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Porter Road Review 2023: Is its Meat Truly Great?

Written by: Zoran Trifunovic on May 27th, 2023


Porter Road is a meat delivery service that takes quality seriously. The company offers high-quality beef, pork, chicken, and lamb meat. And it ships products to customers countrywide. But what really sets the meat delivery service apart is its commitment to responsible sourcing.

The service works with suppliers who maintain high breeding standards. It checks its partners in Tennessee and Kentucky regularly to ensure they treat animals with care and respect. Animals are also raised outdoors and fed a vegetarian diet.

Overall, I think Porter Road provides a premium service, but it has a price to match. You’ll receive recipes and other extras that make it worth the price. Check out my full Porter Road review to learn all about its unique features.



  • No duck, turkey, or venison 

  • No refund policy

  • No organic certification

What’s on the Porter Road Menu

Porter Road works with family-owned farms that keep high animal welfare standards and treat their livestock humanely. The meat delivery service offers dry-aged and hand-cut beef, pork, chicken, and lamb products processed in its facilities.

Note that the service’s meat may have a different color than you’re used to seeing. Porter Road doesn't use antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, or any other additives. So don’t be worried! It’s a sign that the meat you receive is completely natural.

Porter Road's homepage
The Porter Road homepage will appear like this.

Meal Options

Porter Road has pork, chicken, beef, and lamb products in its assortment. But I noticed that finding lamb products can be a bit of a challenge. Unlike the other meats, lamb doesn't have a dedicated section on the website, so I had to do some digging to find it.

Porter Road's Ground Lamb
I found it easiest to change the URL to see available lamb products.

I clicked on the Shop button in the main menu and changed all into lamb in the URL to get the lamb products. And I got just 1 result. For reference, I counted 69 beef, 36 pork, and 8 chicken items available on the website at the same time. You’ll also find listed Sausage, Curated Boxes, and Market sections. The latter comprises various products, including salami, broths, and even buttermilk biscuits.

That being said, Porter Road's products suit every diet containing meat. Check the table below for the details.


Is Porter Road Good For This Diet?


Yes, it is


Yes, it is


Yes, it is


Yes, it is


Yes, it is


No, it isn’t


No, it isn’t


No, it isn’t

You'll find various products in the available meat categories, including:


Meal types (including, but not limited to)


Ribeye, Sirloin Filet, Filet Mignon, and Ground Beef


Boneless Chop, Tenderloin, Bacon, and Ham


Thigs, Chicken Breast, Drumsticks, and Wings


Ground Lamb


Hot Dogs, Italian Links, and Chorizo Sausage


Beef Bone Broth, Chicken Bone Broth, Calabrian Salami, and Beef Sticks

Curated Boxes

Various meat types in a single package

All of Porter Road’s beef is dry aged. This process – which you usually only find at a fancy steakhouse – results in a superior savory flavor. You’ll see a Dry Aged label on the menu as well as an assortment of symbols that indicate different preparation methods for each item.

A small portion of Porter Road's beef assortment
Each Porter Road beef product features info about the dry-aging process and the price and symbols of the recommended prep methods.

You’ll also find prices for each item on the menu. Most items can be purchased à la carte as well as part of a bundle.

A small portion of Porter Road's chicken products
Porter Road accompanies each product's image with suitable preparation methods and its price

You have the option to mix and match meats from different categories when making a purchase on the website. Simply select the products you want, and they'll appear in the shopping cart you'll find in the top-right corner of the page.

The shopping bag icon on the Porter Road website
The package symbol in the upper-right corner symbolizes the shopping cart and indicates the number of items you selected.


You can take 2 actions when browsing the meat delivery service's menu. Either purchase the product directly from the menu or click on its image to see more details. To buy it directly, hover the cursor over meat, and the Add to Cart button will appear. The system will add the product to the shopping cart, which will appear on the page's right side. From there, you can proceed to the checkout or close the side window to continue shopping.

Shopping cart on the Porter Road site
The shopping cart contains details on the selected products, quantity, and shipping discount info.

If you're happy with the purchase, click on Continue To Checkout. Otherwise, click on the X button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Clicking on the image takes you to the product page if you want to learn more about it before deciding. There, you'll find basic information about the selected piece of meat, cooking suggestions, and customer reviews, if available. You'll also see cuts the service recommends if you don't find the reviewed meat satisfactory. If you do, simply choose the quantity and hit the Add to Cart button.

Porter Road's product info page
The product page contains a lot of helpful information, including a brief description and the average customer rating.

You can join a waitlist if the service runs out of particular products. It’s anybody’s guess if or when an item might actually come back in stock, but it’s a nice gesture for hot-selling meats. The Join the Waitlist button is clearly labeled on out of stock products.

Sold out meat on Porter Road's website
Any meat that is currently sold out is clearly marked so you won't be able to add it to your cart.

Keep track of the items you've added to your cart by clicking on the cart icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. From there, you can remove any cuts or adjust the quantity if you change your mind. You'll also see a note about the shipping discounts you get if reaching $125.

Check out curated boxes if you want to try a variety of meats before purchasing. These include a selection of different cuts, so you can get a sense of what you like before ordering larger quantities. Click on the package to see what's included in each box.

Porter Road's curated boxes
The company includes some of its specially-selected meats in each curated box.

Each curated box has a unique selection of meats and other items. They contain combinations of different cuts of meat, while some have extras like spice blends or kitchen tools. Many even have themes, like the Breakfast Box, which includes bacon and breakfast sausages.

Curated boxes make great gifts, but don’t write them off as a luxury! You can receive certain discounts if you opt to Subscribe & Save on selected boxes. This can make it more affordable to enjoy a steady supply of quality meat.

Use the side filters on Porter Road's website if wanting to narrow down options or are looking for a specific type of meat. This feature allows you to filter by Cooking Time, Cooking Gear, and more. You may also find additional filters like Recipe and PR Favorites, which shortlist some of the company's featured products. 

Cooking Time and Cooking Gear filtering options on Porter Road's website

In case you wonder, Sous Vide is a prep method in which you put meat in a vacuum-sealed bag and immerse it in hot water.

I found Cooking Time and Cooking Gear filters very helpful. And I believe you can benefit from them greatly, especially if you don't have much time to spend in the kitchen or your cooking equipment is scarce.


Porter Road ships your meat in a special box designed to keep it fresh and safe. The package comes with biodegradable insulation on each side and ice gel packs at the top and bottom. You'll find the meats safely nestled in between. 

The products are guaranteed to arrive fresh even in the heat of summer. This means, however, that many items are shipped frozen. This mostly applies to large roasts and ground meat, including sausages.

You'll notice that all items are neatly packed and labeled. Once you're done unpacking, don't throw away the cornstarch-based insulation material, as you can use it to light your barbecue. But if you don't need it, simply rinse it down the sink.

Refrigerate or freeze meats as soon as they arrive. You should eat poultry within 4 days, pork in 5 days, and lamb within 7 days. Beef can last up to 10 days, in general.

Cooking with Porter Road

Porter Road has meats you can prepare in under 15 minutes to a full day. It offers many beef and pork cuts and a few chicken products that you can prepare in under 15 minutes. You can also find products suitable for cooking on the grill, oven, pan/skillet, smoker, and crock pot. So, whatever time and equipment you have, you'll find products matching both on the Porter Road website. 

Shortlist of My Favorite Meals

I'm a huge fan of Filet Mignon, generally one of the most popular beef products. And when it's free of antibiotics, hormones, and other by-products, it's a must-have meal for me. And this particular piece of the lower back of the beef is suitable for grilling and cooking in the skillet. 

Porter Road's Filet Mignon

Porter Road's Filet Mignon is best enjoyed with a bearnaise sauce.

You should quickly cook Filet Mignon over high heat. But be careful not to overcook it because it doesn't have much fat. The idea is to sear the outside while keeping the inside juicy. When you're done with cooking, leave it to rest for a while before consumption. 

Double-cut pork chop is my favorite pig meat. This special cut from the chop section weighs between 1.25 and 1.75 pounds and is good for cooking in the skillet and excellent for grilling. 

Porter Road's Double Cut Pork Chop

Porter Road's Double Cut Pork Chop is cut from a pasture-raised pig.

If you grill it, sear the meat from each side over high heat first. Then, shift it to indirect heat and keep it there until the internal temperature reaches 145°F. 

Bone-in Skin on Thighs is a versatile Porter Road product you can easily prepare. It typically weighs between 1.26 and 1.5 pounds and you can prepare them in a braiser, oven, skillet, and on a grill. 

Porter Road's Bone-in Skin on Thighs

You'll receive Porter Road's Bone-in Skin on Thighs frozen, not fresh.

But you should sear them in the pan before roasting them in the oven for the best result. Dry the skin before seasoning the cuts to achieve a crispy finish. Cook these flavorsome chicken pieces to 165°F and, optionally, accompany them with some vegetables for a complete meal.


You won't be able to filter Porter Road's products by cost. You'll have to check individual items to see their prices. The price tag varies depending on the type of meat, and here's a quick breakdown:

Cost starting from

Maximum cost

Product type

Shipping costs




Shipments over $125: From $0 to $82, depending on the location and the chosen shipping method

Shipments under $125: Up to $54 for standard, $68 for 2 Day Air, and $82 for Next Day Air shipping















Curated Boxes

Regarding pricing, you'll find that most products cost well below the maximum price. Take the Pork section as an example. The majority of items fall in the $10-$30 range, with several cuts priced below and only a few going above that.

As for shipping fees, Porter Road has sort of a dual pricing policy. It means that the delivery expenses you'll pay depend on the amount of your purchase and your location. To be eligible for discounted delivery, you must purchase for at least $125. But whether you'll pay nothing or up to $82 depends on 2 parameters – your residential state and the preferred delivery method. 

You qualify for free delivery for standard shipping if you live in a state close to Kentucky. The farther away you are, the higher the delivery fee will be. Please refer to the following image to get an idea. 

Porter Road's shipping fees for standard shipping

The shipping cost varies from $0 to $35 for standard shipping depending on the delivery location.

If you live in Seattle, Washington, you may pay from $35 to $82 for shipping, depending on whether you opt for expedited shipping or not. Note that the maximum shipping cost for someone in Austin, Texas, or Miami, Florida, will be lower. Take a look at the following image to refer to the price breakdown for a Seattle customer whose purchase falls just below $125. 

Porter Road shipping fees without a discount
The shipping cost for this order is almost half the cost of products being purchased.

But a meat eater from Seattle spending over $125 gets a discounted shipping rate. And it applies to all available delivery methods, take a look.

Porter Road shipping fees with a discount for a Seattle-based meat enthusiast
The shipping fee reduces a lot if you have a larger order.

These shipping rates apply to Seattle and maybe some nearby places. But if you're anywhere nearer to the company's location in Kentucky, the surcharge for delivery you pay will be lower. For instance, consider a meat enthusiast in Austin, Texas, whose order value is over $125, or more specifically, $152.

Porter Road shipping fees with a discount for an Austin-based customer
The shipping fee is much less if you live near the company's location.

Shipping and Delivery

You can order Porter Road meats if you live in the continental United States. Thus, you can't get the company's offerings if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, American Samoa, or any other overseas territory or dependency. In that case, consider checking the Omaha Steaks review to see whether it’s the right fit for you.

The meat delivery service doesn't accept returns due to the perishable nature of its products. This means that you won't be able to return a product if you're dissatisfied with its state or something else. 

The service also doesn't explicitly mention how it intends to resolve any issues. It encourages customers, however, to contact customer support in case of any problem. Still, it doesn't offer a guarantee that you'll get compensation because it ultimately depends on it's assessment.

A customer stated that his box was ready in a matter of hours upon purchase. He knew that because the service sent him a confirmation email message confirming as much and specifying the delivery day. In his case, UPS delivered the package in 4 days, as stated in the message.  

I didn’t find any mention of rescheduling on the site, which is likely due to prompt shipping. If you prefer having control over delivery rescheduling, check out Crowd Cow.

How Porter Road Works

You can purchase the Porter Road meats as a guest. But you can earn points providing discounts on the company products by becoming a member. Signing up for membership is free, and you instantly get 25 reward points. To save $5, you’ll have to collect 100 points, to get $10 off, you need 200 points, and so on. 

If you’re a social service worker, you benefit from a 10% discount. You'll need to verify your employment status through GovX ID. First responders, military personnel, government employees, and teachers fall into this category. 

Also, first-time buyers can save money on curated boxes for their 1st order. You'll need to scroll down the page and check the Subscribe box to receive 15% off on your initial purchase. The promo code will be right there. Moreover, you can select how often to receive the package, whether it's every week or every 2, 4, or 8 weeks. Note that this normally doesn’t work for purchasing individual cuts.

Discount code for a curated box on the Porter Road website

Finding the 1st box discount offer for Butcher's Choice Box was a pleasant surprise, especially after reviewing individual meats.

How To Sign Up

To get membership discounts and bonuses, you need to register an account first. It takes a minute or 2 and includes 5 simple steps, which are:

  1. Select Log In in the main menu

The Log in feature in Porter Road's header
The Log In button is easy to find to start creating your account.

  1. Click on Register beneath the Sign In button

  2. Identify yourself by stating your first and last name. Then, add your email address and come up with a strong password and select Create.

Registering an account on Porter Road's website

Upon filling in the necessary info, hit Create.

  1. Check your email for the confirmation message to confirm the registration of your account. If someone, like a family member, has already created an account from the same computer, you may receive a notification that your customer account has been activated. 

Porter Road account registration confirmation

When I helped my relative create an account for the 1st time, he got a link to confirm the registration. It wasn't the case when I created my account using the same computer for the 2nd time.

  1. Once you confirm the registration, the system prompts you to the website. Go to your Account page, which replaces Log In at this point, to review your reward points, edit delivery address, and more.

The customer Account page on the Porter Road website

I found that I "inherited" my relative's incomplete order once I registered my account.

Managing Your Account

The Account page allows you to manage your subscription with convenience. From there, you can check past orders, change shipping addresses, and see your reward points. 

The Manage Rewards feature caught my eye when I landed on my Account page. When I clicked on it, I discovered that I automatically received 25 points. I also learned that every dollar spent equals 1 point and that I have to collect 100 points for a $5 discount. By accumulating points, you can redeem them for discounts such as $50 off for 1,000 points, $100 off for 2,000 points, and so forth. You can redeem the reward points at the checkout when purchasing.

Porter Road's discount structure

The points are a little confusing but a good way to save money

You can level up your subscription by spending more on the Porter Road website. Depending on how much you spend per year, you can reach different membership tiers. For instance, you become a Meat Eater when you start spending. You evolve to a Meat Lover stage when purchasing over $250. A $1,000 worth of combined purchases elevates you to Meat Nerd. 

The higher the tier, the more benefits you'll receive. For example, you get a 1x point multiplier as a Meat Eater, while as a Meat Nerd, your point multiplier is 1.5. Also, the Birthday Rewards grow with each tier. As a Meat Eater, you get 100 points, while as a Meat Lover and Meat Nerd you receive 200 and 300 birthday reward points respectively. 

Porter Road membership tiers with rewards

With each tier, you multiply reward points and unlock other benefits.

Customer Service

I had a good experience contacting Porter Road's customer support. The response time was reasonable considering I contacted it via email. The meat delivery service also has a contact form and a phone option available, if these are more convenient for you. 

But I noticed that the company doesn't have a live chat feature. I found that disappointing given that the feature is quite common these days among meal delivery services and suitable to a host of dieters looking for quick information. 

Scroll to the footer and select Contact Us to get in touch with customer care. There, you can choose your preferred contact method. Agents operate from 10 am to 6 pm EST, Monday to Friday. 

Porter Road's Contact Us page

State your email, the type of your inquiry, and the subject before proceeding to the contact form's Description box.

I sent an email and received an answer in around 12 hours. My question was whether Porter Road plans to expand its assortment since I'm a big fan of duck and turkey meat. Daemon answered my question to the point stating that the company offers turkey around major holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. But he emphasized that it’s unlikely for the service to add those meats to its regular selection.

Answer from Porter Road's customer support agent

Customer service was informative and helpful.

I haven't found any information relating to the cancelation policy on the website. Not even the Search feature in the header helped. I assume it's of no consequence to most meat eaters since the service's deliveries aren't recurring, for the most part. But if you're planning to commit to recurring deliveries of curated boxes, I advise checking with customer support about the cancelation procedure before purchasing.

Empty search results page for "cancelation"

I received no results when searching for a cancelation policy.

How Porter Road Compares to Other Meal Delivery Services

Porter Road vs. Blue Apron: While Porter Road's meats are of high quality, the company doesn't provide the same level of convenience as Blue Apron. The latter sources top-quality meat and produce and formulates meal kits catering to the needs of many dieters, including vegetarians and pescatarians. Blue Apron also allows you to personalize certain dishes. Lastly, the meal kit service offers a selection of wines at lower prices compared to those in stores.

Porter Road vs. Factor: Porter Road specializes in high-quality raw meats, while Factor prepares and delivers meals that require only heating to its customers. Licensed dietitians design Factor's dishes while experienced chefs prepare them, ensuring balanced nutrition and flavor. Additionally, Factor offers free nutrition coaching sessions to help customers figure out what food and diet suit them best.

Porter Road vs. Snake River Farms: Porter Road has a wide selection of cuts, but it doesn't have beef wagyu, which is where Snake River Farms excels. While you’ll find the latter offering beef and pork products, it seems to lack chicken meat. Both services source ingredients from farms with sustainable farming practices, but I found that Porter Road's prices are generally lower than those of Snake River Farms.

The Bottom Line: Is Porter Road Worth It?

You'll love Porter Road if you're a fan of high-quality, sustainably-raised meat. The service has many beef and pork cuts and a decent selection of chicken products. And besides expert cooks, it suits beginners, who can find prep recommendations and suggested methods accompanying each product. 

On the flip side, the meat delivery service may not be a great fit for budget eaters. Moreover, it doesn't ship products beyond the continental US states. Also, I found during my Porter Road review that it doesn't have a defined refund or cancelation policy, which may prove inconvenient if you have trouble with delivery.


Is Porter Road good?

Porter Roads meats are additive-free and sustainably raised. It's a great choice for eco-minded foodies and anyone who wants meat free of antibiotics, steroids, and other quesitonable products.

Why is Porter Road so expensive?

Porter Road’s high prices are largely due to its responsible sourcing practices. The company buys meat from farmers who practice sustainable and humane farming, which is more expensive than conventional farming methods. Still, you can find reasonably priced products on Porter Road’s website. 

What are Porter Road's competitors? 

Snake River Farm, Crowd Cow, and Omaha Steaks are a few of its direct competitors. Snake River Farm is generally pricier, but it has beef wagyu on offer. Besides locally, Crowd Cow sources meats from international suppliers, giving you a chance to try something new. Omaha Steaks has side dishes and desserts besides meat cuts and delivers products to remote US territories and dependencies, unlike Porter Road.

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