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Author Jessica White
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Updated on May 16th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince

9 Best Meal Delivery Services in Salt Lake City 2024

With so much to do in Salt Lake City, it’s hard to find time to plan and prepare meals. But don’t stress if you want to spend time checking out Temple Square or the State Capitol – I’ve got just the time-saving solution you need.

A meal delivery service is a perfect way to save time on cooking and meal planning. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find my list of the best meal delivery services for Salt Lake City, all of which have been tried and tested by me and my colleagues.

After careful analysis, Factor gets my top spot for its great selection of fresh prepared meals and healthy add-ons. Even if this service doesn't suit your needs, there's still 8 others that might be a better fit.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Meal Delivery Services in Salt Lake City

  1. Factor – Best chef-cooked meals for your diet

  2. Green Chef – Best for easy, healthy, and organic meal kits

  3. Blue Apron – Best gourmet meal delivery in Salt Lake City

  4. HelloFresh – Best for healthy foods with a dose of social responsibility

  5. Home Chef – Best flexible meal planning in Salt Lake City

See 4 more meal delivery services in Salt Lake City

The Best Meal Delivery Services in Salt Lake City Reviewed

1. Factor – Best Chef-Cooked Meals for Your Diet

Factor's Soy Braised Beef

Key Features

  • Most meals range from 350 to 900 calories

  • 35+ nutritious recipes per week and lots of add-ons

  • Dietary options include vegan, keto, high-protein, and more

  • Current deal: Get $130 off

As someone who values eating healthy and not having to cook all of my meals, I love Factor. The service offers fresh and flavorful meals that cater to different dietary needs, such as keto, high-protein, carb- and calorie-smart, and vegetarian/vegan. The Flexitarian plan provides you with veggie-centered meals with purposeful proteins (meat and fish).

What’s on the Menu?

Factor provides freshly prepared meals that fit a variety of specific dietary needs. This is possible due to an entire team of chefs and dietitians who understand how each diet on the menu works. In addition, the company is a great option for busy people who don't want to turn to fast food when they don’t have the time to shop or cook.

I like Factor’s extensive weekly main offer, but I think the add-ons section truly makes the menu shine. This section includes smoothies, juices, shakes, desserts, breakfast items, and cooked proteins (salmon, pork chops, chicken, and more). According to my colleague’s tested Factor review, this is a great way to expand the core menu.

Factor's mission is to provide fresh and healthy meals using high-quality ingredients sourced directly from farmers. The company believes in sustainable farming practices that ensure fresh produce is picked at the peak of ripeness with no preservatives or hormones added. 

What Makes It Special?

There’s limited customization due to the single-serving nature of meals. However, it’s straightforward to select dishes that align with your dietary needs or preferences. Despite the restriction, the variety within the available offerings allows for some degree of personalization.

The option to mix and match between meal plans and explore the Add-ons menu provides an opportunity to diversify your meal selection. However, it's important to note that add-on items do incur additional charges.

Is It Good Value?

The more meals you order each week, the lower the cost per meal will be. For instance, prices start at $10.49 per serving for the maximum box size (18 meals per week), but you can also order 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 meals per week. 

Factor also offers 20-minute consultations with registered dietitians for personalized nutrition advice tailored to your unique health goals and dietary preferences. This service provides an invaluable opportunity to receive expert guidance on meal planning and making informed choices that support your wellness journey.

2. Green Chef – Best for Easy, Healthy, and Organic Meal Kits

Green Chef's Steak & Shrimp With Creamy Truffle Sauce

Key Features

Green Chef provides USDA-certified organic meals across a range of diets. This means that all the fresh produce and eggs used to create the meal kits on the menu are organic. Plus, Green Chef only works with farmers that practice high animal welfare standards. The menu also includes options like wild-caught seafood or organic beef and chicken.

What’s on the Menu?

It has options for keto, gluten-free, plant-based, protein-packed, and more. I also like how the tags tell you more about each recipe before you open it. For instance, the Sockeye Salmon with Spicy Apricot Pan Sauce recipe fits under the Gluten Free and Chef Select tags. 

There are also options like 10-minute Lunch, Chef’s Brunch, or Daytime Bundle. These options provide nutritious and tasty meals for lunch and breakfast and also help you save time. Our full-length Green Chef review covers what you can find on the menu and how the meals tasted.

Besides the interesting core menu, Green Chef also has a well-stocked Add-ons section. Here, you’ll find a wide range of options, like cooked proteins, breakfasts, brunches, lunches, healthy desserts, and more. It’s best to keep in mind that the Add-ons are separate from the main menu, so each item comes with an added cost to the main subscription.

What Makes It Special?

Green Chef also focuses on its impact on the environment. The company has a thorough recycling/reusing program and practices a 100% carbon/plastic emissions offset for every ounce of plastic used. So, if you want an environmentally conscious meal delivery company, this one’s a great option.

Green Chef's recipes are designed for ease and simplicity, ensuring that anyone can create delicious, healthy meals at home. By taking a moment to read through the recipe before starting, you'll find each step clearly outlined, making the cooking process smooth and enjoyable. 

Is It Good Value?

With Green Chef, you can access personalized nutrition coaching designed to help you meet your dietary goals. This service is a standout feature for anyone looking to tailor their eating habits to specific health objectives, be it weight management, increasing energy levels, or improving overall well-being.

Prices start at $9.99 per serving for the largest order (4 meals for 6 people per week). This is already a little steep without any discounts, but Green Chef offers all kinds of price incentives, like 50% off + First Box Ships Free + 20% Off For 2 Months.

3. Blue Apron – Best Gourmet Meal Delivery in Salt Lake City

Blue Apron's Chicken & Vegetable Stir-Fry

Key Features

Blue Apron has a wide range of delicious, high-quality meal kits and prepared meals. Its recipes are clearly written and easy to follow, which is great for people who love to cook but don't always have the time or energy to plan out meals. 

What’s on the Menu?

The broad menu offers a wide range of chef-designed recipes for 2 or 4 people, so it fits couples and families alike. Whether you're a vegetarian, searching for carb-conscious options, or just looking for something new and healthy to try, Blue Apron has a variety of meals that will suit your tastes and needs.

The meals are divided into categories, so it’s easy to find what you want. I really like that you can choose to order either meal kits or fresh prepared meals – this is the perfect combination of gourmet meals and speedy recipes. My colleague’s tested review of Blue Apron’s meals and menus can provide more information on this.

Blue Apron's menu features global flavors, such as Vietnamese-Style Turkey Meatballs and Italian-Style Pork Meatloaf. These dishes combine traditional and contemporary elements, making mealtime an exciting exploration of international cuisine. It's perfect for those looking to broaden their culinary horizons without leaving home.

What Makes It Special?

Blue Apron prioritizes sustainability and ethical farming practices for its meals. All ingredients come from responsible suppliers known for their commitment to best practices. The company provides detailed information about where its products come from, so customers can learn more about the origin of their food.

Blue Apron allows you to customize some of the recipes by changing the protein. This way, you can even turn a few of the recipes vegetarian and extend the number of plant-based recipes. There are also a variety of add-ons that allow you to supplement your kit with additional proteins, desserts, and more. 

Is It Good Value?

Prices vary depending on the meal type and the number of meals you want. The cost per meal starts at $4.79, with Meal Kit options generally being more affordable than Prepared & Ready meals. You can buy as few as 2 meal kits for 2 people per week. The largest order per plan is 5 meals for 4 people. You can buy 4, 6, 8, or 10 single-serving Prepared & Ready options per week.

The company lets you add extra meals if you have more mouths to feed. Also, you can switch between meal plans week by week. Order both meal kits and prepared meals in a week by placing separate orders or by choosing meal kits and then adding prepared meals from the small selection in the Add-ons menu.

4. HelloFresh – Best for Healthy Foods with a Dose of Social Responsibility

HelloFresh's Cheesy Spinach, Tomato & Feta Panini

Key Features

  • Family-friendly meal kits

  • 100+ impressive recipes per week

  • Dietary options include vegetarian, pescatarian, low-calorie, and more

HelloFresh is a great choice for families of all sizes thanks to its abundance of family-friendly recipes. You’ll find plenty of crowd-pleasing recipes, like One-Pan Santa Fe Turkey Tacos or Cranberry Thyme Chicken, that both the adults and the kids enjoy. Plus, tThe menu changes every week, so there’s no time to get bored. 

What’s on the Menu?

While most of the recipes are based on American cuisine, there are several international recipes. So if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can try recipes like Szechuan Pork Ramen Stir-Fry or Tunisian-Spiced Tilapia with Chermoula. If you don’t know what to choose, look out for the Hall of Fame tag – this is applied to all the users’ favorite recipes.

Besides its extensive menu (over 100 recipes each week), HelloFresh also has a Cookbook section. Here, you can find a collection of recipes and cooking tips that can serve as inspiration whenever your culinary ideas feel stuck.

HelloFresh's meal plans are varied, including Meat & Veggies, Veggie, Family Friendly, Fit & Wholesome, Under 20 Minutes, and Pescatarian options. You have the flexibility to mix and match across these categories, tailoring your weekly meal selections to suit your specific dietary needs and preferences. 

What Makes It Special?

One of the reasons I like HelloFresh is the company’s dedication to sustainability. Not only does it offer a variety of menus and meal plans at a reasonable price (see the full list in our tried-and-tested HelloFresh review), but it’s also set up several initiatives geared toward social responsibility goals.

Most of HelloFresh’s meal kits take 30 to 35 minutes to prep and cook, so it’s a great way to have speedy home-cooked meals. But if you want to try the more elaborate kits (40 to 50 minutes), the recipe cards are extremely easy to understand and follow. 

Is It Good Value?

HelloFresh's Market extends its offerings beyond meal kits, featuring a selection of pantry essentials, quick meals, and add-ons. This curated marketplace allows you to complement your meal plan with a variety of products, from breakfast items to desserts.

HelloFresh is truly a great option for families at $3.32 per serving for the 6 meals for 4 people per week plan. But even if you order as a couple, you can get a great deal for the 3 meals for 2 people per week, which is the most popular option.

5. Home Chef – Best Flexible Meal Planning in Salt Lake City

Home Chef's Cheesy Mushroom and Spinach Flautas

Key Features

  • A wide variety of meal kits and prep times

  • 35+ impressive recipes per week + extras

  • Dietary options include carb-conscious, low-calorie, and vegetarian

Home Chef offers delicious meal kits with a variety of cooking techniques and prep times. Each meal kit contains pre-portioned fresh ingredients and premade sauces and seasonings, which makes it easy to cook and assemble the meals, even if the recipe is quite elaborate.

What’s on the Menu?

The meal options include classic comfort dishes as well as modern chef-inspired offerings. Plus, the menu caters to several different dietary preferences, such as plant-based, low-carb, and low-calorie. 

There is also a family-dedicated menu with 4-serving meal kits designed to appeal even to the pickiest of eaters. See my colleague’s Home Chef review for more details on the types of meals and menu options.

Home Chef's menu predominantly features Americanized recipes with a sprinkling of international options to cater to diverse tastes. Among these, Italian and Asian cuisines stand out, offering a taste of global flavors. This blend of familiar and exotic dishes lets you enjoy a variety of culinary experiences.

What Makes It Special?

You can choose your meals up to 5 weeks in advance, and the menu changes every week. I like the flexibility of choosing between multiple types of meal kits, including Express kits for those in a hurry and Culinary Collection kits for special occasions. And don’t forget the extras like cooked proteins, lunches, beverages, desserts, and more.

You can also use the Customize It feature to re-design meals according to your preferences. The feature allows you to swap the default protein in a recipe with several available options. For example, you can order the One-Pan Chimichurri Salmon with yellowtail, chicken, or filet mignon instead. 

Is It Good Value?

Price-wise, Home Chef is great for big families. Prices start at $7.99 per serving and are priced separately, so you’re total depends on what you purchase rather than how much. You can order for 2, 4, and 6 people each week. The maximum order is 6 meals for 6 people.

Home Chef's pricing varies weekly, influenced by the customizable protein choices and premium dishes. This flexibility allows for personalized meals but means costs can change based on your selections.

6. BistroMD – Great for Doctor-Approved Weight-Loss Meals

BistroMD's Vegetarian Chili

Key Features

  • Diet-specific weight-loss programs

  • 150 meals on a 6-week rotation

  • 7 dietary options, including vegan, gluten-free, menopause, and more

BistroMD focuses on weight loss using nutrient-rich and dietitian-designed recipes. The service provides a complete meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to help you build and maintain healthy eating habits that lead to weight loss.

What’s on the Menu?

All of BistroMD’s recipes are science-based and optimized to be low-calorie but still satisfying and balanced in nutrients. Plus, there are several different programs, such as men's, women's, diabetes, heart health, menopause, vegan, and even a gluten-free program, to accommodate your specific dietary needs. 

The only downside could be that these meals come frozen, which some people might not prefer over fresh foods. Another possible downside is the lack of dietary accommodations besides the ones already available. Since the meals are ready-made and carefully designed to fit specific nutritional needs, it’s easy to see why customizations aren’t available. If you want more control over your menu, check out Factor or Home Chef.

BistroMD follows a high protein, low-calorie profile, as the daily plans are designed to be around 1200/1400 calories. I also like that men’s and women’s daily plans differ (women get 1200 calories/day, and men get 1400 calories/day). The macronutrient profile for most recipes includes about 25% of fat, 35% carbohydrate, and between 40 and 50% protein.

What Makes It Special?

As a bonus, BistroMD offers support from the registered dietitians in its team. So, if you have questions about the meals or your dietary needs, you can get in touch with 1 of BistroMd’s specialists via chat. 

You also have access to the company’s Health Library blog and its extensive FAQ section, so it’s easy to stay informed. Or you can read my colleague’s tested BistroMD review for more details on meals and plans.

Is It Good Value?

BistroMD’s meals are both nutritionally balanced and portion-controlled. This eliminates the guesswork often associated with dieting. This focus on ease and clarity helps you stick to your weight-loss goals with less effort, making it a practical choice for individuals seeking a straightforward path to healthier eating.

With BistroMD, prices start at $8.24 per serving, and you can choose between 2 meal plans. You can have either the Full Plan or the Lunches & Dinners plan, and each is available for 7 or 5 days.

7. Marley Spoon – A Culinary Legend at Work

Marley Spoon's Chicken Tikka Masala

Key Features

  • Menu rich in kid-friendly options

  • 100+ recipes to choose from every week

  • Dietary options include vegetarian, dairy-free, low-calorie, and more

Marley Spoon offers a huge 100+ meals every week across a range of categories. It has plenty of useful categories to help you find meals that suit your taste and lifestyle. There are options for families (kid-friendly meals), vegetarians, vegans, people with dairy sensitivity, and more.

What’s on the Menu?

One of the most striking features of Marley Spoon is its partnership with TV cooking legend Martha Stewart. And this is not just for marketing purposes. Martha Stewart uses her hands-on expert knowledge to help Marley Spoon experts choose the best and freshest ingredients, and her exclusive, signature spice blends make these recipes more flavorful. 

Half of Marley Spoon’s menu is customizable, so you can adjust these recipes to your own preferences. Just like with Home Chef’s Customize It feature, you can choose different proteins and side dishes from a predefined list. And, more often than not, 1 of the options is the organic version of the default protein or side dish.

The cuisine is varied and features a combination of American and international cuisines. There are also several one-pot or one-pan recipes, ready-made meals (4 each week), and plenty of Under 30 Minutes kits. As my colleague points out in their dedicated Marley Spoon review, the menu is incredibly varied.

What Makes It Special?

Marley Spoon has committed to being 100% carbon neutral, reflecting a strong dedication to environmental sustainability. This achievement means that for every ton of carbon dioxide emitted through its operations and delivery process, Marley Spoon invests in projects that reduce carbon emissions by an equivalent amount. This effort spans from sourcing ingredients responsibly to optimizing packaging and delivery routes.

Marley Spoon's market extras include ready-to-heat options, meal shortcuts, additional proteins, and snacks. These additions offer customers the flexibility to adapt their meals to busy schedules, enhance their dietary intake with extra protein, or enjoy quick snacks.

Is It Good Value?

Marley Spoon lets you order for 2 and 4 people, between 2 and 6 recipes each week. Prices start at $2.99 per serving, which is affordable for most Salt Lake City denizens. I think the service fits both families and couples, but make sure to keep an eye on your customizations. 

If you upgrade your recipe to include organic products, the change comes with an upcharge. This may bring up the total amount, especially if you like customizing every meal. Plus, you often need a few extra pantry items for recipes, so keep an eye out when making your menu selections.

8. Purple Carrot – Best Vegan and Vegetarian Meals in Salt Lake City

Purple Carrot's Summer Vegetable Ciabatta

Key Features

  • Internationally inspired vegan meals

  • 35+ recipes each week (meal kits and prepared) and add-ons

  • Dietary options include soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and more

The entire Purple Carrot menu is devoted to plant-based food, with both meal kits and oven-ready prepared meals. The meal kits section includes recipes that range from breakfast to dinner, while the ready-made section only includes entrees. Also, you can’t mix and match the 2 menu sections in the same order.

What’s on the Menu?

Purple Carrot's cuisine options span a diverse range, including North African Butter Bean Bowls, Ramen, and Moroccan Chickpea Soup, showcasing the variety in its plant-based menu. These dishes reflect a commitment to global flavors, offering subscribers a chance to explore international cuisine while maintaining a vegan lifestyle. 

Purple Carrot also has a collection of plant-based pantry items, referred to as the Plantry. These can be added to your meal kit or prepared meals order. It offers snacks to complement Purple Carrot’s meals, with items like Chocolate Tahini and Sea Salt Cauliflower Snacking Crackers. 

While there aren't any customizations available, the rotating menu ensures that you'll never get bored with your meal options. It’s important to mention that Purple Carrot isn’t an organic-certified service. So, while most of the non-produce items are organic, the company doesn’t promise each meal kit or ready-made recipe will include organic ingredients.

What Makes It Special?

Purple Carrot only works with trustworthy suppliers to make sure all the ingredients are at peak nutrition and freshness. If you prefer a service that can offer full organic produce, you should check out Green Chef’s offer.

It's also highly focused on protecting the environment. For this, the company tries to use less plastic in its packaging and ensures the materials are eco-friendly. Our expert-tested Purple Carrot review goes into more detail on the company’s environmental impact.

Is It Good Value?

Prices with Purple Carrot start a $8.50 per serving for meal kits and $13 per serving for ready-made meals. Now, the price per serving for meal kits changes depending on how much you order. As such, you can order 3 or 4 meals for 2 people, or 2 or 3 meals for 4 people per week.

Ready-made meals have a fixed price per serving, and you can order 6, 8, or 10 single-serving meals each week. You are able to mix and match between meal kits and prepared meals by making these changes from your account.

9. Dinnerly – Best Budget-Friendly Meals in Salt Lake City

Dinnerly's  Shrimp & Veggie Foil Packets

Key Features

  • Simple and tasty recipes

  • 100+ recipes each week

  • Dietary options include low-carb, low-calorie, vegetarian, and more

Dinnerly is 1 of the most affordable meal delivery services in the Salt Lake City market. But despite offering low-cost meals, the company manages to maintain high standards of ingredient quality and offers tons of recipe options each week.

What’s on the Menu?

The extensive menu includes over 100 recipes each week and offers meal kits and 4 to 5 ready-made meals. Most of the recipes are simple (usually 6 ingredients or fewer) and easy to make. However, this doesn’t mean the meals lack flavor or imagination. The kits are put together by professional chefs and feature a combination of American and international cuisine.

This way, you can easily prepare plenty of interesting and quick home-cooked meals for the entire family. There are even recipes that respect certain dietary restrictions, such as dairy-free or vegetarian. But most dishes are designed to appeal to a general palate and range from classic comfort foods like pasta and pot pie to inventive dishes like chorizo and broccoli quesadillas. 

Dinnerly features customizable recipes, with images showing the most popular version of each dish. Due to customization, the actual recipe title might not always match the displayed image. This flexibility in meal selection means you can personalize your dining experience to suit your preferences.

What Makes It Special?

Dinnerly only works with trustworthy suppliers that provide the freshest fruits and veggies and high-quality proteins. Plus, some meals include organic ingredients from local suppliers, but these come with an upcharge. To learn more about Dinnerly’s ingredients and menu content, make sure to check our tested Dinnerly review.

To keep overall costs down, Dinnerly keeps packaging simple, and all the ingredients are loose inside the box. The ingredients arrive fresh, with separate compartments for meats and fish to avoid cross-contamination. You also don’t have to receive paper recipe cards. In fact, the digital versions are user-friendly and helpful.

Is It Good Value?

One notable advantage of Dinnerly is its affordability. The service is much cheaper than takeout, with prices starting from $2.12 per serving for the maximum box size (6 meals for 4 people each week). Besides helping you save money on your grocery bill, Dinnerly also helps minimize food waste.

Dinnerly also has a budget-friendly Saver range, offering meals at a lower cost than its standard options. Identified by a Saver badge on the menu, these selections can help customers save around a dollar per serving. The range features straightforward dishes such as risottos, curries, salads, and more.

Quick Comparison Table

Top Plans
Top Plans
Factor75 logo
Green Chef logo
Blue Apron logo
Hello Fresh logo
Home Chef logo
BistroMD logo
Marley Spoon logo
Purple carrot logo
Dinnerly logo
Our Rating
Our Rating
Starting Price
Starting Price

$10.49 Per Serving

$9.99 Per Serving

$4.79 Per Serving

$3.32 Per Serving

$7.99 Per Serving

$8.24 Per Serving

$2.99 Per Serving

$8.50 Per Serving

$2.12 Per Serving

Minimum Order
Minimum Order

6 prepared meals

3 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

10 prepared meals

2 meals for 2 people

3 meal kits for 2 people/6 prepared meals

3 meals for 2 people

Meal Types
Meal Types

Prepared meals

10-45 minute meal kits

5 - 60 min meal kits and prepared meals

Meal kits, speedy kits, prepared meals

Kits, speedy kits, oven-ready

Prepared meals

30-60 min meal kits

Meal kits, prepared meals

30-minute meal kits

Prep Time
Prep Time

2-3 min

25-40 min

5-45 min

5-50 min

5-50 min

2-3 min

20-40 min

3-40 min

20-45 min

Active Deals
Active Deals

Tips for Choosing the Best Meal Delivery Services in Salt Lake City

Here are some pointers to help you decide which meal delivery service in Salt Lake City best suits your needs:

    • Customizability: The ability to customize your menu is a big plus for any meal delivery service. Select a service that allows you to swap out the protein or side dish in your recipes, as Home Chef does.
    • Selection: A wide variety of options allows for a diverse diet and a greater opportunity to find something you really like. For instance, Blue Apron offers a good selection of gourmet meals that fit everyone’s taste.
    • Healthiness: Most meal delivery services do a good job at providing top-quality food, but be sure to look into the quality and sources of their ingredients, as well as the nutrition information of each meal. For instance, if you want organic ingredients in your meals, a certified-organic service like Green Chef should do the trick.
    • Price: Last, but not necessarily least, is price. With most services, ordering more meals can give you a lower cost per-serving price and better overall value. But if you’re looking for budget-friendly meals, you can’t go wrong with a service like Dinnerly.


      What is the best healthy meal delivery service in Salt Lake City?

      Blue Apron is a great option if you want to eat healthy and enjoy your dining experience. Moreover, you can make certain vegetarian meals omnivore and vice versa.

      What is the best diet meal delivery service in Salt Lake City?

      My winner here is BistroMD. The service has several weight-loss meal plans designed to fit specific dietary needs, and all its recipes are crafted by dietitians focused on healthy fat-burning. Plus, you get a complete daily menu tailored to your needs.

      What is the best keto meal delivery service in Salt Lake City?

      Green Chef has a dedicated Keto meal plan and offers around 11 keto meals each week. Plus, there is an additional menu (the Add-ons) where you can find plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dessert options that fit the keto diet.

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