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Written by: Mike Pawlik on Jun 2nd, 2023

How to Cancel Fresh N Lean Subscriptions 2023: Easy Steps

Fresh N Lean makes it really easy to pause your future orders in your account settings without having to call customer support. That’s even the case if you purchased your meal box using Fresh N Lean’s special discount.

Fresh N Lean is a popular meal delivery service, but it might not have met your expectations. You might find there to be a limited selection, insufficient cuisines, or inflexible plans that can’t be mixed and matched. Or, if you're considering joining, it's important to know how easy it is to cancel if you change your mind.

To help, I've checked out Fresh N Lean’s cancelation process. The good news is that it's incredibly straightforward. You can conveniently cancel your account from within your online dashboard, or, if you prefer assistance from a real person, there are also a couple of other methods available.

Once you've canceled your subscription, consider trying Blue Apron if you're seeking a broader selection, more diverse cuisines, and additional customization options. Plus, it provides a wide array of prepared meals and meal kits that can be mixed and matched across different plans.

How to Cancel Your Fresh N Lean Orders – A Quick Guide

Here’s how to cancel your Fresh N Lean subscription:

  1. Sign into your account Head to the Fresh N Lean website and log in to your customer dashboard.

  2. Click Plans then Edit – Find the active meal plan that you want to cancel, then proceed to the next step.

  3. Click Cancel Subscription – Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click to finalize the cancelation.

  4. Find a suitable alternative – If you’re canceling to try out a different competitor, I recommend giving Blue Apron a shot. It has a larger overall selection of both prepared meals and meal kits, tons of Blue Apron Market add-ons, wine subscriptions, and more.

Step-By-Step: How to Cancel Fresh N Lean Subscriptions

  1. Sign into your Fresh N Lean customer dashboard – The first step is to head over to the Fresh N Lean website. Sign in to your customer dashboard. This is where you can manage various aspects of your plan like pausing your orders, skipping weeks, or outright canceling your entire plan.

a screenshot of's homepage
Visit the Fresh N Lean homepage to sign into your account dasboard

  1. Click Plans then Edit – Once you find this section, find your currently active plan, then head to the next step.

  2. Click Cancel Subscription – After you click Edit, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see Cancel Subscription. Click on this to finalize the cancelation process.

Make sure to cancel your Fresh N Lean subscription before the cutoff time of 11:59 pm PT otherwise your next order will already have been processed and you’ll receive the next box.

Best Alternatives 

1. Blue Apron – Best for Overall Selection and Variety

blue apron menu, Mexican-Style Steaks & Pan Sauce
The Mexican-Style Steaks & Pan Sauce is a Latin American favorite

Unlike Fresh N Lean, Blue Apron offers both prepared meals and meal kits. It also stands out for its extensive variety of cuisines and dietary options, which cater to different preferences and tastes. And, you’re getting numerous add-ons, sides, snacks, extras, subscription boxes, and an assortment of kitchen tools, utensils, and gadgets.

In addition, Blue Apron offers up wine subscription boxes. If you’re interested in learning more about that along with its range of kitchen tools and utensils, check out our full Blue Apron review.

Blue Apron’s menu selection is pretty vast and diverse, with plenty of cuisine choices. For instance, you can get things like Latin American, Asian, Mediterranean, and classic American. One particular example is the Mexican-Style Steaks and Pan Sauce.

It also accommodates different dietary needs, such as veggie, low-calorie, WW-approved, and more. This makes it an inclusive service, which means that a broad range of people can find something appealing that they’ll like.

However, the service can be a bit more pricey than some of the competition. But the quality and variety of options, as well as the convenience, may justify the cost for you. It’s essential to weigh these factors when deciding whether Blue Apron's services align with your preferences and budget.

You can easily cancel your account from your Account Settings page. This makes it simple to test things out just to make sure you actually like the service.

Your minimum order will have to be 2 meals per week of 2 servings each. You can order up to 4 meals of 4 servings each, though. And, if you do opt for the largest order, you’ll save some money per serving at only around $5.74.

2. Factor – Best Healthy Prepared Meals

factor menu, Shredded Chicken Taco Bowl
Factor's Shredded Chicken Taco Bowl is something for the entire family

Factor specializes in prepared meals designed to support overall health and fitness. There’s no cooking involved here, just like with Fresh N Lean, so you’re not giving anything up in that aspect.

You’re also getting various add-ons, sides, snacks, and extras, which you can learn more about in our full review. It caters to specialty diets, and offers plans like Keto, Vegan & Veggie, and Protein Plus, making it a good option for most dietary needs. You can mix and match between plans unlike with Fresh N Lean so if you want to try a mixture of keto and vegan meals, you can.

Something I like is that it creates meals that are well-balanced. It focuses on lean proteins, healthy fats, and nutrient-dense veggies. This approach ensures that the meals not only taste good but also provide the necessary nutrients to support an active lifestyle.

Factor's menu offers a diverse range of cuisines, satisfying different tastes and preferences. The variety also makes it easy for you to explore new flavors and ingredients, adding excitement to your daily meal routine.

And, it’s very easy to manage your account if at any point you want to cancel your Factor subscription. Just log into your account dashboard to accomplish this. Keep in mind that you’ll have to do so by Wednesday at 11:59 pm CT if you don’t want next week’s order to be processed.

The minimum order required 6 single-serve meals, but you can order up to 18 every week. You can save around $2.50 per serving if you do opt for the largest order. In that case, you’ll only be paying roughly $6.19 per serving.

3. Green Chef – Best for Organic Produce

green chef menu, Ranch Steak with Truffle Sauce
Green Chef's Ranch Steak with Truffle Sauce is a gourmet treat

Check out Green Chef if you’re looking for organic ingredients in the form of meal kits. All its produce is certified organic as you’ll discover in our official Green Chef review. Besides that, you’re getting around 30 weekly meal options, too.

You can also expect lots of different cuisines and interesting dishes. There are roughly 6 to 10 cuisines on offer at any given week. For instance, you could try the Ranch Steak with Truffle Sauce, which can be considered a classic American-style dish.

Some other cuisines include Greek, French, Latin American, Thai, and lots more. Though most meals seem to be internationally inspired, they’re also quite Americanized. This makes Green Chef great for larger families with picky eaters and kids alike.

There are also plenty of dietary options and plans for you to choose from. The diets Green Chef accommodates are high-protein, keto, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, and gluten-free. Of course, you’re also welcome to mix and match these as you please.

Speaking of meals and cuisines, you can get various add-ons and extras as well. Items here include various breakfasts, brunches and lunches, breakfast and lunch bundles, salads, sandwiches, pancakes, and protein add-ons like shrimp, chicken, and steaks.

And, just like Blue Apron and Factor, canceling your subscription is quite simple. Just log in to your Green Chef account portal and click Settings. Then, scroll down to the Account section and click on Deactivate your Plan. Just make sure to cancel your account at least 5 days before your final delivery is scheduled to avoid being sent another box.

Your minimum order will have to be 3 meals for 2 people every week, but you can get up to 4 meals for 6 people. You’ll also pay slightly less the more you order at a time. For instance, if you go for the largest order, you’ll only pay around $5.99 per serving.

Here’s a Quick Summary of the Best Alternatives to Fresh N Lean:

Top Plans
Top Plans
Blue Apron logo
Factor75 logo
Green Chef logo
Our Rating
Our Rating
Starting Price
Starting Price

$5.74 Per Serving

$6.19 Per Serving

$5.99 Per Serving

Minimum Order
Minimum Order

2 meals for 2 people

6 prepared meals

3 meals for 2 people

Meal Types
Meal Types

20 - 60 min. meal kits

Prepared meals

30-minute meal kits

Prep Time
Prep Time

5-45 min

2-3 min

25-40 min

Active Deals
Active Deals


Is it easy to cancel a Fresh N Lean subscription?

Yes. Fresh N Lean just requires you to log into your account dashboard to change orders or cancel your subscription. Learn more in my How to Cancel Fresh N Lean guide above.

Are there cheaper alternatives to Fresh N Lean?

Yes – if you don’t mind cooking yourself, check out Blue Apron. Though it doesn’t offer as many prepared meals as Fresh N Lean, it offers premium meal kits and a handful of prepared meals every week. If you order more at a time, you can also save a substantial amount of money per serving.

Until when can you cancel a subscription?

You can cancel your Fresh N Lean subscription at any time. But if you don’t cancel before 11:59 pm PT on the Friday before your next delivery, you’ll be charged for the final delivery. If you’re in the market for different meal delivery service with different cuisine and diet options, check out my list of alternatives above.

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