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Author Jessica White
Jessica White Writer
Updated on May 9th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince

10 Best Meal Delivery Services in Detroit in 2024

Finding the right meal delivery service in Detroit can be a game-changer, offering convenience and delicious meals without the hassle of grocery shopping or takeout. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best for your needs. That's why I've done the research and compiled a list of the top 10 meal delivery services in Detroit

Factor stands out as my favorite thanks to its diverse range of quick-prep recipes. But every service on this list has something unique to offer. Whether you're seeking plant-based options, weight-loss meals, or simply looking to elevate your dining experience, this list has got you covered.

From fresh ingredients to customizable menus, these services have been carefully evaluated. There are meal delivery services on this list for busy Detroit professionals, health-conscious individuals, or foodies looking for gourmet experiences. Everyone will find a meal delivery service on this list. Read on to find a service that’s perfect for you.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Meal Delivery Services in Detroit in 2024

  1. Factor – Best prepared meal delivery service in Detroit

  2. Green Chef – Best organic meal kits in Detroit

  3. Blue Apron – Best gourmet meals for Detroiters

  4. HelloFresh – Best family-friendly meal delivery in Detroit

  5. Home Chef – Best customizable meal delivery service

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Our Best Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Factor – Best Prepared Meal Delivery Service in Detroit

A plate of shrimp and broccoli

Key Features

  • Dietitian-designed, chef-prepared meals

  • 35 entrees plus add-ons to choose from each week

  • Options include keto, flexitarian, calorie smart, and plant-based

  • Current deal: Get $130 off with code DELIVERY130

Factor offers quick and healthy prepared meals for individuals with busy schedules. Whether you're following a keto diet, seeking more plant-based options, or simply looking for balanced meals, Factor provides a great starting point. 

What’s on the Menu?

This service places a strong emphasis on quality ingredients, ensuring that all items are GMO-free. The meats are sourced from pasture-raised and grass-fed animals, reflecting the company's commitment to responsible food practices. In our tested Factor review, my colleague noted that the prepared meals balance flavor and health.

Factor’s Calorie Smart meals come in at 650 calories or less. The Asian Chili Shrimp & Fried Rice pictured above has just 510 calories, but it has 30 g of protein and just 4 g of saturated fat. It’s a healthy and delicious alternative to high-calorie Chinese takeout.

The Keto menu offers healthy fats, lean proteins, and low-carbs. It replaces starchy rice with riced broccoli or cauliflower to help your body stay in a state of ketosis for optimal fat burning.

The menu has vegetarian and vegan recipes, but the weekly selection may not be big enough for strictly plant-based diets. Nevertheless, these meals are an excellent way to incorporate meat-free days into your routine.

What Makes It Special?

The meals from Factor are so simple to prepare. Take off the cardboard sleeve, pop a few holes in the film cover, and then heat it in the microwave for the recommended time. Factor is a great choice for people trying to avoid greasy takeout at work. Put a Factor meal in the office microwave, and in minutes you have a nutritious, filling lunch.

Your subscription comes with a free 20-minute consultation with an in-house dietitian. If you find the session helpful, you can subscribe to additional nutrition coaching support for a personalized and professional approach to healthier eating.

Is It Good Value?

Factor also has add-ons like protein packs, smoothies, soups, and snacks. These are great ways to round out your weekly order. The high-protein breakfast options and keto-friendly treats are particularly suitable for post-workout consumption.

Prices start at $10.49 per serving, making Factor 1 of the more expensive meal delivery services. However, those seeking convenient and balanced meals may find the cost worthwhile. You can order a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 18 single-serving meals per week.

2. Green Chef – Best Organic Meal Kits in Detroit

A plate of steak and roasted carrots

Key Features

Green Chef is the first USDA-certified organic service, and it also has gluten-free certification. With its emphasis on healthy and balanced dishes, Green Chef offers an impressive range of options to accommodate specific dietary needs. 

What’s on the Menu?

It’s a great choice for families and individuals focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With the option to order up to 4 recipes for 6 people each week, it provides convenient and nutritious meals for everyone. In our tried-and-tested Green Chef review, our reviewer found the meals to be top-notch.

Green Chef has plans for Keto, Mediterranean, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, and more diets. You can sign up for whichever menus suit your preferences, but you’re always free to order any item on the menu no matter what plan you choose.

Green Chef's produce and eggs meet USDA organic standards, and all meat is sourced from animals raised without antibiotics and hormones. Additionally, the fish and seafood used in Green Chef meals are wild-caught and sustainably harvested, further emphasizing its commitment to responsible sourcing.

Green Chef’s recipe cards make it easy to cook restaurant-quality meals at home. The Ranch Steak with Truffle Sauce takes just 25 minutes to prepare and cook. In less than a half hour you and your family can be eating steakhouse-quality meals at home. And those high-quality ingredients aren’t just healthier, they taste a lot better, too! 

What Makes It Special?

Green Chef stands out for its commitment to sustainability, focusing on eco-friendly packaging. It uses recyclable materials as much as possible. You’ll find clear recycling instructions with all packaging so you know how to properly dispose of the materials. 

You’ll also find an array of convenient add-ons. These include breakfast entrees, 10-minute salads, wraps, and additional proteins like chicken cutlets and salmon filets. These extras not only enhance convenience but also support individuals in adhering to their healthy eating goals while avoiding the temptations of grocery store aisles.

Is It Good Value?

While Green Chef may have a higher price point compared to other options, the quality and organic, sustainably sourced ingredients justify the cost. Each Green Chef recipe comes with detailed instructions, photos, and tips, making it easy for even those with limited cooking skills to prepare wholesome and delicious meals.

Green Chef prices start at $9.99 per serving. Your minimum weekly order is 3 meals for 2, but you can order up to 4 meals for 6. 

3. Blue Apron – Fresh, Sustainably-Sourced Food for Detroiters

A plate of salmon with a dollop of labneh atop couscous and tomatoes

Key Features

Blue Apron is a great choice for eco-conscious people. With its commitment to fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients and a wide range of delicious recipes, Blue Apron operates as a carbon-neutral company and offers a great dining experience for hungry Detroiters who appreciate fresh ingredients, delicious recipes, and culinary exploration. 

What’s on the Menu?

If you love trying out new recipes and flavors, Blue Apron is the perfect fit for you. Each week, you'll have the opportunity to choose from 5 different meal kit preferences: Chef Favorites, Family Friendly, Wellness, Veggies, and Fast & Easy. But no matter what preference you choose, you still have the flexibility to order anything on the menu. 

The service has freshly prepared meals in the Prepared & Ready category if you like heating more than cooking. Some preferences you’ll see in this category are Keto Friendly, 600 Calories or Less, and 30 g of Protein.

Blue Apron's Wellness recipes offer healthy and flavorful meals. Many of these dishes are inspired by the Mediterranean diet. The Crispy Skin Salmon with Couscous, Tomatoes, and Labneh (above) is a restaurant-quality meal that is ready in just 25 minutes.

The Veggie menu is solid for vegetarian eaters, featuring meals packed with fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and artisan cheeses. Blue Apron's customization options also let you personalize your entrees with different proteins like plant-based Beyond Burger.

What Makes It Special?

All ingredients are responsibly sourced, non-GMO, and of the highest quality. The company supports local and seasonal ingredients by partnering with over 100 family-run farms. Blue Apron's seafood and meat is free of antibiotics and hormones.

The easy-to-follow recipe cards and step-by-step instructions ensure that you can create restaurant-quality dishes right in your own kitchen. If you ever need extra guidance, the Blue Apron website and mobile app offer additional cooking resources and videos to help you along the way. Our Blue Apron reviewer noted that meals may take longer to prepare for beginner chefs so check the skill level of recipes.

Is It Good Value?

Blue Apron goes beyond just subscription-based meal kits. You can buy kits from its Market without committing. You can also purchase gift cards your recipient can use to buy meal kits or market items.

Blue Apron’s pricing starts at $5.59 per serving. The minimum weekly order for meal kits is 2 meals of 2 servings, with a maximum of 5 meals for 4. You can buy prepared meals in batches of 4, 6, 8, or 10. Note that you can add extra meals manually if you wish. Also, you can switch plans from 1 week to the next or get both meal kits and Prepared & Ready recipes in 1 week if you make separate orders.

4. HelloFresh – Best Family-Friendly Meal Delivery in Detroit

A bowl of spaghetti with chopped tomatoes, greens, and feta cheese

Key Features

  • Locally sourced ingredients and crowd-pleasing recipes

  • 100+ weekly recipes plus add-ons

  • Pescatarian, vegetarian, calorie-smart and other options

HelloFresh offers a massive selection of recipes using fresh, seasonal produce. Whether you're a fan of American classics or a foodie looking for international flavors, HelloFresh has something to satisfy every palate. Its vast selection of recipes ensures that subscribers are spoiled for choice every week.

What’s on the Menu?

All recipes are labeled by difficulty, with most falling into the Easy or Medium category, making it easy to choose meals that match your culinary skill level. However, if you're an experienced cook or up for a challenge, there are options available to test your skills. Keep an eye out for the Hall of Fame recipes, which make a comeback based on popular demand from HelloFresh subscribers.

HelloFresh divides its large menu into 6 plans, including Veggie, Pescatarian, Fit & Wholesome, and Family Friendly. These plans allow you to narrow down your choices based on your specific dietary preferences and needs. But whatever plan you choose, you can still order any item from the extensive HelloFresh menu.

Fit & Wholesome meals have 650 calories or less per serving. The Greek Diner Spaghetti above is a vegetarian delight that has just 550 calories. Additionally, there are options labeled as carb- and calorie-smart for those looking for healthier choices. 

What Makes It Special?

On busy nights, you can opt for Easy Prep meals that are ready in just 15 minutes. HelloCustom lets you personalize over 12 recipes each week by swapping out sides or protein choices. And HelloFresh’s Premium Picks let you cook meals like Filet Mignon and Maple-Glazed Salmon in your own home. Our reviewer found that trying HelloFresh at home helped them become more adventurous in the kitchen. 

HelloFresh also provides a wealth of resources on its website. With over 2,500 recipes and a collection of blog posts on different ingredients and cooking techniques, HelloFresh serves as a valuable culinary guide. Whether you're seeking cooking tips or inspiration for weeknight dinners, HelloFresh has you covered.

Is It Good Value?

HelloFresh's dedication to customer service is another reason why it stands out. The website is user-friendly, and its exceptional 24/7 customer support ensures a hassle-free experience. Detroit students, military personnel, or veterans can enjoy a 15% discount on HelloFresh orders.

You can order 2 to 6 HelloFresh meal kits for 2 or 4 people per week. Prices start at $3.32 per serving.

5. Home Chef – Best Customizable Meal Delivery Service

Meatballs with carrots and mashed potatoes

Key Features

  • Healthy family-friendly entrees the whole household will love 

  • 35+ weekly recipes and extras

  • Calorie-conscious, carb-conscious and vegetarian options

Home Chef’s Customize It feature sets it apart from its competitors. While some services give you a few customizable options on their weekly menus, almost every entree on Home Chef’s menu lets you swap or double up on protein. You can order the Turkey Meatballs above with ground pork, ground beef, or even vegetarian Impossible Burger. 

What’s on the Menu?

Home Chef has everything from quick prep dishes to premium, restaurant-quality meals. My colleague enjoyed all the dishes they tried in their tested, in-depth Home Chef review

The Culinary Collection offers complex dishes with premium ingredients and are perfect for special occasions. With prices starting at around $15 per portion, it's still a more affordable option than dining out at a fancy restaurant.

The 15-Minute Meal Kits and Fast & Fresh microwaveable meals provide easy-prep recipes for busy nights. For minimal assembly and hands-off cooking, the Oven-Ready meals are a great choice. Additionally, Home Chef offers add-ons such as protein packs, salads, desserts, breakfast items, and beverages, allowing you to enhance your meals or create your own culinary creations.

What Makes It Special?

Home Chef's wide selection of meal kits includes many health-focused options, making it a great choice for individuals who want to enjoy nutritious meals without compromising on taste. Alongside low-carb and low-calorie options, you can find meals that are keto-friendly and gluten-smart for example.

Home Chef also accommodates dietary restrictions and lets you exclude specific items like sesame, tree nuts, pork, shellfish, mushrooms, beef, poultry, peanuts, or fish. However, Home Chef kits are prepared in facilities where these ingredients are used. This means individuals with severe allergies should check our list of the best allergy-friendly meal delivery services instead. 

Is It Good Value?

Ordering from Home Chef is a simple and intuitive process. The menu provides difficulty ratings and spice levels for each meal, enabling you to select recipes that align with your culinary skills and heat tolerance. I also like that you can filter the menu to find quicker prep options with meals that take less than 30 minutes. 

Home Chef’s minimum order is 2 meals of 2 servings per week, with a maximum of 6 meals for 6. This makes Home Chef a great choice for those feeding large households. Prices start at $7.99 per serving. 

6. BistroMD – Best Healthy Weight Loss Meal Delivery Service

A chicken-rice casserole with broccoli on a white plate

Key Features

  • Doctor-approved meals and support from dietitians

  • 150+ meal items and snacks

  • Diabetes, menopause, heart-healthy, vegan, and other options

​​BistroMD offers prepared meals designed for weight loss and overall health management. Founded by a weight loss physician, BistroMD aims to provide balanced meals that meet the nutritional needs of its customers. BistroMD also specializes in weight loss plans for people who have underlying health conditions to ensure they lose weight and manage their other medical issues safely. 

What’s on the Menu?

You get a variety of BistroMD meal plans to choose from, including Gluten-Free, Heart-Healthy, Diabetic, Menopause-Friendly, and Vegan programs. Each plan is created by certified nutritionists and dietitians to ensure well-balanced and nutritious meals without added MSG, trans fat, or aspartame.

BistroMD's menu features a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. From omelets and frittatas to meatloaf and salmon, the meals are prepared by trained chefs using fresh ingredients. To preserve the nutrients and flavor, the meals are flash-frozen and delivered to your door. All you need to do is heat them in the microwave, and you're ready to enjoy a delicious and balanced meal.

BistroMD subscribers gain access to registered dietitians and fitness experts who can provide support and guidance throughout their weight loss journey. This assistance helps individuals develop healthier lifestyle habits and maintain their ideal weight once they reach it.

What Makes It Special?

The convenience factor of BistroMD is undeniable. With fully prepared meals delivered directly to your door, there's no need to worry about meal planning, prepping, or counting calories. Each entrée contains less than 450 calories per serving (the Chicken Rice Cheddar Casserole above has just 290). This helps you stay on track with your weight loss goals.

Our reviewer was especially impressed by BistroMD’s EATS. The optional but highly recommended Essential And Tasty Snacks help you avoid unhealthy cravings. These high-protein and high-fiber snacks include items like strawberry cheesecake, cookie dough protein bars, and shakes as a satisfying alternative to high-calorie junk food.

Is It Good Value?

BistroMD requires a minimum order of 10 meals weekly, including 5 lunches and 5 dinners. Customers have the option to scale up to 21 meals per week, covering 3 meals a day, along with additional EATS snacks.

Prices start at $8.24 per serving. Moreover, BistroMD promotes a 15% discount for couples pursuing weight loss goals together. This offer is available in the weeks following your initial order. 

7. Purple Carrot – Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service in Detroit

Two dishes of vegan Eggplant Parmesan

Key Features

  • 100% vegan meal kits, prepared meals, and extras 

  • 35+ entrees, lunches, breakfasts, and vegan staples each week

  • Options include Soy-Free, Under 600 Calories, and Gluten-Free

Purple Carrot is perfect for seasoned vegans and those who want more plants in their diet. With a selection of both prepared meals and meal kits each week, along with easy-prep breakfast and lunch options, Purple Carrot offers a diverse range of delicious plant-based dishes. 

What’s on the Menu?

Instead of relying on meat substitutes, Purple Carrot meals celebrate the flavors of vegetables. Its menu showcases seasonal produce and introduces customers to unique plant-based ingredients. With dishes like the vegan Eggplant Parmesan pictured above, Purple Carrot proves that you don't need meat to create a flavorful and satisfying meal.

Even if you're not vegan, Purple Carrot is a great way to increase your vegetable intake and try new and exciting plant-based ingredients. Our omnivorous reviewer found Purple Carrot meals to be enjoyable and satisfying, even for dedicated meat-eaters. Find out more in their full review.   

Purple Carrot offers Less Prep recipes in addition to its standard meal kits (which typically take 30-40 minutes to cook). These kits come with prepared sauces and pre-chopped vegetables for those who prefer minimal cooking and clean-up. You can order plant-based breakfasts, lunches, pantry staples, snacks, and desserts through the Plantry, making it easy to access vegan options conveniently.

What Makes It Special?

For those with busy lifestyles, Purple Carrot's prepared meals are a game-changer. With just 2-3 minutes in the microwave, you can enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch at the office or wherever you may be. It's a hassle-free way to enjoy plant-based meals.

Purple Carrot's user-friendly website makes it easy to order and customize meals. Each weekly box includes a recipe booklet with clear instructions to assist you while cooking. The menu is conveniently organized with tags like High-Protein, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, and <600 Calories, making it easy to find meals that align with your dietary preferences and requirements.

Is It Good Value?

At Purple Carrot, organic ingredients are prioritized whenever possible, particularly in non-produce items like beans, non-dairy milks, tofu, and plant-based cheeses. This dedication to quality and sustainability has earned Purple Carrot a well-deserved high place on our list of the best vegan meal delivery services.

Purple Carrot’s prepared meals come in bundles of 6, 8, or 10. Your minimum weekly meal kit order is 3 meals for 2, and your maximum is 3 meals for 4. Prices start at $8.50 per serving.

8. Marley Spoon – Most Eco-Friendly Meals in Detroit

A plate of beef stroganoff with carrots and mushrooms

Key Features

  • Ingredient Hub gives you allergen information for every item

  • 100+ weekly entrees and add-ons including desserts 

  • Dietary options include dairy-free, vegetarian, low-carb, and more

Marley Spoon is a great choice if you want to learn more advanced cooking techniques. Its recipes introduce techniques like browning butter and reducing sauces, allowing you to expand your culinary skills. Each recipe comes with step-by-step instructions that include photos, making it easy to follow along and create gourmet meals with confidence.

What’s on the Menu?

The service also offers many family-friendly dishes alongside its sophisticated recipes curated by renowned TV host and cookbook author Martha Stewart. Meals like the Classic Beef Stroganoff pictured above will keep your family warm and well-fed through a Detroit winter.

The step-by-step instructions Marley Spoon provides are easy to follow, with many recipes consisting of 6 or fewer steps. However, when my colleague tried the meals at home, they found each step to be more complex than they look. Plus a lot of pantry staples are required compared to other meal kit services. Find out more in their tested Marley Spoon review.

Meal kits use seasonal, high-quality ingredients from local producers and family farms. All chicken used is raised antibiotic-free throughout its lifetime, and all other proteins are antibiotic and hormone-free at the time of harvesting. 

What Makes It Special?

The extensive Marley Spoon menu is easy to navigate, thanks to key tags like Kid Friendly, Low Calorie, and One Pot Meal, which indicate dietary preferences and requirements. Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, or have specific dietary needs, Marley Spoon has plenty of choices each week to cater to your preferences.

This is also the first meal delivery service to achieve a 100% carbon-neutral status. Recycling instructions for all packaging materials on the website and its “Climatarian” label helps you find meals made with ingredients whose production required less than 1.1 pounds of CO2 emissions per serving. Marley Spoon is totally committed to sustainability and as Martha would say: “That’s a good thing.”

Is It Good Value?

Marley Spoon also offers a range of sides and add-ons, including delectable desserts like brownies, cupcakes, and oat bars, as well as dinner sides like roasted fingerling potatoes. Meal bundles are also available to enhance your dining experience.

Marley Spoon meals start at just $2.99 per serving. Marley Spoon prices are very reasonable given the quality of the ingredients and recipes. You can order between 2 and 6 meals of 2 or 4 servings each week. 

9. Dinnerly – Detroit’s Most Affordable Meal Delivery Service

A pan full of baked spaghetti

Key Features

  • Meals ready in under 40 minutes

  • Choose from over 100 weekly recipes and add-ons

  • Vegetarian, One Pot, No Added Gluten, and other options

Dinnerly is Detroit’s most affordable meal delivery service. But despite its modest price tag, Dinnerly gives you over 100 recipes to choose from each week. It’s no wonder that Dinnerly regularly scores highly on our list of the best cheapest meal delivery services.

What’s on the Menu?

Dinnerly meal kits typically feature only a few high-quality ingredients, simplifying the cooking process and reducing costs. The No Chop! Baked Spaghetti with Meat Sauce pictured above uses spaghetti, ground beef, tomato paste, Fontina and Parmesan cheeses, and a Tuscan spice blend for a quick, easy meal your family will love. 

You also get an impressive selection of vegetarian and pescatarian meals, with approximately 14 vegetarian and 10 seafood dishes on each weekly menu. Dinnerly even includes at least 3 vegan entrees, which is rare among other low-cost meal delivery services. You can even customize your box as vegetarian by simply ticking a box.

Dinnerly’s enormous menu impressed our reviewer, who noted that Dinnerly offered more choices than many more expensive meal delivery services.

The Market offers grocery items, breakfast options, and even some prepared meals. Dinnerly also offers a few customizable entrees that let you swap proteins, change sides, or replace regular pasta with gluten-free noodles.

What Makes It Special?

Dinnerly minimizes paper and plastic usage in its packaging. While many services wrap every ingredient separately in wasteful plastic, Dinnerly bundles its ingredients together. This not only saves money and keeps prices down but also helps the environment. 

Your Dinnerly kits can arrive with paper recipe cards, but you can also access recipes on your smartphone or computer. It’s important to note that Dinnerly’s recipes have no pictures of each stage of the cooking process. If you’re a cook who relies on visual cues, you might do better with a service like Blue Apron that offers both recipe cards and online instructional videos.

Is It Good Value?

Whether you're a beginner cook or a seasoned foodie, Dinnerly is a fantastic choice if you are seeking quick, easy, and delicious meals. Dinnerly strikes the perfect balance between affordability and taste, and it's a great choice if you want to feed your family nutritious meals they’ll love without breaking the bank.

Dinnerly’s minimum weekly order is 2 meals of 2 servings. You can order up to 6 meals for 4. Prices start at $2.12 per serving. 

10. Trifecta – A Great Choice for Detroit Athletes

A plate of salmon with brown rice and vegetables

Key Features

  • Organic, macro-balanced meals for athletic lifestyles

  • 14 different weekly meal options per plan

  • Plans include Keto, Paleo, Plant Based, and Clean

Trifecta offers dietitian-designed prepared meals. It’s a great choice for Detroit fitness buffs who want to get in or stay in peak physical condition. Its meals are meticulously planned and prepared to fuel your workouts and aid in muscle recovery, ensuring you're always at your best. 

What’s on the Menu?

Choose between 4 meal plans: Clean Eating, Keto, Paleo Whole30, and Plant Based. Vegan athletes often struggle to meet macros, so having a weekly selection of prepared plant-based meals is a great way to stay in shape without consuming animal products. 

Clean Eating dieters will enjoy meals like Salmon, Brown Rice, and Mixed Vegetables (pictured above), which has 26 g of protein and just 341 calories. And Paleo Whole 30 dieters will enjoy meals free of grains and dairy products but full of healthy grass-fed beef and sustainably-sourced proteins.

What Makes It Special?

Whatever menu you choose, all ingredients are sourced from family-run suppliers. You get lean, humanely raised proteins and seasonal vegetables. From sourcing ingredients responsibly to using eco-friendly packaging, Trifecta takes sustainability and environmental consciousness seriously. 

You can let the Trifecta chefs choose for you or choose your own meals from your plan. There is also an option to build your own meals, using Trifecta’s Meal Prep section. Meal Prep lets you choose your favorite proteins, vegetables, and carbs and then prepare them yourself.

Is It Good Value?

Trifecta's mobile app is a great fitness help. You can track macros, view nutritional information, and communicate with other Trifecta subscribers for encouragement and advice. And you can also use it to manage your subscription and track orders. Learn more in our detailed Trifecta review.

You can order a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 21 single-serving Trifecta meals. Prices start at $13.79 per serving.

Quick Comparison Table

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$8.24 Per Serving

$8.50 Per Serving

$2.99 Per Serving

$2.12 Per Serving

$13.79 Per Serving

Minimum Order
Minimum Order

6 prepared meals

3 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

10 prepared meals

3 meal kits for 2 people/6 prepared meals

2 meals for 2 people

3 meals for 2 people

7 meals

Meal Types
Meal Types

Prepared meals

10-45 minute meal kits

5 - 60 min meal kits and prepared meals

Meal kits, speedy kits, prepared meals

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Active Deals
Active Deals

Tips for Choosing the Best Meal Delivery Service in Detroit

With so many great services to choose from, finding the 1 that’s right for you can be challenging. Here are a few professional tips on finding the meal delivery service that best meets your needs. 

  • Prioritize convenience and time: When looking for a meal delivery service, consider your time constraints and cooking skills. You’ll find that Home Chef offers a variety of options, from meal kits to fully cooked meals. This lets you choose meals that match your cooking skills and time availability, so you can order meals for special occasions and quick meals for busy nights.

  • Cater to your dietary preferences: Whether you follow a keto, vegan, or weight-loss diet, it's important to find a meal delivery service that caters to your specific dietary needs. If you try cobbling together a menu from a generalized service that doesn’t suit your needs, you’ll just get frustrated. Look for services like Green Chef that have many options tailored to your requirements, helping you easily stick to your diet.

  • Budget wisely: Take your budget into account when choosing a meal delivery service. Consider not only the cost of the service itself but also any additional grocery shopping you may need for the week. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot to find a great meal delivery service. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can get a great selection of high-quality yet affordable meals at Dinnerly.

  • Check out extra offerings: Many meal delivery services offer more than just meals. Look for services that offer add-ons like proteins, snacks, and grocery items that you can purchase along with your meals. If you like a one-stop shopping experience, consider services like HelloFresh that have plenty of extras, so you can get multiple food needs met with 1 order.


Which is the best meal delivery service in Detroit? 

Factor wins our award for the best meal delivery service in Detroit. Not only does Factor offer a wide range of quick-heat-and-eat recipes and cuisines to choose from, but it has some great add-ons like breakfasts, desserts, beverages, and more.

What's the best gluten-free meal delivery service in Detroit?

Green Chef is our pick for gluten-sensitive Detroiters looking for a meal delivery service. Most Green Chef meals are gluten-free and certified to contain less than 10 ppm of gluten or other grain proteins. This makes Green Chef a suitable choice for those with celiac disease or serious gluten intolerance.

What is Detroit’s cheapest meal delivery service? 

Dinnerly has Detroit’s cheapest meal delivery plans, with prices starting at just $2.12 per serving. But while Dinnerly is affordable, it gives you over 100 options to choose from each week, including a good selection of vegetarian and even some vegan meals.

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