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Author Chelsea Legay
Chelsea Legay
Updated on Nov 25th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

How to Cancel BistroMD Subscriptions 2023: Quick and Easy

BistroMD makes it really easy to pause your future orders in the account settings, without having to call customer support. That’s even the case if you purchased your meal box using BistroMD’s special discount.

If BistroMD isn’t the right meal delivery service for you, I can recommend a few more that might fit your needs better. With so many options, figuring out which service works best for your diet, price point, and convenience needs may take some trial and error. 

Even with BistroMD’s most recommended plan, I noticed there were a few weaknesses where other meal delivery services have strengths. If you’re on BistroMD’s Vegan plan, you might instead enjoy Factor, which offers a Vegan plan of fully-prepared meals that only have carefully-sourced, high-quality ingredients.

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How to Cancel Your BistroMD Orders – A Quick Guide

  1. Sign in/ Open Account Settings – Log in on the BistroMD website with your email and password.

  1. Click My Account You’ll find this in the top navigation bar on your log in page.

  1. Click Update Plan Follow the prompts to cancel.

  2. Check your email for a confirmation – You'll receive a message confirming you’ve canceled.

  3. Try another vendor – Now’s a great time to take advantage of a new customer discount. Factor is my top recommendation.

Step-By-Step: How to Cancel BistroMD

  1. Sign in / open Account Settings  Sign into your account on the BistroMD website and click the My Account link in the top navigation bar on your login page. You don’t need to contact customer service to cancel, but you do need to ensure you cancel before Wednesday 5 pm Eastern Time during the week before your next delivery.

  2. Select Update Plan You’ll see several options to manage your subscription. Scroll down to find the button that says Click here to cancel subscription.

  3. Complete the Cancel Subscription prompts Once you’ve completed the prompts, you’ll receive an email confirming your cancelation.

While you aren’t required to contact customer service to cancel, you are welcome to contact customer service if you have any questions: 1-866-401-3438 or send an email to customerservice@bistromd.com.

Customer service hours are as follows:

  • MON-FRI: 8am-8pm ET
  • SAT-SUN: 9am-6pm ET*

*You can leave a voicemail any time if you miss customer service. Voicemails will be answered the next day if left during the week or on Monday if left over the weekend.

Best Alternatives

1.Factor – Best for High-Quality Fully Prepared Meals

 plate of Factor's Broccoli Cheddar with Ground Beef
Factor's Broccoli Cheddar with Ground Beef is available on the Keto, Calorie Smart, and Protein Plus menus.

Unlike BistroMD, Factor’s meals are delivered fresh and never frozen. BistroMD has a set list of meals that doesn’t rotate and is not transparent about how long a meal is frozen before it’s delivered to your doorstep. Factor makes your meal fresh and delivers it fresh in insulated boxes to ensure it’s safely refrigerated during transit.

Factor also focuses on flavor and providing fun recipes that rotate each week, while BistroMD’s meals are known to be somewhat bland. Sticking to a diet can be challenging, and having enough variety can help with that challenge. My colleague gave Factor 9.6 out of 10 stars in their in-depth review of its menu and service features.

Factor also gives you the option of choosing from multiple plans at the same time. For example, you could get meals from both the Calorie Smart plan and the Keto plan in a single order. All BistroMD meals are calorie-restricted and weight-loss focused, but choosing Factor will give you more control and variety in your calorie management and meal variety.

If you’re unsure whether Factor is your better choice, consult with its dietitians for free. You can take advantage of a free 20-minute consultation before you sign up for the service. This is great if you’re uncertain whether Factor will help you reach your diet goals. BistroMD offers a consultation, but only after you’ve signed up.

Factor guarantees zero artificial ingredients, flavors, or other additives, while BistroMD is not 100% transparent with this information. Only subscribers are provided with complete ingredient lists and nutritional breakdowns. Factor lists this information on recipe cards on its website.

Meals start at $6.19 per serving when you order the largest plan of 18 meals per week. This is a bit pricier than BistroMD, but the recipe and diet variety and plan flexibility are well worth the few extra bucks per meal.  Plus, new customers can try it for less with a discount code such as Get 50% OFF your 1st box + 20% OFF the next 4 boxes!.

2. Purple Carrot – Best Fully Prepared Plant-Based Recipes

a microwavable tray of Purple Carrot's Chilled Three Bean Salad
This Chilled Three Bean Salad is 100% plant-based, zero gluten added, and comes in at about 460 calories.

Purple Carrot’s prepared meals are a great alternative to BistroMD’s Vegan plan. Purple Carrot is a 100% plant-based meal delivery service that offers meal kits and fully prepared meals. Its microwavable meals only take 2 to 5 minutes to heat, include zero added gluten, and offer calorie-smart options.

Its meal kits also provide more flexibility than BistroMD’s heat-and-eat meals, especially if you’d like to prepare something fresh and veggie-centric. Purple Carrot also has a range of easy prep meal kits. Check out my colleague’s experience ordering from and cooking Purple Carrot’s meal kits.

Purple Carrot’s entire menu of 19 recipes rotates weekly, so variety is always fresh. You’ll find new kit recipes and prepared meals each week, and the Plantry, or extras menu, frequently features new pantry staples and meal sides.

The menu covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is super convenient. You can order up to 12 meal kits per week or 10 prepared meals per week. This means you can cover 3 meals per day for up to 4 days per week, allowing you to significantly cut down the time you’re spending on food planning and prep. 

What’s great about Purple Carrot is that veggies and plant-based proteins are the bulk of its recipes. This is great for those of you who are simply looking to consume more veggies and plant-based foods. Ordering Purple Carrot’s prepared meals is particularly convenient, saving you grocery store trips, and time spent sifting through fresh produce and preparing it at home.

While BistroMD doesn’t cater to allergies, Purple Carrot offers gluten- and soy-free plans. The gluten-free and soy-free plans aren’t yet certified, but they are prepared in a designated area in food prep kitchens far from any allergens.

Prices start at about $8.50 per meal for kits, which is much pricier than BistroMD. What you get for the price is more international cuisine, plant-based recipes with veggies and spices as star flavors, zero gluten added to all meals, and calorie smart options.

3. Home Chef – Best for Calorie-Smart and Carb-Smart Meal Kits

plate of meatballs with roasted red peppers, zucchini and parmesan
Home Chef's Italian Style Pork Meatballs includes the customize-it options of beef, turkey, and the plant-based Impossible Burger.

If exercising your cooking skills a bit more is what you want, you might like Home Chef as your next best option. Home Chef doesn’t offer microwavable meals since all meals arrive as fresh kits. All meals take an average of 40 minutes to prep, but you can also choose from the Easy Prep section of the menu to see recipes that take 10-25 minutes to prep.

You can also filter the menu for Calorie-Smart and Carb-Smart recipes. This is a good option if you still want to maintain a calorie-restricted diet like BistroMD offers. However, Home Chef meals aren’t as calorie-restricted as BistroMD’s. The Calorie-Smart filter shows recipes that are 600 or fewer calories, while BistroMD’s meals are all automatically around 300 to 500 calories per serving.

Like Factor’s plans, Home Chef’s plans are also flexible. You can choose recipes from multiple diet menus at the same time. Check out my experience ordering from Home Chef and cooking its meal kits.

What makes Home Chef the most convenient option on this list is its Customize-It feature. You can swap proteins and sides and even order different portions of each recipe in your order. You can make meat-centric meals into vegetarian or pescatarian-friendly options, double the portions of some proteins, or choose a more luxurious protein like filets mignon.

Home Chef meals are protein-heavy, but you can choose from 6 veggie meals each week, and be sure to take advantage of the Customize-It feature to increase your vegetarian options. The menu isn’t great for vegans, so Purple Carrot will be a better bet if you want truly plant-based meals. 

Home Chef’s per serving prices start at $7.99 when you place the maximum order of 36 meals each week. This is around the same price per serving that BistroMD offers, and you get much more bang for your buck with Home Chef’s plan flexibility, customization options, and recipe variety.

Quick Summary of the Best Alternatives to BistroMD

Meal Delivery Service

Our Rating

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Meal Types

Prep Time

Active Deals



Read the Full Review


6 prepared meals

Prepared meals

2-3 minutes

Get 50% OFF your 1st box + 20% OFF the next 4 boxes!

Purple Carrot


Read the Full Review


2 meal kits for 4 people or 6 prepared meals

Meal kits, prepared meals

3-45 minutes

Cyber Monday Promo: 60% Off Your First Two Boxes + Free Shipping

Home Chef


Read the Full Review


2 meals for 2 people

Meal kits

5-50 minutes

Get 18 Free Meals (across first 5 boxes) + Free Shipping on your 1st box


Is it easy to cancel a BistroMD subscription?

Yes, all you have to do is login on the BistroMD website and follow 3 simple steps to complete your order cancelation.  

Are there healthier/cheaper alternatives to BistroMD?

Yes, Factor is a healthier alternative since meals are delivered fresh and never frozen. BistroMD’s meals are delivered having been frozen for an undefined amount of time.

Until when can you cancel a BistroMD subscription?

You must cancel your subscription before Wednesday 5 pm ET the week before your next order will be delivered. You don’t need to contact customer service to confirm your cancelation, but you are welcome to contact customer service if you have any questions about your subscription.

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