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Written by: Roxana David on Nov 22nd, 2022

10 Best Meal Delivery Services in San Jose 2023 (Updated List)

Life in the heart of Silicon Valley can be interesting and fulfilling, but also busy. Between work and all the outdoor activities California has to offer, you may need a bit of extra help in the kitchen.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best meal delivery services in San Jose. From prepared meals that arrive ready to heat and eat to exciting meal kits that make cooking less time-consuming, we bring you our top picks.

Instead of wasting time planning, searching for online inspo, and going grocery shopping, you could go on a hike in the Alum Rock Park or take a stroll in the Municipal Rose Garden. With a meal delivery service, not only will you have more time for yourself and your family, but you’ll also be less stressed about what to eat every day.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Meal Delivery Services in San Jose for 2023

What’s the Difference Between Meal Delivery and Food Delivery?

Meal delivery services, like Home Chef, are usually subscription-based, so you get your prepared meals or meal kits delivered to you regularly. You choose the type and number of meals you want from the menu and get them all on the same day, ready to put in your fridge or freezer.

With a food delivery service like Grubhub or Postmates, you order meals from local restaurants that are prepared on the spot. This means you get your one-time order really quickly, hot to your door.

Our Best Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Home Chef – Best Overall Meal Delivery Service in San Jose

Home Chef Best Features

  • Family-friendly – a weekly order feeds up to six people, or even eight when it comes to the in-store holiday bundles

  • Customizable meals – add more protein or switch it up

  • Affordable – servings start at $6.99

  • Special Deal: 75% Off Your 1st Box + 60% Off Your 2nd and 3rd Boxes!

Home Chef in a Nutshell

Home Chef is at the top of our list of the best meal delivery services for San Jose residents. It offers many time-saving options, from oven-ready meals and 15 Minute Meal Kits to Easy Prep meals. This way, you can minimize kitchen time and maximize the time spent relaxing at the Santa Cruz Main Beach.

There are more than 20 recipes to choose from every week, from Crispy Tofu and Tzatziki Gyros to Creamy Shrimp Carbonara with Bacon and Peas. Vegetarian or meat lover, you’ll surely find something to enjoy. You can read more about the menu in our dedicated review.

Another great thing about Home Chef is the user-friendly app. Want to go skiing at the Sierra-at-Tahoe resort? Skip a week’s delivery or manage orders directly from the app.

2. Blue Apron – Easy, Diverse Meal Kits for Californians

Blue Apron Best Features

  • Online market – add kitchen tools, spice blends, and more to your cart 

  • Eco-friendly packaging – made from recyclable materials

  • Beyond Meat available – the taste of a classic burger, but plant-based

  • Special Deal: Enjoy $130 off across your first 6 orders

Blue Apron in a Nutshell

Blue Apron is a great meal kit delivery option in San Jose. It offers timeless American cuisine as well as more exotic recipes that are all easy to cook even if you’re a beginner. Meal kits include dishes like Grilled BBQ Pork & Pimento Cheese Burgers with Coleslaw and Fresh Basil Fettuccine.

Blue Apron offers Signature, Vegetarian, and Wellness plans. You can check out my colleague’s review to find out more. The Wellness plan is designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle and keep your weight in check. The recipes are protein-dense and low-carb. Some are even keto-friendly and they integrate with WW points as well.

Another perk of Blue Apron is its wine delivery subscription. Living so close to the Wine Country, you’ll appreciate the ever-changing menu on offer!

3. Purple Carrot – Exotic Plant-Based Cuisine for San Jose Residents

Purple Carrot Best Features

  • No surprise costs – all orders come with free shipping

  • Nutritious, healthy recipes – keep your cholesterol and sugar levels in check

  • Vegan extras for your pantry – from almond milk chocolate bars to plant-based cheese

  • Special Deal: Get $30 Off with code carrot30

Purple Carrot in a Nutshell

Purple Carrot offers meal kits that are super quick to make, and prepared meals ready to eat in minutes. Think healthy, and even high-protein vegan eating made easy. You can find out more about the meals in our dedicated review.

Meal kits include a total of 12+ recipes for all three main meals, so your whole day is covered. The five-minute breakfasts give you a quick energy boost to start your day, followed by easy 15-minute lunches such as Pesto White Bean Melts with Lemon Arugula.

Dinner meal kits are ready in around 30 minutes and include creative recipes like Kimchi Mushroom Fried Rice with Bok Choy and Sriracha Aioli.

As for the prepared menu, it adds 15 more weekly recipes to Purple Carrot’s repertoire that are also internationally inspired.

4. HelloFresh – Great Nutritious Meals for the Whole Family

HelloFresh Best Features

HelloFresh in a Nutshell

HelloFresh delivers farm-fresh meals to San Jose residents. Its meal kits and oven-ready meals are tested and approved by adults and kids alike. The maximum weekly order includes six recipes for four people – perfect for small families.

For more information on HelloFresh, check out my colleague’s expert review.

Recipes range from Quick and Easy to classic meals. There’s an additional charge for the gourmet collection as well as for the international cuisine recipes (called Taste Tours), but you'll get to cook and savor dishes like Pecan-Crusted Trout with an Apple-Studded Salad and Thyme-Roasted Potatoes.

There are several plans covering the most popular diets out there. Want something to help you on your fitness journey? Check out the Calorie Smart meals. Do you enjoy vegetarian food? Choose the Veggie plan.

5. Sunbasket – The Best Meal Delivery Service for Special Diets

Sunbasket Best Features

  • High-quality food – 99% certified organic ingredients

  • Gluten-free and diabetes-friendly – recipes tailored to certain health conditions

  • A whole world of extras – including snacks, sauces, pasta, and smoothies

  • Special Deal: $90 off Plus a Free Gift!

Sunbasket in a Nutshell

Sunbasket delivers both healthy meal kits and prepared meals to Californians, with dedicated meal plans like Diabetes-Friendly and Paleo. Browse through the generous 40+ weekly recipe menu and apply a multitude of filters to get exactly what you want.

Eliminate ingredients such as soy, dairy, and gluten, or filter the menu for recipes with 600 calories or less.

Most of the ingredients are certified organic to ensure the quality of the produce, but keep in mind that the facility deals with all kinds of ingredients, so if you have a serious allergy, be extra careful.

You can learn more about the many diets Sunbasket caters to in our detailed review. But it’s good to know that meat lovers and vegans alike will find something to their taste.

6. Freshly – Nutritionist-Designed Prepared Meals

Freshly Best Features

  • Extensive menu – more than 40 weekly options 

  • Great for people with certain allergies – gluten- and peanut-free meals available

  • Ready in minutes – no cooking required, just heat and serve

  • Special Deal: Get $175 off your first 7 boxes!

Freshly in a Nutshell

Another healthy meal delivery service of note for San Joseans is Freshly. The meals are fully-prepared and designed by professional nutritionists and are divided into Crafted Classics, FreshlyFit, Takeout Twists, the Signature Collection and the brand new line of vegan meals called Purely Plant.

Read more about the dishes available in our dedicated review.

After eating, you can recycle every bit of the packaging – even the insulation is made out of biodegradable recycled denim.

The weekly menu consists of over 40 single-serve dishes and you can order up to 12 meals at a time.

You can also add proteins and sides to your cart if you want extra help to build muscle.

7. Green Chef – Organic, Healthy Meal Kits with Simple Recipes

Green Chef Best Features

  • Only sustainable ingredients – ethical choices for premium quality

  • Certified organic – no GMOs, no antibiotics, and no pesticides

  • All ingredients are already prepared – including marinades and spice blends

  • Special Deal: Get $250 Off + Free Shipping

Green Chef in a Nutshell

Green Chef is a company with a clear mission: to bring easy-to-follow, healthy recipes to people who don’t want to make any ethical compromises. That’s because Green Chef is one of the only meal delivery services on this list that’s 100% certified organic and sustainably sources all of its ingredients.

A potential downside may be the cost, as servings start from $10.49. You can decide if it’s worth the money after reading our detailed review

There are only nine recipes available per week for each plan: the classic Balanced Living plan, the vegetarian Plant-Powered plan, and the Keto + Paleo plan that’s certified gluten-free.

8. EveryPlate – The Most Affordable Choice

EveryPlate Best Features

  • The best value – the lowest cost per portion

  • Recipes for every taste – Including spicy dishes

  • Protein add-ons – add extra chicken breast & ranch steak packs to your order

  • Special Deal: $1.39/meal On Your 1st Box

EveryPlate in a Nutshell

Of all the meal delivery options available in San Jose, EveryPlate is the most affordable. The $1.49 price per serving remains the same, no matter how many meals per week you choose. You can feed up to four people with one order, so if you plan to cook for the whole family, it’s a pretty great deal.

To read more about how EveryPlate holds up, take a look at our expert review.

Choose between three plans: Classic Plate, VeggiePlate, and FamilyPlate. There are only a few recipes suitable for vegetarians – such as the Rainbow Farro Bowls with Creamy Dill Sauce & a Hard-Boiled Egg – but there are no dishes suitable for vegans or other special diets.

9. Grubhub - Best Food Delivery Service in San Jose

Grubhub Best Features

  • Monthly membership optionno more delivery fees with Grubhub+

  • Local – order from restaurants you know and love

  • Ordering made easy  – with the user-friendly app

  • No time spent cooking – all food arrives fresh and ready to eat

Grubhub in a Nutshell

Grubhub brings San Jose locals freshly prepared meals from their favorite restaurants, such as Adelita's Taqueria and the Kazoo Restaurant. The options are vast – there are more than 2,500 restaurants in San Jose you can order from.

You can order either via the Grubhub website or by using the app. Either way, it’s super easy – just search by restaurant, specific cuisine, or even the dish you’re craving. Browse the menu, select your favorites, then track the order from the restaurant to your home.

The delivery fee usually ranges between $3-$6 depending on the restaurant, but you also have the option of free pick-up if you happen to live nearby or are just passing. Check it out commitment-free with a 14-day free trial.

10. Postmates – Food and Convenience Items Delivered in San Jose

Postmates Best Features

  • Order more than just food – convenience items from your local grocery stores

  • Easy-to-use app – browse, choose, order, and track your delivery

  • Reliable – available in more than 4,200 US cities

  • Trial membershipfor Postmates Unlimited

Postmates in a Nutshell

Another great food delivery service for residents of Silicons Valley’s center is Postmates. What sets it apart is that it brings you more than just food. Milk, snacks, alcohol, and even toilet paper – Postmates delivers everything you need straight to your door.

Forgot to buy your dog some treats on your way home? Don’t worry, just log into the app or website and Postmates will send one of its drivers to bring it to you from the nearest store.

The delivery fee is generally around $4, but you can make it disappear on all orders over $12 when you sign up for Postmates Unlimited. It’s $9.99 per month, but you can easily try it for free with the seven-day trial.

Best Meal Delivery Services for San Jose: Comparison Table

Top Plans
Top Plans
Our Rating
Our Rating
Starting Price
Starting Price

$5.99 Per Serving

$5.74 Per Serving

$3.32 Per Serving

$6.99 Per Serving

$1.49 Per Serving

$8.50 Per Serving

$6.90 Per Serving

Minimum Order
Minimum Order

3 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

3 meals for 2 people

3 meal kits for 2 people/6 prepared meals

4 prepared meals

Meal Types
Meal Types

30-minute meal kits

20 - 60 min. meal kits

20 - 30 min. meal kits

Kits, speedy kits, oven-ready, prepared

30-minute meal kits

30-minute meal kits

Prepared meals

Prep Time
Prep Time

25-40 min

5-45 min

15-40 min

5-50 min

20-45 min

3-40 min

3 mins

Active Deals
Active Deals

Bottom Line: Are Meal Delivery Services in San Jose Worth It?

In my opinion, the answer is yes. By using a meal delivery service, you significantly cut down on the time spent worrying about what to eat, making seemingly never-ending trips to the grocery store, and cooking for hours.

Instead, you can take advantage of the beautiful scenery around San Jose. Go whale-watching in Gray Whale Cove or take a hike in the wild. In short, no more hassle, just fresh, diversified food that leaves you plenty of time for other activities you love.

Having detailed recipes and the ingredients pre-portioned (and often already chopped) is of great help when you’re ordering meal kits. With prepared meals, you save even more time, as they can be ready to serve in a couple of minutes.

If you want to see even more meal delivery options, consult our full list of today’s top services


What is the most affordable meal delivery service in San Jose?

The most affordable meal delivery service in San Jose is EveryPlate, with its $1.49 cost per portion. It gets even cheaper with our special discount that saves you $80 on your first three deliveries. Another great option is Home Chef, which also has vegetarian, low-carb, and low-calorie plans, plus an $80 discount over your first four orders.

What is the best healthy meal delivery service in San Jose?

Overall, your best bet for healthy eating is Sunbasket, which has meal plans for many specific diets including gluten-free, paleo, and low-calorie and is committed to sourcing organic ingredients. Blue Apron is another fine choice thanks to its Wellness plan that promotes high-protein, low-fat food that helps you lose weight. 

For fans of healthy, plant-based dishes, Purple Carrot offers creative recipes that are also great for your cholesterol and sugar levels.

What is the best diet meal delivery service in San Jose?

Taking into account price, convenience, nutrition, and menu variation, our experts concluded that the best overall meal delivery services in San Jose are Home Chef, Blue Apron, and Purple Carrot. Whether you’re single or with a big family to feed, these companies will surely have something for you to enjoy.

What is the best paleo meal delivery service in San Jose?

If you follow a paleo diet, the best meal delivery service in San Jose is Sunbasket, as it offers a special Paleo plan. It includes responsibly sourced meats and seafood, organic fresh produce, and house-made paleo sauces and spice blends. There’s also Green Chef’s gluten-free Keto + Paleo plan.

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