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Author Kenaz Filan
Kenaz Filan
Created on Jun 29th, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

3 Best FODMAP Meal Delivery Services 2023: Top Picks

A Low FODMAP diet can help many who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and related conditions. But the elimination period is very restrictive and keeping track of the sugars that irritate your condition is challenging. 

While there are meal delivery services for just about every need, the selection for Low FODMAP dieters is more limited. This was one of the tougher assignments in my meal delivery review career. But with diligent research and consultation from my talented colleagues, I’ve found three FODMAP-friendly meal delivery services.

ModifyHealth, my top choice, is the first meal delivery service to offer a Low FODMAP menu and the only one certified by the FODMAP founders at Australia’s Monash University. But Epicuredalso offers excellent Low FODMAP meals.

After the elimination period (6-8 weeks), you begin introducing higher FODMAP foods to determine which foods trigger attacks and which can be enjoyed in moderation. While both our Low FODMAP services offer less specialized menus, I’ve also offered a meal delivery service for your post-FODMAP dining consideration. 

Short on Time? Here Are the Best FODMAP Meal Delivery Services

  1. ModifyHealth – The best complete FODMAP solution

  2. Epicured –  Best meals designed for digestive disorders

  3. Sunbasket – Best Post-Elimination Phase FODMAP Meal Delivery Service

Quick Comparison Table


The Best FODMAP Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

1. ModifyHealth – The Best Complete FODMAP Solution

Chipotle Chicken with Cabbage and Tomatillo

Key Features

ModifyHealth is the only meal delivery service certified by Monash University, where the Low FODMAP diet was first developed. These FODMAP delivery founders bring you tasty, fully prepared meals without the simple fermentable sugars that can send IBS into overdrive.

ModifyHealth got its start as a gluten-free meal delivery service, and today all ModifyHealth meals are still gluten-free. You can filter meals for many allergens, and ModifyHealth also offers low-sodium and plant-based entrees. 

Because the FODMAP program is an elimination diet, ModifyHealth provides 14 lunch and dinner entrees for the week. (Breakfast is optional but strongly recommended). Expert dietitian support is available to help you get control of your digestive health.

Once you’ve figured out which fermentable sugars trigger your symptoms and which are tolerated in moderation, you can check out ModifyHealth’s Mediterranean meal plan for gluten-free and heart-healthy entrees.


2. Epicured – Best Meals Designed for Digestive Disorders 

Thai Green Curry (Shrimp)

Key Features

  • All meals are Low FODMAP and gluten-free

  • 30+ meal options 

  • Dietary options including vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian

  • Current deal: No active deal

All Epicured meals are gluten-free and suitable for elimination phase FODMAP diets. Epicured meals are designed by professional chefs with experience in some of the world’s best restaurants, so this is healthy food you won’t mistake for hospital food.

In addition to Low FODMAP meals, Epicured offers an Extra Sensitive filter of blander, softer entries for those suffering from serious IBS. And if you have problems with acid reflux and GERD, its GERD filter will provide you with low-acid entrees.   

Epicured’s food is excellent, but it’s not cheap. While some breakfast entrees are as low as $10.29 per serving, most Epicured entrees run between $13 and $15.50 a serving, with some meat and seafood dishes coming in even higher. During the elimination phase, this may be a worthwhile investment. Long term, it may become a burden. 

3. Sunbasket – Best Post-Elimination Phase FODMAP Meal Delivery Service

Salmon and Braised Fennel With Charred Orange and Green Goddess Dressing

Key Features

  • Also offers breakfast and lunch entrees

  • 20+ weekly meal options 

  • Dietary options including paleo, keto, vegetarian, and more

  • Current deal: No active deal 

Once you determine your FODMAP triggers in the post-elimination phase, you can avoid them and enjoy other foods without fear of digestive issues. While Sunbasket’s menu isn’t suited for the elimination stage of a Low FODMAP diet, it has a great deal to offer the FODMAP-sensitive.

Lactose and gluten are common triggers for FODMAP-sensitive people. Sunbasket’s Paleo menu avoids grains, soy, and dairy products. Meat and seafood ingredients are responsibly raised and sustainably harvested, and eggs and most produce are organic. 

Sunbasket lets you choose between meal kits you cook yourself (so you have total control over triggering ingredients) and prepared meals you simply heat and eat. All ingredients are listed so you don’t have to worry about stealth FODMAPs. And with Sunbasket’s wide selection of internationally inspired recipes, you’ll never be bored with your choices! 


Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Meal Type

Prep/Cook Time

Active Deals

? ModifyHealth

$11.75 per serving

6 meals per week

Prepared meals

<5 mins

$60 off your first 3 orders with code: Rank60 from ModifyHealth


$10.29 per serving

No minimum

Prepared meals

<5 mins

No active deal from Epicured


$4.27 per serving

2 meal kits for 2 people/4 prepared meals 

Meal kits, prepared meals 

<5 mins (prepared)

25-40 mins (meal kits)

No active deal from Sunbasket

Tips for Choosing the Best FODMAP Meal Delivery Services

When you’re trying to decide on a FODMAP-friendly service, it may feel like you don’t have a lot of choice. But it’s still important to find the right one for you. Here are some things you should consider:

  • Is every meal of the day covered? I recommend a complete meal plan with any service. A little bit of a troublesome sugar compound may be all it takes to trigger an episode and put you back at square one.  

  • How much should I budget? Most specialist plans are expensive. But if you’re dealing with ongoing digestive issues, following a Low FODMAP plan in the short term may provide lasting relief from chronic problems.

  • Are the ingredients easy to find? While you’re in the elimination phase, you’ll want to check everything you eat to avoid getting unexpected FODMAPs. You should choose a service where it’s easy to check the ingredients of every meal.

  • Can I stick with this diet for the long term? Since the FODMAP Diet is an elimination diet, most people start expanding their menu after the cleansing period. Once you’ve identified which specific FODMAPs affect you, you can avoid those foods. At this later stage, you might want to switch to a different service.

Bottom Line: Are FODMAP Meal Delivery Services Worth It?

Following the elimination phase of a Low FODMAP diet can be enormously challenging, and one small slip-up can trigger a flare-up and put you back at step one. A FODMAP meal delivery service can help you stay FODMAP-free during those critical 6-8 weeks.

Some people are sensitive to multiple FODMAPs and so a targeted meal delivery service could save you a great deal of discomfort. With ModifyHealth and Epicured, not only will you get meals that are FODMAP-friendly but they’re also never bland or boring.

If you’re only sensitive to one or two FODMAPs, you may find that a more generalized meal delivery service like Sunbasket offers a better variety of foods you can tolerate. But if you’re still in the elimination phase, or if you have serious FODMAP sensitivities, a FODMAP meal delivery service is definitely worth it! 


What does FODMAP mean?

Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, And Polyols are sugars that can cause flare-ups in people with irritable bowel syndrome and similar conditions. A Low FODMAP meal delivery service can provide relief and help through the induction phase.

Is Epicured Low FODMAP?

Epicured is a meal delivery service for people with digestive issues, and all Epicured meals are suitable for the induction phase of the Low FODMAP diet.

How long is the FODMAP elimination phase? 

The FODMAP elimination phase lasts between six and eight weeks, after which Low FODMAP dieters can reintroduce different foods to determine which specific FODMAPs cause digestive trouble. Those FODMAP dieters who discover they have only one or two FODMAP sensitivities may want to switch to a more generalized meal delivery service.

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