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Author Roxana David
Roxana David
Updated on Nov 25th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

How to Cancel Tovala Subscriptions 2023 – Easy Steps

Tovala makes it super easy to cancel your subscription directly in the app by pressing a couple of buttons, without having to call customer support. That’s the case even if you purchased your box using Tovala’s special discount.

Tovala is a great service, but it’s not for everyone. Maybe you found that the meals weren’t to your liking, or you want to be more involved in the cooking process. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to cancel your Tovala subscription.

If you haven't fulfilled your 6-week meal commitment, you’ll need to call customer support, as you’ll be required to pay the full price for the oven. If you’re not looking to keep the oven either, you can ask for a refund for free, but only during the first 100 days.

There are some great alternatives out there. Whether your reason for canceling is the hefty price of the meals or crowded kitchen counters, there’s something for everyone when it comes to meal delivery.

My top choice is Factor, as it’s more affordable and doesn’t require more than a traditional oven (or a microwave, if that’s your jam). You can check it out and see the recipes for yourself.

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How to Cancel Your Tovala Orders – A Quick Guide

If you’re not in a meal commitment, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account on the Tovala app.

  1. Go into your account's settings.

  1. Go to your Meal Plan.

  1. Select Cancel Subscription. Voila!

  1. Try another great meal delivery service. I recommend Factor’s easy meals.

Step-By-Step: How to Cancel Tovala

You can cancel your Tovala subscription really easily if you’ve finished your compulsory 6-week meal commitment in the first 6 months after purchasing the oven at a discounted price.

  1. Sign in / open Account Settings – Open the app. Sign into your account and open the Account Settings tab. Go to your Meal Plan.

  1. Click on Cancel Subscription – It’s at the bottom of the page. You can stop orders altogether if you make sure to cancel by Wednesday at 6 pm CT the week before your next order is scheduled to be delivered.

  1. Confirm your cancelation – Hit the button to confirm (after selecting a reason from the list, if you’re doing it on an Android). You’ll get a confirmation email shortly after. When you cancel, Tovala will remove you from its active customers list, delete your meal plan details, and stop contacting you.

If you wish to return the oven, there’s a 100-day money-back guarantee. You can send it to Tovala free of charge and request a refund during this period.

If you haven’t completed your meal commitment and want to cancel your subscription anyway, you’ll need to pay the rest of the oven’s full price. To do this, you’ll need to:

  1. Reach out to Customer Support.

  1. Let them know that you’d like to buy out of your commitment.

  1. You’ll be charged the credit card on file on your account to close your meal plan.

Best Alternatives

1. Factor – Best for Health-Conscious Prepared Meals

Factor's Jalapeño Beef Mac & Cheese with Broccoli & Poblano Rajas
This Jalapeño Beef Mac & Cheese from Factor is ready in just 3 minutes.

Factor is great for people who are ultra-busy and want to do as little prep as possible. Its prepared meals are ready to heat and eat in 3 minutes or less.

You can read about the full menu in our in-depth review, but there are plenty of calorie-smart, plant-based, high-protein, and keto meals. You can spot the filters on the menu easily, so you can select the meals that best fit your lifestyle and preferences.

What I like is that even though most of the menu is diet-friendly, the plates look colorful and appetizing and feature tons of flavorful ingredients. The spices aren’t scarce, either, so if you like bold combinations, Factor is a great choice.

There’s even a pepper symbol in front of the spiciest recipes, so you can add them to your order if you like spicy food or avoid them if you’re not a fan.

You can eat the meals as either dinners or lunches, the choice is yours. You can also add extras to your order, like high-protein breakfasts and diet-friendly desserts. Some of the add-ons are vegan, some are vegetarian, some are keto-friendly, and a few are both keto and plant-based, which is pretty rare.

There are 6 plans you can choose from: Chef’s Choice, Flexitarian, Keto, Calorie Smart, Protein Plus, and Vegan & Veggie. The menu includes Gourmet Plus recipes, which feature more premium ingredients and are usually under the Protein Plus or Keto plans. The Wild Mushroom Filet Mignon sounds particularly appetizing to me.

You can also spot the customer favorites on the menu under the Top Rated flag, in case you want to play it safe and go for the most beloved Factor recipes.

Factor is fairly affordable for most budgets, but don’t forget to use our exclusive discount to make an even bigger saving: Get 50% OFF your 1st box + 20% OFF the next 4 boxes!.

The subscription model is super flexible. You can order from 6 to 18 single-serve meals per week, and the per-meal price drops the more you order. Prices start at $6.19 per portion, so it’s already cheaper than Tovala.

2. Green Chef – Best for Organic Meals & Extras

Green Chef's Taco-Spiced Beef & Squash Skillet with Tomato, Toasted Pepitas, Sharp Cheddar, and Crema
This Quick & Easy dish from Green Chef is organic and ready in just 25 minutes.

Green Chef stands out as a meal delivery service that offers a diverse variety of options to its customers, presenting a rich selection of both meal kits and an additional menu packed with an extensive assortment of prepared meals.

The prepared meals are carefully curated to offer the utmost convenience. They’re perfect if you wish to simply heat and eat without spending extra time on preparation.

One of the highlights includes the 10-minute lunches, an ideal solution for those tight on time. As well as the lunches, you also have the option of selecting ready-to-heat oatmeal, a quick and nutritious option for breakfast.

In addition, Green Chef extends its offerings beyond standard meal kits, providing à la carte protein selections. You can select from a range of diverse choices, such as fresh shrimp or different varieties of high-quality steak cuts. These additional protein sources can be integrated into any meal, providing a balance of nutrients for your dishes.

The meal kits offered by Green Chef are designed to be efficient and straightforward. Generally, they require around 30 minutes to prepare (or often less). Although these kits are primarily marketed as dinners, they possess the versatility to fit into the slot of lunches as well, giving you the flexibility to enjoy them at any time.

There are an impressive number of dishes to choose from each week, with over 45 options. These dishes range from low-calorie and vegetarian selections to high-protein recipes, ensuring there's something for everyone, regardless of dietary preferences.

You can explore our in-depth review to find out more about what to expect from Green Chef's offerings. But, here's a quick teaser: Green Chef has 8 different healthy diet plans. With such a vast range, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that suits your tastes and nutritional needs.

What’s also impressive about Green Chef is that it’s entirely organic, so unlike Tovala, it provides a certified guarantee that everything you’re eating is genuinely organic.

Prices start at $9.99 per serving, and you can order a minimum of 3 meals for 2 people and a maximum of 6 meals for 4 people per week.

3. Blue Apron – Best Family-Friendly Meals

Blue Apron's Oven-Baked Cheesy Italian Chicken with Garlic-Herb Sweet Potatoes & Green Beans
This Italian Chicken from Blue Apron is ready after just 35 minutes the oven, with no work on your part.

Blue Apron is much more affordable than Tovala. Known as a meal delivery service with a range of speedy-prep options, it features prepared microwavable meals, as well as Ready to Cook and Fast & Easy recipes that you can assemble and throw into the oven. There are also easy meal kits if you’d like to try your hand at some simple to medium cooking.

The menu features plenty of crowd-pleasing recipes, like the easy oven-ready Italian Chicken pictured above. You’ll also find recipes with more premium ingredients and sophisticated flavors. Learn more in my colleague’s detailed Blue Apron review.

The menu offers Signature, Wellness, and Vegetarian meals, as well as add-ons like protein and desserts. The Signature plan comes in 2 sizes, for 2 or 4 people, while the Wellness and Vegetarian plans serve 2.

I like that Blue Apron is also customizable. For some recipes, for example, you can choose if you want to replace the protein to make them vegetarian, which gives you more flexibility for you and your family.

The add-on menu includes different types of quality a la carte proteins, like salmon filets or beef tenderloin roast, which can supplement your meals if you have a solid workout routine. The breakfast options and desserts help you complete your meal schedule and reduce your grocery trips as well.

The Market section includes lots of kitchen essentials, from aprons and quality utensils to Blue Apron’s special spice blends. You can even order meal kits in bulk or festive bundles for holidays, which can come in very handy when you have guests over.

The price for a portion starts at $5.74 per serving, and you can order up to 5 recipes for 4 people weekly, making it super family-friendly. What’s more, since the microwavable meals are featured as add-ons, you can actually order more than 5 full meals per week.

Quick Summary of the Best Alternatives to Tovala

Top Plans
Top Plans
Factor75 logo
Green Chef logo
Blue Apron logo
Our Rating
Our Rating
Starting Price
Starting Price

$6.19 Per Serving

$9.99 Per Serving

$5.74 Per Serving

Minimum Order
Minimum Order

6 prepared meals

3 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

Meal Types
Meal Types

Prepared meals

30-minute meal kits

5 - 60 min. meal kits

Prep Time
Prep Time

2-3 min

25-40 min

5-45 min

Active Deals
Active Deals


Is it easy to cancel a Tovala subscription?

If you’ve completed your meal commitment, you can cancel Tovala directly from the app. Simply log in, go to Account Settings, into Meal Plan, then hit Cancel.

If you haven’t, you’ll need to contact customer service to buy out of your commitment first.

You can try a service with a more flexible subscription, like Factor. You can order anywhere from 6-18 meals per week, and they come prepared and ready to heat in the microwave in 3 minutes.

Are there healthier/cheaper alternatives to Tovala?

Yes, as Tovala can be pretty expensive – even without the price of the special oven. You can try Factor instead, which starts at $6.19 per portion and offers a range of prepared meals for diets including vegetarian, keto, and low-calorie.

Until when can you cancel a Tovala subscription?

You need to make sure to cancel until Wednesday at 6 pm CT the week before your next order is scheduled to be delivered. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with your next order, and you’ll have to pay for it as usual.

Best Tovala Alternatives in 2023 — Final Score

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Meal price starting at
Active Deal
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