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Written by: Steph Gregerson on May 22nd, 2023

Best Meal Delivery Services for Cleveland in 2023

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential to your overall well-being. On the other hand, all the meal planning and shopping involved, while juggling the rest of life’s tasks, can be overwhelming. Thankfully, meal delivery services can take some of that work off your plate, as long as you choose the best meal plan for your diet and budget.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best meal delivery services in Cleveland. We’ve researched the best of ‘em, and found the meal plans that are sure to help you eat well and gain some precious time back in your week. 

The city of Rock and Roll offers up so much great variety in cuisine, as do the meal delivery services, so check out the options we’ve shared and try one out this week.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Meal Delivery Services in Cleveland for 2023

What’s the Difference Between Meal Delivery and Food Delivery?

With so many options available, I wanted to quickly explain the difference between meal delivery and food delivery. 

Meal delivery services offer meal kits or prepared meals that are packaged in the company's facility and shipped to you. The meals are created and tested by professional chefs and nutrition experts. Each time you order, you choose from a selected menu and everything is shipped to your door for you to prepare or heat at home.

Food delivery services, like Postmates and Grubhub, deliver ready-to-eat food (and sometimes convenience items). These services work with merchants that are located within the community and offer the delivery service to get local products out to more people.

Our Best Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Home Chef – The Best Overall Meal Service in Cleveland

Home Chef Best Features

Home Chef in a Nutshell

This service is at the top of our list because it offers something for everyone. The Fresh and Easy plan gives you options for 5-minute salad kits, 15-minute meals, oven- and grill-ready meals, and full meal kits, these meals can fit into any schedule. Home Chef’s brand new Fresh Start plan takes a slightly different approach, and offers a menu of health-conscious recipes.

Read our full in-depth Home Chef review to learn more.

Along with the range of cooking times, you’ll also be able to find something that fits your cooking skill level. Whether you want something incredibly simple that you just have to throw in the oven or you want to prep and cook a full dinner, Home Chef has it available.

There are 20 meals to choose from each week so you’ll get a variety of flavors. You can also add on items like bread, desserts, and protein packs to save you an extra trip to the grocery store.

2. Blue Apron – Bringing New Flavors to Your Cleveland Kitchen

Blue Apron Best Features

  • All recipes are chef-designed and tested 

  • Recyclable materials used for ice packs and other packaging

  • Pre-measured ingredients delivered to cut down on food waste

Blue Apron in a Nutshell

Blue Apron is one of the most recognizable names in the meal delivery service world – maybe not Lebron James popular, but close. It’s a top choice because it offers a good selection of meals with all the ingredients included, plus you have the option to add wine and market goods (think cooking utensils, recipe holders, and more) to your weekly meals.

Some recipes align with WeightWatchers points, plus you’ll find diabetes-friendly, vegetarian, and wellness menus. Our experts break it all down in this full-length review.

Blue Apron also has exclusive partnerships with renowned chefs, like Roy Yamaguchi. That means you’ll be getting Roy’s own recipes and guidance for preparing dishes like his Togarashi Scallops with Beurre Blanc, Soy Mustard, and Sushi Rice or his Sweet & Sour Chicken with Tomato Gastrique & Ramen Noodles in your own kitchen!

3. HelloFresh – Great for Clevelanders looking for Healthy Meals

HelloFresh Best Features

  • Fresh and seasonal produce included each week

  • Easy-to-use website and app to help with customization and delivery

  • Great variety in meals with more than 20 to choose from

HelloFresh in a Nutshell

HelloFresh is a great meal delivery service for Clevelanders thanks to its wide range of plans. The menus include Veggie, Family Friendly, Calorie Smart, Pescatarian, and Quick and Easy. 

Customizing your plan size is super easy and you can receive anywhere between two and five meals per week for two or four people. Plus, you can switch those numbers each week to fit your schedule. One of our experts tried out HelloFresh, and wrote about her experience in this in-depth review.

Maybe you’re looking for a quick, healthy weekday meal or you want to slow cook something over the weekend to enjoy while watching the Browns game – whatever the case, HelloFresh meal kits come with a range of cook times. 

The recipes offer unique combinations of fresh ingredients so you never get bored, but you can also remove anything that doesn’t align with your diet or taste preferences. In fact, HelloFresh made it onto our list of today’s Best Low-Carb Meal Delivery Services, thanks to its healthy recipes. With simple, easy-to-follow directions, it’s a good fit for everyone – even complete beginners in the kitchen.

4. Sunbasket – An Organic, Healthy Meal Service

Sunbasket Best Features

  • Every recipe is chef-tested and approved

  • Generous portions so you aren’t left hungry

  • Specialty diet plans available including paleo, gluten-free, and more

Sunbasket in a Nutshell

Sunbasket offers one of the healthiest menu options out there, but it doesn’t skimp on flavor. With meals like the Mojo Pork Tacos with Pickled Onions and Salsa Verde and the Lobster Tails with Garlic-Scallion Butter and Fresh Tomato Orzo, you’ll be eating farm-fresh produce in flavorful recipes without having to battle your way through a busy farmers’ market.

With the choice of meal prep kits and Fresh & Ready prepared meals, Sunbasket has options for all schedules.

You can read more about its impressive range of meal plans in our full expert review. In addition to those choices, you can also add in breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and extra proteins to fill up your pantry and refrigerator with one order.

5. Green Chef – Sustainable and Organic Meal Kits

Green Chef Best Features

  • Effective, eco-friendly packaging that can easily be recycled

  • Meals are ready to enjoy in about 30 minutes

  • Fresh, sustainable, and high-quality ingredients in every recipe

Green Chef in a Nutshell

Green Chef offers a selection of meal plans for different diets. You can choose between the Balanced Living menu, the Plant-Powered menu, or a Keto + Paleo menu that’s 100% gluten-free. Each plan gives you the choice of nine meals and makes it easy to avoid common allergens.

Green Chef focuses on high-quality, organic, and sustainable ingredients. Our expert review goes into more detail on the types of meals you can expect and the price points. In addition to using sustainable ingredients, the company is also part of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition working to improve packaging for the industry as a whole.

The meal kits are easy to prepare with clear instructions and will help you work towards your health goals one nutritious meal at a time.

6. EveryPlate – An Affordable and Simple Meal Service

EveryPlate Best Features

  • Sign-up and selection is very simple on the website

  • Recipes are broken down into six simple steps for easy prep

  • Protein packs available to add to your order

EveryPlate in a Nutshell

As the most affordable meal delivery service in Cleveland, EveryPlate is a popular choice for people wanting to try out a service for the first time and also anyone looking to save some money on their grocery bill. With servings starting at $1.49, it’s hard to find a cheaper option – but bear in mind there’s a shipping fee of $8.99 added to each week’s delivery.

One of the ways EveryPlate can keep its prices low is by offering a smaller menu. There are no menus for specialty diets, so if you have an allergy or are following a keto or paleo diet, this may not be the service for you.

Read our full expert review for more information.

If you’re looking for something simple and affordable, EveryPlate has 14 meals to choose from each week and could be a great introduction to the ease and convenience of meal delivery services.

7. Veestro – A Plant-Based Meal Service

Veestro Best Features

  • Vegan and allergy-friendly prepared meals delivered weekly

  • Bulk ordering of 10, 20, or 30 meals at a time

  • Zero commitment plans that are easy to pause or cancel

Veestro in a Nutshell

If a plant-based diet appeals to you, but you aren’t sure where to start, Veestro is a great choice. It takes a lot of classic meals and swaps the meat for a different plant-based protein.

Choose between the à la carte option, where you pick all your meals, or the weight loss plan where the meals are pre-selected based on calorie counts to help you reach your weight loss goals. Our expert review breaks it all down in more detail. There are lots of filters that can be utilized on the menu, including kosher, soy-free, nut-free, and more. The website is simple to use, so you can easily find what you want.

When you’re just starting out, researching and learning to cook vegan recipes can be difficult but Veestro makes the switch to a plant-based diet easy and hassle-free.

8. Grubhub – Your Favorite Cleveland Restaurants Delivered to Your Door

Grubhub Best Features

  • Easy-to-navigate website and app make ordering a breeze

  • Over 2,400 local restaurants available

  • Get delivery any time that the restaurants are open

Grubhub in a Nutshell

Grubhub is a delivery service that helps bring your favorite restaurants to your door. Whether you want to avoid the lake-effect snow or just need a night in, Grubhub gives you the chance to enjoy a hot meal without having to go outside.

With tons of filtering options on the website, you can sort by type of cuisine, ratings, prices, or just search for a specific dish you have in mind. You’ll pay the restaurant prices plus a delivery fee and tip so it supports the restaurant while allowing you to enjoy food from the comfort of your own home.

If this is a service that you plan on using often, check out the Grubhub+ membership, which can help save on delivery fees and offers up some exclusive member discounts.

9. Postmates – Delivers Anything You Need, Including Food Delivery, in Cleveland

Postmates Best Features

  • Get delivery from both national chains and local family spots

  • App-based service allows you to order, track, and get help in one place

  • Unlimited membership comes with additional discounts and free delivery

Postmates in a Nutshell

From local favorites like Pierogi Palace at the West Side Market to restaurant chains like McDonald’s, Postmates delivers. And it isn’t just restaurants. Postmates will send in shoppers to local merchants and pick up any items that you need.

Say you’re throwing a birthday party and at the last minute, you realize you forgot candles for the cake and chips for the salsa – Postmates can take care of those errands and you can stay home to greet your guests. It’s the same situation if you’re sick in bed and need some essentials from CVS.

With both groceries and ready-to-eat, restaurant-quality meals, Postmates is a great food delivery service to add convenience to your life.

Best Meal Delivery Services for Cleveland: Comparison Table

Top Plans
Top Plans
Home Chef logo
Blue Apron logo
Hello Fresh logo
Sun Basket logo
Green Chef logo
Every Plate logo
Veestro logo
Postmates logo
Grubhub logo
Our Rating
Our Rating
Starting Price
Starting Price

$7.99 Per Serving

$5.74 Per Serving

$3.32 Per Serving

$4.27 Per Serving

$5.99 Per Serving

$1.49 Per Serving

$7.16 Per Serving

$9.99 Per Serving

Minimum Order
Minimum Order

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meal kits for 2 people/4 prepared meals

3 meals for 2 people

3 meals for 2 people

10 prepared meals

no minimum

Varies by supplier

Meal Types
Meal Types

Kits, speedy kits, oven-ready, prepared

20 - 60 min. meal kits

20 - 30 min. meal kits

Fresh & Ready meals, 30-Min Meal Kits

30-minute meal kits

30-minute meal kits

Prepared meals

Food and Grocery delivery


Prep Time
Prep Time

5-50 min

5-45 min

15-40 min

3-40 min

25-40 min

20-45 min

2-5 min

0 min


Active Deals
Active Deals

Bottom Line: Are Meal Delivery Services in Cleveland Worth It?


With so many great options to choose from in Cleveland, there’s a meal delivery service that’s right for everyone. Healthy, convenient options have never been so accessible meaning you can win back some precious time in your day.

Decide which of the top 10 meal delivery services in Cleveland you want to try first and enjoy the convenience of no longer having to run around the grocery store or plan out all your meals. 


What is the most affordable meal delivery service in Cleveland?

EveryPlate is the best option if you’re looking for the most affordable meal delivery service. There’s a charge for shipping on each order, but even with that amount, it’s still the lowest-priced service.

We actually researched the Today's Cheapest Meal Delivery Services, and it’s no surprise that EveryPlate is on that list!

What is the best university students’ meal delivery service in Cleveland?

Home Chef offers a selection of oven-ready and 15 minute meal kits that are great for your hectic schedule. 

Check out our full list of the Best Prepared Meal Delivery of 2023.

For those late-night study sessions when you might need to order a hot, ready-to-eat meal, Grubhub and Postmates are also convenient alternatives.

What is the best diet meal delivery service in Cleveland?

Blue Apron and HelloFresh are the best diet meal delivery services in Cleveland. You’ll find low-calorie and carb-conscious options that will help you meet your diet goals. Veestro also offers a weight loss plan that sends all plant-based meals ready to heat and eat if you need quick and easy options.

For more information on weight loss meal plans, take a look at this list of 2023’s Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Services.

What is the best paleo meal delivery service in Cleveland?

Sunbasket and Green Chef both offer paleo meal options. Green Chef offers meal kits that are ready in about 30 minutes. Sunbasket has both prepared meals and meal kits so there are a few more options to cater to different time restrictions and skill sets.

It’s no wonder that these two meal delivery services made it onto our list of the Best Paleo meal Delivery Services today.

Best Meal Delivery Services for Cleveland in 2023 – Final Score:

Our Score
Meal price starting at
Active Deal
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