and weekly stress management activities. I didn’t add these when I signed up. After I subscribed, I received the same offers again in my email, and this time there was a larger discount.


Signing up for Noom starts with a long questionnaire but it’s easy once you get past the questionnaire. Noom’s programs are personalized for you, which is great. But it also means that you have to answer a lot of questions before you get started.

How to Sign Up for Noom

  1. Go to the Noom website. You’ll be prompted to fill out a long questionnaire. It’s the longest I’ve ever seen and must have taken me about 15 minutes to complete.

I decided to start out with the “losing weight for good” option. This might be a good way to start – first change your relationship with food then, maybe later, get more serious about exercising. First up was a demographic profile, asking for my height and weight. Then I had to give an ideal weight. After inputting that I wanted to drop 10 kg, I got this cheerful message:

Noom celebrates the moment when you've officially set your first goal.

Setting your initial goal is the first big step in your journey.

This demonstrated Noom’s method of rewarding and reaffirming positive choices. Developing better habits and mindsets about eating can’t be done through a set of checklists. It’s a process where you have to track your progress every step of the way. Beyond that, I liked that I could change my goals to either “rev up” my progress, or take it more slowly.

Screenshots of Noom's Health and Fitness Questionnaire

Noom makes exercise suggestions based on your health profile

  1. Answer all the questions – there are questions on everything. It asked whether or not I had good eating habits, to what I usually eat. To be honest, there were just so many questions that I definitely got “input fatigue.” Additionally, in and amongst the questions, were peppy motivational snippets that just prolonged the time it took to actually sign up.

Once the questions are completed, you will see the timeline in which Noom anticipates you will reach your goal.

After completing the questionnaire, you will see a roadmap to your goal.

Eventually, I got through all the questions and had to enter my email to be able to see my specific weight loss plan. But hitting the Let’s Go button under this chart brought up a screen telling me I was only halfway there. The next sections were about habits and behaviors and then activity and nutrition.

A screenshot of Noom's Behavior Change questionnaire

Noom's detailed questionnaire helps them provide you with useful advice on diet and lifestyle changes

  1. After signing up, you’ll be taken to a page offering additional services. I was assured these were only available at these prices during the initial sign-up.

Screen shot of one of the multiple add on options offered during sign up. This one is for a course you can take.

During the sign up process, you are offered at least five different add on packages that you have to skip if you don't want them.

I decided just to stick with the basic service, and assumed that I could add anything else at a later date, should I want to. I’ll admit I was intrigued about the custom meal plan because I’d initially thought that’s what Noom was. You can add the meal plan, a custom workout plan, or a combination of both.

  1. Finally, I then had to fill out yet more details and create a profile. Then, since I filled the info out on my laptop, I had to download the app to my phone as Noom doesn’t offer a desktop app.

Managing Your Subscription

It’s very simple to edit or change your subscription once you’ve made it through the lengthy sign-up process. By logging onto the Noom website, you can edit the length of your subscription with 1 click. There are no phone calls or emails required.

Noom makes it simple to cancel or change your subscription right on the website.

To change or cancel subscriptions, you can visit your account page on the website.

If you want to cancel, you’ll just have to answer a question letting them know why and your account will be canceled. Just look for the buttons shown below when you log in.

Customer Service

Noom offers 3 distinct ways to contact its customer service team, one of which is quite unusual. You have the option to directly send suggestions or complaints to the company's CEO.

Noom offers 4 ways to contact them. You can email the CEO, use the chat, call the phone number, or use the FAQs.

Noom has multiple customer service options including emailing the CEO with feedback.

You can get help any time through the chat feature and FAQ page. If you prefer talking to someone, customer service is available from 7 AM to 10 PM Eastern Time.

How Noom Compares to Other Meal Delivery Services

  • Noom vs Nutrisystem: Noom teaches you how to eat healthier meals for longer-term physical and emotional fitness, while Nutrisystem provides calorie-restricted meals and snacks that are intended for short-term weight loss.

  • Noom vs Fresh N Lean: Fresh N Lean sends you prepared meals geared toward fitness-conscious individuals, while Noom helps you track your physical activity and provides you with healthy recipes you cook yourself.

The Bottom Line: Is Noom Worth It?

If you stick with the Noom app, you’ll probably find yourself losing weight. That’s because it encourages you to think more healthily and holistically about what you’re eating. Logging your food intake and exercise output makes it easier to keep track of exactly what you’re eating, which helps you lose weight.

Having said that, Noom isn't for everyone. If you don't think you can keep up with all the tracking and interacting with the app, on top of meal planning and prep, it probably won't work for you. If you want to lose weight and have meals delivered, you can try one of the top 10 meal delivery services for weight loss instead.


What exactly is Noom?

Noom is an app that helps you lose weight and maintain that weight loss long-term. It was developed by a team of nutritionists, behavioral psychologists, and personal trainers, and has helped over 1.5 million people to lose weight.

Does Noom send you food?

No. Noom isn’t a meal delivery or food service, so it doesn’t send you food. What it does is use your personalized information to suggest recipes, but it leaves actually creating a meal plan to each individual user. If you want a plan that offers food, check out our list of the best weight loss meal delivery services.

How much does Noom cost a month?

After your free trial, Noom starts from $70 per month for a subscription. When I looked into the pricing structure, I also found add-on plans, including custom meal and exercise plans that are available at an extra cost. You can sign up for them when you create your account, or add them on later, once you’ve gotten started with the Noom system.

What are the minimum device requirements to use Noom?

Noom is only available on devices running Android or iOS. Android phones must be running Android 6 (Marshmallow), and iOS users must have at least an iPhone 6s running iOS 14.4. Noom isn’t available for Chromebooks, Kindle readers, or desktops. You can run Noom on an Android tablet or iPad but the Step Counter feature won’t be available.

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