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Author Katarina Todorovic
Katarina Todorovic
Created on Sep 7th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince

VDG Salumi 2023: We are Innovating An Age-Old Tradition!

In the world of culinary craftsmanship, some individuals stand out not just for their gastronomic expertise but for the unique philosophy that underpins their creations. Stuart Kirton, the visionary founder of VDG Salumi, is one such culinary luminary who has breathed life into the idea that food can do much more than nourish the body; it can foster community and create indelible, memorable experiences. At the heart of VDG Salumi's mission is a belief in the power of sumptuous salami, elegantly packaged in their signature Luxe Boxed Salami collections, to forge connections, spark conversations, and elevate moments of togetherness. Join Delivery Rank as we delve into the fascinating world of Stuart Kirton and the captivating philosophy that propels his delectable creations into the hearts and homes of epicureans worldwide.

Could you share the inspiration behind the creation of VDG Salumi and the driving force that led to the establishment of LUXE BOXED SALAMI?

It all started with a strong desire to make something real. We wanted our product to be truly genuine, and that included giving it authentic names like Finocchiona and Strolghino. But here's the thing, those names were a bit tricky to say, and that got us thinking. We needed a way to make them unforgettable, so we were required to think outside of the box, literally.

Back then, having a salami in a box was a new and exciting idea. We saw a chance to not only make an awesome product but to change the whole experience. That's when Luxe Box Series was born. We introduced this idea and added bright colors to make it really stand out. And guess what? These colors have become a big part of our brand identity, along with the unique shape.

Our main drive was to mix realness with ease. We wanted to bring traditional flavors to more people, even if some were unsure. So, we worked to make things simple and welcoming. The result was a bunch of products that capture the true flavors of tradition while being easy to remember and enjoy.

So, our journey is all about keeping it real while also bringing in some fresh ideas. We set out to make genuine flavors, something anyone could try and remember. That's how the whole Grab & Go line came to be—a mix of old-school tastes with a modern twist.

Your philosophy revolves around the idea that food can foster community and create memorable experiences. How do you envision LUXE BOXED SALAMI accomplishing this in the lives of your customers?

Our philosophy centers around the belief that food has a remarkable power to bring people together and create cherished moments. When it comes to the Grab & Go line – which includes the Luxe Box Series -, we envision it playing a significant role in fostering community and crafting unforgettable experiences for our customers.

Picture this: you're hosting a get-together, a family gathering, or even a casual picnic with friends. Our beautiful and delicious products become the centerpiece, sparking conversations and bringing smiles to everyone's faces. Its presence becomes a talking point, an icebreaker that encourages people to share their stories. Nothing better than good food to inspire a good conversation.

Our Grab & Go line also allows for creativity. Whether it's creating an impressive charcuterie board or assembling a quick and delightful snack, it encourages people to come together and collaborate in preparing something delicious. This shared experience transforms ordinary moments into something special, making memories that linger.

In essence, our Grab & Go line becomes more than just a food product – it becomes a conduit for connection, conversations, and camaraderie. It's our way of contributing to those social moments that create lasting impressions. Through this vision, we're proud to offer not just salami, but opportunities for our customers to celebrate togetherness and create cherished memories.

Your commitment to social responsibility and inclusivity is admirable. Could you tell us more about your inclusive hiring initiative and how it aligns with your overall brand values? 

Our dedication to social responsibility and inclusivity is a cornerstone of our brand values, and our inclusive hiring initiative is a vivid reflection of this commitment.

Our approach is pretty simple: everyone on our team knows that they have unique potential, and they can be whatever they aspire to be. And this belief is the fundamental principle behind our inclusive employment program. Currently, around 30% of our workforce comprises individuals with special needs, and they come to work alongside their caregivers. This unique setup allows them to complete their assigned tasks and end their shifts with a strong sense of achievement. Through this, they gain confidence about their abilities and worth.

Inclusivity isn't just a side project for us; it's deeply ingrained in who we are. Our diverse team, encompassing various backgrounds and abilities, creates a work environment based on collaboration and respect. This initiative aligns with our brand's core value of inclusivity—it's not something we tack on, but rather, it's an essential part of our identity.

But this initiative is more than just about values; it's ultimately about changing lives. We're all about providing opportunities that go beyond the norm and enable individuals to truly showcase what they can do. Inclusion, for us, goes beyond being a practice; it's a celebration of the incredible talents that different people bring to the table. And this commitment isn't just for now; it's about building a legacy that leaves a positive and lasting impact on the community we're a part of.

In a world where convenience often overshadows quality, how do you maintain the balance between offering a convenient product like boxed salami without compromising on the authenticity and excellence of your offerings?

Maintaining top-notch quality is a big deal for us. And here's the thing, we don't believe that quality and convenience are on opposite ends. We're all about creating products that are both super high in quality and incredibly easy for you to enjoy. It's all about understanding what you want and going the extra mile to give it to you.

Our Grab & Go lines are a great example of this. We're super careful about picking the best ingredients, like using 100% Alberta meat, and we check everything rigorously to make sure it meets our high standards. And personalization is a big deal too. Our Grab & Go lines are all about giving you options to make them fit your style. Whether you're into making a fancy charcuterie board with Luxe Boxes and Pair Packs, or just want a quick snack or sandwich with our sliced packs, you're in control.

Listening to our customers is crucial for us. Feedback guides us in making things better. For instance, we heard you and came up with our seasonal Luxe Boxes flavors. We wanted to keep things exciting, so these products change with the seasons. If they are gone, they are gone for life. It's all about keeping things fresh and new.

Our goal is to always improve. We're constantly looking at how convenience and quality work together and adjusting as things change. Our focus is on creating amazing products that stand out in a world that's all about convenience. This isn't just something we're trying out; we've mastered the art of finding that balance.

As the owner of VDG Salumi and the driving force behind LUXE BOXED SALAMI, what is the ultimate legacy you hope to leave within the culinary industry and the realm of socially conscious businesses?

In the culinary sphere, I aim for the company to be remembered as a catalyst for innovation. I envision VDG Salumi as a trailblazer that not only elevated traditional flavors but also introduced fresh and captivating dimensions to the Canadian cured meats landscape. Through all our products, we envision being part of people’s lives, providing them with healthy and delicious options, encouraging their creativity, and social relationships. I envision a legacy where people recall the exquisite taste of our products and the narratives that they helped create. 

In parallel, my commitment to social consciousness is solid. I aspire to set a benchmark for businesses by exemplifying that prosperity and positive societal impact can harmoniously coexist. I hope that my example serves as an encouragement, motivating fellow entrepreneurs to introduce inclusivity and social responsibility in their companies. The inclusive hiring initiative we champion symbolizes my vision of a world where diversity is celebrated, and opportunities are extended regardless of individual abilities.

If down the line, we hear stories about how our efforts sparked new culinary frontiers and lit the way for a wave of socially conscious businesses that would truly exceed all my expectations for the legacy I aim to leave behind.

If you would like to find out more about VDG Salumi, visit https://www.vdgsalumi.com/

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