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Written by: Mirela Niculae on Dec 12th, 2021

11 Best Fresh Food Meal Delivery Services of 2022 Updated

Eating fresh no longer means having to go to the farmer’s market or your local healthy grocer. Now, you can get fresh food delivered right to your door. But with more than 100 meal delivery services in the US today, which is the best fresh food meal delivery service for you?

We’ve taken a look at all the fresh food delivery services out there and have found some great options to fit a variety of needs and lifestyles. Always on the go? We’ve got you covered with fresh home delivered meals that’ll be ready in minutes. 

Looking for the highest-quality, fresh ingredients? We’ve found great options that are certified organic and locally-sourced. Vegetarian? We got you. Vegan? Check. Want to eat fresh on a budget? We found that too. 

What do all these masters of freshness have in common? They all made our list of the 11 best fresh food meal delivery services of the year. 

Are you really hungry? Here’s our quick list of the best fresh food meal delivery services of 2022

What We Look for in the Best Fresh Food Meal Delivery Services

Every meal delivery service can claim that at some point its ingredients are fresh. But that doesn’t mean they’re fresh when they get to you. Here’s what we look for in the best fresh food meal delivery services:

  • Top-quality ingredients. Freshness starts with sourcing the best ingredients

  • No preservatives. Fresh means fresh with no added preservatives

  • Locally-sourced. Because local, farm-to-table is fresher

  • Organic and non-GMO. Fresh also means not chemically-grown and better for you

1. HelloFresh – Best Fresh, Local Ingredients at a Low Price

What I Liked:

  • Fresh, local ingredients

  • Use specialty produce not found in supermarkets

  • Big menu of fresh choices

  • Low price

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Not all ingredients are organic

  • Don’t offer options for specific dietary or allergy restrictions

HelloFresh is a great fresh food home delivery service if you want fresh, local ingredients at a low price. All HelloFresh ingredients come from local suppliers who meet strict quality standards. This means that not only does HelloFresh use top-quality, fresh produce and meats, it uses locally-grown and raised produce and meats that don’t travel far and aren’t stored for long, so their meals are always fresh from the farm to your door.

HelloFresh works with specialty suppliers to bring you specialty produce you won’t find at the grocery store. They use this specialty produce to create unique and exciting recipes for a menu that is bigger than most other fresh food delivery services.

HelloFresh is also one of the least expensive fresh food delivery services on our list.

While HelloFresh does source locally, not all their suppliers are organic. HelloFresh also does not offer options for specific dietary or allergy restrictions.

2. Sunbasket – Best Premium-Quality Farm-to-Table Freshness

 What I Liked:

  • Freshest farm-to-table food

  • Certified organic

  • Responsibly-raised meats

  • Award-winning chef

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Portion sizes can be small at times

  • Not suitable for someone with severe gluten allergies

If the freshest farm-to-table, premium-quality food is what you’re after, look no further than Sunbasket. With Sunbasket, what you’ll get at your front door is fresher than you’ll find at the grocery store.

Sunbasket is a USDA-certified organic handler, and 99% of the produce they ship is organic. Sunbasket not only provides fresh, organic produce, they also provide the freshest, most responsibly-raised meats and seafoods. All the meat they use is antibiotic- and hormone-free, and their seafood is wild-caught or sustainably raised in the wild.

Sunbasket’s award-winning chef has created a variety of premium-quality, great-tasting menu options for all meals. One downfall of these great meals is that sometimes the portions are a bit small. Sunbasket offers gluten-free meals, but they prepare all their food in a facility that handles wheat, so even gluten-free meals aren’t suitable for anyone with a severe gluten allergy

3. Freshly – Best Ready-to-Eat Fresh Food 

What I Liked:

  • Fully prepared and cooked for you, never frozen

  • Free from chemical preservatives

  • No artificial or processed ingredients

  • Certified gluten-free

What I Didn’t Like:

  • 5-day shelf life

  • Not organic or non-GMO

It’s not fast food, it’s fresh food delivered right to your door and ready-to-eat in 3 minutes. Unlike other fresh food delivery services who deliver fully-cooked, ready-to-eat meals, Freshly never freezes their meals, so you’ll get that fresh taste fast without waiting for your meal to thaw. When Freshly says, “Heat and Eat in 3 minutes or less,” they mean it!

With Freshly, fresh is right there in the name. Not only do they never freeze their meals, they also never use chemical preservatives. This is great for freshness, but it does mean that Freshly meals only have a 5-day shelf life in your fridge.

Freshly meals are made from top-quality, nutritious foods that use no artificial or processed ingredients. Their meals are all also certified gluten-free

However, despite the freshness, not all ingredients are organic and non-GMO.

4. Green Chef – Best for being Fresher than the Grocery Store

What I Liked:

  • Fresher than a grocery store

  • An USDA certified organic company

  • Meats free from antibiotics, growth hormones and steroids

  • Vegetarian and vegan options

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Dinner only

  • Can’t customize meals for food allergies or dietary restrictions

Why go to the grocery store when Green Chef can bring the freshest produce from local farms right to your door? Green Chef sources from local farms to get fresh, in-season produce to you in less time than it takes a grocery store to get the same product onto its shelves.

Green Chef is an USDA-certified organic fresh food meal delivery service, and its ongoing standards ensure that every meal you eat is made from the highest-quality, fresh ingredients. Not only is Green Chef’s produce organic, its meats are all responsibly-raised and all meats are free from antibiotics, growth hormones, and steroids.

Green Chef offers meals for a variety of lifestyles and diets and has a number of vegetarian and vegan options. Green Chef is a dinner-only fresh food delivery meal service and it doesn’t allow you to customize meals for specific food allergies or dietary restrictions.

5. Purple Carrot – Best for Vegetarians and Vegans

What I Liked:

  • Plant-based 

  • Great for health

  • Most non-produce items are organic

  • Gluten-free options available

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Not all produce is organic and non-GMO

  • Menus are small and recipes can lack flavor

Purple Carrot is the perfect fresh food meal delivery service option for vegetarians and vegans. Eating a fresh, plant-based diet from Purple Carrot is great for your health and can even reduce your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Purple Carrot meals are sourced from farms all around the country. Most of the non-produce items in a Purple Carrot meal are organic and non-GMO (such as beans, tofu, and vegan cheeses). But because of Purple Carrot’s effort to provide unique ingredients and recipes for its meals, sometimes you’ll get produce that is non-organic or GMO.

Purple Carrot meals can be customized to be gluten-free, high-protein, low-carb, nut-free, and soy-free, but Purple Carrot cannot omit other allergens from its meals

6. Splendid Spoon – Best Fully-Prepared Vegan Light Meals

What I Liked:

  • No preservatives or fillers

  • Only clean ingredients - no GMOs or processed foods

  • 100% plant-based, 100% vegan

  • Breakfast smoothies

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Not locally-sourced

  • Meals delivered frozen

Splendid Spoon wants to help you reset your eating habits with its 100% plant-based, 100% vegan diet of fully-prepared, fresh meals. Splendid Spoon has you covered all day.

Splendid Spoon’s menu includes breakfast smoothies made of 95% organic, 100% GMO-free ingredients. For lunch and dinner, there are a variety of soups, grain bowls, and noodle options. Splendid Spoon also offers a “Reset” soup and “Wellness Shots” to keep your body fresh and healthy.

All Splendid Spoon products are preservative- and filler-free, and their foods are never processed. They source some of the best, fresh ingredients, but all their suppliers are based in New York, so if you’re across the country, you won’t get locally-sourced foods.

In order to maintain freshness and extend shelf life, Splendid Spoon flash-freezes its soups and grain bowls, so you won’t get that truly fresh taste.

7. Blue Apron – Best for a Freshness Guarantee

What I Liked:

  • Freshness guarantee

  • Seasonal ingredients directly from farms

  • 100% GMO-free

  • Sustainable seafood and meats with no antibiotics or hormones  

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Not all locally-sourced

  • Not all organic ingredients

Blue Apron is so serious about being the best fresh meal delivery service that it is the only fresh food delivery service we compared that markets a “Freshness Guarantee.” This guarantee is their promise to you that every ingredient you receive is fresh and ready to cook.

All Blue Apron ingredients are high-quality and responsibly sourced. From fresh, 100% GMO-free produce to sustainably-raised seafood and meats free of antibiotics, hormones, and beta-agonists, you can be sure you’re getting fresh and healthy food with Blue Apron.

While Blue Apron works with more than 100 family-run farms to source local, seasonal ingredients, not all its ingredients are locally-sourced. In fact, some are even shipped in from overseas. And though some Blue Apron ingredients are USDA certified organic, many of the ingredients they use in their meals are not organic.

8. Freshology – Best Fresh Food for Weight Loss

What I Liked:

  • Chef-prepared and ready-to-eat

  • No preservatives or additives

  • Award-winning menus

  • Great for weight loss and healthy diets

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Can’t customize meals for food allergies

  • Meals come frozen, a disadvantage to those looking for DIY kits

If you have a busy schedule, don’t want the fuss of cooking, or simply want a fresh meal fast, Freshology is for you. Freshology works with top chefs to create fresh, healthy meals that are both nutritionally balanced and delicious. Every Freshology meal is fully-prepared in the Freshology kitchen, so when you get it, all you need to do is heat it and eat it!

With Freshology, you can always feel great about what you put into your body. Freshology uses organic ingredients whenever possible and never uses MSG, preservatives, or additives. Their award-winning menus and plans can be customized to your taste and lifestyle, though you can’t customize meals for specific food allergies

Freshology is great for anyone looking to lose weight or eat healthily, and they have plans for pre-diabetics, diabetics, and anyone after a heart-healthy diet. Freshology is quick and convenient, but their meals are delivered frozen, so thawing is required.

9. Veestro – Best Ready-to-Eat Vegan Dinners

 What I Liked:

  • Locally-sourced ingredients

  • No preservatives

  • Organic (mostly)

  • Fully-prepared vegan replacements for some classic dinners

What I Didn’t Like:

  • While plant-based, not a lot of veg on the plate

  • Delivered frozen

Veestro gets a lot right when it comes to fresh food delivery. They use locally-sourced ingredients to create a vegan menu of fully-prepared meals that take just five minutes to heat up

Veestro meals have no preservatives or artificial colors and sweeteners, so you can be sure you’re always eating farm-to-table fresh. Veestro uses 96% organic ingredients. Many of the meals on the menu are direct, vegan replacements for some classic dishes, such as “Country Fried Chik’n,” “Shepherdless Pie,” and “Southwest BBQ Chick’n.” But even though Veestro is plant-based, you won’t find a lot of actual vegetables on your plate

While it only takes five minutes to cook a Veestro meal, all meals come frozen and require thawing time in the fridge, so you’ll never get that true fresh feeling. The meals also take up a lot of freezer space.

10. Home Chef – Best for Fresh Meals Made Simple

What I Liked:

  • Fresh and simple plan options

  • Meals ready in as little as 5 minutes

  • Caters to allergy restrictions 

  • Consistently high-quality products

What I Didn’t Like:

  • You have to pay extra for better quality ingredients

  • Limited vegetarian options

If you’re looking for a fresh food home delivery service that’s simple and convenient, Home Chef has some great options. Their “Fresh and Easy” plan includes fresh, oven-ready meals and salads that require little to no prep and are easy to cook. And their “Fast and Fresh” meals are pre-prepared meals that are ready-to-eat in under 5 minutes.

Home Chef is one of the best home fresh food delivery services when it comes to options for allergy restrictions. They offer recipe categories that cater to a variety of allergies, including gluten, lactose, soy, and nuts. 

Home Chef ensures high-quality, but you have to pay for “Premium Meals” if you want premium ingredients that come standard with the best fresh meal delivery services, like antibiotic-free meats and organic produce. They also have a limited vegetarian menu.

11. EveryPlate – Best Fresh Food at a Low Price

 What I Liked:
  • Lowest price for fresh food delivery to home  

  • Fresh, high-quality ingredients

  • Simple recipes and simple prep

  • Vegetarian recipes available

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Only offers dinner options

  • Only 17 meals to choose from each week

If you want to eat fresh on a budget, EveryPlate is for you. EveryPlate has the lowest price of all the fresh food meal delivery services we compared. But their low price doesn’t mean low quality. Each EveryPlate meal is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

So how does EveryPlate keep fresh food on your table while keeping its prices low? It’s all about simplicity. EveryPlate only offers a dinner menu, and that menu is simple: it’s made up of simple recipes with simple ingredients that only require simple preparation.

EveryPlate offers 16 meals per week to choose from. It does have some vegetarian options, but EveryPlate does not cater to specific dietary needs or allergies. If you’re looking for customizable fresh food delivery to home, EveryPlate isn’t for you. But if you want fresh food that won’t break the bank, EveryPlate is worth a look.

Bottom Line: Eating Fresh at Home has Never Been Easier

We’ve narrowed down the options, now the rest is up to you. Which fresh food service will be delivering to your table?

If you’re looking for high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients at a price that won’t break the bank, HelloFreshis the choice. If premium, farm-to-table freshness is what you’re after, give Sunbasket a go. And if you want freshness to fit your busy lifestyle, Freshly has the freshest, ready-in-minutes options on the market.

With 11 great options on our list, we’re sure there’s a fresh food meal delivery service out there for you.


Top-Quality Ingredients as Standard

No Preservatives or Freezing

Locally-Sourced Ingredients






Green Chef

Purple Carrot


Splendid Spoon

Blue Apron





Home Chef





Which meal delivery service is the best for fresh, local ingredients at a low price?

HelloFresh is the best meal delivery service for fresh, local ingredients at a low price. All HelloFresh ingredients come from local suppliers, so they don’t travel far. HelloFresh also has one of the lowest prices of all the fresh food meal delivery services we compared.

Which meal delivery service is the cheapest?

EveryPlate offers the cheapest fresh home-delivered meals. They do this by keeping their ingredients and recipes simple. They also do it by having a small menu and not catering to specific dietary needs.

Which meal delivery services offer free delivery?

You’ll get free delivery all the time with Splendid Spoon and Purple Carrot

HelloFresh, Sunbasket, Freshly, Green Chef, Freshology, Blue Apron, and Home Chef offer free delivery on select plans and first orders. EveryPlate does not offer free delivery.

Are there meal delivery services without subscription plans?

All meal delivery services on our list require a subscription. But you can easily change, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time with all services.

About The Author

Mirela Niculae

Contributing Writer, Delivery Rank

Mirela is passionate about eating healthy and well-balanced meals that promote weight loss and a good life. She's been writing online content for about 6 years with a focus on technology and personal development. She lives in Romania and loves exploring new cultures through food and conversation.

Mirela is passionate about eating healthy and well-balanced meals that promote weight loss and a good life. She's been writing online content for about 6 years with a focus on technology and personal development. She lives in Romania and loves exploring new cultures through food and conversation.
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