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Wine Delivery
Wine Delivery

NPR Wine Club Review 2024: On Your Wavelength?

Author Jessica White
Jessica White
Updated on Apr 11th, 2024
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh


The NPR Wine Club is a unique club managed by Laithwaites. It stands out for its integration of NPR's narrative style into the wine selection process. It's not just about the wine; it's about how each bottle connects to the stories and themes of NPR.

I’ve thoroughly researched what you can expect from the NPR Wine Club. From the variety and quality of wines to the ordering and delivery process, I've delved into every aspect to give you a comprehensive overview. 

Keep reading to find out if the NPR Wine Club is the right fit for you. Making the right choice in a wine club is about aligning with your taste preferences and interests. If you’re not sure about this wine club, then I recommend giving Firstleaf a go. I aim to equip you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether this club meets your expectations and needs.



Supports public radio

High shipping cost

Wines curated by Laithwaites

Limited customization

Quality global wines

Doesn't deliver to all states

What’s on the NPR Wine Club Wine List

The NPR Wine Club's wine list is uniquely inspired by National Public Radio. In each delivery, you'll find a mix of wines, including some custom labeled for popular NPR shows like "Wait, Wait – Don't Tell Me". While not all bottles in your order will be NPR-themed, having a few in each delivery adds a special touch to your wine experience.

Image of 3 NPR-themed bottles of wine: Consider This, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, and Weekend Edition

It collaborates with Laithwaites wine delivery, enabling you to purchase NPR-labeled wines directly from its website. This option is great if you prefer not to commit to a subscription but still want to support NPR. By choosing these wines, you contribute to funding NPR, enjoying quality wines while supporting a cause you care about.

You'll encounter a selection of wines that are often hard to find in stores, focusing on smaller, quality producers. This approach ensures that the wines you receive are not just unique but also of high quality. Remember, you can rate and review the wines in your account, which helps tailor future shipments to your tastes.

Screenshot of the Browse Wines tab featuring all filtering options on NPR Wine Club

It offers an extensive range of over 500 wines, ensuring there's something for every palate. Whether you're interested in reds, whites, champagne, sparkling, rosé, dessert wines, or fine and rare varieties, you’re covered. Filter the options by price, grape, country, and more, making it easier to find what you're looking for. 

You can buy wines in various quantities, from single bottles to cases of 6 or 12. Since shipping covers up to 15 bottles, it's economical to order in bulk. The club offers over 15 NPR-themed wines, like Weekend Edition Cabernet and Consider This Sauvignon Blanc, in addition to seasonal selections.

Image of 3 bottles of wine titled Top Rates, Customer Favorite, and Special Offer

Extras such as wine glasses and a lever-pull corkscrew are available for purchase. The club caters to a wide audience, from casual drinkers to more serious wine aficionados. Extras, like tasting notes, are included with each shipment, enhancing your wine experience and knowledge.


In each club case, you'll find tasting notes that provide information about the background of each wine and tips on how to best serve them.

Image of the tasting notes for an NPR Wine Club Wine

These notes are designed to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the wines. Additionally, the packaging is easily recyclable, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

Shortlist of My Favorite Wines

Stones & Bones 2020

Image of a bottle of Stones & Bones from NPR Wine Club

Stones & Bones, a well-regarded wine from Portugal, presents a robust, full-bodied profile. It complements a variety of hearty dishes, including both meat and vegetable stews, barbecued foods, and rich, meaty pasta creations. The wine features inviting aromas of berries and sweet spices, while its flavor is characterized by notes of bramble fruit and a subtle hint of toasty oak.

NPR Consider This Lodi Sauvignon Blanc

Image of a bottle of Consider This from NPR Wine Club and a full wine glass

This American Sauvignon Blanc is great for lively discussions and social gatherings. It's a dry white wine distinguished by its vibrant tropical flavors. The grapes originate from Lodi, a region renowned for its wine production. Ideal as an aperitif, it also pairs wonderfully with goat cheese, fresh salads, or seafood, enhancing the flavors of both the wine and the food.

Wyfold Vineyard Brut 2017

Wyfold Vineyard Brut 2017 white wine

Celebrate your special moments with a British Chardonnay-based blend, a dry sparkling white. With a bouquet that combines the richness of toasted brioche with the freshness of citrus and summer fruits, it offers a sophisticated and elegant finish. This makes it ideal for toasts and celebrations. Its flavor profile complements dishes with creamy sauces and seafood.


Starting From

Shipping Fee

$164.99 per 12-bottle case


$16.99 per bottle

$19.99 plus tax

Prices for individual NPR-themed wine bottles vary between $16.99 and $23.99, positioning them in the mid-range category. In the online store, bottle prices start at approximately $10 and can go up to $100, though most fall within the $15 to $20 range.

The shipping cost is a flat rate of $19.99 per order. Similar to other clubs operated by Laithwaites, an annual unlimited shipping option is available for $89, offering free shipping. This option is essentially a prepayment discount on shipping and is beneficial if you anticipate receiving all 6 yearly deliveries.

Shipping & Delivery

Before ordering, it's important to check that NPR Wine Club ships to your state. Upon placing your order, you will receive an estimated shipping date and a delivery window. Once your wine is dispatched, a tracking number will be provided, typically through FedEx or a similar courier service.

 Image of an opened NPR Wine Club delivery box on a doorstep with bottles of wine next to it

All shipments require a signature from an individual who is at least 21 years old. Alternatively, you have the option to have your wine delivered to your workplace or a FedEx location, where it will be held for up to 5 days.

How NPR Wine Club Works

To begin your NPR Wine Club subscription, just follow these easy steps.

How to Sign Up

1. From the NPR Wine Club homepage click on Join the Club. Screenshot of the NPR Wine Club home page

2. Decide which type of wine box you prefer. screenshot of the choose your wine type step in the signup process

3. Add your address details. Screenshot of delivery details during signup for NPR Wine Club

4. Complete your payment information. Screenshot of payment details step during signup

5. Agree to the terms and conditions to complete your order.

Upon processing your order, you'll be enrolled for ongoing deliveries with NPR Wine Club. You'll receive a confirmation email with an estimated range of delivery dates.

Managing Your Subscription

Your membership can be canceled whenever you choose. Simply visit the wine club settings, navigate to the bottom of the page, and select cancel. Alternatively, you have the option to skip a case or adjust the delivery time. These changes can be made in response to the 10-day notification email you'll receive before your next order is dispatched.

Customer Service

If you're dissatisfied with a wine, a refund is available. Simply contact the Customer Service team on 1-800-649-4637 or complete the online form. You can also get assistance from a Personal Wine Advisor. Reach them at 1-888-863-7386 or via email at wineadvisors@laithwaites.com for any queries or support.

How NPR Wine Club Compares to Other Wine Delivery Services

NPR Wine Club vs. Firstleaf: Firstleaf sets itself apart with its data-driven approach to wine selection, using customer feedback to personalize future shipments. This algorithm-based selection process offers a distinct advantage. This approach contrasts with NPR Wine Club's thematic curation linked to NPR programming.

NPR Wine Club vs. Winc: Winc excels in offering a highly customizable wine subscription service, where members have complete control over their monthly shipments. Unlike NPR Wine Club, which offers a more fixed selection themed around NPR stories.

NPR Wine Club vs. Wine Awesomeness: Wine Awesomeness is committed to discovering hidden gem wines from around the globe, accompanied by a mini-magazine. While NPR Wine Club also offers educational content, Wine Awesomeness' approach may appeal more to the adventurous wine drinker

The Bottom Line: Is NPR Wine Club Worth It?

The NPR Wine Club is a niche choice, ideal for those who appreciate NPR and want to support public radio through their love of wine. The club offers the flexibility of ordering individual bottles or entire cases, catering to varying needs. 

However, if you're seeking a more personalized wine selection or more frequent deliveries, there are alternative wine clubs that might better suit your preferences, as highlighted in our comprehensive rundown of the 10 best wine delivery services

While NPR Wine Club boasts an extensive wine collection, it may not fully align with the needs of those who are specifically looking for wines from particular wineries or small-batch productions. Therefore, if you're an NPR enthusiast keen on exploring a wide range of wines, NPR Wine Club is certainly worth trying.


How does NPR Wine Club work?

NPR Wine Club sends themed wine selections every quarter. You choose a package, receive wines inspired by NPR stories, and get tasting notes when you unbox your wine. It's a way to explore and learn about wines through NPR's lens.

How do I cancel NPR Wine Club?

Cancel your NPR Wine Club membership by contacting the customer service team. Check your subscription terms for cancelation guidelines to avoid extra charges. Reach out via email or phone for the process.

How do wine subscriptions work?

Wine subscriptions deliver selected wines to you regularly. For example, with NPR Wine Club, it’s easy to sign up, set your preferences, and receive wines based on those choices. Wine subscription services vary in flexibility and commitment, making them suitable for exploring new wines conveniently.

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