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Written by: Kenaz Filan on May 20th, 2023

9 Best Meal Delivery Services in Rhode Island 2023 (Updated)

Not eating as well as you should? For tasty and healthy food that requires minimal prep, why not try a meal delivery service? With menus curated by chefs and approved by nutritionists, and a variety of plans to choose from, they’re a great way to enjoy easy and delicious meals in the comfort of your own home.  

Rhode Islanders from South Kingstown to Pawtucket can choose from some of the country’s best meal delivery services. And there’s something for everyone – whether you’re a student or professional, a vegetarian or paleo dieter. Even busy families are sure to find a service they love among the many options Rhode Island has to offer.

Let’s face it – planning supermarket trips between job duties, diapers, or academic deadlines can be a challenge. So here’s our list of Rhode Island’s 9 best meal delivery services: 

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Meal Delivery Services in Rhode Island for 2023

What’s the Difference Between Meal Delivery and Food Delivery?

Meal delivery services will send complete meal kits or prepared meals for you to cook and enjoy at home. Some meal delivery services, like Home Chef, will send ingredients that may require some prep before cooking.  

A food delivery service, like GrubHub, brings restaurant food to your door. Your meal will arrive ready to eat. You can choose from a wide variety of Rhode Island restaurants – simply place your order and enjoy! It doesn’t get any more convenient.  

When it comes to consistently eating well, meal delivery services have the upper hand. Not only do they encourage you to be organized and try new things, but home-cooked meals are generally healthier, too. And, when you factor in the cost of restaurant food and tips, meal delivery services are also cheaper per portion. 

Rhode Island’s 9 Best Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Home Chef – Best Meal Delivery Service in Rhode Island

Home Chef Best Features

  • Good variety – around 20 dishes on the menu each week

  • Flexible – customize the protein in almost every meal  

  • Recipes to suit your schedule – including oven-ready dishes for busy days

  • Special Deals: Get 18 Free Meals (50% off your first 4 boxes)!

Home Chef in a Nutshell

If you want a flexible plan with a good number of options, Home Chef is the meal delivery service for you. The company is known for its customizable dishes, offering diners the chance to swap, upgrade, or double-up on protein in most of its meals. This flexibility, along with its range of recipes, earned Home Chef our award for Rhode Island’s best meal delivery service.

To learn more, check out our full productReviewLink product="home-chef"Home Chef review/productReviewLink.

Home Chef gives you around 20 meal choices each week. Not keen on pork? Swap it for chicken or another protein. Love its Pulled Pork Enchiladas? Double the portion size and you’ll have leftovers. Home Chef also offers Oven-Ready meals like Creamy Marinara Beef Cavatappi with Zucchini & Parmesan that you simply heat and serve.

Home Chef works to make sure you and your family get to eat well at a reasonable price.  Why spend time in the supermarket aisle when you could be on one of the Westerly beaches?

2. Blue Apron – Best Gourmet Meal Kits for Rhode Islanders

Blue Apron Best Features

  • Diverse menu – sophisticated dishes from around the world

  • Diet-friendly – encourages healthy living with its dedicated Wellness plan

  • Optional wine subscription – pair gourmet dishes with recommended bottles

  • Special Deals: Enjoy $180 off across your first 6 orders

Blue Apron in a Nutshell

Blue Apron’s meal kits require an element of cooking knowledge. That said, the step-by-step recipes are easy to follow and each week you’ll be learning how to cook new and inventive dishes, making it great for Rhode Islanders who want to improve their skills in the kitchen. The menu is stacked with gourmet meals from just $5.74 per serving. 

Blue Apron’s Wellness plan offers meals packed with fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, and lean protein. The recipes include nutritionist-approved offerings like the Veracruz-Style Shrimp & Vegetables. 

If you’re curious, check out our full-length Blue Apron review.

Finally, its commitment-free wine subscription service is the perfect way to pair those special occasion meals with the right tipple. Enjoy tasting notes, pairing tips, and the story behind each bottle when you sign up.

3. HelloFresh – Simple & Fresh Meal Delivery in Rhode Island

HelloFresh Best Features

HelloFresh in a Nutshell

HelloFresh organizes your weekly menu based on which of the six available plans you choose. But it’s also flexible, and if any of the weekly offerings don’t suit your needs, you can replace it with any of the 27+ available menu items. All of HelloFresh’s meal kits comprise high-quality, seasonal, and farm-fresh produce, with some organic offerings.

Everyone from pescatarians to vegetarians, low-carb dieters to families, will find lots of tasty and appealing options like the Basil-Parmesan Crusted Salmon or the Mozzarella & Mushroom Hoagies with Dijon Mayo & Potato Wedges. See more options in our expert HelloFresh review.

HelloFresh became one of the world’s largest food delivery services thanks to the number of satisfied customers. Its flexibility means you can cancel, change meals, or skip weeks at any time, and the recipes have been designed with simplicity and convenience in mind.

4. Sunbasket – Rhode Island’s Best Meal Delivery for Specialized Diets

Sunbasket Best Features

  • Caters to a variety of diets – paleo, gluten-free, diabetic, and more

  • Organic produce where possible – plus responsibly sourced proteins 

  • Online marketplace – pick up fridge fillers like cheese, dips, and veggies 

Sunbasket in a Nutshell

Do you follow a dedicated diet such as keto, paleo, or gluten-free? Sunbasket is Rhode Island’s best choice for specialized meal delivery kits and prepared meals. While most meal delivery services offer some vegetarian, low-carb, or low-calorie options, Sunbasket is one of the few to offer entire meal plans for stricter diets.

Though it doesn’t offer an explicitly vegan meal plan, Sunbasket does have plenty of plant-based options such as its Triple-Mushroom Quinoa with Watercress, Scallions, & Peas and the Vegan Kimchi Fried Rice. It also has Mediterranean and Diabetes-Friendly plans. Find out more about the menu offerings in our  Sunbasket review.

Lastly, Sunbasket prides itself on using only the freshest, organic produce and meat and seafood that is free-range and responsibly sourced, allowing diners to enjoy truly healthy food at home in minutes.

5. Green Chef – For Organic Ingredients & Keto/Paleo Dieters

Green Chef Best Features

  • Easy to follow – portioned ingredients and simple recipes

  • Plans to match your lifestyle – Keto + Paleo, Plant-Powered, and more

  • Certified organic – high-quality produce and responsibly sourced proteins

Green Chef in a Nutshell

Green Chef provides Rhode Islanders with well-organized and clearly marked ingredients, including its signature sauces and spice blends, and often prepped vegetables. This makes cooking meals like the Za’atar Chicken With Couscous or the Creamy Farfalle & Brussel Sprouts super easy.

The company gives you a choice of nine recipes each week. Choose from three plans – Plant-Powered, Balanced Living, or Keto + Paleo – but be sure to choose wisely, as Green Chef doesn’t allow you to mix and match meals from the other plans.

For more details, read our full-length Green Chef review.

If high-quality, organic ingredients are high up on the agenda for you, rest assured Green Chef’s produce is always organic where possible, and all its meats are responsibly sourced and non-GMO. Green Chef may have fewer customization options than some other meal delivery services but the ingredients are always fresh, and it makes an excellent choice for vegans and keto dieters.

6. EveryPlate – Rhode Island’s Budget-Friendly Meal Delivery Service

EveryPlate Best Features

  • Affordable – a budget-friendly $1.49 per serving 

  • Comfort-food classics – always filling and always tasty   

  • Family-friendly – extra protein packs available 

EveryPlate in a Nutshell

At an affordable $1.49 per serving, EveryPlate is Rhode Island’s cheapest meal kit delivery service. EveryPlate is around $2 cheaper per serving than Home Chef and around $5 per serving cheaper than Green Chef. That’s a big saving when you’re trying to make ends meet. But how is the food?

EveryPlate keeps prices down by keeping things simple. This does mean, though, that anyone with dietary preferences, intolerances, or allergies is out of luck. Out of 14 dishes each week, there are very few veggie options on the menu, too.

To find out more, see our full-length EveryPlate review.

Instead, what EveryPlate does have are crowd-pleasing, family favorites like Easy Chicken Fajitas and Balsamic-Glazed Pork Chops. Its plans are also simple – choose from three, four, or five meals per week for either two or four people.

7. Veestro – Rhode Island’s Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service

Veestro Best Features

  • Prepared vegan dishes – all plant-based and organic 

  • Order up to 30 meals at a time – keep healthy food on hand 

  • Meals to suit your lifestyle – high-protein, kosher, gluten-free, and more

Veestro in a Nutshell

In a state that’s got a strong culture of lobster bakes and milky coffee, Rhode Island vegans can have quite a time finding satisfying alternatives. Enter Veestro. With a menu of more than 50 dishes, you can order up to 30 at a time. Pop them in the microwave, in your oven, or on your stovetop, and you’ll have a meal ready in minutes.

If you’re trying a plant-based diet for the first time, Veestro’s menu is filled with inspo, including comfort-food classics like Chick’n Milanese and Baked Mac & Cheez. If you’re a longtime vegan, you’ll also appreciate the convenience of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries.

For more, read our Veestro review.

It’s also a great service for anyone with additional dietary requirements. Filter the menu by preferences, including high-protein, soy-free, nut-free, kosher, and more to see all the meals that are suitable for you.

8. Grubhub – Rhode Island’s Best for Food Delivery

Grubhub Best Features

  • Easy-to-use app – including filters to find exactly what you’re craving 

  • Wide variety – partnered with hundreds of restaurants across Rhode Island

  • Frequent promotions – including $10 off your $30 order and free delivery

Grubhub in a Nutshell

Whether you want a party-size pizza and a Del’s Lemonade or a steak and cheese sub from D’Angelo, a few taps on your smartphone will bring a Grubhub driver to your door with the goods. If you’re not in the mood for cooking, the service is partnered with a number of Rhode Island restaurants and eateries to keep you fueled.

The app’s easy-to-use filters will help you find exactly what you’re looking for – it’ll even help you find restaurants that offer free delivery. And if nobody in your neighborhood is delivering lobster rolls to your door, Grubhub also provides a list of nearby pickup options.

Takeout food can get expensive, though. If you find yourself ordering frequently, why not sign up to Grubhub+ for $9.99 per month for unlimited free delivery? Or check out the service’s frequent money-saving coupons and special deals.

9. Postmates – Order Anything From Anywhere in Rhode Island

Postmates Best Features

  • Not just food delivery – order groceries and convenience items, too

  • Exclusive benefits – try Postmates Unlimited for free delivery 

  • User-friendly app – choose delivery or pickup, and track your order

Postmates in a Nutshell

Postmates doesn’t just deliver takeout. From groceries and kitchen staples to makeup and dry cleaning, this service has you covered. The app’s convenient search function allows you to sort through the abundance of restaurants and stores based on location, product name, food type, and more.

Watch out for the delivery fees, though. If you order at peak time, your delivery might cost more than your food. Look out for those restaurants available on Postmates Party, which offers free delivery from the eateries currently trending. 

Or, if you’re a regular user, Postmates Unlimited gives you unlimited free delivery on orders over $12 when you sign up for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

Best Meal Delivery Services in Rhode Island: Comparison Table

Top Plans
Top Plans
Home Chef logo
Blue Apron logo
Hello Fresh logo
Sun Basket logo
Green Chef logo
Every Plate logo
Veestro logo
Grubhub logo
Postmates logo
Our Rating
Our Rating
Starting Price
Starting Price

$7.99 Per Serving

$5.74 Per Serving

$3.32 Per Serving

$4.27 Per Serving

$5.99 Per Serving

$1.49 Per Serving

$7.16 Per Serving

$9.99 Per Serving

Minimum Order
Minimum Order

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meal kits for 2 people/4 prepared meals

3 meals for 2 people

3 meals for 2 people

10 prepared meals

Varies by supplier

no minimum

Meal Types
Meal Types

Kits, speedy kits, oven-ready, prepared

20 - 60 min. meal kits

20 - 30 min. meal kits

Fresh & Ready meals, 30-Min Meal Kits

30-minute meal kits

30-minute meal kits

Prepared meals


Food and Grocery delivery

Prep Time
Prep Time

5-50 min

5-45 min

15-40 min

3-40 min

25-40 min

20-45 min

2-5 min


0 min

Active Deals
Active Deals

Bottom Line: Are Meal Delivery Services in Rhode Island Worth It?

Would you rather prepare a weekly list of dinners or attend the Providence Opera House? Would you rather visit your cousins in Narragansett or shop for groceries? Meal delivery services can not only help you save time, they can also help get you started on a new diet plan or help you stick to your current one. 

They also reduce food waste and encourage you to order less takeaway by delivering healthy meals to your door. 

The ideal meal delivery service for you is one that delivers the type of food you relish and provides the instructions you need to prepare it. Decide which service on our list is the perfect match for you, and gear up for healthy, satisfying, and convenient dining!


What is the most affordable meal delivery service in Rhode Island?

At $1.49 per serving, EveryPlate offers Rhode Island’s most affordable meal kits. Also, check out our complete list of the Cheapest Meal Delivery Services.

What is the best vegan meal delivery service in Rhode Island?

Veestro prepared meals are 100% vegan. If you’re looking for vegan meal kits, though Sunbasket doesn’t have an explicitly vegan menu, it does offer many plant-based dishes on its weekly menu.

Get the full list of today’s best vegan meal delivery services in our experts’ blog post.

What is the best paleo meal delivery service in Rhode Island?

Sunbasket has a dedicated paleo plan for low-carb dieters, while Green Chef’s Keto + Paleo plan is also gluten-free and safe for coeliacs. Both Green Chef and Sunbasket rank very high on our list of Top Paleo Meal Delivery Services.

What is the best kosher meal delivery service in Rhode Island?

Veestro offers vegan prepared dishes that are kosher, too. If you’re not vegan, Veestro’s food is all parve so you can enjoy it with meat or dairy dishes.

Best Meal Delivery Services in Rhode Island in 2023 – Final Score:

Our Score
Meal price starting at
Active Deal
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