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Author Katarina Todorovic
Katarina Todorovic
Updated on Oct 16th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

CUBO 2023: Wellness Beverages At a Push Of a Button!

In the bustling world of modern business, innovation often arises from the most unexpected sources. Imagine a world where your office not only keeps you productive but also nurtures your well-being effortlessly. Enter Grichka, the visionary CEO behind CUBO Wellness Beverages, a game-changer in the realm of office and commercial space refreshment. Grichka's brainchild is no ordinary beverage dispenser; it's a self-cleaning marvel that redefines how we enjoy refreshments in the workplace. In this Delivery Rank’s article, we will delve into the story of Grichka and the revolutionary "self-cleaning beverage machine" that promises to elevate the way we perceive office refreshments, making wellness a seamless part of our daily routines.

What inspired you to create CUBO, the self-cleaning beverage machine? Can you share the story behind its inception?

CUBO was conceived from a genuine need. Nicolas Blatt, our founder, who juggled the roles of a parent to three kids and a professional, found his mornings hectic. Despite the morning rush, Nicolas prioritized wellbeing, always preparing a fresh smoothie for his family. On a particularly busy morning, he wished there was a machine like CUBO available to streamline the process. 

Surprised by its absence in the market and harnessing his engineering skills, he constructed one for his personal use.The prototype was a hit among friends and family, making Nicolas recognize the broader demand for such a product.Incorporating features for both hot and cold beverages and soups, specialized ingredients to make sure they had benefits throughout the day and prioritizing self-cleaning for convenience, CUBO took shape, bridging the gap between wellness, technology, and convenience.

CUBO is designed for offices and commercial spaces. How do you envision it impacting workplace wellness and employee satisfaction?

CUBO is more than just a one touch beverage platform; it's a wellness revolution for workplaces. In today's dynamic work environment, employee performance is tightly linked with well-being. CUBO offers the triple threat  advantage of wellness, taste and convenience, allowing employees to enjoy a delicious drink made with the best ingredients on earth, right within their office without any hassle. Rather than having to go out to a starbucks, or a Jamba Juice, or a local restaurant, it is all within a push of a button and without any commute. 

As companies eagerly push for the return of their workforce to the office, unique perks like CUBO become invaluable. We're even introducing an interactive program where office employees can pose questions about their wellbeing to our expert, Dr. Stuart Murray. Furthermore, our educational content including  insightful videos, enlightens users about the benefits of the ingredients they're consuming and promotes conscious consumption.

The concept of "wellness beverages" is intriguing. Can you explain what types of wellness-focused drinks CUBO offers and their potential health benefits?

Our approach to wellness beverages is deeply rooted in the belief that what we consume is one of the biggest factors to how we perform and feel. Whether it's seeking an edge in athletic performance, enhancing productivity in the office, adding a bright spot to socializing, or fostering a sense of calm amidst chaos, our drinks aim to cater to these diverse needs and tastes.

We've curated our offerings to cater to this idea and are consistently innovating more and more. From morning drinks that awaken and invigorate, such as our coffee-focused offerings, to post-workout refreshments and even calming teas designed for relaxation at night. Every drink has its special moment.

I included just a few examples below: 

Green Juice: A refreshing blend of Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Spinach, Lime, Ginger, Lemon, Kale, and Spirulina. This drink is a powerhouse of nutrients designed to invigorate the body and mind. 

Probiotic Mango Turmeric: This  fusion has tropical flavor but also packs a wellness punch with 4 Billion CFU of probiotics (Bacillus coagulans). It's particularly focused for gut health, digestion and a balanced internal environment.

Mushroom Coffee Latte: A unique concoction that merges the richness of coffee with the potential benefits of functional mushrooms – Lion’s Mane and Reishi. This blend is tailored for those seeking enhanced focus, creativity, and cognitive function, making it a favorite among professionals and creatives.

Dark Chocolate Protein Shake: Post-workout nutrition is crucial for recovery, and our Dark Chocolate Protein Shake provides just that. Enriched with 20g of vegan protein, it supports muscle repair and growth, helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts get the most from their training sessions.

Convenience is a significant factor in modern workplaces. How user-friendly is the CUBO machine, and what options do users have for customization?

CUBO is the epitome of user-friendliness, designed to be as straightforward as pushing a button. Just like using a Keurig machine. Users can enjoy their desired beverage in three simple steps: insert the pod, press the button, and let the machine self-clean.That is it!  What's revolutionary about CUBO is its intelligence and ease – each pod was created with specific instructions tailored to the beverage, ensuring the perfect size, temperature, and texture without any manual input. For those who prefer a more personalized touch, temperature and size can be adjusted. We also remain receptive to customer feedback, striving to curate recipes that resonate most with our audience.

Looking ahead, what are your future plans and goals for CUBO - Wellness Beverages? Are there any exciting developments or expansions on the horizon?

Our guiding principle is to remain adaptive and responsive to market needs. The versatility of CUBO means we can readily embrace emerging wellness trends, like the increasing interest in mushroom-infused drinks. We're passionate about community engagement and urge our customers to voice their preferences by emailing us at cubocare@cubopods.com. On the horizon, we're excited about launching CUBO pop-up clubs across Southern California. For those eagerly waiting to integrate CUBO into their homes, we have a B2C market waiting list, which they can join via our website. The journey of wellness is an evolving one, and we're committed to leading the change with CUBO.

If you would like to find out more about Cubo Pods, visit https://cubopods.com/

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