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Author Kenaz Filan
Kenaz Filan
Updated on Aug 4th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

5 Best HelloFresh Pescatarian Meals 2023: You’ll be Hooked

If you’re a pescatarian, finding a meal delivery service can be challenging. You want only the freshest fish and seafood, and you want to make sure your new service has enough pescatarian options every week to keep your meals interesting. I’ve researched most of the major meal delivery services, and I am happy to recommend HelloFresh for fish fans. 

HelloFresh has an entire plan for pescatarians. I was very impressed by HelloFresh’s wide variety of pescatarian and vegetarian recipes. I was also pleased with the quality of HelloFresh’s seafood ingredients and the steps it takes toward ocean sustainability. 

Here, I’m sharing 5 of the best pescatarian recipes from HelloFresh to help get you excited about the fish dishes available each week. You’ll have at least 10 different recipes to choose from, and there are always new flavor combinations to explore. Read on and find out why HelloFresh is a fine choice for fish-loving folks and families. 

Short on Time? Here Are the Best HelloFresh Pescatarian Meals

  1. Honey Mustard Salmon – Best Healthy Pescatarian Dinner

  2. Blazin’ Baja Shrimp Tacos – Best for Pescatarian Takeout Fans

  3. Pecan-Crusted Trout with Potatoes – Best Premium Seafood Meal

  4. Lighter Fish & Chips – Best Family-Friendly Pescatarian Meal

  5. Ginger-Turmeric Tilapia with Rice – Best for Kitchen Beginners

The Best HelloFresh Pescatarian Meals Reviewed

1. Honey Mustard Salmon – Best Healthy Pescatarian Dinner

A plate of salmon with asparagus and Israeli couscous
Honey Mustard Salmon with Roasted Asparagus and Israeli Couscous Pilaf by HelloFresh

Key Features

  • Ready in just 30 minutes

  • Sustainably sourced salmon 

  • High in vitamins, protein, and other nutrients

This first dish is a healthy and delicious meal that will impress your family without requiring a ton of kitchen time. HelloFresh’s Honey Mustard Salmon with Roasted Asparagus and Israeli Couscous Pilaf recipe combines the nutritional benefits of salmon with the tangy flavors of honey mustard, for a meal that is sure to satisfy but is ready in just 30 minutes. 

Salmon is renowned for its Omega fatty acids, which offer a wide range of health benefits. Omega fatty acids are essential for brain function, heart health, and reducing inflammation. These healthy fats also promote cardiovascular health, improve cognitive function, and support joint health, making it great for digestion and weight management.  

This HelloFresh recipe guides you to roast salmon to perfection and finish it with a tangy honey mustard. Israeli couscous complements the salmon well and sets this recipe apart. The couscous is cooked in vegetable stock, enhancing its flavor without adding unnecessary calories. It's a winning combination that adds depth and texture to the dish, making it a truly satisfying meal.

HelloFresh is also committed to ocean sustainability. It has partnered with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch to ensure that the seafood it sources is ocean-friendly. HelloFresh only selects salmon that is rated as Best Choice, Good Alternative, or Eco-certified by trusted, independent programs. 

With 670 calories per serving, this dish is nutritious and satisfying without being too heavy. It's no wonder that it has earned a place in the HelloFresh recipe Hall of Fame, an honor reserved for HelloFresh’s most popular meals. Once you try it, you'll understand why this meal is so popular.

2. Blazin’ Baja Shrimp Tacos – Best for Pescatarian Takeout Fans

Three Baja Shrimp tacos with slaw and sliced jalapeños
Blazin’ Baja Shrimp Tacos with Southwest Slaw & Pickled Jalapeño by HelloFresh

Key Features

  • A delicious California classic that’s easy to prepare

  • Great way to master the art of cooking shellfish

  • Ready in about 30 minutes

Taco lovers, rejoice! HelloFresh has just the recipe to satisfy your cravings any day of the week with its tantalizing Baja shrimp tacos. Whether it's Taco Tuesday or any other day, these flavor-packed tacos are the perfect addition to your weekly menu and a great summertime lunch or dinner.

Blazin’ Baja Shrimp Tacos combine Japanese tempura batter with pickled jalapeños and creamy cabbage slaw for a vibrant and zesty California fusion supper nestled in warm tortillas. With each serving consisting of 3 tacos, you'll enjoy a fulfilling meal that clocks in at around 820 calories. And while the jalapeños add a bit of heat, you can leave them out if you don’t like spicy food. 

HelloFresh’s meal kits give you more opportunities for personalization than prepared meals. Prepared meals are convenient, but when you are preparing and cooking from a kit, it is much easier to modify the recipe to suit your tastes. So long as you follow directions when cooking the shrimp you have a lot of leeway with the toppings. 

While this recipe may seem a bit intimidating, cooking it is easy. Even if you’ve had problems cooking shellfish in the past, this HelloFresh meal kit takes the guesswork out of shrimp. Our HelloFresh reviewer tried a Pescatarian meal at home and found that following the instructions resulted in tender and flavorful seafood. If you want a quick pescatarian meal on a busy weeknight, Blazin’ Baja Tacos are a delicious dinner you can create in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

3. Pecan-Crusted Trout with Potatoes – Best Premium Seafood Meal

A plate of pecan-crusted trout with roasted potatoes and a salad with sliced apples
Pecan-Crusted Trout with Apple-Studded Salad & Thyme-Roasted Potatoes by HelloFresh

Key Features

  • Steelhead trout has even more omega-3 than salmon!

  • Delicate flavor and buttery texture

  • Ready in just 35 minutes

HelloFresh's Pecan-Crusted Trout is a tender, buttery fish dish with a delightful crunch. This mouthwatering meal features steelhead trout filets coated in a creamy honey mustard sauce and then encrusted with a delectable mixture of crushed pecans, panko breadcrumbs, fresh thyme, and butter. As the fish cooks to juicy perfection, the topping transforms into a toasty and crispy delight. 

The steelhead filets are accompanied by thyme-roasted potato rounds and mixed greens. Apple slices add a touch of sweetness for a luxurious meal worthy of its Gourmet Plus label. Gourmet Plus meals feature the highest-quality ingredients and cost a bit more per serving than regular HelloFresh meals. But while it’s a meal fit for a fine restaurant, Pecan-Crusted Trout takes just 35 minutes to prepare. 

Pecan-Crusted Trout is rated Medium on HelloFresh’s difficulty scale. You have to start the potatoes in the oven before the fish, so keep an eye on the clock to make sure you get everything right. I recommend reading through the recipe a few times before you start. 

Steelhead trout offers a more delicate flavor and flaky texture than salmon. It is a great alternative for those who find salmon's ocean fish notes overwhelming. Not only is the Pecan-Crusted Trout a culinary delight, but it also packs a nutritional punch. Steelhead trout contains higher amounts of essential Omega-3 fatty acids (EFAs) and vitamins for overall well-being.

This recipe is also a great choice for pescatarians looking to improve their culinary game. Preparing a Gourmet Plus recipe teaches you new spices and cooking techniques. You can try this recipe later with different types of fish. You can save the recipe card or just find it online.  

4. Fish & Chips – Best Family-Friendly Pescatarian Meal

A plate of fish and chips with broccoli and pickles
Lighter Fish and Chips with Broccoli and DIY Tartar Sauce by HelloFresh

Key Features

  • Learn how to make your own tartar sauce

  • A lighter take on a Southern favorite

  • Ready in just 40 minutes

If you're tired of greasy, heavy-battered fish and chips, this meal will satisfy your cravings without the guilt or the heartburn. It features a baked panko breadcrumb crust that's light, crisp, and just as crunchy as its deep-fried counterpart. But the real star might be the homemade tartar sauce, with fresh dill and crunchy cucumber bits that surpass any tartar sauce in a jar.

Preparing the homemade tartar sauce is a breeze. Simply combine finely chopped dill and minced cucumbers with mayonnaise and season with salt, pepper, and white wine vinegar. All the necessary ingredients are conveniently included in your meal kit. You use this sauce both to brush the catfish filets before breading and baking and as a flavorful condiment when the meal is plated.

Catfish has long been a beloved fried dish in the South, but it's often misconceived as a "poor man's fish." In reality, catfish is a delicious and healthy food item. Low in fat and high in protein, it makes for an excellent choice when seeking a wholesome and nutritious meal. 

HelloFresh's sustainably farm-raised catfish boasts a mild flavor and firm texture without any unpleasant "fishy" or "muddy" notes. Your whole family can indulge in the classic flavors of this beloved dish while enjoying a lighter and fresher twist. And this recipe as cooked has just 260 mg of sodium so it’s a great choice for those on a restricted sodium diet

The panko breadcrumb crust adds a satisfying crunch to the perfectly cooked catfish filets, and the homemade tartar sauce elevates the meal with its bright and herbaceous flavors. It’s sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy but it has a crunch and sparkle that your kids will love, too. 

5. Ginger-Turmeric Tilapia with Rice – Best for Kitchen Beginners

A plate of ginger-turmeric tilapia with coconut rice and green beans.
Pecan-Crusted Trout with Apple-Studded Salad & Thyme-Roasted Potatoes by HelloFresh

Key Features

  • Great recipe for beginners to tackle

  • Gluten-free recipe packed with nutrients

  • Ready in just 35 minutes

HelloFresh's Ginger-Turmeric Tilapia is bursting with warm and sunny flavors. Flaky tilapia is perfectly seasoned with golden-hued turmeric and crisped to perfection in the pan. It's then paired with fluffy brown-sugar-simmered rice, infused with the irresistible combination of toasted coconut flakes and zesty lime zest. To add a refreshing crunch, steamed green beans complete the plate. 

What really takes this to the next level is the pan sauce with ginger, shallot, and cilantro. With each bite, you'll feel like you've been whisked away to a tropical destination. The vibrant combination of coconut flakes and lime zest adds an exotic twist, while the turmeric-rubbed tilapia delivers a well-balanced and satisfying dinner.

Even if you're a beginner in the kitchen, fear not! HelloFresh has crafted this recipe with simplicity in mind, providing easy-to-follow instructions in just 6 steps. Rest assured, you'll soon master the art of preparing tilapia, and this recipe will become a staple in your culinary repertoire. Tilapia is a popular, mild-flavored fish you can cook in many different ways – and this recipe is a great way to start.

Not only is this dish delicious, but it’s also healthy. Tilapia is a rich source of essential minerals like selenium, calcium, and magnesium. It is also low in fat and high in clean protein, making it an excellent choice for fitness buffs. The addition of ginger and turmeric provides anti-inflammatory properties that may aid in reducing post-workout soreness and stiffness, promoting faster recovery.

The Ginger-Turmeric Tilapia contains no added gluten, but it is processed in a facility that handles wheat. Those with celiac disease or serious gluten sensitivity will do better with a company on our list of the best gluten-free meal delivery services

Quick Comparison Table

Prep Time

Cooking Difficulty

HelloFresh labels

Honey Mustard Salmon

30 minutes


Calorie-conscious, dairy-free

Baja Shrimp Tacos

30 minutes


Better than Takeout

Pecan-Crusted Trout

35 minutes


Gourmet Plus

Lighter Fish & Chips

40 minutes


Eat First

Ginger-Turmeric Tilapia

35 minutes



Tips for Choosing the Best HelloFresh Pescatarian Meals

Here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting meals that fit your household’s needs.

  • Choose the right plan: When you sign up for HelloFresh, select the Pescatarian plan (or Vegetarian plan). This will bring up meat-free recipes. It will also ensure you get the right type of food if you ever forget to choose your meals and HelloFresh picks on your behalf. 

  • Check how hard the cooking is: HelloFresh uses easy, medium, and hard labels on each recipe, so make sure you pick the right recipes for your skill level. But don't be scared to challenge yourself, as HelloFresh does a good job of explaining how to get your meal kit ready and cooked. 

  • Watch for HelloCustom options: Every week HelloFresh offers 12+ HelloCustom meals that let you swap proteins or side dishes. You may be able to replace meat with seafood on some meals. For example, you can order Hoisin Honey Chicken with shrimp. 

  • Check the cooking time against your schedule: Many HelloFresh meals take just 30 minutes, but some of them are longer and more complicated. You need to cook your seafood meals within 2 to 3 days after delivery, so you may want to order from the veggie menu for later in the week. 


How do I find the best pescatarian meals from HelloFresh?

HelloFresh features recipes with the highest customer ratings in the Hall of Fame, including pescatarian favorites like the Honey Mustard Salmon. These recipes often rotate back into the weekly menus as well and have the tag “Hall of Fame”, so you know that it’s been loved by previous customers.

Can you filter recipes on HelloFresh by diet?

HelloFresh has 6 different plans that automatically filter the menu for you, including Pescatarian, Fit & Wholesome, and Veggie plans. You can also view the entire menu and make your own selections as well.

Are HelloFresh Pescatarian meals kid-friendly?

HelloFresh has many kid-friendly pescatarian options that everyone in the family will love. Meals like Lighter Fish and Chips are great for families and will get your children in the habit of loving healthy seafood and vegetarian meals.

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