Written by: Joey Kendrick on Feb 9th, 2021

10 Best Meal Delivery Services in Los Angeles of 2021

In a big city like Los Angeles, deciding on a meal can be a real chore simply because of the vast number of restaurants available to you. Even when you manage to pick something, dining at restaurants regularly can become very expensive. 

One solution is to cook your own meals, but not everyone has the time to grocery shop, find a recipe, and prep so many ingredients. This leaves you with a dilemma: how can you enjoy tasty meals every day without breaking the bank or spending loads of time in the kitchen? Luckily, that’s exactly the question we’re here to answer.

Meal delivery services provide delicious food to anyone who needs a little help putting their meals together. Many of these services provide fresh or frozen meals that are ready to heat and eat, while others provide clear recipe cards and all the ingredients you need to cook your own meals. What’s more, you’ll save time, and possibly even money, by subscribing to a meal delivery service.

Our experts have compiled a list of the ten best meal delivery services for Los Angeles residents. Many of these are national brands, while several others are headquartered in California. They all represent amazing value and offer delicious meals to suit any diet.

Short on time? Here Are the Best Meal Delivery Services in Los Angeles of 2021

Our Best Meal Delivery Services in LA Reviewed

1. Home Chef – Perfect for Protein Lovers

Home Chef Best Features 

  • A meat eater’s dream – Easily swap out or add protein to any dish

  • Lots of options – 14 recipes to choose from each week

  • Eco-friendly packaging – Much of the packaging is recyclable or reusable

  • Available at Kroger and Ralph’s – Buy extra meals from the grocery store

Home Chef in a Nutshell 

Home Chef’s claim to fame is its easily customizable dishes and high-quality proteins. For any given dish on your menu, you can swap out, change, or add extra meat or seafood. For example, sirloin steak can be swapped for chicken breasts (including an option for organic chicken), or replaced with a USDA Choice ribeye steak. With options like this, you’re guaranteed to find dishes you’ll want and enjoy in every menu. You can get the full scoop on how this works in my colleague’s dedicated Home Chef review.

Home Chef is a Kroger-affiliated brand, meaning you can pick up its products in-store if you can’t wait for your next shipment. Every Ralph’s in the LA area carries a selection of Home Chef’s fresh and frozen premade meals as well as some of its most popular meal kits.

2. HelloFresh – Big Flavor and No Food Waste

HelloFresh Best Features 

  • Sustainable packaging – Dedicated to reducing packaging without compromising quality

  • Plans for every palate – Choose from a range of menus including Family Friendly and Calorie Smart

  • Eliminates food waste – Only receive the ingredients you need so you don’t have to throw anything away

HelloFresh in a Nutshell 

HelloFresh has skyrocketed to become the biggest meal kit delivery service in the business. It has maintained this position by offering consistently delicious meals at hard-to-beat prices, often as low as $7.49 per meal. You can learn more about how this meal prep service works in our expert HelloFresh review.

HelloFresh’s goal is to reduce food waste and minimize its carbon footprint. It accomplishes these goals with responsible ingredient sourcing, sustainable packaging, and by pre-portioning ingredients. These steps not only help the environment but also streamline the food-prep process, making it even easier for you to prepare your dishes.

When you first sign up for HelloFresh, you can choose from a small list of plans, including Vegetarian, Pescatarian, and Calorie Smart menus. At this stage, you also get to choose how many meals you receive per week and you can easily make adjustments or skip a week as needed.

3. Sunbasket – Healthy for Both Body and Soul

Sunbasket Best Features 

  • Options for every schedule – Choose from meal kits as well as premade dishes 

  • Good for the body – 100% organic produce, plus antibiotic- and hormone-free meat

  • Good for the soul – Dedicated to minimizing the impact on wildlife and the environment 

  • Multiple menu options – plans to suit many diets like paleo, gluten-free, and more

Sunbasket in a Nutshell 

Sunbasket is a meal delivery service based on the idea that all food should be delicious and healthy. The company is dedicated to providing a diverse array of menus inspired by cuisines around the world while also catering to the needs of specific diets. 

All of its dietitian-approved recipes contain between 500-800 calories per serving and include options for Paleo, Gluten-Free, Carb-Conscious, and Diabetes-Friendly plans (among many others). 

Another plus is Sunbasket’s mission to do good in the world. All of its ingredients are responsibly sourced, from wild-caught seafood to pasture-raised eggs, and its packaging is fully recyclable and compostable. You can learn more in our in-depth Sunbasket review.

Los Angeles is one of America’s epicenters with some of the fittest and most health-conscious people in the country. With Sunbasket, you can maintain a healthy diet, and stick to your wellness goals, while minimizing your ecological footprint.

4. Diet-to-Go – Pre-Portioned Meals for a Low-Calorie Diet

Diet-to-Go Best Features 

  • Multiple plans – Choose a simple, balanced meal plan or from a variety of specific diets

  • Perfect for your busy schedule – Pre-packaged meals are ready to heat and eat

  • Plenty of dishes – Pick from a wide-ranging menu of delicious, healthy options

  • Low in calories – Choose meal plans with as little as 1,200 calories per day

Diet-to-Go in a Nutshell 

Los Angeles is a rough city to live in when you’re on a diet. 

With a diverse concentration of cuisines ranging from taco trucks to fine dining establishments, it can be a real challenge to stick to a diet plan. If you’re trying to shed some weight or working hard to maintain a specific diet, a meal delivery service like Diet-to-Go can make your life so much easier. 

Perfect for anyone with a busy schedule, Diet-to-Go delivers a selection of pre-made meals, usually featuring a main course and at least one side dish. You can get the full scoop in this expert Diet-to-Go review.

Choose from the balanced low-calorie meals or meals that work for stricter keto or diabetic diets. Store the stackable meals in the fridge, or even in the freezer for a rainy day. The meals come pre-portioned in microwave-safe containers so you can eat well even while you’re on the go. 

5. Blue Apron – Diverse Dishes With Premium Ingredients

Blue Apron Best Features 

  • Premium meal kits – All the ingredients you need to cook delicious meals

  • Diverse ingredients – Enjoy unique flavors like saffron, togarashi, and za’atar 

  • Drink pairings – Optional plan includes exclusive wines with pairing instructions

  • Plans for families – Choose two to four recipes a week for up to four people

Blue Apron in a Nutshell 

Blue Apron is one of the biggest names in meal kit delivery, and for a good reason. Its ever-changing menu options contain an array of exotic flavors, including Shawarma-Spiced Lamb & Couscous, Cajun-Spiced Shrimp Bake, and Peanut Lentil Curry. You can learn more about how Blue Apron works in this expert Blue Apron review.

In addition to its main menu, Blue Apron offers a Vegetarian plan as well as a Wellness meal plan in conjunction with WW (formerly Weight Watchers). The service mainly shines, however, as a source for delicious meals. 

Los Angeles has no shortage of gourmet grocery stores, but also no shortage of traffic. Is it really worth sitting in the car for hours in order to try a new recipe? Blue Apron solves that problem by providing all the ingredients you need in just the right quantities so you can prepare great-tasting meals without waste and without having to step foot into a grocery store.

6. Fresh n’Lean - Athlete-Sponsored Meal Service

Fresh n’Lean Best Features 

  • Premade diet meals – Transfer directly from the package to your fridge for easy storage

  • Nutrient-dense plans – Only healthy, high-quality proteins, fats, and carbs

  • Great for athletes – Protein+ plan provides extra energy for active lifestyles

  • Local business – Anaheim, CA kitchen is close to Los Angeles, providing fresher meals

Fresh n’Lean in a Nutshell 

Fresh n’Lean is a diet-focused meal delivery service with a specific mission to make healthy eating more accessible to everyone. Its nutrient-dense dishes are ideal for anyone working to maintain an active lifestyle. We go into more detail in this expert Fresh n’Lean review.

Rather than a weight-loss regimen, Fresh n’Lean views itself as a meal delivery service catering to an overall healthy lifestyle. The Keto, Paleo, and Vegan plans are perfect for people trying to stick to a specific diet, while the Protein+ plan is perfect for active lifestyles. 

In fact, Fresh n’Lean is sponsored by many athletes, including MMA fighter Mike Lemaire, Tennis champion Sloane Stephens, and Santia Deck of the Women’s Football League.

All of Fresh n’Lean’s meals are prepared fresh in its Anaheim, California kitchen, a mere thirty miles from downtown LA. The company ships nationwide, but Los Angeles residents will be receiving particularly fresh meals. This also makes Fresh n’Lean a great option for LA residents interested in supporting a local business.

7. Z.E.N. Foods – Customized Detox Meals in Southern California

Z.E.N. Foods Best Features 

  • Local to SoCal – Localized delivery between San Diego and Santa Barbara

  • Fresh daily meals – Dishes are made and delivered same-day for optimum freshness

  • Personalization – Every plan is customized for your specific dietary needs

  • Celebrity sponsored – Testimonies from Zac Efron, Carrie Ann Moss, and others

Z.E.N. Foods in a Nutshell 

If Fresh n’Lean’s location in the LA metropolitan area isn’t “local” enough for you, then Z.E.N. Foods may be up your alley. 

Located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Sun Valley, it doesn’t get much more local for LA residents. Z.E.N. stands for “Zero Effort Nutrition,” and the company’s model exemplifies this statement. The chefs at Z.E.N. prepare fresh meals daily, and all you have to do is pop your customized dish in the microwave for two to three minutes.

Z.E.N. offers a basic Healthy Lifestyle plan as well as several other menu plans, including menus for weight loss or vegetarian lifestyles. It also offers juice cleanses and other detox plans. 

Compared to other nationwide services on this list, Z.E.N’s limited delivery area (serving most of Southern California) allows it to provide a unique level of individualized service. Clients can provide Z.E.N. with “dislikes” and other dietary restrictions to help personalize the meals. You will also have access to Z.E.N.’s network of trainers and nutritionists to help guide you on your personal health journey.

8. Territory Foods – Regional, Chef-Designed Meals

Territory Foods Best Features 

  • Chef-prepared meals – Premade dishes with personal flair from professional chefs

  • Localized service – Regional service to ensure the utmost quality and freshness

  • Responsibly sourced – Everything from veggies to seafood is ethically farmed

  • Multiple diet options – Ten or more diet plans to choose from depending on your region

Territory Foods in a Nutshell 

Territory Foods was founded with the goal of re-aligning your nutritional compass. All meals are prepared with the highest quality ingredients available, including ethically sourced meat and seafood and hand-selected non-inflammatory produce. Meals from Territory Foods are delicious and nutritious while containing no gluten, dairy, processed oils (like canola), or refined sugars.

Rather than trying to ship foods nationwide, Territory Foods has a network of chefs servicing major metropolitan areas across the United States. 

Customers in the Los Angeles metropolitan area have access to an immense variety of menus (including Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Whole30, and other diets) prepared by chefs in commercial and restaurant kitchens in the region, ensuring the dishes you receive are as fresh as possible.

9. Kooshi Gourmet – A Personal Chef Delivered to Your Door

Kooshi Gourmet Best Features 

  • Pick your diet – Select from diet plans like Keto or Vegetarian, or design your own custom diet via phone consultation

  • Enjoy the freshest meals – All dishes are cooked, packaged, and delivered within 24 hours

  • Apply fun extras – For an additional cost, enjoy a variety of healthy snacks and juices

  • Support local businesses – Service is by Californians, for Californians

Kooshi Gourmet in a Nutshell 

Kooshi Gourmet is a West Hollywood-based company providing meals to Los Angeles and Orange County with plans to spread to San Diego and San Francisco soon. Kooshi Gourmet was founded by a team of personal chefs and strives to provide everyone with the experience of having their own personal chef

The company’s dedication to freshness is exemplified in its 24-hour guarantee: all meals are made with sustainably sourced ingredients and are prepared, packaged, and delivered to your door within 24 hours.

Kooshi Gourmet prepares seasonal meals based on the availability of high quality, local ingredients. As a result, customers can’t select the exact meals they want. Instead, you can provide Kooshi Gourmet with up to three “dislikes” to eliminate certain ingredients from your menus – perfect for those who don’t care for seafood or want to avoid spicy peppers. 

You can further customize your plan by choosing a specific diet like Keto, Paleo, Pescatarian, or even a custom diet plan based on your own needs.

10. Thistle – Plant-Forward Meals for West Coast Customers

Thistle Best Features 

  • Customizable meals and deliveries – For anyone living in a “local” delivery zone

  • Plant-forward with optional meat add-ons – Filling vegetarian dishes prove that you don’t need to have meat to be healthy and delicious

  • Earth-friendly packaging – All packaging is recyclable, and some can even be returned and reused for future deliveries

  • Optimized for the West Coast – Customized local service available to many California residents, including LA

Thistle in a Nutshell 

San Francisco-based Thistle encourages you to “autopilot your diet” with its ever-changing menu of plant-forward recipes. The company’s chefs prepare new meals every week based on the freshest produce available. The subscription-based service provides meals that are meat-optional as well as gluten- and dairy-free. Organic produce is used whenever possible, and customers can receive deliveries up to six days a week.

Thistle provides a customizable service to customers living in its “local” delivery areas, including the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego. In these regions, delivery windows are customizable, as are any of the meal options (which include breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, and juices). Thistle also services most of the west coast – including parts of Idaho, Utah, and Arizona – with deliveries that are less customizable but still delicious.

Best Meal Delivery Services for Los Angeles: Comparison Table

Starting Price Per Serving

Meal Type

Special Diet Options

Delivery Schedule

Home Chef


Meal Kit

Vegetarian, Calorie-Conscious, Carb-Conscious


Get Started



Meal Kit

Vegetarian, Pescatarian, and Calorie Smart menus


Get Started



Meal Kit and Premade

Paleo, gluten-free, carb-conscious, diabetes-friendly, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, Mediterranean 


Get Started




Balanced low-calorie meals, keto, diabetic, vegetarian


Get Started

Blue Apron


Meal Kit

Vegetarian, healthy, low-calorie


Get Started

Fresh n’Lean



Keto, paleo, vegan, low-carb vegan, protein+


Get Started

Z.E.N. Foods





Get Started

Territory Foods



Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan, Whole30, Low Fat, Low Carb, Mediterranean

Weekly or Twice-Weekly

Get Started

Kooshi Gourmet



Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, Pescatarian


Get Started




Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Plant Forward

Weekly (Daily for local customers)

Get Started

Bottom Line: Why Choose a Meal Delivery Service?

Los Angeles is an expensive and, at times, inconvenient place to live. Sometimes, you may find yourself too busy enjoying the cultural amenities of the city to find time to shop and cook your own meals. 

Whether you’re struggling to stick to a specific diet regimen or you simply want to enjoy tasty meals without having to brave LA traffic, meal delivery services are an ideal solution for healthy, delicious eating with minimum hassle.


What is the best meal delivery service in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a major metropolitan hub with more meal delivery options than most other regions. National options like Home Chef, HelloFresh, and Sunbasket are some of the best values for flavor and cost.

What is the most affordable meal delivery service in Los Angeles?

The cost of meal delivery services can vary greatly depending on your specific dietary needs and how many meals you order. Typically, the more meals you purchase in a given week, the cheaper the price per meal. Home Chef has one of the least expensive starting cost per serving, but HelloFresh and Blue Apron are also quite affordable. 

Is Grubhub in Los Angeles?

Grubhub services the entirety of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, but the cost of ordering from restaurants for every meal can add up, especially with the added delivery and service fees. 

Meal delivery services are almost always a more affordable option, and many require scarcely more effort than ordering takeout. Home Chef, for example, starts at just $6.99 per serving, and you can get healthy meal kits or prepared meals delivered every week. 

Is there DoorDash in Los Angeles?

Like Grubhub, DoorDash services all of Los Angeles. DoorDash, however, shares the same drawbacks as Grubhub: the cost of restaurant delivery can quickly add up and eat into your budget. It’s also much more difficult to follow a diet plan if you order from restaurants for every meal. Meal delivery services like Home Chef and Blue Apron allow you to cater your meal plan specifically to any special dietary needs you have.

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Joey is a writer based in New York City. He has covered many subjects, but food is his true passion. With his two cats as research assistants, he creates content for clients all over the world.
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