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Author Chelsea Legay
Chelsea Legay
Updated on Sep 3rd, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

8 Best Easy Home Prep Salad Meal Delivery Services in 2023

Sorting through the best easy home prep salad meal delivery services isn’t easy. There are lots of options on the market today, and there can be big differences in ingredient quality, menu size, and price.

Luckily, I’ve come up with a shortlist of the easiest salad meal delivery services, so you’ll always have something fresh and healthy to hand. I’ve compiled a list of the best options for a range of needs, but they all offer high-quality, painless home-prep salads.

Overall, Green Chef is my top recommendation thanks to its certified organic produce. You can mix and match from 8 diet plans that include a good number of salads each week, including 10-minute salad lunches. It also caters to a number of dietary preferences like gluten-free, vegan, and keto. Best of all, most salads take 15 minutes or less to prep.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Salad Meal Delivery Services

  1. Green Chef – Best certified-organic salads

  2. Marley Spoon – Best Martha Stewart-designed salads

  3. HelloFresh – Best side salads

  4. Blue Apron – Best gourmet salads

  5. Dinnerly – Best affordable salads

See 3 more of the best salad meal delivery services

The Best Salad Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Green Chef – Best Certified-Organic Salads

Screenshot of Green Chef's 10-minute Prosciutto, Artichoke & Herby Feta Salad
This flavor-packed Prosciutto Artichoke & Herby Feta Salad only takes 10 minutes of easy chop-and-toss prep.

Key Features

  • Certified-organic produce

  • 4 to 5 salads and 20+ other veggie meal kits

  • 8 diet plans, including plant-based and keto

  • Current deal: Get $250 off + free shipping

Foraging for CCOF-certified organic ingredients is a top priority for Green Chef. All of the menu's proteins, veggies, and eggs are organic. The service also includes wild-caught fish, organic chicken, and beef. You'll receive a notice in your box and on ingredient labels if Green Chef can't find organic ingredients for some reason.

All Green Chef meal kits are well-balanced and only need 30 to 45 minutes to prep. Each meal includes a balance between complex carbs like veggies, proteins, and healthy fats. You’ll also find a nice variety of international cuisines throughout each diet plan.

You can choose from 8 diet plans in total. These are Keto, Calorie Smart, Protein Packed, Plant Based, Gluten Free, Mediterranean, Delicious Discoveries, and Quick & Easy. Quick & Easy meals only take 25 minutes or less to prep. You can mix and match across the whole menu no matter which preferences you select.

Green Chef has at least 3 keto options every week. Options include Green Chef's 10-minute Prosciutto, Artichoke, and Herby Feta Salad. Vegetarians will also find salads like the 10-Minute Greek Kale Salad With Pita Croutons, seasoned mozzarella, cucumber, grape tomatoes, feta, and almonds.

While Green Chef can get quite pricey, our discounts can help. You might feel that the premium cost is worth it considering the quality of the ingredients. Organic eggs and produce, sustainably-sourced seafood, and humanely-raised meat don’t come cheap.

The ingredients are packed by recipe and are well labeled, so there’s no rummaging through a box of ingredients trying to figure out what you’ve got. Many ingredients are already pre-portioned, which will help reduce food waste.

However, we found that the prep time was around 15 minutes longer than Green Chef’s estimateafter allowing for ingredient prep and cleanup. Despite this, our reviewer felt that the recipes were still easy to follow but advised any cooking newbies to add a little extra time.

Prices start at $5.99 per serving, which is much more affordable than organic salad takeout. You can choose a minimum of 3 meals for 2 people and a maximum of 4 meals for 6 people each week. 

2. Marley Spoon – Best Martha Stewart-Designed Salads

a screenshot of marley spoon's Chicken, Farro & Squash Salad
Marley Spoon offers around a dozen easy salads every week

Key Features

  • In partnership with Martha Stewart

  • Around 10 weekly easy-prep salads

  • Low-calorie, veggie, no gluten added, and more available

  • Current deal: Get $260 off your first 8 boxes!

Marley Spoon is committed to providing fresh, quality ingredients and easy-prep salads. Each salad kit is designed to be quick and simple to prepare, making it a perfect choice for busy individuals who don't want to compromise on nutrition or taste.

For instance, the Chicken, Farro & Squash Salad only takes 15 to 20 minutes to make. It’s also labeled as easy. It contains red leaf lettuce, feta, thyme, lemon, honey, pecans, squash, and of course, farro.

All the ingredients come pre-portioned, which reduces food waste and simplifies the cooking process. Learn more in our full review. The menu rotates weekly, ensuring that you’re constantly exposed to new, exciting flavors. The company also takes into account varying dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, among more.

Another interesting feature is its partnership with Martha Stewart. This gives you the unique opportunity to create restaurant-quality meals at home. It’ll also help you enhance your culinary skills without the stress of meal planning or grocery shopping.

Compared to the competition, it features a fairly large selection of salads, though not as many as, say, Hungryroot. Still, you’re getting around 10 weekly options, which is still more than enough for 1 salad per day.

Some salads come with meat, seafood, or just veggies. For instance, you could choose the Martha's Classic Chicken Souvlaki Salad, Falafel Fattoush Salad, Caesar Salad, or the Salmon, Farro, and Squash Salad.

You could also customize your meals. The Salmon, Farro, and Squash Salad can be customized with proteins such as chicken. Options differ for each meal, so check carefully before ordering.

The minimum Marley Spoon order is 2 meals for 2 people up to 6 meals for 4 people per week. If you choose the largest weekly order, you’ll also save some money and only pay $2.99 per serving.

3. HelloFresh – Best Side Salads

screenshot of HelloFresh's Spinach Caprese Salad with Herbed Chickpeas, Caramelized Onion & Balsamic Vinaigrette
You can choose from easy prep salad kits like this Spinach Caprese Salad with Herbed Chickpeas, Caramelized Onion & Balsamic Vinaigrette

Key Features

HelloFresh has 1 of the biggest menus in the business with 60+ recipes each week. Options include American cuisine like Down Home Steak and Potatoes, as well as Mexican-inspired meals such as One-Pan Cantina Shrimp Fajitas. You’ll also find cuisines such as Mediterranean and Asian.

There are a few different salad recipes each week and about 5 or 6 recipes with fresh side salads. Since there aren’t too many options for meal-portioned salads, HelloFresh’s salad options are best for people wanting to add more greens to their diet here and there.

There are options even big enough for a whole meal and some. For instance, the Spinach Caprese Salad with Herbed Chickpeas, Caramelized Onion, and Balsamic Vinaigrette is definitely a full meal.

What isn’t super convenient is that there are different numbers of full-meal salads each week. HelloFresh posts its menu 6 weeks in advance, which is very helpful, but the number of full-meal salads ranges from 1 to 3 each week. You might want to mix and match salads with non-salads to round out your complete weekly menu.

HelloFresh is best suited to those following a balanced or vegetarian diet. You won’t find many options for vegans, and I wouldn’t recommend it for those on a keto diet. Green Chef would be a good alternative for these diets. HelloFresh also prepares all meals in the same facility, so those with allergies should be aware there’s a risk of cross-contamination.

There are helpful tags under the recipes to help you as you browse through the menu. These include, Quick, Easy Cleanup, and Easy Prep. Unfortunately, you can’t filter by these tags so if you’re specifically looking for Easy Cleanup recipes, you’ll need to search through the full menu each week.

You’ll find 4 or 5 recipes per week tagged 10-minute lunches, which usually include at least 1 salad. The Lemony Parmesan Shrimp Salad with Creamy Greek Dressing, Tomatoes, and Garlic Bread only takes an estimated 10 minutes to prepare.

HelloFresh has an excellent customer support team. Our reviewer was very impressed when they contacted customer support and described them as “hands-down outstanding”. Those new to meal delivery services will find HelloFresh an excellent introduction.

You can order 2 to 6 recipes per week for either 2 or 4 people. The per serving price starts at $3.32. You’ll find that smaller orders have a higher per serving price than larger orders.

4. Blue Apron – Best Gourmet Salads

a screenshot of blue apron's Jalapeño Ranch Salad
This Jalapeño Ranch Salad only takes about 25 minutes to prepare

Key Features

  • Gourmet salads, meal kits, and prepared meals

  • Around 2 weekly salad options

  • Veggie and Wellness plans available

Blue Apron is a gourmet meal delivery service with a few easy-to-prepare salads. With a focus on convenience, quality, and taste, the service delivers pre-portioned, fresh ingredients straight to your doorstep, allowing you to create gourmet salads in the comfort of your home.

Ease of preparation is 1 of Blue Apron's main selling points. Its salads, though gourmet, require minimal time and effort, with most taking no more than 20 to 25 minutes to prepare. This makes it perfect for those quick lunches or dinners when you’re short on time.

A couple of salad examples include the Italian Pasta Salad and the Jalapeño Ranch Salad. These take between 20 to 25 minutes to prepare. Though not the largest salad selection out there, at least they’re of the highest quality you can get.

On top of that, the company provides 4 specific plans to cater to various dietary needs. These are the Signature for 2, Wellness for 2, Vegetarian for 2, and Signature for 4 plans. Each is designed to provide balanced, flavorful meals, making it simple for you to maintain your preferred diet while enjoying a variety of cuisines.

Beyond salads, Blue Apron also provides diverse meal kits and a few prepared meals each week, as our review discusses in greater detail. This adds an extra layer of convenience for those busy days when there's no time for meal prep, yet you still desire a home-cooked meal.

To complement the meal offerings, Blue Apron also provides an array of market add-ons. These include desserts, sides, snacks, extras, and protein add-ons, along with a selection of wines for pairing. This enables customers to create a comprehensive dining experience beyond the main course.

Blue Apron’s minimum weekly order is 2 meals for 2 people (4 servings), up to 5 meals for 4 people (20 servings). If you go for the largest order, you can also save money and only pay $5.74 per serving.

5. Dinnerly – Best Affordable Salads

a screenshot of dinnerly's Easy Clean Up! Balsamic Chicken & Peach Salad
This Easy Clean Up! Balsamic Chicken & Peach Salad only takes 15 to 20 minutes and has an "easy" difficulty level

Key Features

  • Easy, kid-friendly meals

  • Around 6 salads per week

  • Options for low-calorie, low-carb, no gluten added, and more

In our full review, you’ll learn about why Dinnerly is the most affordable meal delivery service in America. With some of the lowest per meal prices, it’s pretty easy to see why many are choosing this service. As well as the meal kits, you’ll find low-priced salads, too.

The menu has around 6 salads every week, including some vegetarian-friendly options. The Easy Clean Up! Balsamic Chicken and Peach Salad is 1 of the most popular choices. It’s labeled as easy and only takes 15 to 20 minutes to prepare. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Other options include Mexican Street Corn Chicken Salad or Pesto Shrimp Caesar Salad. Both of these are in the <30-minute and in the low-carb category.

If you’re looking for some side salads, you can get those, too. For instance, you could opt for the Creamy Pesto Pasta Salad as a side dish for your next picnic. Again, it’s not the largest salad selection out there since Dinnerly isn’t primarily a salad delivery service. Still, it’s nice to see a decent selection.

Just like Marley Spoon, some salads are customizable with different meats. For example, the Pesto Caesar Salad with Large Shrimp could be sent out to you with a variety of other proteins including chicken. That’s definitely a nice added bonus in case you don’t like shrimp.

It’s important to stress that Dinnerly offers an impressively large menu of full meals. The salads make up a very small portion of the overall menu. If you want some regular meals for a few days per week (and not just salad), it’s easy to vary what you’re eating. The service offers well over 50 weekly meal options in total.

You can also get some sides, snacks, desserts, extras, and more. There’s everything from muffins, baked oatmeals, cupcakes, cookies, waffle sliders, and even a few prepared, microwave-ready meals every week.

The minimum order is 2 meals for 2 people per week up to 6 meals for 4 people. Even though Dinnerly is the most affordable service, if you do go for the largest order, you also save more money per serving. Prices start at $2.12 per serving.

6. Hungryroot – Best Overall Salad Variety

Screenshot of Hungryroot's Togarashi Salmon and Avocado Salad
Hungryroot's salads are a great balance between leafy greens, veggies, healthy fats, and proteins like this Togarashi Salmon and Avocado Salad.

Key Features

  • 15 minutes or less prep time, extensive customization options

  • 20+ salads, 20+ grain bowls, 100s of a la carte groceries

  • 10 dietary accommodations including veggie, vegan, and paleo

Hungryroot’s best feature is its meal kit and grocery hybrid model. You get the best of salad meal delivery services and a grocery store. I haven’t seen another food delivery service that functions quite like Hungryroot. Typically, you can choose from a grocery delivery service or a meal delivery service, but not 1 that offers both.

There are hundreds of recipes on the menu, 20+ of which are salads and 20+ of which are grain bowls, all in full meal-sized portions. Salad options include Togarashi Salmon, Blackened Shrimp Summer Salad, and Artichoke Umami and Roasted Beet.

You must choose a minimum order of 4 meals before you can order salads. But once the minimum is in your cart, you can add as many a la carte salad groceries and snacks as you want to build your own easy prep salads.

First, you'll take a detailed customization quiz. Here, you’ll provide information about the food you like to eat, when you eat, and your preferred flavors. You’ll also tell them which meals of the day you eat, what snacks you enjoy, and if you’re looking for weight-loss recipes. The quiz even asks what cooking appliances you use, so that it can recommend the best recipes for you.

What’s great about the recommended recipes is that you can swap them for other recipes, or swap ingredients for others. Very few services allow you to swap ingredients with this level of flexibility. Often you can choose to exclude ingredients with some services, but you can’t flexibly exchange each ingredient for another on the menu like you can with Hungryroot.

Having swappable ingredients allows you to customize the recipes to suit your individual needs. Not only does this increase the number of recipes, but you can get creative with your culinary salad-building skills. If you want salad recipe recommendations after your quiz, you can answer the questions in a way that will provide these.

The menu is separated into 2 sections – Groceries and Recipes. Under Recipes, there are several filters including protein, serving size, spice level, and dietary needs. You can also browse by the type of recipe and there’s a specific option for viewing just salads. The Groceries section can be filtered in a similar way with filters including the type of ingredient as well as protein, spice level, and dietary needs.

You can also filter options based on whether you want meals with less than 5 or 10 minutes prep time. Read our full review for a step-by-step guide to the whole process.

Despite the number of salads and salad groceries, you’ll often see the same ingredients in several recipes. This may mean that many salads are quite similar. Portions are also not very generous, so those with super-active lifestyles might want to order extra protein portions or pantry items.

Prices start at $8.99 per serving, and you can order 6 to 16 servings per week of the recipes and as many groceries as you wish.

7. Gobble – Best Easy-Prep Salads

Screenshot of Gobble's Mediterranean Fattoush Salad with Green Harissa Dressing
Gobble's weekly salads are fresh and internationally-inspired like this Mediterranean Fattoush Salad with Green Harissa Dressing.

Key Features

  • Cleaned, chopped, and pre-portioned salad meal kits

  • 3 salads recipes that rotate each week

  • Lean & Clean and Vegetarian

All Gobble’s meals are kits, so your salad won’t arrive fully prepped. However, it’ll arrive with cleaned, chopped, and pre-portioned ingredients. All you’ll have to do is toss. Gobble salads are adult-portioned, so they can be consumed as a whole meal. I mostly eat salads, so finding a service that offers a meal-sized salad is great.

Gobble's salad selection is best for people who don't need salads every meal but do want to have the option here and there during their week.

There are 3 salad recipes offered each week as whole meals. If you’re hoping to replace all your meals with salads, you may want to choose a different service like Hungryroot with its 20+ options and dozens of groceries. Check out my colleague’s in-depth review of Gobble’s service to discover more about ingredient quality and convenience.

There isn’t allergy exclusion, and you can’t eliminate certain ingredients you don’t want, but Gobble lists all ingredients on each recipe’s menu card on the website and in your order’s information card. And since these salads are meal kits, you can leave out the ingredients you don’t want to consume when prepping at home.

You can swap proteins in many meals, including salads, and add soups or any other meals to your order. Protein options typically include flat iron steak, Mt. Cook King Salmon Fillet, sustainably sourced wild jumbo shrimp, and organic boneless skinless chicken breast. While there aren’t many full salads on the menu each week, these protein options significantly increase your options.

Meal prep is super easy since all ingredients arrive partially prepped and pre-portioned. You’ll only need to do minimal prep like mixing, sauteing, and some vegetable trimming. Gobble guarantees that prep for all kits takes no longer than 15 minutes.

Salad cuisine is classic and best for people who like simple, familiar flavors. You’ll find mixes like Winter Citrus, Mint, and Shaved Fennel Salad with Orange Cumin Vinaigrette. Plus, sauces and dressings are pre-made. All you have to do is pour and toss.

Like Green Chef, Gobble lets you choose your delivery day, so you can ensure you receive your food on a convenient day. Delivery days are different for each zip code, so you’ll have to double-check which day is available for your area.

Gobble is a bit more expensive than some other services, with prices starting at $11.99 per serving. But at least you can order 6 to 20 servings per week. For some, this might be a bit steep just for salads.

8. Purple Carrot – Best Vegan Salads

Purple Carrot's Chilled Sesame Noodle Bowls
Purple Carrot’s weekly salads often come in the form of nourishing bowl recipes like this Chilled Sesame Noodle Bowl

Key Features

  • Entirely plant-based menu

  • Around 5 salad-style dishes each week

  • Gluten-free, soy-free, and high-protein options

Purple Carrot is the only fully vegan service on my list. All of its meals are completely plant-based. As a service that puts veggies as the star of the show, it’s no surprise you can find some great salad options on Purple Carrot’s weekly menus.

Many of the salads come in the form of easy-prep meal kits, like the Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Chickpeas with Romesco and Avocado Caper Salad. Keep an eye out for recipes with “bowls” in the name, as these are just hearty salads, such as the Farmers’ Market Bowls with Roasted Bok Choy and Turmeric Tahini and the Chilled Sesame Noodle Bowl (pictured above). 

Purple Carrot caters to a range of diets beyond vegan and dairy-free. You can find low-calorie, soy-free, nut-free, low-sodium, gluten-free, and high-protein tags on each dish, which makes it easy to pick out meals from the menu that suit your needs – although you may feel slightly restricted if you’re only looking at the salads.  

Most of the salad meal kits fall in Purple Carrot’s “Less Prep” range, which means they’re quick and easy to put together. But for even busier nights (or grab-and-go lunches), you can also order fully prepared dishes like Chilled Ras El Hanout Chickpea Salad with Dates and Tahini Farro Pilaf that require no prep at all – not even heating. 

You’ll have to choose between meal kits and prepared meals when you sign up, but when our reviewer tried Purple Carrot at home, they were able to edit future orders to mix and match meal styles to suit their schedule. 

Most of Purple Carrot’s non-produce items are organic, but it doesn’t guarantee organic or non-GMO produce. Produce features heavily in salad dishes, so if eating organic is a top priority for you, I’d recommend looking at Green Chef’s plant-based plan as an alternative. 

As it covers a niche diet, Purple Carrot can be a bit pricey. The lowest possible price per serving is $8.50 when you order 3 meal kits for 4 (plus current discounts). Prepared dishes cost a bit more, but it’s a flat price per meal whether you order 6, 8, or 10 servings. 

Top Plans
Top Plans
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Our Rating
Our Rating
Starting Price
Starting Price

$5.99 Per Serving

$2.99 Per Serving

$3.32 Per Serving

$5.74 Per Serving

$2.12 Per Serving

$8.99 Per Serving

$11.99 Per Serving

$8.50 Per Serving

Minimum Order
Minimum Order

3 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

3 meals for 2 people

3 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

3 meal kits for 2 people/6 prepared meals

Meal Types
Meal Types

30-minute meal kits

30 min. meal kits

Meal kits, speedy kits, prepared meals

20 - 60 min. meal kits

30-minute meal kits

Groceries, meal kits

Meal kits

Meal kits, prepared meals

Prep Time
Prep Time

25-40 min

20-40 min

5-50 min

5-45 min

20-45 min

5-15 min

15 min

3-40 min

Active Deals
Active Deals

Tips for Choosing the Best Salad Meal Delivery

Meal delivery has become increasingly popular, and many services have cropped up that offer great meals. I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you choose the best salad meal delivery service for you.

  • Convenience: You can pick between meal kits or ready-made salads that require anywhere from zero to 30 minutes of prep time. Make sure to select options that fit both your culinary skill level and time constraints. Green Chef has a fantastic range of quick-prep salads.

  • Tailor-made options: Salads usually have many ingredients. If there's a service that offers salads you like but you want to change a few ingredients, make sure you can remove those ingredients. And if you prefer a diet of mostly greens and proteins, check that you can add or substitute ingredients to increase the protein and vegetable content. Marley Spoon lets you customize many salads.

  • Affordability: Some meal delivery services can be pricey, so always double-check your price total before confirming your order. If you find a service you love, always take shipping fees into consideration since that can easily increase your per-meal price beyond what works for your budget. All the services on our list give full information about prices and shipping fees before you sign up.

  • Consider your options: If you’ve found several services that fit the convenience, customizability, and price point of your meal planning needs – try them all out! Meal delivery services often offer discounts on your first box. You can also use our discount codes throughout this article to further decrease your first order prices.


What is the healthiest salad meal delivery?

Green Chef is the healthiest salad meal delivery service option. Its ingredients are USDA-certified and CCOF-certified organic. You can rest assured that your salad ingredients are organic and seasonally fresh.

Can salad be prepared the day before you eat it?

Yes, most fresh ingredients can be prepared the day before you eat them. They’ll remain fresh for about 3 days after prep if you cover and refrigerate them. Preparing salad for the next few days will be super convenient, especially if you order groceries enough to do so like you can from Hungryroot.

How can I order prepared salad meals online for delivery?

Choose a high-quality salad meal delivery service. Then, select the number of meals you want per week, enter your shipping and delivery details, and select your meals. Green Chef is my top recommendation for a salad meal delivery service given the ingredient quality and diet variety it offers.

Best Salad Meal Delivery Services in 2023 — Final Score

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