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Author Katarina Todorovic
Katarina Todorovic
Created on Jun 21st, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

Savor The Passion 2023: Making Ordering A Chef As Easy As A Pizza!

In the fast-paced world of culinary innovation, Chris Martin, the brilliant mind behind Savor The Passion, has reimagined the way we experience fine dining. As the co-founder of this groundbreaking platform, Martin has revolutionized the art of ordering a chef-made meal, making it as convenient as ordering a piping-hot pizza. By seamlessly bridging the gap between food enthusiasts and skilled chefs, Savor The Passion has become the go-to destination for those seeking extraordinary gastronomic experiences in the comfort of their own homes. Join Delivery Rank, as we delve into the visionary journey of Chris Martin and uncover how he has successfully transformed the way we savor the culinary arts.

How did the idea for Savor The Passion come about, and what motivated you to create a platform that offers services ranging from chefs to bartenders and chocolate sculptors?

There I was, lying in bed next to my girlfriend 12 years into my career and with no idea how Id pay my bills for the coming month. I simply wasn't making enough money. Then I remembered why I decided to explore cooking in the first place, as long as I had fire, food and my tools I would have a job anywhere in the world I chose to go. So I decided to start working as a personal Chef. Hmm, for the rest of this story to make sense I should start from the beginning. I was working my first real kitchen job when people began asking when Id start my gig. I told them I would when I was ready and started recruiting everywhere I went. I would find the best person at their job and tell them, someday Im going to do my own thing, and when that day comes I'll call them. Ten years later I worked my first few personal Chef gigs and realized how much better my quality of life was and that if it could help me then it could help them too. I started making calls. The next thing I know, I need a tool to connect us all and discovered Bubble.io. Here we are, with a network of Chefs around the country.

Can you share some examples of memorable experiences where Savor The Passion provided not just delicious food, but also a unique and immersive culinary experience for clients?

Over the years I've had a few pretty awesome events from celebrating 50th anniversaries to showing a family what it's like to work in a restaurant as they worked together to plan their menu, divide responsibilities, take direction from me and an assistant, and execute their menu to perfection creating a dinner they could be proud of. But one event from 2022 stood out amongst them all. A client I'd served prior called and asked to celebrate her niece's 21st birthday. The game plan is 4 days in Wisconsin at a lodge for fifty guests with thirty members of their family and friends sitting on thirty acres. The weekend was full of meals, games, snacks, wine, chess, cards, laughs & memories with my new extended family. That's a connection you simply can't build at a restaurant. I'll treasure those memories for the rest of my life.

In what ways does Savor The Passion go beyond just the culinary aspect and focus on creating a comprehensive and hassle-free experience for clients, from preparation to serving to cleanup?

At Savor The Passion we strive to go above and beyond for our Chefs and clients at every turn. When we first started I took jobs personally so that I could sniff out all the unexpected difficulties transitioning from restaurant life to home kitchens. There were more than I expected. When Chefs join us they get offers for our personal Chef Loadout Kit that comes with all the accessories a personal Chef needs like a toolbox to carry the small tools you might not realize you want. An online tool to track your ingredients so you know when you need to order more, access to me to get personalized tips to perform the best they could at an event. We also provide insurance for the Chefs so they don't have to and provide free tools to help our Chefs research information as they build new menus. For our clients, we provide a platform that makes it as easy as possible to inform Chefs what they're looking for, look over their menus, be aware of the allergens involved, and a platform to hold the Chefs accountable. We also hold our Chefs to the highest standards including food safety so that our clients can hire Chefs assured they aren't putting their families in danger.

How do you approach customization and personalization within the services offered by Savor The Passion?

We don't believe in putting Chefs in a box when it comes to how they express themselves. My tagline is "You can build whatever menu you want, I don't care. Just know that the menu you build will make it easier or more difficult for me to sell your services". For our clients we provide access to our platform to choose the Chef with the menu they feel would fit for their event. We're building our partnerships to be able to offer a whole range of services to our clients to be able to build a party to their level of extravagance that previously would have required an event planner to create.

Looking into the future, what exciting developments or expansions can we expect from Savor The Passion?

I don't want to say too much about the future of Savor The Passion so I'm just going to give you a few bites to nibble on. Ready? In-home Robotics. AI. Farming. The world is going to look a lot different by the time we're done here. Sit tight.

If you would like to find out more about Savor The Passion, visit https://savorthepassion.com/

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