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Written by: Joey Kendrick on Apr 18th, 2021

10 Best Meal Delivery Services in Kansas City 2021 The Full List

Kansas City is one of the hidden gems of the midwest. The sprawling metropolitan area is peppered with high-quality museums, art galleries, and music halls, but KC is also home to some delicious food. 

Of course, you can’t dine at restaurants all the time. For your nights in, meal delivery services make it easy to enjoy delicious dishes without the fuss of recipe planning and grocery shopping. Our experts have curated 10 of the best meal delivery services in Kansas City to make your life easier.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Meal Delivery Services in Kansas City for 2021

What’s the Difference Between Meal Delivery and Food Delivery?

Meal delivery services, like Blue Apron and Green Chef, make it easy to cook for yourself by providing foolproof recipes and all the ingredients you need to create them. Some, like Sunbasket, also offer pre-made meals that you can simply heat up and enjoy in minutes. 

Food delivery services, like Postmates, offer the ultimate convenience by delivering freshly prepared meals from your favorite local restaurant to your door.

Our Best Meal Delivery Services in Kansas City Reviewed

1. Home Chef – Customizable Meals for Kansas City Chefs of All Levels

Home Chef Best Features 

  • Customize your dishes with new proteins

  • Options for any schedule, from 15-minute to 60-minute recipes

  • Ability to specify diet preferences like calorie- or carb-conscious

Home Chef in a Nutshell 

Home Chef is one of our favorite meal delivery services because it never fails to go above and beyond when it comes to delivering delicious meals at a great price. My colleague goes into more detail on Home Chef’s prices in this expert review.

Home Chef offers a diverse menu of 19+ dishes every week, including Easy Prep meals and 15 Minute Meal Kits if you’re short on time, as well as deluxe Culinary Collection meals, which let you indulge your inner chef.

One of our favorite Home Chef features is the option to customize almost every dish by swapping out proteins. If you think the Baja Mango Shrimp Tacos above look good, but you’re not crazy about shrimp, Home Chef makes it easy for you to substitute your shrimp with Mahi-Mahi fillets. Seafood not your thing in general? Then just swap in organic chicken breast instead.

2. Sunbasket – Diverse Dishes to Suit Any Diet in Kansas City

Sunbasket Best Features 

  • Meals to suit a wide variety of dietary needs

  • Option to buy meal kits as well as pre-made dinners

  • Online marketplace lets you buy high-quality groceries

Sunbasket in a Nutshell 

Kansas City’s burgeoning food scene has brought with it a variety of restaurants to suit unique dietary needs, including dedicated paleo and vegan restaurants. However, just because you follow one of these diets, doesn’t mean you want to eat out for every meal! That’s where Sunbasket comes in.

For more on this diverse meal delivery service, take a look at my colleague’s dedicated review of Sunbasket.

Sunbasket is one of the best meal delivery services for folks with special dietary needs, including paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and diabetes-friendly menus. It provides you with 27+ weekly dishes as well as an online market where you can purchase everything from chocolate and oatmeal to Impossible Burger “meat” and wild-caught salmon.

For those nights when you just can’t be bothered to cook, Sunbasket also provides a Fresh & Ready menu of dishes that are ready to heat and eat, like the family-friendly Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese pictured above.

3. HelloFresh – Great Value on Crowd-Pleasing Dishes for Kansas Citians

HelloFresh Best Features 

  • Expansive menu of 25+ recipes, changing every week

  • Strikes a great balance between affordable and high-quality meals

  • Simple selection of plans to suit almost any lifestyle

HelloFresh in a Nutshell 

HelloFresh is one of the biggest players in the meal delivery service game. Its weekly-changing menu of crowd-pleasing dishes is sure to include options for everyone to enjoy. For more on this meal delivery juggernaut, check out our dedicated HelloFresh review.

Beyond the standard “Meat & Veggies” plan, HelloFresh lets you choose from Vegetarian, Pescatarian, and Calorie Smart plans. There’s even a Family Friendly plan with recipes to please the pickiest of young eaters.

You’ll never get bored of HelloFresh’s weekly changing menu, including diverse dishes like Sticky Sesame Sweet Potato Tacos and Szechuan Beef Noodles. Tasty options like the Ancho BBQ Sloppy Joes pictured above may not quite satisfy that craving for Arthur Bryant’s, but you can’t beat an affordable meal to make at home. No matter which plan you choose, HelloFresh’s wide variety of recipe options are sure to please your palate without breaking the bank.

4. Blue Apron – Meal Kits to Fit Any Schedule

Blue Apron Best Features 

Blue Apron in a Nutshell 

Blue Apron is one of the better-known meal kit services and for good reason! Although it offers a vegetarian menu and WW-certified Wellness dishes, Blue Apron isn’t really a “diet” meal delivery service. Its diverse array of dishes features exotic recipes guaranteed to keep you satisfied without ever getting bored.

For a more in-depth look at Blue Apron, check out our dedicated review.

Along with premium and health-focused dishes, Blue Apron also offers a selection of Easy Prep & Cleanup dishes every week. These meals, including the Beef & Mushroom Baguettes pictured above, can be prepared with minimal kitchen utensils. 

Adding a couple of easy recipes like these to your weekly menu can help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying Kansas City’s museums, such as the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum and the Liberty Memorial.

5. Freshly – Individual Servings of Healthy, Pre-made Meals 

Freshly Best Features 

  • Pre-made meals are ready in minutes

  • Dishes are prepared with minimal sugar and no processed ingredients

  • The entire menu is gluten- and peanut-free

  • Other dietary preferences, like soy-free and vegetarian, are easily accommodated 

Freshly in a Nutshell 

Freshly is a meal delivery service specializing in prepared meals. Instead of cooking the dishes yourself, all the hard work is already done for you. In every shipment, you’ll be provided with balanced, single-serving meals that can be reheated in just minutes.

Our dedicated Freshly review has more details on this meal delivery service.

Freshly’s offerings don’t necessarily adhere to a particular diet like keto or paleo, but instead focus on following a healthy lifestyle, without an excess of sugar or processed ingredients. That makes Freshly a perfect option for those of us trying to slim down in time for Kansas City’s famous beach season! 

(Okay: Kansas City may not be as much of a beach town as San Diego or Miami, but that doesn’t change the fact that Freshly’s pre-made meals are a perfect solution for anyone trying to save time and eat more healthily.) 

6. Green Chef – Organic Meals for Low-Carb and Plant-Based Diets

Green Chef Best Features 

  • Three menus to choose from to suit low-carb, plant-based, and balanced diets

  • USDA-certified organic 

  • Flexible delivery options let you pick your delivery day and shipment frequency

Green Chef in a Nutshell 

Green Chef has made its name as a source of organic meal kits for low-carb and plant-based lifestyles. It keeps things simple with three basic menus to choose from: Keto + Paleo, Plant-Powered, and Balanced Living. The first two meal plans are self-explanatory, while Balanced Living provides nutritionally balanced dishes for folks who aren’t attached to a specific diet. 

In terms of cost, Green Chef can come in at the upper range for meal delivery kits, and prices can be as high as $11.99-12.99 per serving. However, while this is high compared to other mainstream meal kits, it’s important to note that the price is on par with other delivery services offering specialized diets like keto and paleo.

Check out my colleague’s dedicated Green Chef review for a closer look.

7. EveryPlate – Streamlined, Cost-Effective Dinners

EveryPlate Best Features 

  • Excellent value at just $4.99 per serving

  • Weekly changing menu of 16+ meals

  • Upgrade or swap out sides and proteins on many dishes

EveryPlate in a Nutshell 

When you’re living on a budget, you often have to make compromises. If your trips to the KC Symphony are starting to add up, a low-cost meal delivery service can help keep you from stretching yourself too thin. 

EveryPlate, a service from HelloFresh, represents amazing value in meal kits. It manages to keep its prices down to an astonishingly low $4.99 per serving without skimping on quality. The streamlined menu helps keep EveryPlate cost-effective by offering a smaller selection of diet options.

Its ultra-low prices make it easy to indulge in the occasional splurge. Premium dishes like the Sesame Teriyaki Salmon pictured above are available most weeks for an additional few bucks per serving.

Our dedicated EveryPlate review goes into further detail on this great budget service.

8. Veestro – Prepared Vegan Meals for Bulk Buying

Veestro Best Features 

  • Extensive menu of more than 50 dishes

  • All meals are 100% plant-based

  • Specialized weight loss plan in addition to the standard menu

Veestro in a Nutshell 

Veestro is the ultimate meal delivery service if you’re a vegan or vegetarian who doesn’t have time to prepare all your meals each week. Veestro offers a vast menu with over 50 dishes, featuring family favorites like “chick’n” nuggets as well as internationally-inspired meals like the soba noodles, pictured above.

For more on Veestro’s plant-based meals, take a look at our dedicated review.

Unlike many other services on this list, Veestro doesn’t have a weekly rotating menu. Instead, the company has a set menu of 50+ frozen meals, letting you pick your favorites whenever you want them. 

This model is also great if you don’t want to commit to a weekly meal delivery: Veestro lets you choose to receive deliveries every one, two, or four weeks, and you can even adjust how many meals you get with each shipment.

9. Grubhub – Freshly Prepared Food Delivery in Kansas City

Grubhub Best Features 

  • Order freshly cooked meals from your favorite local restaurants

  • Star ratings help you pick out the best eateries to satisfy your cravings

  • Choose from a wide variety of cuisines, from barbecue and sushi to bagels and cupcakes

Grubhub in a Nutshell 

As a Kansas City native, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about barbecue. Real Kansas City-style barbecue isn’t really suited to a cook-it-yourself meal kit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have delicious pulled pork and burnt ends delivered to your door.

Food delivery services like Grubhub make it easy to get meals delivered from just about any restaurant you may be craving, whether that’s pizza, burritos, donuts, or – yes – barbecue. Classic barbecue joints like Joe’s KC (pictured above) deliver through Grubhub, making it easy to get your fix of slow-cooked meat and sweet, tangy sauce without having to leave your home.

Grubhub’s handy online interface displays a star rating for each restaurant as well as a prediction of how long your delivery wait may be. You’ll also be able to see the delivery fee, which varies by restaurant and can range anywhere from $0.99 to $6.99.

10. Postmates – Restaurant Meals and Convenience Items Delivered in Kansas City 

Postmates Best Features 

  • Get delivery from KC restaurants for fees of less than $3

  • Order snacks and household goods as well as freshly made food

  • Daily deals let you save money at featured eateries

Postmates in a Nutshell 

Postmates is also a food delivery service, letting you order freshly prepared meals directly from your favorite Kansas City eateries. Both services make it easy to have delicious restaurant meals, like Gates Bar-B-Q’s famous Nooner Sandwich (pictured above), delivered to your door in minutes. 

One feature we love about Postmates in particular, is the option it gives you to order from convenience stores as well as from restaurants. Getting a burger or a burrito delivered is one thing, but how about a Big Gulp from 7-Eleven or a bunch of candy from Walgreens? You can even get household items like laundry detergent and tissues delivered if you’d like.

No matter what you’re ordering, Postmates’s delivery times are comparable to Grubhub’s, averaging 30-45 minutes for delivery. Delivery fees are slightly lower, though, rarely exceeding $2.99.

Best Meal Delivery Services for Kansas City: Comparison Table

Meal Delivery Service

Starting Price

Dietary Preferences

Delivery Frequency

Prepared or Meal Kits

Home Chef


Low-carb, vegetarian, low-calorie, pescatarian


Meal Kits

Get Started



Organic, paleo, keto, vegan and more


Meal Kits and Prepared Meals

Get Started



Healthy, vegetarian, low-calorie, family-friendly


Meal Kits

Get Started

Blue Apron


Balanced, vegetarian, diabetes-friendly, pescatarian


Meal Kits

Get Started



Healthy, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, low-calorie, low-carb


Prepared Meals

Get Started

Green Chef


Keto, vegan, vegetarian, paleo

Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly

Meal Kits

Get Started



Balanced, vegetarian


Meal Kits

Gte Started



Organic, vegan, weight loss, allergen-free, kosher

Every one, two, or four weeks

Prepared Meals

Get Started




Usually within 30-45 minutes

Food delivery

Get Started




Usually within 30-45 minutes

Food delivery

Get Starteds

Bottom Line: Are Meal Delivery Services in Kansas City Worth It?

As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the middle of the country, Kansas City has access to the best meal delivery services from all across the US. Meal delivery services can help you save time and money, and reduce waste by providing precise amounts of every ingredient. 

Meal delivery services also make it easy to stick to specialized diets, making them a perfect option for folks with plant-based diets or trying to stick to low-carb meals. Overall, there are almost no downsides to trying a meal delivery service. With the wide variety of services discussed in this list, there’s a meal kit or prepared meal service for any lifestyle.


What is the best prepared meal delivery service in Kansas City?

Several high-quality prepared meal delivery services deliver to Kansas City. One of our favorites is Sunbasket, which provides pre-made meals to suit a broad variety of dietary needs, including dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free dishes. Sunbasket gets bonus points for providing meal kits in addition to pre-made meals, allowing you to plan your weekly dinners based on how much time you want to spend in the kitchen.

What is the best meal delivery service for weight loss in Kansas City?

Meal delivery services can be great if you’re trying to eat more healthily and potentially shed a few pounds. Freshly is a prepared meal delivery service that provides balanced, healthy meals that are low in carbs and sugar. The individual servings are pre-packaged so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

If you follow a plant-based diet, Veestro’s weight-loss plan is a comprehensive regimen providing three meals a day for people who want even greater control over their daily caloric intake.

What is the cheapest prepared meal delivery service in Kansas City?

The least expensive service on our list is, by far, EveryPlate, which offers meal kits at just $4.99/serving. Prepared meals, however, are not quite as cheap. The price you pay per meal can vary drastically based on the size of your orders. Out of all the prepared meal delivery services on our list, Freshly has the lowest base cost at $8.49/serving.

What is the healthiest food delivery service in Kansas City?

“Healthy” can be a relative term because different bodies have different dietary needs. Overall, however, Freshly provides a great product for Kansas Citians in search of healthy meals. Freshly’s dinners are low in sugar and contain as few processed ingredients as possible. Also, as they are pre-made, there’s never any mystery as to the sodium and caloric content of each Freshly meal.

About The Author

Joey Kendrick

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Joey is a writer based in New York City. He has covered many subjects, but food is his true passion. With his two cats as research assistants, he creates content for clients all over the world.

Joey is a writer based in New York City. He has covered many subjects, but food is his true passion. With his two cats as research assistants, he creates content for clients all over the world.
We bring you the facts about the top meal delivery services today based on your diet, city, and lifestyle. From ordering meals, to canceling subscriptions, we’ve got you covered.
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