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Author Mike Pawlik
Mike Pawlik
Created on Jun 1st, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

Do Any Meal Delivery Services Accept EBT? Sadly, Not Exactly

Currently, there are no meal delivery services in the US that accept EBT. This includes services like Home Chef, Blue Apron, and HelloFresh – though, some are beginning to look into introducing this feature. But what about other services like grocery delivery? There are still some good options for you if you want to use your SNAP benefits for online food orders.

My team and I have researched and validated several grocery delivery options that accept EBT. For example, a few services like Instacart, Aldi, Fresh Direct, Hungry Harvest, Walmart, Amazon, and even Top Box Foods will accept EBT, depending on your location. In my opinion, Instacart is one of the best options as you can order groceries using EBT from many of the stores you may already shop at.

There are also a few more options that I’ll go over in detail in this article. If you’ve been wanting to use your SNAP benefits through EBT online, you can definitely still do so, even if you can’t use your benefits for meal kits or prepared meals. Not all grocery deliveries that accept EBT ship to all areas in the US, though – so read on to find out what grocery delivery service accepts EBT in your specific area.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Grocery Delivery Services that Accept EBT

  1. Instacart – Order groceries online from local grocery stores using EBT
  2. FreshDirect – Use EBT for online grocery orders if you live in the Bronx, NY
  3. Amazon – Access a wide variety of groceries using EBT
  4. Top Box Foods – Use SNAP benefits in Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Cook County/Chicago, Rockford, and New Orleans
  5. Walmart – Get groceries delivered using EBT at select stores in 49 states (minus Alaska, which only accepts pickup)

Which Grocery Stores Accept EBT Online?

There are several grocery stores that you can order groceries from online that will accept EBT. However, not all online grocery stores will let you buy everything you want using your SNAP benefits. You’ll run into some limitations – so I’d like to tell you what you can buy from where using EBT.

1. Instacart – Order Groceries Online from Local Grocery Stores Using EBT

instacart, free delivery for EBT orders

InstaCart offers free delivery for your first 3 orders if you use EBT until June 30, 2023

Key Features

  • Use your SNAP benefits at local stores like Aldi, Food Bazaar, and Price Chopper

  • Choose a wide variety of groceries like produce, pantry items, and more

  • Easily add your EBT card to the app for simple checkouts

  • Anyone can use EBT except those living in Alaska, Louisiana, or Montana

Instacart is one of the best ways to use your SNAP benefits for online grocery deliveries as you’ll have access to many local stores. You can use your SNAP benefits via EBT for lots of staple items and non-alcoholic beverages. Specific examples include produce, pantry items, meats, and more. When you’re shopping at any participating store, you’ll be able to easily identify products that accept EBT as they’ll be marked with an “EBT” label.

Our reviewer pointed out that Instacart basically delivers groceries to your door from stores you already love and visit in-person. Some of the most popular stores that currently support the EBT Online Ordering Pilot Program include Safeway, Aldi, Food Bazaar, Price Chopper, ACME Markets, Cardena’s, and tons more. 

You can find a full list of the Instacart grocery stores that accept EBT here.

Keep in mind that, you must add your EBT card along with a secondary credit or debit card. Your secondary card will be used to cover costs like bottle deposits, taxes, delivery tips, and other items that are not eligible for SNAP benefits.

2. FreshDirect – Use EBT for Online Grocery Orders if You Live in the Bronx, NY

freshdirect, ebt snap benefits

Use your SNAP benefits at FreshDirect if you live in the Bronx, NY

Key Features

  • Use EBT if you live within 10454 or 10455 in the Bronx, NY

  • Using EBT is subject to a $30 minimum order

  • You can choose your own delivery time slot at checkout

  • Choose from tons of USDA-approved, SNAP-eligible grocery items

FreshDirect is one of the longest-standing online grocery delivery companies in the US. It offers pretty much anything you can find at your favorite grocery store. I really wanted this company to be number 1 on this list, but it’s a shame that it’s only available in 2 Bronx zip codes – 10454 and 10455.

However, if you do live in these 2 areas, you can find all sorts of products like meal kits, prepared 4-minute meals, grocery staples like canned foods, fruits, veggies, meats and seafood, dairy products, and tons more. You can even get things like deli items and food platters.

You can use your SNAP benefits to buy pretty much anything other than alcohol, vitamins, supplements, medicines, cleaning products, hygiene products, or cosmetics. The USDA stipulates that you can only use EBT for food-related items.

3. Amazon – Access a Wide Variety of Groceries Using EBT

amazon.com, ebt

Use your SNAP benefits and EBT for lots of different Amazon grocery items

Key Features

  • Access a wide variety of grocery items using your SNAP benefits

  • Purchase from Whole Foods Market and Amazon Fresh

  • Get items like produce, meat, fish, dairy products, and pantry items

  • Use EBT in any state for Amazon grocery purchases except Alaska

Amazon is one of the top online grocery delivery services because of its large selection of items. If you’re not sure which items qualify, you can easily identify EBT-eligible items as they’ll be labeled as “SNAP EBT Eligible”. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to purchase alcoholic beverages using SNAP benefits.

There are 3 primary ways to use your SNAP benefits for Amazon grocery items. You can choose Amazon Fresh, regular Amazon groceries, or Whole Foods Market items. Amazon Fresh includes canned goods, pantry items, fruits, veggies, meat and seafood, bread, and more. Amazon groceries include fruit snacks, nuts, oils, drinks, coffee, protein powders, cereals, and baby food. Whole Foods Market offers things like more produce, meat and seafood, and dairy items.

You’ll get free delivery for orders over $35 ($50 in New York City) for Amazon Fresh orders if you use your EBT card to check out. For regular Amazon grocery orders, you’ll get free delivery if you spend over $25 (or no minimum for free shipping if you’re already a Prime member). Whole Foods Market offers free pickup for orders over $35, or a $9.95 service fee for deliveries.

4. Top Box Foods – Use Your EBT Card for a Collection of Food Boxes

top box foods delivery areas

Top Box Foods delivers to Cook County/Chicago, Rockford, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Atlanta

Key Features

  • Available in a select few areas in the US

  • Payments via EBT must be made in person on the day of delivery

  • Get items like Season Garden Boxes, Veggie Boxes, seafood, meat, and more

  • Access a huge variety of recipes if you’re unsure of what to cook

Top Box Foods is available to those living in Cook County/Chicago, Rockford, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or Atlanta. At this time, no other areas are serviced, but this may change in the future.

It’s a bit different from your traditional grocery delivery service in that it offers very specific items. For example, it offers a collection of 5 specific boxes you can choose from. These include a Salmon Fillets box, a Strip Steaks box, a Vegetable Box, Oven Glazed Chicken Wings, and a Season Garden Box.

You can use your SNAP benefits via EBT for any of these items. However, keep in mind that you can’t make a payment online – rather, you’ll have to present your card at the time of delivery to complete your purchase.

5. Walmart – Access one of the Largest Grocery Selections in the US

Walmart EBT food eligible

You can sort the Walmart grocery category only by items that are eligible for SNAP benefits

Key Features

  • Like Amazon, you get access to a very large selection of groceries

  • Check the “EBT food eligible” box to see only SNAP-eligible items

  • Use 2 payment methods for the same order if you also want to buy non-grocery items

  • Available in most of the US with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii

Walmart, very similar to Amazon, offers a huge selection of grocery items. As long as these items have been approved by the USDA, you can use your SNAP benefits for them via your EBT card. You’ll find lots of items like fresh produce, frozen foods, pantry items and snacks, beverages, dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, and more.

You can use 2 different payment methods at the same time if you want to order anything else from Walmart that isn’t covered by the SNAP program. This makes it easy to shop for all of your essentials in one order without the stress of having to place several orders.


Does Home Chef take EBT SNAP benefits?

Unfortunately, not at this time, though this might change in future. Meanwhile, Instacart facilitates the usage of your SNAP benefits for online grocery shopping from your preferred stores.

Does HelloFresh accept EBT?

Again, sadly, not at this time. If you’re looking for meal kits or prepared meals, and you live in the Bronx (in zip code 10454 or 10455), you could check out FreshDirect’s excellent selection of prepared foods.

What grocery delivery accepts EBT?

There are several online grocery delivery services that accept EBT. However, the one you may be most interested in is Instacart. It allows you to order groceries online from many of the local stores you already shop at like Safeway, FoodMaxx, Sprouts Farmers Market, Lucky Supermarkets, and tons more. Find the full list of Instacart grocery stores that deliver that also accept SNAP benefits via EBT here.

Can SNAP benefits be used online to order groceries for delivery?

Yes! But keep in mind that not every grocery delivery service that accepts EBT delivers to all states in the US. If you want to be sure that groceries can be ordered in your area using your SNAP benefits, it would be best to stick with Amazon, for instance. Amazon accepts EBT for groceries and is available anywhere in the US with the exception of Alaska at this time.

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