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Author Roxana David
Roxana David
Updated on Sep 10th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

10 Best Kosher Meal Delivery in 2023: Easy & Affordable

Finding a meal delivery service that reliably provides kosher meals can be really hard. If you prioritize kosher dietary rules, this can often feel nearly impossible, as there aren’t many kosher-certified services out there.

After a lot of research, I was able to find options that can easily fit into a kosher-style diet. Since many meal delivery services provide dairy-free as well as meat-free options, they can provide kosher meals without advertising them as such.

After putting multiple services to the test, I've compiled a list of kosher-friendly meal delivery options that also score high in terms of flavor, variety, and ease of use. They're game-changers, promising to deliver authentic meals right to your door, easing the kitchen workload without compromising on dietary requirements.

One service that really stands out is Factor. The service excels in offering meals that are not only delicious but also easy to include in a kosher diet. It goes above and beyond with its commitment to quality, variety, and convenience. You can give Factor a try for a generous discount on your first orders.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Kosher Meal Delivery Services

  1. Factor – Best kosher meal delivery service with prepared meals

  2. Green Chef – Best organic kosher meals

  3. HelloFresh – Great kosher meals for the whole family

  4. Home Chef – Super customizable kosher-style meals
  5. Fresh and Easy – Very quick & easy kosher-style meals

See 5 more kosher meal delivery services

The Best Kosher Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Factor – Best Kosher Meal Delivery Service with Prepared Meals

Factor's Roasted Tomato & Feta Cavatappi with Broccoli & Red Peppers
Factor has many kosher-friendly meals, including this vegetarian Roasted Tomato & Feta Cavatappi with Broccoli & Red Peppers

Key Features

Factor is a prepared meal delivery service designed to alleviate your cooking stress, saving you both time and maybe even some cash. The service offers 5 distinct plans: Keto, Vegan & Veggie, Protein Plus, Calorie Smart, and Chef’s Choice.

One of Factor's special features is the delivery of fully prepared meals that simply need to be heated up in either your microwave or oven. No thawing necessary – everything arrives fresh and ready for consumption. Heating instructions are clearly provided on the packaging to ensure the best results.

Factor stands out through its total dedication to health-conscious, diet-friendly meal options. It uses high-quality ingredients, avoiding GMOs, antibiotics, gluten, and hormones. A substantial portion of the produce used in its meals is organic, with meat being either pasture-raised or grass-fed and fish being sustainably sourced.

Complete ingredient lists and detailed macros are provided for every meal, empowering you to make knowledgeable decisions about your food intake. Registered dietitians collaborate with seasoned chefs to curate a menu that delivers nutritionally balanced and flavorful meals designed to nourish and satiate.

An added advantage is the Factor app which simplifies the management of your subscription. Factor also offers free 20-minute dietitian consultations upon sign-up, providing additional support for your wellness journey. You can check out an in-depth review of Factor by one of my colleagues for more insights.

Factor's extensive menu offers 35 entrees weekly, presenting diverse lunch and dinner choices tailored to various diets such as keto, high-protein, low-calorie, vegan, or vegetarian. The vegan and vegetarian meals are kosher-friendly by default, but you might find some dairy-free entrees in the rest of the menu occasionally.

Each recipe is labeled with color-coded tags, facilitating easy identification of meals that align with your dietary goals. For instance, the Roasted Tomato and Feta Cavatappi with Broccoli and Red Peppers (pictured) is labeled as both Vegetarian and Calorie Smart.

Single-serving Factor meals cater to individuals or couples on diverse diets but can also be enjoyed by families thanks to a selection of kid-friendly options. The ability to mix and match meals from different dietary categories and add extras like breakfast pancakes, vegan smoothies, or keto-friendly desserts further enhances the offering.

Starting at $6.19 per serving, Factor allows flexibility in choosing between 6 to 18 single-serving meals per week, ensuring a plan tailored to your unique needs.

2. Green Chef – Best Organic Kosher Meals

Green Chef's Mushroom & Pepper Banh Mi Bowls with Cilantro-Lime Rice, Pickled Veggies, and Sriracha-Ginger Mayo
These kosher Green Chef Mushroom & Pepper Banh Mi Bowls is both vegan and gluten-free

Key Features

  • See the menus up to 3 weeks in advance

  • 45+ different meals per week

  • Has a useful app to manage your account

  • Current deal: Get $250 off + free shipping

Green Chef distinguishes itself with its commitment to 100% certified organic ingredients. This steadfast dedication has earned it an organic handler USDA certification. Green Chef also ensures its animal-based ingredients are sourced from suppliers adhering to high animal welfare standards. Plus, it sources only sustainably caught wild fish.

The recipes are developed by experienced chefs and strike a balance between nutrition and an exciting palette of flavors, promising a culinary adventure. Green Chef enhances its meal kits with premade sauces and marinades, each crafted in-house, aligning with specific dietary requirements such as keto or vegan.

Green Chef offers diverse dietary plans including Keto, Gluten-Free, Plant-Based, Protein Packed, Mediterranean, and Calorie Smart meals. Like Factor, vegetarian and vegan recipes available on the Plant-Based plan are perfect for your kosher diet.

Take a look at this detailed Green Chef review from a colleague for a comprehensive overview of the company’s ingredient sourcing policies and menu. They mention the flexibility to mix and match meals across different plans and the extensive number of certified organic ingredients.

Green Chef’s menu is versatile enough to cater to several diet plans. The Mushroom and Pepper Banh Mi Bowls (pictured) are one such meal, being suitable for vegan (so, kosher-friendly) and gluten-free diets while also having around 600 calories per portion.

For an enhanced culinary experience, Green Chef offers premium dishes under the Chef Select tag. These meals, often featuring steak or fish recipes, offer a gourmet take on their already high-quality standard offerings, comparable to the Premium Picks from HelloFresh.

Besides its standard meal kits, Green Chef extends its service with a variety of add-ons, including a la carte proteins such as salmon and barramundi filets. Additional items available for purchase encompass salads, desserts, and breakfast options, each categorized as keto, veggie, or vegan.

Green Chef is mindful of those hectic days with its 10-minute lunch options. These meals offer a satisfying alternative to a simple oatmeal breakfast and are less time-consuming than a full dinner.

Starting at $5.99 per serving, Green Chef allows you to choose 2, 3, or 4 meals per week for 2, 4, or 6 people, catering to singles, couples, and families alike.

3. HelloFresh – Great Kosher Meals for the Whole Family

HelloFresh's Smashed Chickpea Chopped Salad with Roasted Red Onion, Dried Apricots & Creamy Greek Dressing
HelloFresh has plenty of kosher-friendly meals, like this vegetarian Smashed Chickpea Chopped Salad with Roasted Red Onion, Dried Apricots & Creamy Greek Dressing

Key Features

HelloFresh offers an effortless and budget-friendly solution to cooking mouth-watering meals at home. This renowned meal kit delivery service presents a diverse array of recipes tailored to satisfy everyone, from couples to larger families with children.

HelloFresh appeals to all ages thanks to the kid-friendly selection, including classics like tacos, burgers, and pasta dishes. Moreover, the portions are ample, ensuring enough for everyone in the family.

Every recipe is customer-approved, a testament to their ease of preparation and great taste. The menu's Hall of Fame category features the most beloved dishes that you can order that week.

You’ll find many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired dishes, including the Smashed Chickpea Chopped Salad with Roasted Red Onion, Dried Apricots, and Creamy Greek Dressing. Other meals you might enjoy include Falafel Power Bowls, which only take 15 minutes to get ready.

HelloFresh also caters to those with packed schedules, with a host of easy and quick-to-make recipes. Meals such as one-pan bakes and Fast & Fresh bowls can be prepared and ready to serve in a swift 30 minutes for dinner, or even a mere 5 to 10 minutes for lunch.

HelloFresh’s kosher-friendly meals are mostly the ones for vegans and vegetarians, which are very numerous and have a lot of variety. Many recipes feature 2 or 3 versions, including plant-based proteins, ensuring inclusivity at the dinner table.

HelloFresh also accommodates those mindful of their health, with Carb Smart, Protein Smart, and Calorie Smart options. The menu includes a Fit & Wholesome plan to keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle. You can mix and match across categories to find meals that fit your preferences.

HelloFresh takes pride in delivering high-quality, farm-fresh ingredients, all neatly organized for ease of use. To simplify managing your account, HelloFresh also offers a handy app. For more information, check out this comprehensive HelloFresh review penned by a colleague.

For those special occasions, HelloFresh provides Premium Picks. These elevated meals, featuring premium fish or steak dishes, come with a slightly higher price tag and require a bit more preparation time but promise a luxurious, restaurant-like dining experience at home.

Starting at $3.32 per serving, HelloFresh is an economical choice for families. You can opt for 2 to 6 recipes each week, each recipe serving 2 or 4 people.

4. Home Chef – Super Customizable Kosher-Style Meals

Home Chef's Impossible Banh Mi Burger with Sweet Chili Garlic Fries
Enjoy a kosher burger like this Impossible Banh Mi Burger with Sweet Chili Garlic Fries from Home Chef

Key Features

  • Lists available meals up to 5 weeks in advance

  • 35+ unique meals each week

  • An easy-to-use downloadable mobile app

Home Chef is celebrated for its Customize It tool, a feature enabling customers to modify specific meals to their taste by adding, swapping, or upgrading proteins as desired. The menu presents 4 distinct meal categories: Calorie-conscious, Under 30 minutes, Carb-conscious, and Vegetarian.

The menu comprises more than 35 meals weekly, with customization broadening the selection. For instance, chicken cutlets can be exchanged for breasts, salmon, or plant-based alternatives, thereby adding an extra 4 recipes to the weekly offerings. A detailed review of Home Chef's customization feature is available with more details.

Home Chef provides a multitude of easy-to-understand recipes, complete with step-by-step guidance. Each meal kit arrives with separately-packaged pre-portioned ingredients simplifying the preparation process, so you need not be a seasoned chef to serve a delicious dinner.

Home Chef's varied menu caters exceptionally well to families. Some meal kits and oven-ready dishes are explicitly marked "Family", and the wide-ranging menu allows easy adjustments to cater to each family member's tastes. Whether someone prefers salmon and another likes it vegetarian, it's a cinch to accommodate the same recipe.

This is particularly useful for transforming certain dishes into vegetarian versions, although Home Chef doesn’t specifically cater to other diets and allergies. What it means for you, however, is that you can easily transform a meal containing meat and dairy into a kosher meal by switching out the protein.

The menu also includes low-carb and low-calorie dishes, making it an excellent choice for those mindful of their nutrition. Home Chef also offers a la carte proteins, handy for increasing protein in your meals, although they’re not organic like those from Green Chef.

Home Chef's add-on menu is a convenient way to reduce grocery store trips. Besides a la carte proteins, you can also order breakfasts, soups, salads, and even indulge in desserts, pizzas, mac & cheese, or various snacks. Essentials like bread and coffee also feature on the menu.

Bundles from Home Chef provide another fantastic money-saving opportunity and a chance to experience new flavor combinations. These bundles include 2 or more add-ons that pair well together, such as garlic bread with cheese spread or coffee with cake.

The Culinary Collection showcases premium recipes featuring high-end proteins (such as the exotic Mahi Mahi fish) and sophisticated sides. If you're looking to treat yourself to pricier and more exotic dishes, give these a try. Some recipes include unique ingredients like truffle aioli, a rarity in other meal kits from my experience.

Home Chef's subscription options are flexible, starting at $7.99 per meal. Depending on your needs, you can choose to receive 2 to 6 recipes each week for 2, 4, or 6 people.

5. Fresh and Easy – Very Quick & Easy Kosher-Style Meals

Fresh and Easy's Spicy Orange Cauliflower with Onions, Peppers, and Rice
This Spicy Orange Cauliflower from Fresh and Easy is kosher and ready in just 10-15 minutes

Key Features

  • Little if any clean-up required

  • Find both meal kits and prepared meals

  • Has separately-packaged, pre-portioned ingredients for meal kits

Fresh and Easy essentially functions as a branch of Home Chef. It’s a plan specifically tailored to feature ultra-convenient meals that necessitate minimal cooking effort.

Fresh and Easy meals are conveniently located under the Easy Prep Meal Kits category on the Home Chef menu, making them effortless to find. Rest assured, even though these meals are categorized separately, you're able to mix and match meals from the standard menu with the Fresh and Easy collection and include Home Chef's add-ons as well.

Fresh and Easy presents a variety of specialized meal kits and prepared meals, including Grill Ready, Fast & Fresh, 15-Minute Meal Kits, Oven Ready, and Entrée Salads. Additionally, most Fresh and Easy meals aren’t just swift and straightforward to prepare, but cleaning up afterward is a breeze too.

Oven-ready meals are provided with a disposable aluminum tray. In contrast, Fast & Fresh meals are designed to be microwaved and are virtually instant to prepare. These meals come with fresh produce that simply needs to be rinsed before being added to the provided microwave-safe trays.

Express category meals necessitate minimal cooking, like simply frying the toppings and heating up the pre-cooked pasta. These meals can be served in as little as 10 minutes, yet still offer a comforting, home-cooked meal experience.

For an in-depth look at Fresh and Easy, you can refer to this comprehensive review crafted by one of my fellow writers. Like Home Chef, it provides easy-to-follow recipes and ample variety, making it an excellent choice for families.

Just as with Home Chef, Fresh and Easy grants the option to modify the protein in most meals. However, the menu doesn’t cater to specialized diets like keto or gluten-free, and vegan options are somewhat limited.

Thankfully, there's an abundance of vegetarian recipes and the possibility to convert many meat-based dishes to vegetarian by swapping the protein using the Customize It feature. This makes it close to Home Chef for kosher diets.

Fresh and Easy starts at $7.99 per portion and provides 2 to 6 recipes each week for 2, 4, or 6 people. You can comfortably cater for up to 6 people for an entire week by incorporating Home Chef's add-ons, such as breakfast and dessert.

6. Blue Apron – High-Quality Kosher Meal Delivery Service

Blue Apron's Sheet Pan Curry Salmon with Ponzu-Dressed Vegetables
Blue Apron features easy kosher meals like this Curry Salmon with Ponzu-Dressed Vegetables

Key Features

  • Access menus for meals up to 4 weeks in advance

  • 25+ unique recipes per week

  • Market items including spices, kosher wine, and more

Blue Apron provides a selection of appealing and flavorful recipes, and it uses superior ingredients to ensure a superb culinary experience.

All ingredients come individually packed, which ensures that ingredients from different recipes don’t come in contact. And Blue Apron's offerings cater to diverse tastes, featuring dishes inspired by Italian and American traditions as well as exotic Asian flavors, like the Curry Salmon with Ponzu-Dressed Vegetables pictured above.

The Signature for 4 plan, complete with child-friendly options, is ideal for families, while the Signature for 2 plan perfectly suits couples or singles seeking leftovers. Those on the hunt for healthier alternatives can explore the Wellness and Vegetarian plans.

The Wellness plan features meals designed with health in mind, including several low-calorie dishes. For a more in-depth understanding of Blue Apron’s plans, I recommend you read this comprehensive review by one of my colleagues.

Alongside meal kits, Blue Apron offers a range of prepared meals. The meal kits come with easy-to-follow recipe cards and require about 30 minutes of prep time. The Fast & Easy prepared meals are a blessing on busy or low-energy days, requiring just 2 minutes in the microwave while still maintaining a healthful profile.

Additional options include salads, proteins, soups, breakfasts, decadent desserts, and even charcuterie boards. These extras can enhance any hosting event, as can Blue Apron's wine selection. For kitchen essentials, their Market section offers durable kitchenware, signature spice blends, and namesake blue aprons, all at fair prices.

Blue Apron’s unique kosher wine offering allows for bundle purchases or separate subscriptions. You'll also find pairing recommendations to enhance your meal experience.

Blue Apron's pricing starts at just $5.74 per serving. The company offers plans for 2 or 4 people, and you can choose 2 to 4 meal kits per week. Blue Apron’s prepared meals are available as add-ons, allowing you to order more than 5 total meals in a single order – which is an excellent option for those looking to plan meals for the week.

7. BistroMD – Healthy Kosher Meals for Plant-Based Weight Loss

BistroMD's Togarashi Tofu Vegan Mac & Cheez
BistroMD's kosher-friendly Vegan plan includes meals like this Togarashi Tofu Vegan Mac & Cheez

Key Features

  • Tons of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options

  • Designed by a medical doctor specializing in weight loss

  • Unique plans for men and women

If your goal is weight loss and you prefer not to prepare your own meals, try BistroMD. The meal plans have been expertly designed by a medical doctor, factoring in gender and various medical conditions. This removes the burden of calorie-counting or tracking of any kind – BistroMD handles all that for you.

You can arrange for meals for every single day of the week, inclusive of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, except for one "cheat" dinner night where you can indulge in your preferred choice. If your aim is to slowly change your eating habits or simply reduce your consumption of unhealthy foods, you can opt for a 5-day meal plan or a plan that offers just 2 meals per day.

BistroMD presents several weight-loss meal plans. These are called Vegan, Signature, Heart Healthy, Gluten-Free, Menopause, Keto Flex (a type of low-carb diet), and Diabetic, all with a Men's and a Women's version.

Read my in my in-depth BistroMD review for more about the health support offered by this service. I was particularly impressed with the inclusion of a plan specifically tailored for menopausal women, a demographic with unique dietary needs that are often neglected. However, it might not be kosher-friendly, so I would recommend the Vegan plan instead, which is entirely plant-based – so pareve only.

The meals are structured to contain the ideal balance of macronutrients. For instance, the Togarashi Tofu Vegan Mac & Cheez featured above contains only 320 calories, yet provides a total of 16 g of protein and just 35g of carbs. This dish is available on the Vegan plan, so it’s suitable for you.

I did observe that the portion sizes appear rather small, under 400 calories each, even for a weight-loss service. If you're not accustomed to a strict eating schedule, it might take some time to adjust to such smaller meal sizes. However, the meals themselves may aid in adhering to the diet, as they don’t exactly resemble typical diet food.

BistroMD pricing begins at $8.24 per serving. A single order caters to one individual for 5 or 7 days, and you can select from a full program that includes breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, or a partial program that consists only of lunches and dinners.

8. Purple Carrot – Best Kosher Meal Delivery Service for Veggie-Based Meals

Purple Carrot's Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches with Creamy Coleslaw & Pickles
Everything on Purple Carrot's menu is kosher, like these Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches with Creamy Coleslaw & Pickles

Key Features

  • Offers kosher (vegan) extras in its Plantry

  • 20+ unique options every week including meal kits and prepared meals

  • Has both breakfast and lunch meals on the menu

Similar to Home Chef, Purple Carrot offers a mix of meal kits and ready-made meals. However, a distinct difference is that all of Purple Carrot's offerings are strictly vegan, ensuring no meat, dairy, eggs, or honey feature in their recipes.

This means that the whole menu is kosher-friendly. You can read more about Purple Carrot’s plant-based offerings in this comprehensive review penned by one of my colleagues.

The menu boasts meals rich in protein and packed with vegetables, primarily utilizing tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, and legumes as main sources of protein. Plant-based burgers and other comfort foods also occasionally make an appearance.

The recipes typically showcase an array of vegetables, particularly seasonal fresh ones, as seen in the Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches pictured above. It's made with vegan mayo and coleslaw blend, besides other ingredients. It has under 600 calories per serving and can be prepared within just 25 minutes.

For added convenience, Purple Carrot provides a Less Prep option that eliminates the need for any chopping or preparation, with sauces arriving pre-made. This translates to quicker meal assembly and reduced cleanup. However, this doesn't imply that the meal kits are any less convenient. In fact, they’re extremely user-friendly and ideal for novice cooks.

Even the meal kits not designated as Low Prep come with ready-made sauces, and most of the produce is already prepped. I was particularly appreciative of the fact that the garlic arrives pre-minced, saving me the trouble of a task I find less than enjoyable when cooking.

On the flip side, the prepared meals require a mere 2-3 minutes in the microwave, making them the ultimate convenience choice. you can select from 6, 8, or 10 recipes each week from a choice of 8 recipes. This means that if you're ordering the maximum quantity of prepared meals, you'll need to repeat some of the recipes.

Purple Carrot pricing begins at $8.50 per serving. The smallest order consists of 3 recipes for 2 people per week, with the maximum being 4 recipes for 4 people. This differs slightly from Green Chef, which requires a minimum order of 2 recipes for 2 people and also includes a kosher-friendly vegan plan.

9. Marley Spoon – Celebrity Meal Delivery Service with Kosher Options

Marley Spoon's Fast! Israeli Shakshuka with Za'atar Flatbread
Marley Spoon features many kosher meals, like this Fast! Israeli Shakshuka with Za'atar Flatbread

Key Features

  • Offers pre-portioned ingredients in meal kits + prepared meals

  • 45+ recipes or more offered every week

  • Menu features lots of kid-friendly meals

Marley Spoon enjoys the support and endorsement of Martha Stewart, a renowned figure in the culinary television world. Her extensive cooking experience, esteemed culinary reputation, and a host of personal recipes and spice blends significantly contribute to the brand.

However, Marley Spoon's acclaim isn't solely attributable to its founder. The brand has earned its reputation through its commitment to quality and diversity, delivering an enjoyable cooking and dining experience for those pursuing healthier options. You can explore more about Martha Stewart’s role within the Marley Spoon team in this comprehensive review by one of my colleagues.

The Marley Spoon website bears a close resemblance to Dinnerly's. Both platforms offer a weekly list of over 100 items and cater to customers with meal kits, prepared meals, and additional options. This similarity is due to their shared parent company, even though they target different consumer bases.

Fundamentally, Marley Spoon serves as a more refined version of Dinnerly (though at a higher price point). The distinction manifests in the superior quality and quantity of Marley Spoon's ingredients. While its meal kits are straightforward to prepare, outlined in 6 easy steps, Marley Spoon ensures an upscale dining experience.

Marley Spoon offers an assortment of meal choices, including 3 microwavable prepared meals each week, meal kits accompanied by ready-to-heat sides such as rice, or uncomplicated one-pot meals like the Israeli Shakshuka with Za'atar Flatbread (pictured) that’s ready in 15-20 minutes. This ensures the meal preparation process is easier and less time-consuming.

The diverse menu includes family-friendly Italian, Mexican, and American dishes, in addition to Asian-inspired cuisine, thereby catering to a wide range of tastes. The Premium category offers gourmet meals composed of high-quality ingredients and chef-designed recipes, providing an even more lavish option that's still more economical than eating out.

A distinguishing feature of Marley Spoon is its deep-rooted commitment to sustainability. The company invests in projects aimed at offsetting its carbon emissions, and its packaging is recyclable, demonstrating the service's all-around eco-consciousness.

Marley Spoon's pricing begins at $2.99 per serving, and patrons can choose between 2 to 6 recipes for 2 or 4 people.

10. Dinnerly – Simple and Affordable Kosher Meals

Dinnerly's No Chop! Spanish-Style Chicken & Rice with Roasted Red Peppers & Peas
Dinnerly offers kosher-style meals, like this dairy-free Spanish-Style Chicken & Rice with Roasted Red Peppers & Peas

Key Features

  • Offers meals that are quick and easy to cook

  • 45+ or more recipes offered every week, plus customizations

  • Easy app to help manage your account

Dinnerly stands out as a cost-effective meal delivery service with kosher options, boasting the lowest prices among all services on this list. It's an ideal pick for individuals seeking to economize on food expenses while still enjoying the convenience of a meal delivery service.

The majority of Dinnerly meals come with straightforward recipes that can be prepared in under 30 minutes, making it an excellent choice for college students or anyone else on a tight budget. You can get a comprehensive overview in this dedicated Dinnerly review written by one of my colleagues.

Even though the meals aren't elaborate, they're consistently flavorful and visually enticing. Despite each dish being composed of just a few ingredients, they're always accompanied by spices and sauces to boost their taste.

The meal preparation process is simplified due to the fewer ingredients that need to be chopped or prepared. For example, No Chop! Spanish-Style Chicken & Rice with Roasted Red Peppers & Peas (pictured above) has only 7 ingredients and doesn’t require any chopping (just tearing the peppers with your hands). Plus, it’s ready in 3 simple steps and 20-30 minutes tops.

Dinnerly's recipes are incredibly easy to follow, typically involving no more than 5 steps, and tend to utilize a minimal number of pots and pans, making cleanup quick and straightforward.

Similar to Marley Spoon, Dinnerly presents a broad menu that includes meal kits, prepared meals, and a variety of add-ons, collectively providing around 100 options. Navigating the menu, which includes over 45 meal kits, can be a bit challenging due to the lack of filters. However, each meal stands out visually thanks to the multiple tags underneath.

Dinnerly provides a selection of dietary tags such as vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, low-carb, and low-calorie. This makes it easy to spot the kosher-friendly options, which fall under the vegan and vegetarian tags. Most meals are also tagged as kid-friendly and feature uncomplicated preparations, making them ideal for fussy eaters.

Around a third of the menu falls under the PremiYUM category, which comprises more sophisticated meals (i.e., those with more ingredients) that come at a slightly higher cost than the standard meal kits. 

This category also includes microwavable prepared meals, which carry a higher price tag. While these meals are more premium than Dinnerly's standard meal kits, they're similar to HelloFresh's standard offerings, although they're not quite at the level of Michelin-star dishes.

Dinnerly's add-ons include desserts, breakfasts, snacks, proteins, and sides, all retaining the uncomplicated variety seen in the meal kits.

Dinnerly's prices start from as low as $2.12, and you can order 3 to 6 meals per week for either 2 or 4 people. This positions Dinnerly as an attractive option for families conscious of their budget, particularly larger families, as the meals can cater to everyone's preferences without straining your finances.

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2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

10 prepared meals

3 meal kits for 2 people/6 prepared meals

2 meals for 2 people

3 meals for 2 people

Meal Types
Meal Types

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Active Deals
Active Deals

Tips for Choosing the Best Kosher Meal Delivery Service

Choosing the right kosher meal delivery service can be a daunting task. It's not just about ticking the “kosher” box; there are other important factors to consider that make the difference between a satisfactory experience and a great one. Here are some of them:

  • Customization: The opportunity to customize recipes elevates the meal delivery experience significantly. The delight in eating is not just about fulfilling dietary needs but also about relishing flavors that you truly love.

  • Diet Variety: Catering to specific diets or requirements like keto, vegan, or organic is another plus. If you have specific dietary preferences beyond kosher, finding a service that covers these bases is beneficial. This is where services like Green Chef shine, offering a diverse range of diet-specific options.

  • Meal Selection: The variety of meals offered each week is another important factor. A good meal delivery service should provide ample options without overwhelming the customer.

  • Cost Per Serving: Finally, the cost per serving is a critical consideration. Everyone wants value for their money, and a balance between quality and cost is essential. That's what I like about HelloFresh: despite its high-quality meals, it’s still affordable.


Where can I find kosher premade meals?

If you're looking for kosher premade meals, a meal delivery service is often a great choice. Services like Factor and Home Chef deliver flavorful prepared meals, cutting back on food waste and saving you money. Plus, they save you the time and hassle of cooking the food.

What’s a good kosher meal delivery service for my family?

As for a kosher meal delivery service suitable for families, HelloFresh is a great option. The service offers a range of meal plans to suit different family sizes and dietary preferences, with the flexibility to change your plan whenever you need. Plus, the meals are easy to prepare with the help of detailed recipe instructions.

Are kosher meal delivery services more healthy?

Well, they certainly can be. Services like Green Chef prioritize high-quality, fresh ingredients and offer a range of healthy recipe options. It even caters to specific dietary preferences such as vegetarian and low-carb, helping you maintain a balanced diet without the stress of meal planning.

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