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Author Katarina Todorovic
Katarina Todorovic
Updated on Aug 14th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

Keto Katz Bakery 2023: Want To Stay On Your Diet But Don’t Have Time To Bake Keto? Let Us Do the Cooking For You! We Are Italian, Food-Obsessed, Formerly Obese Moms That Want To Feed You!

In a world where dietary preferences and health-conscious choices have taken center stage, two remarkable individuals have teamed up to revolutionize the way we approach food. Meet Anna, an amazing cook with an uncanny ability to transform simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces, and Lisa, a dedicated registered dietitian armed with a wealth of nutritional expertise. Together, they form the dynamic duo behind Keto Katz Bakery - a haven where the principles of keto meet the indulgence of taste. Their shared passion for creating delectable delights that not only tantalize the taste buds but also align with a keto lifestyle has given birth to a unique culinary venture that caters to both flavor enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers. At Keto Katz Bakery, they have cracked the code to making keto taste not just good, but absolutely irresistible. Join Delivery Rank on a journey through their innovative approach to baking, where conscious choices and delightful flavors intertwine in perfect harmony.

As a Registered Dietitian and owner of a Keto bakery, you seem to bridge the gap between traditional nutrition advice and the popular keto diet. Could you share the story behind your decision to combine these two aspects of health and wellness?

“The gap” that I’ve bridged is because I’m a functional medicine registered dietitian, which means that we focus on resolving root-cause health issues by using the most natural methods possible that reverse symptoms that people have. Health care professionals that practice under this umbrella understand that old-school, conventional nutrition advice is extremely outdated and clearly not moving the needle in the right direction! America has been on the low fat, low calorie bandwagon for decades and all we’ve managed to do is increase cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and all other nutrition-related diseases.

Personally, I’ve learned over the years that us dietitians need to make nutrition recommendations based on what’s most helpful to the patient in front of them, and this could include the ketogenic diet. I’m not in the mindset that everyone benefits from this food plan, however. I have a repertoire of multiple eating plans I suggest depending on the patient sitting in front of me, but I use keto when appropriate to create the results that are needed. The ketogenic diet has a huge list of benefits including weight loss, appetite suppression, inflammation reduction, blood glucose balance, increase in energy, and improved neurological health! Plus, anyone can try the keto diet if it makes sense for them without worry because the risks are limited when you do it correctly. If the person doesn’t see benefits after a month, they can just stop. Why wouldn’t someone want to try using food as their (free!) medicine instead of using prescription medications?

Keto diet has gained significant popularity, but it’s also surrounded by myths and misconceptions. How do you use your expertise as a dietitian to guide your bakery offerings and educate your customers about keto in a balanced and informed way?

As a functional medicine registered dietitian and instructor at GWU’s integrative medicine graduate program, I know the importance of educating the public with science-backed information when it comes to their health. It’s important to my partner and I that we provide not only keto baked goods to our customers, but also a community of support and education around the ketogenic and low carb diets. I also rely on my experience with all of the patients I’ve worked

with how successful a low carbohydrate food plan is when it comes to reversing type 2 diabetes, balancing hypo/hyperglycemia, weight loss, and so many other benefits. I’m also able to help troubleshoot common issues that arise when people start the ketogenic diet to help redirect or guide them to easy fixes. I’m so proud of the knowledge that myself and my partner, Anna Sherman, an expert keto cook, bring to our keto community because we know how hard it can be to navigate health and diet and we just love helping people figure it out!

Many individuals find it challenging to adopt a new dietary lifestyle. How do you support your bakery customers who are new to the keto diet and help them navigate this transition successfully?

We definitely get a lot of questions from customers at various points on their keto journeys, including those that are just getting started. We have a free keto diet that we give away when customers sign up for our newsletter on our website. It’s written by myself and it’s what I use with my patients too. It’s a complete and concisely written guide on how to safely and correctly start the ketogenic diet, along with tips on avoiding common issues. We also have a “support” tab on our website that offers free keto recipes, blogs, and keto cooking demos that Anna and I have done. We also put detailed nutrition labels on all of our products (typically not required by bakeries to provide) including the math for figuring out net carbohydrates per serving. This helps customers to track their calories and macro intake which is critical for getting into ketosis.

Baking often involves traditional ingredients like flour and sugar. What creative strategies have you developed to create keto-friendly recipes that capture the essence of classic baked goods?

We get VERY creative in the bakery to make our products taste like the comfort foods people miss when they follow a keto diet! Common grain flour substitutes we use are almond and coconut. We also use all natural and safe sweeteners like erythritol, allulose and stevia. There are definitely other tricks we use to give our items the traditional flavor and texture that they would otherwise have if not being keto, but naturally we don’t share all the secrets. Like

we tell all of our customers, we keep our products as natural and whole-food-based as possible so no one has to worry about strange “Frankenfood” ingredients.

Looking ahead, what trends do you foresee in the intersection of nutrition, baking, and the keto diet? How do you plan to stay innovative and continue offering valuable products and insights to your customers?

Anna and I have really been on the cutting edge of keto baking since we started Keto Katz in our home kitchens in 2020 by constantly creating new recipes that didn’t exist out there! If you look at the current keto food market nationally, you’ll see that most manufacturers are producing shelf-stable items like cookies, granola, and crackers which are delicious and we appreciate them, but it’s not the same as what we produce. Our products taste like you just pulled them out of the oven while giving you all the taste and texture of your favorite pre-diet menu! We truly understand the food science of keto cooking and baking and constantly rotate new items in our menu. Since we have such a close relationship with our customer community, we also take their suggestions for new recipes and make them! All of the above has pushed us to make unique keto foods like cream puffs, spinach and artichoke spirals, pop tarts, cake pops, parfaits, s'mores kits, cereal marshmallow bars, deep dish pizza, and just about anything else you can think off.

If you would like to find out more about Keto Katz Bakery, visit https://www.ketokatz.com/

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