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Pet Treater Review 2023: For Good Dogs and Cats

Author Jessica White
Jessica White
Updated on Sep 8th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince


Navigating the vast landscape of pet subscription boxes can be overwhelming. From choosing toys to treats and grooming tools, it's a hefty task for any pet parent. But, worry not. I've taken the task of research off your plate, and I'm here to introduce you to an appealing option – Pet Treater.

After thorough research, Pet Treater caught my attention. This subscription service saves you time and stress by curating and delivering high-quality pet items monthly. You'll receive treats, toys, grooming tools, and accessories all at an affordable price.

What sets Pet Treater apart is its dedication to quality. Every item is curated based on your pet's size and preferences. This attention to detail transforms each box into a unique package that brings joy to your pet. Pet Treater delivers not just products, but a fun pet care experience.



Affordable pet subscription

Toys not very durable

Great variety of products

Limited customization

Convenient cat and dog treat delivery

Only 3 allergy options

Current deal – First box: $15 only!

Pet Treater Boxes


The good news about Pet Treater is that you can order for both cats and dogs. This makes it easy to manage subscriptions for both your fur babies. It curates boxes from $15 per month, featuring different branded products, which saves you money compared to buying each item separately. 

Dogs have the option of a Dog Pack or a Deluxe Dog Pack:

  • Dog Pack – Treats and toys (3-4 items)

  • Dog Pack – Toys only (3-4 items)

  • Dog Pack – Treats only (3-4 items)

  • Deluxe Dog Pack (5-8 items)

Cats can choose between 2 options:

  • Cat Pack – Treats and toys (3-4 items)

  • Multi-Cat Pack – Treats and toys (5-8 items)


In every box, you can expect to find a range of items. You can’t customize your own box other than opting for treats, toys, or both but it does mean you can expect a fun surprise every month that your pet will love.

Image of an open deluxe dog box filled with treats, toys, and accesssories
I love the summer theme of this Dog box

Some of the items you can expect include:

  • Toys

  • Chews

  • Accessories

  • Treats

  • Grooming tools

  • Clothing

If you’re a fan of themed dog boxes, I also recommend BarkBox. Some previous themed boxes include Harry Potter, aliens, and a movie night theme. 


Unfortunately you can’t find out the ingredients of products until they arrive. This is because Pet Treater curates treats from a variety of companies. The website states that toys are made with non-toxic materials, and the majority of treats are made in the US and Canada of natural ingredients.

You can customize Pet Treater boxes to avoid 3 allergens: peanut, chicken, and grain. These are the only options available, so if your pup suffers from other sensitivities, I recommend opting for the toys-only box instead. However, you can’t order a toy-only box for cats.

What Makes Pet Treater Different?

Affordable options for both dogs and cats: While many pet subscription services tend to focus primarily on one species – often dogs – Pet Treater ensures that our feline friends aren’t left out. 

Toys-only box for dogs: For households with dogs that might be on a specific diet or simply have a surplus of treats, Pet Treater offers a distinctive “toys-only” box. This option allows pet parents to continue treating their pups with fun, engaging toys.


Your first Pet Treater box is a Welcome Pack that includes “pet approved favorites.” After this delivery, your next box will be the same as all other subscribers. If you want to see more about what you can expect to find, try searching for “Pet Treater unboxing” on social media. 

Image of an open Cat Pack with treats and toys
Your cat will enjoy the toys and treats in their delivery

Your items arrive either in a plastic bag or a cardboard box. I contacted customer services and was told that the packaging is recyclable, so I was happy to hear that. 

image of the contents of a dog box with treats, toys, and accessories
All the things dogs love - treats, toys, and more!

Each delivery is different, so the collection of items and treats will change every month. This means you’ll need to check each individual packet for storage and best before dates. If you have a dog who is an aggressive chewer, soft plushies might not be very durable. Try Bark Super Chewer for a heavy duty alternative. 


Starting from

Minimum Order

Shipping Fee

$15 per box

1 box


I like how boxes are the same price however many months you commit to. It makes you feel like you aren’t getting punished for not having a longer term subscription. Plus, it's the same price whatever the size of your dog, so you don’t pay more just because you have a larger dog. Boxes are also the same cost whether you have a dog or a cat subscription. 

If you want to test out the service, you can order a Try It Out box for $17. This is a great idea if you haven’t had a pet subscription box before and want to find out if your pet likes it before you place a regular order. 

If you want to order a box of treats only or toys only, this costs $18 per month. But it’s a good option if you aren’t sure whether the treats will be suitable for your dog’s diet or if you have a senior pup who isn’t as playful. The Deluxe Dog Pack is $25 per month but you get more items. 

For cats, the standard Cat Pack costs the same as the Dog Pack at $15 per month. You can also choose a Multi-Cat Pack, which contains more items. This is good if you have more than 1 cat and want to make sure they all get a fair share.

There isn’t a money-back guarantee, but you do get great value items for less. So I don’t think this is something that should put you off. In fact, Pet Treater is one of the cheapest pet subscription boxes out there and shipping is always free.

Shipping & Delivery

Pet Treater ships to the lower 48 states of the US, but you’re out of luck if you live in Hawaii or Alaska. Orders ship within a few days of purchase. You will be sent tracking details by email, so you can follow your parcel then USPS make the final delivery to your home.

Every box is shipped on the 10th of the month. Welcome Pack orders will be shipped straight away. However, keep in mind that if you place an order between the 23rd and the 6th of a month, you’ll need to wait until the following month to receive your first box. This helps space out the order for your pet.

How Pet Treater Works

The first month is a Welcome Pack, which is different from a regular subscription. You can also purchase a Pet treater box or subscription as a gift. If you want to test out a box for your pet, you can place a 1-time order before committing to a subscription.

How to Sign Up

  1. Decide whether you want to treat a cat or a dog.

Screenshot of Treat your dog or cat screen on Pet Treater
If you have a cat and a dog, you’ll need to set up 2 subscriptions.

  1. Choose which type of subscription you prefer. Cats have the option of a Cat Pack or a Multi-Cat Pack.

Subscription options for dogs: Dog pack, Treats only and Toys only.
There are various subscription options to choose from

  1. Complete some details about your dog or cat.

Screenshot of 3 dog size options and allergens peanut, chicken, and grain
You don't need to add a weight for cats but the allergy options are the same

  1. Decide how often you want to be billed. Note that the box costs the same per month no matter how long you sign up.

Screenshot of billing options
I like that you can try a box out before committing to a subscription

  1. Complete the details about your pet

screenshot of pet details page to complete your pet's profile
You can add additional pets after you've completed your first pet's details

Managing Your Subscription

You can manage your subscription from your online account. This is also where to go if you need to modify your address details. Just make sure you edit your address before your delivery ships or it can’t be changed.

Your order with Pet Treater will automatically renew. This means that you will be tied into a subscription until you cancel.

If you want to cancel your Pet Treater subscription, you need to email the support team. Contact a team member at support@pettreater.com. Check your account details to make sure you don’t have your next delivery pending.

Customer Service

You can contact Pet Treater via email, live chat, or by phone. You can even put pen to paper and write a letter if you want to. Support agents are only available between 9 am and 5 pm EST from Monday to Friday. So you’ll have to wait for a response if you message during the weekend. 

I contacted Pet Treater by email and had a reply a few days later. I asked a list of questions and had a response about all of them. The agent apologized for not having any details about the brands Pet Treater currently stocks, which was unfortunate, as I’d prefer to have more information about what type of treats and toys to expect. 

Screenshot of an email reply from Pet Treater
It took a few days to get a reply to my questions, but the agent was polite and answered everything

You won’t be able to get any refunds if an order has already been billed or shipped. As they are curated month by month, you can only request a refund if an item arrives damaged. If you receive an item you aren’t happy with, you can return it for free if it is still in resellable condition. Broken or defective products will be replaced for free.

Pet Treater Recalls

As of 2023, Pet Treater has not issued any recalls of its products.

How Pet Treater Compares to Other Pet Food Services

  • Pet Treater vs. BarkBox: BarkBox stands out due to its customization options tailored to a pet's size, diet, and toy preferences. The unique monthly themes and superior customer service make it a favorite for many.

  • Pet Treater vs. The Farmer’s Dog: The Farmer's Dog takes a distinct approach, emphasizing fresh, real food for dogs. Its meals are veterinarian-approved and made from human-grade ingredients, tailored to each dog's individual profile.

  • Pet Treater vs. BoxDog: BoxDog offers handmade, chef-prepared dog treats, prioritizing pet health. With exclusive products, from gear to skincare, BoxDog appeals to discerning pet owners.

The Bottom Line: Is Pet Treater Worth It?

Pet Treater is a convenient and value-packed solution for pet parents looking to enrich their pets' lives with varied, high-quality treats, toys, and accessories. The service is reasonably priced considering the quality and variety of the products.

It doesn't just stop at looking after its subscribers' pets; it extends its care to pets in need. With each shipment, the company makes a donation to pet shelters, so you can support a good cause while pampering your furry friends. If you have a pup with other sensitivities, I recommend reading about the best dog subscription boxes for more options. 


Can you order boxes for multiple pets on Pet Treater?

Yes, you can order boxes for multiple pets with Pet Treater, providing each of your furry friends with their own personalized experience. Each subscription links to your account where you can view and make changes to each pet’s unique profile.

Is Pet Treater expensive?

No, Pet Treater offers a valuable service with a range of high-quality products. This typically comes out cheaper than buying the items individually, making it reasonably priced. Subscriptions start at $15 per month for your cat or dog.

What do you get in a Pet Treater dog box?

Each Pet Treater dog box is filled with a diverse selection of items. These include all-natural treats, toys, grooming tools, and accessories, all curated based on your dog's size and preferences for a unique pet care experience.

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