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Author Kenaz Filan
Kenaz Filan
Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

10 Best Meal Delivery Services for San Antonio 2024

Every day more San Antonians discover the convenience of meal delivery services. These not only save you trips to the grocery store, but they can also help you eat healthier. But with so many services to choose from, finding the right 1 can be a daunting task. That’s why I’m here to help.

I have done extensive research on the meal delivery services available in San Antonio. I’ve scanned ingredient lists, compared costs, walked through websites, and consulted my colleagues. And I’ve boiled down my findings to bring you a list of the 10 best meal delivery services in San Antonio.

Factor wins our top spot thanks to its selection of prepared meals that’ll please both foodies and families. But every service on this list has something to offer. Vegans, fitness buffs, keto dieters, and working parents who want to put hot, healthy meals on the table – whatever your needs, there’s a meal delivery service for you.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Meal Delivery Services in San Antonio for 2024

  1. Factor – Best prepared meals in San Antonio

  2. Green Chef – Best organic meal kits in San Antonio

  3. Blue Apron – Best gourmet meal delivery service

  4. HelloFresh – Best family-friendly meal delivery service in San Antonio

  5. Home Chef – Best customizable meals in San Antonio 

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The Best Meal Delivery Services in San Antonio Reviewed

1. Factor – Best Prepared Meals in San Antonio

Factor's Creamy Parmesan Chicken with Broccoli & Tomatoes

Key Features

Factor is a great solution if you want to eat healthier but don't have the time to cook. Factor's meals are designed for fitness-conscious people who want to fuel their body with nutrient-dense food. Our reviewer tried Factor meals at home and was very impressed with the quality and flavor.

What’s on the Menu?

Your weekly selection of prepared meals includes American and international recipes. Some popular cuisines are Mexican, Thai, Italian, and many American classics. All dishes are a collaboration between dietitians and in-house chefs and are designed to be both tasty and nutritious.

Factor also offers vegetarians and vegans several meat-free options each week. While the selection may not be enough for strict vegans, it's a great way to add some vegetables to your diet. Those who are strict plant-eaters may want to check out our list of the best vegan meal delivery services.

Factor's add-ons make the service even more convenient. You can order protein packs, smoothies, soups, and more. High-protein breakfast options like the Sausage and Egg Skillet are perfect for starting the day, while keto-friendly snacks are great for post-workout refueling.

What Makes It Special?

Factor's meals take around 3 minutes to heat up, making them perfect for busy people who want to get food on the table quickly. If you want to avoid greasy, unhealthy takeout meals at your job, simply pop a Factor meal in the office microwave, and you have a delicious lunch ready in no time.

New subscribers receive a free 20-minute consultation with an in-house dietitian. This personalized approach to healthy eating can be especially helpful for those looking to make lasting lifestyle changes. If you find the consultation helpful, you can subscribe to additional nutrition coaching support.

Is It Good Value?

The service offers restaurant-quality meals matching various preferences. You have a choice of 6 Factor plans but can always order any item on the menu. These are Chef’s Choice, Vegan & Veggie, Calorie Smart, Keto, Protein Plus, and Flexitarian.

Factor's keto menu is particularly popular, with a range of meals that are low in carbs and high in healthy fats and protein. The Creamy Parmesan Chicken is a keto meal that replaces the traditional starchy pasta with a side of broccoli for a meal that contains 41 g of protein and just 17 g of carbs.

Factor prices start at $10.49  per serving, with a weekly minimum order of 6 and a maximum order of 18 single-serving meals.

2. Green Chef – Best Organic Meal Kits in San Antonio

Green Chef's Chimichurri White Bean Stuffed Peppers with Herby Kale Rice, Pepitas, Cilantro, and Cashew “Parmesan”

Key Features

Green Chef offers high-quality organic ingredients and healthy meal options. It’s the first meal kit delivery service to be a 100% USDA-certified organic company. Green Chef meals are nutritionally dense and use interesting spice blends and ingredient combinations to bring you healthy meals that taste great.

What’s on the Menu?

If you’re on a specialized diet, you’ll love Green Chef’s selections. You can choose between 8 plans, but are always able to order any recipe on the menu. The available plans are Keto, Mediterranean, Gut & Brain Health, Calorie Smart, Quick & Easy, Plant Based, Protein Packed, and Gluten Free. 

The Chimichurri White Bean Stuffed Peppers is an example of a vegan entree. With cashew parmesan standing in for dairy-based cheese and white beans spiced with herby and garlicky chimichurri sauce, you’ll never miss the meat.

You can also order a range of add-ons at the Green Market. Options include breakfast entrees, salads, and wraps, as well as chicken cutlets, salmon filets, and other bulk proteins. Green Chef’s Market isn’t the largest, but the quality is uniformly excellent.

What Makes It Special?

Green Chef’s premade sauces and marinades speed up the cooking process. Most meals are ready to eat within 30-40 minutes, making Green Chef a great option for those with busy schedules. Green Chef’s adventurous menu encourages experimentation with new spices and side dishes, making it a great option for those who want to expand their culinary horizons.

Green Chef uses sustainably harvested wild-caught fish, seafood, and antibiotic and hormone-free beef and poultry. All meat is humanely raised, and Green Chef holds its suppliers to high animal welfare standards.

Green Chef's commitment to the environment shows in its eco-friendly packaging. All Green Chef packaging is made from recyclable, reusable, or compostable materials. You can find complete recycling instructions on the website.

Is It Good Value?

I had a great experience when I tried Green Chef at home. I produced some of the finest meal delivery service meals I’ve ever eaten. As a cook, I’m a good meal delivery service reviewer. But by following the instructions, I was able to produce restaurant-quality meals.

Recipe cards include photos and clear directions, including instructions on prepping, cooking, and plating the dish. They also tell you the estimated cook time as well as complete nutritional and allergen information.

Green Chef’s minimum weekly order is 3 meals for 2, with a maximum of 4 meals for 6 people. Prices start at $9.99 per serving.

3. Blue Apron – Best Gourmet Meal Delivery Service

Blue Apron's Beef Enchiladas Rojas with Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream

Key Features

  • Chef-inspired meals made with fresh ingredients
  • 80+ meal choices and extras every week
  • Low-calorie, Mediterranean, and pescatarian meals
  • Current deal: Enjoy meals starting as low as $5.59!

Blue Apron is perfect for foodies and for beginners who want to up their cooking game. It’s a great choice for anyone wanting to enjoy restaurant-quality meals at home with minimal prep and cook times.

What’s on the Menu?

​​Blue Apron offers meal kits and prepared meals. Premium kits provide a challenge for experienced home cooks, and prepared meals are a quick choice for busy folks. The step-by-step recipes, accompanied by images and a Cook Along slideshow, make it easy to prepare the meals. While most kits take 25-35 minutes, beginners may find some dishes take longer.

The Beef Enchiladas Rojas with Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream combines smoky poblano peppers and rice flavored with a Blue Apron signature Mexican spice blend with sliced beef. If you follow a vegetarian diet, you can substitute beef for Beyond Burger instead. This is then topped with white cheddar and served with a side of sour cream for a tasty South of the Border treat.

Blue Apron offers a wide range of add-ons. These include everything from breakfast dishes and charcuterie boards to desserts. All these extras make Blue Apron a one-stop shop.

What Makes It Special?

Blue Apron uses only ingredients that are high-quality, non-GMO, and responsibly sourced, with sustainably-harvested seafood and meat free of antibiotics and hormones. Blue Apron also works with over 100 family farms to source the freshest local, seasonal ingredients.

Premium recipes use high-end ingredients and come with an upcharge. But Blue Apron also offers a selection of Quick Prep meal kits including sheet pan and one-pot dishes. The service partners with renowned chefs and offers a huge variety of dishes at a reasonable price point. Note that dietitian-designed Wellness meals are well-balanced, and many are inspired by the famous Mediterranean diet.

Check out the Market section to buy meals without subscribing. There, you can find meal kits, ready-to-cook meal kits with pre-chopped ingredients, and 1- or 2-serving prepared meals. 

Is It Good Value?

The service offers diet-specific plans and a lot of flexibility. Whichever of Blue Apron’s menu preferences you choose, you can always order any item on the menu. The Meal Kits plans are Chef Favorites, Family Friendly, Fast & Easy, Veggies, and Wellness. The Prepared & Ready options are Keto Friendly, 60 Calories or Less, 30g of Protein, and Carb Conscious.

Our expert reviewer tried Blue Apron and was really impressed by Blue Apron’s varied menu. It offers so many choices and new flavors that subscribers are likely to never get bored.

Blue Apron prices start at $3.74 per serving. Your minimum order is 2 kits for 2 people or 4 single-serving prepared meals per week. There doesn’t appear to be a hard limit, either. Keep in mind that you can’t mix and match these – rather, you’ll need to place 2 separate orders or simply switch your meal type each week.

4. HelloFresh – Best Family-Friendly Meal Delivery Service in San Antonio

HelloFresh's One-Pan Chicken & Black Bean Tacos with Creamy Slaw, Pickled Onion & Red Pepper Crema

Key Features

  • Crowd-pleasing meals your family will love
  • More than 100 weekly recipes and market add-ons
  • Calorie-smart, pescatarian, vegetarian, and other choices

HelloFresh is the meal delivery service of choice for over 2.6 million Americans. If you're looking for a wide variety of tasty recipes, excellent customer service, and an easy-to-use website, HelloFresh is an easy and friendly introduction to meal delivery services. The website is easy to navigate, the recipes are straightforward, and the customer service is excellent.

What’s on the Menu?

You get a selection of over 100 recipes and market items each week. It lets you look at upcoming menus for the next 6 weeks, so you can get a good view of HelloFresh’s selection ahead of time before committing to a subscription. Our expert reviewer was very impressed by HelloFresh’s selection, meal quality, and customer service when they gave HelloFresh a try.

Easy Prep and Easy Cleanup recipes are perfect for busy evenings. The One-Pan Chicken and Black Bean Tacos are an Easy Prep and Easy Cleanup meal that takes just 20 minutes to prepare.

You can choose between 6 HelloFresh plans and can always order entrees outside your meal plan as well. The available plans are Meat & Veggies, Veggie, Fit & Wholesome, Quick & Easy, Family Friendly, and Pescatarian. Recipes are rated as Easy, Medium, or Hard, so you can select meals based on your cooking skill level.

What Makes It Special?

You can customize some entrees through HelloCustom. You can order your Honey Hoisin Chicken with shrimp, or replace potatoes with broccoli for a lower-carb meal. Every week, HelloFresh offers HelloCustom on 12 or more items.

HelloFresh also has an extensive selection of recipes and blog posts on its website. These resources can provide you with kitchen guidance or help you create delicious dinners at home, whether you're a beginner or an experienced cook.

Is It Good Value?

HelloFresh is great for people without dietary restrictions. But it isn’t the best option for those looking for meal plans like keto or low-carb. And since HelloFresh also prepares and packs all meals in the same facility, it’s not a good fit for those with severe allergies who are at risk of cross-contamination. Check out our list of the best allergy-friendly meal delivery services instead.

Prices start at $3.32 per serving. You can order between 2 and 6 recipes per week for either 2 or 4 people. Students, military personnel, and veterans in San Antonio can take advantage of a 15% discount.

4. Home Chef – Best Customizable Meals in San Antonio

Home Chef's Beef & Poblano Tamale Pie with Sweet Corn Muffin Crust

Key Features

  • Over 30 entrees each week plus extras

  • View the menu up to 6 weeks ahead

  • Calorie-conscious and carb-conscious meals available

Home Chef’s user-friendly website makes meal planning a breeze. It has helpful information like cooking times, difficulty ratings, and spice levels. So, you can quickly narrow down your recipe choices based on your preferences, even though this San Antonio meal delivery service has dozens of options.

What’s on the Menu?

Home Chef caters to different lifestyles by offering various meal options. The Culinary Collection features gourmet recipes that are perfect for date nights. These meals use more expensive ingredients, like Filet Mignon, and more advanced cooking techniques. Many Culinary Collection meals are designed in collaboration with celebrity chefs like Rachael Ray.

For busy evenings, Home Chef offers Oven-Ready and Fast & Fresh meals that require minimal preparation and clean-up time. You can microwave Fast and Fresh meals in minutes for a quick and hassle-free meal.

It also offers an array of filters that let you exclude ingredients like gluten or nuts. In addition, Home Chef provides extras like salad bundles, breakfasts, smoothies, and protein packs that you can add to your weekly order for a more complete meal plan.

What Makes It Special?

Home Chef’s Customize It feature lets you swap out or double up on proteins, making it easy to tailor your meals to your preferences. The Beef and Poblano Tamale Pie can be ordered with ground turkey, ground pork, or veggie Impossible Burger. While some services let you customize a few entrees, most Home Chef meals can be customized to your taste.

When you sign up for Home Chef, you can choose to exclude certain ingredients, making it easy to avoid foods that you're allergic to or that you simply don't like. Read our full review to learn more about available filtering options. You can also order extras like protein packs, breakfasts, and beverages to round out your weekly order.

Home Chef’s Calorie-Conscious meals have 625 calories or less per serving, while its Carb-Conscious meals come in at under 35 g carbs per serving. This is fine for people who are just trying to eat healthier. But if you’re serious about losing weight, you'll probably do better checking out BistroMD’s meal plans.

Is It Good Value?

Home Chef caters to various dieters and people with different time availability. But its vegan options are limited, which is 1 of a few downsides. 

There’s a decent selection of vegetarian dishes but you’ll need to do some at-home swaps if you want to make these meals vegan. In some cases, this might involve simply swapping butter or cheese for a dairy-free alternative. For fully vegan meals, try Purple Carrot.

Home Chef lets you order between 2 and 6 recipes per week, in 2, 4, or 6-serving sizes. Prices start at $7.99 per serving.

6. Fresh and Easy – San Antonio’s Simplest Meal Delivery Service

Fresh and Easy's Garlic Truffle Chicken with Green Beans and Tomatoes

Key Features

  • Quick meals with pre-chopped ingredients

  • Over 10 dishes weekly plus Home Chef menu access

  • Soy-free, dairy-free, low-calorie, and other options available

Fresh and Easy is a Home Chef subsidiary focused solely on easy-to-cook meals. All meals come chopped and portioned, with oven-ready and microwave-ready meals that require little to no assembly. This makes suppertime much less stressful for people working long hours.

What’s on the Menu?

You’ll find Fresh and Easy’s meals in the Express section on Home Chef's website. But you can look for quick or low-effort meals in the Oven-Ready, Fast & Fresh, Lunch, Bundle & Save, and Extras sections.

The Garlic Truffle Chicken is an Oven-Ready meal. First, assemble the pre-prepped ingredients in the disposable oven-safe tray provided. Then, bake as per the recipe card instructions. In 40-50 minutes, you have a delicious chicken dinner with roasted green beans and cherry tomatoes.

Labels and symbols help you sort meals according to dietary preferences, with calorie, carb, and protein values indicated among other info. If you have celiac disease, check out our best gluten-free meal delivery services.

What Makes It Special?

Fresh and Easy also offers special Premium meal options for special occasions. These entrees use many of the same top-shelf ingredients you see in Home Chef’s Culinary Collection but take much less time to prepare. You can have an anniversary dinner ready in less time than you would waste sitting in traffic on the way to a restaurant.

Fresh and Easy subscribers can also order from Home Chef’s full menu for those nights when they feel like doing hands-on cooking. Our reviewer was very impressed by the enormous range of options Fresh and Easy offers.

You can also use Home Chef’s Customize It feature to switch or double up on the protein for many Fresh and Easy dishes. You can replace the regular chicken breasts with antibiotic-free chicken on your Garlic Truffle Chicken for an upcharge.

Is It Good Value?

This line of quick meals is great for people who are short on time and want to eat healthy food. But, like Home Chef, Fresh and Easy isn’t really suited for specialized diets. But omnivores and flexitarians who want fast, tasty, and nutritious suppers will find a subscription to Fresh and Easy makes their suppertime a lot faster and more hassle-free.

Fresh and Easy prices start at $7.99 per serving. You can order between 2 and 6 recipes, with options to order 2, 4, or 6 servings.

7. BistroMD – San Antonio’s Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Service

BistroMD's Chicken Tikka Masala Meatballs with Saag Aloo

Key Features

  • Physician-designed meals and support from dietitians

  • 150+ meals plus snacks

  • Gluten-free, diabetes-friendly, heart-healthy, vegan, and more

BistroMD is great for those who want to lose weight but have trouble sticking to a diet. BistroMD’s meals are designed to help you reach your weight loss goals by providing you with tasty and satisfying meals that help you resist the temptation to cheat.

What’s on the Menu?

Each BistroMD entrée comes in at 450 calories or less per serving, making it easy to stay on track with weight loss goals. But the portion sizes are generous enough that you won’t feel hungry or deprived. BistroMD prepares the meals using fresh ingredients, and then flash-freezes them to preserve nutrients.

The Chicken Tikka Masala Meatballs have just 330 calories, with 27 g of protein and just 28 g of carbs. These meatballs are like a trip to your favorite restaurant, complete with spicy Aloo Shag (potatoes and spinach). And while BistroMD has historically aimed at omnivores, it’s now introduced a Vegan menu.

BistroMD offers optional but highly recommended EATS (Essential And Tasty Snacks) to keep you feeling full and help you resist junk food. EATS are high in protein and fiber and include options like strawberry cheesecake and cookie dough protein bars. You’ll also find more standard diet snack fare like shakes and chips.

What Makes It Special?

Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist, BistroMD’s founder, is a weight loss physician. She started the company to ensure her patients were getting all the nutrition they needed on a restricted-calorie diet. Today Dr. Cederquist and other professionals (including her foodie husband Ed) prepare diet plans for several medical conditions.

BistroMD offers the following 7 plans. These are Signature, Diabetic, Keto Flex, Menopause, Heart Healthy, Gluten Free, and Vegan. Each plan features Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, and Snacks on the menu. Vegan, which only has Lunch/Dinner meals, is the sole exception.

Is It Good Value?

This service is among the best options on the market for people who want to shed pounds. In their tried-and-tested BistroMD review, our reviewer praised the snack options and desserts and found BistroMD a good choice for dieters who were looking for convenient yet healthy weight loss.

BistroMD’s meals start at $8.24 per serving. Your minimum order is lunch and dinner for 5 days a week (10 meals), while your maximum order is 3 meals for 6 days a week and 2 meals for 1 day (20 meals) plus EATS. BistroMD also offers a 15% discount for couples and roommates who want to lose weight together.

8. Purple Carrot – Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service in San Antonio

Purple Carrot's Creamy Butter Beans with Herb Pistou & Celery Walnut Salad

Key Features

  • Order meal kits or prepared meals

  • Dozens of entrees each week, including lunch, breakfast, and other items

  • Soy-free, nut-free, under 600 calories and other options available

Purple Carrot is a 100% vegan meal delivery service that offers a variety of options for vegans and those looking to incorporate more veggies into their diet. Unlike other services that rely on meat substitutes, Purple Carrot puts veggies front and center in tasty meals you’ll love.

What’s on the Menu?

The weekly menu includes 16 prepared meals and 24 meal kits, as well as plant-based add-ons. Purple Carrot’s menu is small next to some of our other services listed but remains the best meal delivery choice for vegans and those who want to add more plants to their diet.

Less Prep recipes come with pre-chopped vegetables and prepared sauces and require less cleanup and cooking than Purple Carrot’s regular meal kits. The Creamy Butter Beans pictured above are a Less Prep meal that combines creamy butter beans with crunchy walnuts and celery and a cilantro/basil pistou for a delightful meal that’s ready in just 20 minutes.

Purple Carrot’s prepared meals are ready in just 2-3 minutes in the microwave. The microwave meals include dishes like a Golden Aubergine Korma with Carrot Biryani and Portobello Tortelloni with Cauliflower Cream and Truffled Mushrooms.

What Makes It Special?

Purple Carrot's dinners come in 2 or 4 servings, depending on your choice. Breakfasts are served in 4 servings, while lunches are available in 2 portions. Prepared meals are in single portions. 

In addition to its excellent food options, Purple Carrot offers access to the Plantry, where you can buy vegan snacks, soup, beverages, and more. You can also save time on shopping with its add-ons of high-quality ingredients like plant-based proteins, milks, and groceries.

Purple Carrot stands out for its eco-conscious approach. The company uses recyclable and biodegradable materials for packaging, ensuring users know how to dispose of them responsibly. What’s more, it reduces food waste by supplying precisely measured ingredients.

Is It Good Value?

The meal delivery is best for plant eaters. But even non-vegetarians can enjoy Purple Carrot meals. Our expert reviewer, an omnivore, tried Purple Carrot at home and loved it. If you want to get more vegetables in your diet or learn new ways to cook plant-based meals at home, Purple Carrot can help you increase your tasty plant intake.

Purple Carrot’s minimum weekly meal kit order is 3 recipes for 2 people, with a maximum of 3 recipes for 4. You can buy prepared meals in packs of 6, 8, or 10. Prices start at $8.50 per serving.

9. Marley Spoon – Best Easy Recipes for San Antonio

Marley Spoon's Classic Beef Stroganoff with Buttery Egg Noodles & Carrots

Key Features

  • High-quality ingredients

  • 100+ menu choices each week

  • Vegetarian, vegan, and many more options available

Marley Spoon lets you build your recipe collection with over 100 recipes on the weekly menu. With options for kids, families, dieters, vegans, and more, Marley Spoon's sophisticated take on classic American meals are accompanied by international cuisine, including meals with Asian, Italian, and Caribbean influences.

What’s on the Menu?

Marley Spoon caters to kids with family-friendly recipes like tacos and pasta. My colleague tried Marley Spoon at home and praised its menu for being a great service all around.

Marley Spoon's menu has easy-to-spot labels like Dairy-Free, Kid-Friendly, and Low-Calorie. There are dozens of options, including One Pot Meals and dishes that take Under 30 Minutes to cook.

In addition to meals, Marley Spoon offers sides and extras that you can add to your subscription. Desserts like cupcakes and brownies are available, along with options such as fingerling potatoes and chicken flautas. You can also order meal bundles.

What Makes It Special?

Marley Spoon was the first 100% carbon-neutral meal delivery service, and it remains committed to sustainability. The website offers clear recycling instructions for all the packaging in your box. The new "Climatarian" label identifies meals made with ingredients producing less than 1.1 pounds of CO2 emissions per serving.

You can check for allergens at the Ingredient Hub, but the website and app lack filters to eliminate entrees containing problem ingredients. All Marley Spoon recipes are made in the same location, so there's a risk of cross-contamination if you have serious sensitivities.

Is It Good Value?

Your meal kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and ready-made sauces, plus perfectly portioned produce to save prep time. If you want to broaden your culinary horizons and try new techniques, Marley Spoon is a great meal service for aspiring foodies who want to improve their culinary skills. Most Marley Spoon recipes can be completed in 6 steps or less.

Marley Spoon assumes customers have a well-stocked pantry. Check to see that you have everything you need for your weekly recipes before ordering.

Marley Spoon offers 2-serving and 4-serving kits. You can order between 2 and 6 kits a week. Meals start at a very reasonable $2.99 per serving.

10. Dinnerly – San Antonio’s Cheapest Meal Delivery Service

Dinnerly's Homestyle Chicken & Biscuits with Peas and Carrots

Key Features 

  • Fast, simple meals using high-quality ingredients

  • Over 100 recipes each week, plus extras

  • Low-calorie, vegetarian, dairy-free, and other options

Dinnerly is San Antonio’s most budget-friendly meal delivery service. But despite its low prices, Dinnerly offers a wide variety of tasty and healthy meals, including sustainable proteins and occasional organic fruits and vegetables.

What’s on the Menu?

Dinnerly's recipes are straightforward and generally only require a few ingredients, making meal preparation simple and quick. The Chicken and Biscuits recipe is a family-friendly favorite that’ll please everybody in your household, even the pickiest eaters. Our reviewer found Dinnerly great for families, too.

Vegetarians and pescatarians will find plenty of choices on the Dinnerly menu. It offers a good selection of vegetarian and seafood dishes, and even a few vegan options as well. You can also check a box when you sign up to order vegetarian meals. Most budget meal delivery services – and quite a few expensive ones – provide only a few, if any, vegetarian meals.

The Market by Dinnerly offers a range of snacks, breakfast options, desserts, and even some prepared meals. Allergen information is clearly labeled, making it easy for subscribers to choose meals that fit their dietary restrictions.

What Makes It Special?

One way Dinnerly keeps its prices low is by bundling ingredients together in the same box rather than separating them into individual meal kits. While this may be inconvenient, it’s better for the environment, as it reduces waste from packaging materials.

You can tailor the bulk of this San Antonio low-coster's meals, which is something too few budget meal deliveries offer. Of around 100 dishes, I keep finding about 60 that are labeled as Customizable whenever I check this service. Some replacements may come at a surcharge. But given the low price of the meals, this shouldn't be a deal-breaker.

Is It Good Value?

Dinnerly is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable meal delivery service without sacrificing quality or variety. With over 100 meals available every week, you and your family are sure to love Dinnerly meals.

While Dinnerly's recipes are easy to follow, beginner cooks may be disappointed that the online instructions don’t include pictures. If you need more kitchen guidance, you should check out Marley Spoon. It’s owned by the same parent company and offers more detailed instructions with accompanying photos and videos.

You can order 2 to 6 weekly Dinnerly meals of 2 or 4 servings. Prices start at $2.12 per serving.

Bonus. Trifecta – Best Prepared Fitness & Bodybuilding Meals

Trifecta's meal for fitness enthusiasts

Key Features

  • Balanced, organic meals with lean grass-fed proteins
  • 14 weekly meal options per plan + extras
  • Four dietary options, including keto, paleo, and vegan

Trifecta is a meal delivery service designed with athletes in mind. Its meals are jam-packed with nutrients and balanced with just the right amount of proteins, carbs, and fats. So, whether you're looking to lose weight or gain muscle, Trifecta's meals can help. Every meal plan offers pre-prepared, portion-controlled, and calorie-counted dishes.

What’s on the Menu?

Trifecta has 4 meal plans to choose from, which are Keto, Paleo & Whole30 Approved, Clean, and Plant Based. Note that you must choose 1 plan, and you can’t mix and match meals from different ones. To combine prepared meals from different plans, I recommend subscribing to Factor

The ingredients in Trifecta meals come from top-notch sources. Its meals are made with lean proteins, fresh seasonal veggies, and wholesome grains. The ingredients come from family-owned suppliers who provide grass-fed meats and sustainably sourced seafood. To top it off, Trifecta only uses organic produce, making the meals as healthy as possible.

You can opt to choose your meals or let Trifecta curate them for you based on your dietary needs. The menu changes every week. If you like routine, the Classic menu offers the same 9 meals every week.

What Makes It Special?

Your subscription to Trifecta comes with some handy digital tools. There's a macro calculator, meal planning guides, clean eating food lists, workout routines, and shopping lists. The Trifecta app allows you to manage your orders and track your calorie and water intake, too.

The Meal Prep option also allows you to put together your own dishes. Choose pre-cooked ingredients from a list to make your meals your own. This not only saves money compared to ready-made meals but also gives you control over your diet.

Is It Good Value?

Trifecta is a good choice for those serious about bodybuilding. But it’s also suitable for anyone who wants to take control of their eating habits. There’s a strong sense of community, as found our in-depth Trifecta review.

The minimum order is 7 meals, with a maximum of 21 meals. Prices start at just $13.79 per meal.

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2 meals for 2 people

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Tips for Choosing the Best Meal Delivery Services in San Antonio

Here are some expert tips to help you choose the best meal delivery service in San Antonio if you’re struggling to find the right one

  • Choose a service that meets your dietary needs: If you follow a specialized diet, look for a service like Green Chef that offers a dedicated menu for your needs.

  • Mind your budget: A variety of budgetary options are available. For example, HelloFresh is an economical choice. On the other hand, Factor is a premium meal subscription service. Neither compromises on quality,  but where one has a larger menu, the other excels in restaurant-quality dishes.

  • Consider the additional offerings: Many services provide extras such as snacks and groceries, which can save you time and provide you with high-quality ingredients. For instance, Blue Apron offers a variety of additional items, including cakes, soups, and charcuterie boards.

  • Don't hesitate to switch: Don't be afraid to try various services until you find the one that suits you best. All the companies on our list provide easy cancellation policies, so feel free to explore our list of the best meal delivery services if you're not satisfied with your current meal provider.


What is the best meal delivery service in San Antonio?

Factor wins my award for San Antonio’s best meal delivery service. It features a large and diverse range of convenient, prepared meals to suit different preferences. All its meals contain fewer than 700 calories, on average, which also makes it great for health-conscious people. You also get a good number of extras, add-ons, sides, and snacks.

What is the best keto meal delivery service in San Antonio?

Green Chef is my pick for best keto meal delivery service in San Antonio. It has an excellent dedicated keto menu that uses organic produce, eggs and antibiotic-free proteins. And as an added bonus, everything on Green Chef’s Keto menu is 100% gluten-free.

What is the best diet meal delivery service in San Antonio?

If you’re looking to lose weight, I recommend BistroMD. BistroMD was founded by a bariatric physician specializing in weight loss management and provides fresh, flash-frozen low-calorie meals that taste great and meet your nutritional requirements.

What is the most affordable meal delivery service in San Antonio?

Dinnerly is San Antonio’s most affordable meal delivery service, with prices starting at just $2.12 per serving. Dinnerly keeps prices low by offering simpler recipes with just a few ingredients but still gives you over 100 menu choices every week.

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