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Written by: Felicity Kay on Nov 22nd, 2022

How to Cancel Diet-to-Go (+ 3 Alternatives!) 2023

After trying Diet-to-Go’s signature plan, I found that this diet meal delivery service can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to both price and taste. Thankfully, it was relatively easy to cancel my subscription, though it did require more effort than some other companies.

There’s also a wealth of diet-friendly alternatives out there, including Blue Apron, which offers WW-Approved meal kits that allow you to cook your own healthy, low-calorie meals. 

Veestro’s weight loss plan is completely vegan, while Nutrisystem’s diet plans are – on the whole – cheaper than Diet-to-Go.

How to Cancel Your Diet-to-Go Orders – A Quick Guide

As with all meal delivery service subscriptions, you’re required to cancel your membership by a specific time or date, or you risk being charged for a delivery you don’t want.

To cancel your Diet-to-Go subscription, simply:

  1. Submit your request before Friday, 12 pm EST, to cancel your home delivery, or before Monday, 12 pm EST, for local pickup orders.

  2. Contact Diet-to-Go via email ( or phone (800-743-7546), and inform them that you wish to cancel your subscription.

  3. Look out for confirmation of your cancellation via email.

I canceled through email and received a cancellation shortly thereafter. While Diet-to-Go doesn’t allow you to cancel through an app or via the website, it really couldn’t be easier.

So You Canceled Your Subscription – What Now?

Finding the right meal delivery service can be a little bit trial and error – especially when it comes to meeting your health goals. If Diet-to-Go isn’t the one for you, there’s likely another company out there that’s an even better fit for your lifestyle, budget, and taste. Here are three alternatives well worth trying out:

Best Diet-to-Go Alternatives

1. Blue Apron – WW-Approved Meal Kits

If you like preparing your own meals, Blue Apron’s meal kits make calorie-conscious cooking easy. The company has teamed up with WW (formerly Weight Watchers) to provide low-calorie meals with SmartPoints™ listings.

Blue Apron’s WW-Approved meals are packed with nutritious fruit and vegetables, and have reasonable sodium, carb, and sugar counts. Blue Apron also recommends low-calorie ingredient substitutions (like nonfat yogurt for sour cream) on many of its recipes.

You can learn more about the recipes in our Blue Apron review.

If you’re dieting for cardiac fitness rather than weight loss, Blue Apron also offers a Wellness plan  inspired by the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. Eating well has never been easier!

2. Veestro – Vegan Weight Loss Meals

Veestro is so healthy, just writing about it makes me feel like I’m doing my body good! The flash-frozen, plant-based meals are prepared by pro chefs, and its dedicated Weight Loss Plan is particularly popular with those looking to meet personal health goals.

Choose a five- or seven-day weekly meal plan that includes three meals per day totaling around 1,200 calories. The menu is filled with plenty of comfort-food dishes, including Chick’n Nuggets, Enchilada Casserole, and Fajitas, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on your favorite takeouts. Find out more in our full-length Veestro review.

You can also filter the menu by dietary preferences, including high-protein, gluten-free, nut-free, and kosher – so there really is something for everyone.

3. Nutrisystem – An Affordable Weight Loss System

Nutrisystem is big on choice. While it can be a bit overwhelming figuring out exactly what you want to eat, it tends to be cheaper than many other weight loss meal delivery services. I explain it all in my complete Nutrisystem review.

The Uniquely Yours Ultimate plan delivers enough food for four weeks, including snacks. That’s great if you’re like me and need something to nibble on between meals.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to dieting, there are lots of meal delivery services out there that offer healthy, calorie-controlled options – each one delivering something slightly different. If Diet-to-Go isn’t working for you, it’s easy to pause or cancel your subscription and try something else instead.

Here’s a Quick Summary of Best Alternatives to Diet-to-Go:

Is it easy to cancel a Diet-to-Go subscription?

Diet-to-Go doesn’t have a dedicated app, so it’s not as convenient to cancel as many other meal delivery services. In order to cancel, you must call its support line on 800-743-7546 or send an email to

Are there cheaper alternatives to Diet-to-Go?

With a starting price of $4.60 per serving – or around $28 per day – plus $19.98 shipping, Diet-to-Go is more expensive than some other meal delivery services. Nutrisystem plans, for example, start at just $9.29 per day.

Can you cancel the subscription at any time?

To avoid getting charged for a delivery you don’t want, you must cancel your Diet-to-Go subscription before Friday, 12 pm EST. If you’re picking up your Diet-to-Go box locally, you must cancel before Monday, 12 pm EST.

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