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Author Katarina Todorovic
Katarina Todorovic
Updated on Oct 26th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

Food FiXR 2023: A HealthTech Company Making it Easy to Find Sustainable, Body-Optimizing Foods at the Grocery Store!

In a world where "one-size-fits-all" solutions have become all too common, Food FiXR's innovative approach harnesses the latest advances in generative AI to personalize and optimize the way we consume food. By marrying the wisdom of traditional medicine with cutting-edge technology, Dr. Hameister and her team have pioneered a new paradigm in healthcare, where food is the medicine, and the prescription is tailored to each individual's unique needs. But what truly sets Food FiXR apart is its use of spatial web integration tools. In a time when our world is becoming increasingly interconnected, the spatial web allows Food FiXR to create a dynamic and adaptable ecosystem where health and wellness seamlessly intertwine with our daily lives. It's not just a diet or a fitness routine; it's a lifestyle, seamlessly woven into our modern existence. In this Delivery Rank’s article, we'll delve deeper into the revolutionary journey of Dr. Grace H. Hameister and the remarkable strides her company, Food FiXR, is making in the health and wellness sector. Prepare to be amazed, as we explore the convergence of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology in the quest to transform food into medicine, one personalized byte at a time.

You are operating in a market filled with weight loss and fitness solutions. I read about you on your website. So, could you please start by sharing your background story and what inspired you to create Food FiXR?

First, before we even get started, I want to express my gratitude for this opportunity to be here. I love sharing our mission and supporting artists and media platforms like yours. It makes me incredibly happy. So, thank you very much.

Food FiXR emerged from a combination of two significant influences in my life. I was the first Olympic-level rhythmic gymnast in Wisconsin. Later, I became a professional water skier. I competed in San Diego and Cypress Gardens in Florida. In 1993, I won a World Championship. These experiences exposed me to the world of elite athletics at a young age.

When I was a teenager training at the Olympic Training Center, I went to nutrition classes. These classes had a big impact on me. We were told that, in a decade's time, 5% of the foods we would be consuming hadn't even been invented yet. This revelation was mind-boggling. Today, you can see many kinds of power bars, water, and gluten-free options. These innovations have reshaped our dietary choices.

As a doctor, I have extensive education and training. I specialize in chiropractic care, integrative medicine, functional medicine, and food. I worked as a doctor in Beverly Hills and got to help famous people, like athletes and actors.

I recognized that two worlds were converging - the world of nutrition and the world of medicine. This made me create a special cleanse for weight loss that I used with my elite clients in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

During COVID-19, we had to think about what really matters in life. People would come to me for help with immunity and other concerns, and I wanted to do something to help.  The more I could sit and reflect, I realized that the top killers in modern medicine had one thing in common:  they are all mostly preventable and potentially reversible JUST by eating the right food. Unfortunately, many of the foods we eat have toxins in them, and most people don’t even know it.

I used to shop for groceries for my patients, making sure they had the right ingredients for healing. After surgery, I would give you foods that reduce inflammation and have good nutrients. This is my profession, and I excel at it. But what about an 80-year-old mother or a college student living away from home for the first time? How are they supposed to navigate these dietary intricacies?

A significant gap exists when it comes to access to scientifically sound, practical information. People need an easily accessible resource to look up guidance for specific conditions. If you've had a heart attack, you can learn which foods repair your heart muscle.

That's when I decided to take action and create Food FiXR. Although it may appear innovative, my idea is actually the result of 15 years of dedicated work. I've seen people's lives change when I teach them what to eat, how to get it, and what to avoid. The changes have a deep impact on people's well-being. That's why I stay motivated and inspired to continue with Food FiXR.

Food FiXR is more than a new venture. This represents my life's work. I believe everyone deserves access to the power of good nutrition.

Could you elaborate on what sets your HealthTech company apart and how it leverages generative AI and spatial web integration to make a difference?

I'm really excited about our AI integration right now. Everything is currently under development. What sets us apart is that we are not just a weight loss company or a nutrition company. We are a mission-driven company. Our mission is to provide people with access to optimal health, one educated bite at a time. That's our goal.

Our goal is to help everyone, regardless of wealth, by offering education, tools, and community outreach. People in low-income and minority communities often struggle with diabetes and heart disease. Starting from the ground up, we prioritize equity, and that's what truly sets us apart. We are unwavering in our commitment to this mission.

Now, let me explain how our workflow works. When you access our app, please note that it's still in the design phase and has not been released yet, so I can't show it to you. However, we have a clear vision of its functionality, and it's already under development.

You'll begin by answering some basic demographic questions, much like the MyFitnessPal app. This includes your age, weight, height, and your location. We will also ask about any health conditions you have, like postpartum depression or thyroid problems. We'll also ask about gut disorders and high stress levels. This information is crucial for personalizing your experience.

Our algorithm, powered by AI, processes all this data. It includes an extensive list of nutrients and foods based on the FDA's database. In addition, we are using my doctor's knowledge of nutrients that are not in the FDA's database. These nutrients include Omega-3s. These nutrients play a critical role in achieving optimal health, beyond just preventing illness.

AI also plays a significant role in our system. Our coaching system provides one-on-one coaching to help you reach your goals of healing with food. We're not a fitness company; we are a food as medicine resource. When you interact with our coaches, they have access to a chatbot enabled AI response system. To give accurate information, we use double-blind randomized trials. This helps us avoid contradictory or unreliable answers to the same questions.

This precise and tailored approach allows us to serve more people in the public. We know that people often ask questions about gut health and other health topics. AI can help us answer them. It helps us make a more significant impact on people's lives.

Thank you for your interest in our mission. We're thrilled to keep working on and using these new ideas to make good things happen.

The term "WellnessGPT" is intriguing. Could you explain what it means and how it's integrated into your HealthTech platform to provide more personalized and effective solutions for your users?

To provide you with an example, Wellness GPT is precisely what I've just described. It's the AI framework known as Wellness GPT, and it's being referred to as such within the company Suggestic. They are integrating it with their database because they have the necessary data.

Think of our company as a library. I extract bits and pieces to create my company. One of these pieces is the Wellness GPT. When you work with me as a client, you can send me a text. You can say, "I tried a new recipe and now my stomach hurts and I feel gassy." The AI makes this process faster and more concise, so we can give you specific recommendations quickly. I can respond immediately. What's really cool is that this interaction happens via texting, so you don't have to wait for a telemedicine appointment. You get instant feedback.

There are also safety measures in place. If you tell them about heart palpitations or a bad allergic reaction, the system sees it as urgent. We'll provide very specific directions, such as advising you to go to the emergency room if necessary. We take your safety seriously.

Incorporating AI into our services is fascinating. It can increase success rates by up to 100 times. This is because of its real-time connectivity. While the responses are AI-generated, they are still personalized. An actual coach oversees and approves the responses before they are sent out. Because of this, our success and retention rates are higher, and there is a greater demand for one-on-one coaching. The AI helps us respond quickly and with more accuracy.

In your mission to promote healthier eating and sustainable practices, could you describe some of the challenges you've encountered and how Food FiXR has addressed them?

I would say, it's just like wearing a different hat. I've been a physician throughout my entire career, so now, donning the startup hat is really thrilling for me. Simultaneously, I find myself at a stage in my career where I know my purpose extends beyond the doors I walk through. This realization has been with me since I was a little girl. I've always felt that I have a significant impact on this planet to help people. It's an innate understanding I possess.

I faced challenges learning the startup language. It included making pitch decks and joining pitch competitions. I actually enjoyed it. I missed performing in front of people, as I truly relish public speaking and such engagements. The meetings with investors have been frustrating. They seem uninterested but still attend. It's essentially a waste of everyone's time, and that has been genuinely irksome.

Additionally, there's a notable dynamic when working with the investment community. There can be an air of condescension, which is quite perplexing. When I engage with someone, even though I may lack an MBA in finance, I can certainly ensure that their body is functioning well. Imagine sitting in a room with me, listening to anatomical terms—it would be equally perplexing. As I learn to talk to investors and explain our mission, I've encountered condescending attitudes. Some treat me as if I'm merely "cute" or almost like a little girl, which is far from acceptable. Such encounters should not be the norm. Investors must reflect and acknowledge that they are dealing with a very smart person. The communication problem could be like someone speaking German while another speaks French. It doesn't make what they say any less important. It's indeed been a challenging aspect to navigate.

Your partners play a significant role in your company's success. Can you tell us more about the role of Suggestic, Wishroute, and Verses.ai in achieving your mission and what made these collaborations essential?

There are two specific companies that I've mentioned; Suggestic is the one we are using for all our foundational data. They have the capability to save me decades' worth of work because they already have a ready-made solution. I can simply select what I need to make it my own, and I gain ownership of the AI. We haven't started working together yet, but the CEO is really smart. We also need to talk about intellectual property. He's actually an old friend of mine from San Francisco and later LA, and I've been observing their company's evolution from a distance. I'm currently based in Wisconsin, but I remember when the internet was taking shape back in 1999 when the .com boom was exploding. However, I didn't have any interest in getting involved with it back then. I had just completed my chiropractic training and becoming a doctor was my focus, not learning how to code.

I started my concierge business in startup communities. I handle doctor-related work, ergonomics, retrofitting, and similar tasks. Now, I see a renaissance occurring with Web 3.0, and Gabriel Renee, along with his team of scientists, is leading the way. They are setting the stage for all of us to have an equitable and understandable experience in this new era of computing. For me, Verses has been a significant source of inspiration. We've talked about using their AI, but we're still in the early stages and haven't had detailed conversations with them yet. However, I'm keeping them on my radar because I want to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Food FiXR aligns with technology, prioritizing safety, health, and harmony with nature. That's why they are important to me too.

What is your vision for the future of Food FiXR, and how do you see your company continuing to evolve and make a positive impact in the years to come?

I'm extremely happy about something we recently accomplished. It's a big step towards making a lasting difference. As I said before, Food FiXR focuses on educating the community and dealing with health factors. We are committed to providing equitable access. So, as of last week, we launched a nonprofit sister company called the "Food and Social Science Institute." We can use this nonprofit initiative to reach out to the community, improve education, and promote cultural relevance.

When people eat food that is important to their culture but causes health problems, we offer solutions that keep the taste and customs. We don't want anyone to feel like they have to turn their back on their heritage. Our goal is to offer food that keeps you healthy and minimizes the need for medical intervention. The idea of "food as medicine" is to help people stay healthy and avoid diseases and health issues.

At the institute, we will study the social sciences part of this project. We want to make a positive impact, both locally and globally. This aligns with our vision for the future of Food FiXR. Food FiXR, a company that makes money, will continue to improve technology and AI to help grocery stores and support our goals. On the other hand, the nonprofit arm will enable us to serve the community. This approach, I believe, is the only way I want to operate. In a world where information is important, we not only give information but also let you experience it with care.

That's the purpose of our institute, and it complements the mission of Food FiXR perfectly.

If you would like to find out more about Food FiXR, visit https://foodfixr.wordpress.com/

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