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Written by: Steph Gregerson on Jun 1st, 2023

9 Best Wine Delivery Services 2023: Expert Ranked

Enjoying a glass of wine at the end of a long day is a treat to be savored. But if, like me, you’d like to learn more about the wines you’re drinking and find new bottles to try, our list of the 10 best wine delivery services is the perfect place to start.

We’ve pulled together the 10 best companies that will help you refine your palate, many of which support local, independent wineries, too. With the addition of food pairing suggestions, monthly information booklets, and exclusive promotions, these wine delivery services offer a wine-buying experience like no other. 

Whether you’re just discovering a love for wine, or you’re looking for a more convenient way of staying well-stocked, there’s something on the list for you.

Short on Time? Here are the Best Wine Delivery Services

  1. Naked Wines – Invest in Independent Winemakers

  2. Winc – An Easy Introduction to Wine 

  3. Bright Cellars – Great For New Wine Drinkers 

  4. Firstleaf – Fully Customizable Wine Subscription

  5. Wine Insiders – Competitive Prices and Great Variety

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What to Look For in the Best Wine Delivery Services

Great customer service is at the top of our list for any kind of delivery service. But when it comes to wine, it’s also important that you’re able to find varieties you love and can enjoy. Some companies, like Winc and Bright Cellars for example, offer data-driven “quizzes” to match your palate with different varieties, while offering a cash-back guarantee if you don’t love the wine you receive.

Our 10 Best Wine Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Naked Wines – Invest in Independent Winemakers

Naked Wines Best Features 

Naked Wines in a Nutshell 

Naked Wines is an online retailer and wine club that gives you direct access to independent winemakers from all over the world. It isn’t like a usual wine delivery subscription in that you pay a monthly fee and receive a regular shipment of whatever wines are available – with Naked Wines you’re charged $40 per month and can use that credit to pick out any bottles you like, to be delivered whenever is convenient for you. For more details on the ordering process, read our full review.

The set monthly charge may seem a little odd, but it’s what sets Naked Wines apart from other wine clubs. That money allows the company to invest in independent winemakers so they can keep producing – in a sense, crowdfunding to prepay for and buy wine. 

2. Winc - An Easy Introduction to Wine

Winc Best Features 

  • Has an intelligent rating system to help you find wines you’ll love

  • Beautiful, gift-worthy packaging

  • Great variety, with rotating seasonal selections 

Winc in a Nutshell 

As a new customer, you’ll be asked to fill out a quiz to help build your Palate Profile, in order for the company to make selections that match your taste. This is what makes Winc a great wine delivery service for anyone who wants to learn more about wine and discover new favorites. 

You don’t have to know which varietals (type of grape) you’ve liked in the past – instead you’ll receive suggestions based on how you like your coffee and which fruits you enjoy. Our Winc review goes into more detail. 

Put simply, Winc is a monthly wine club that aims to make the experience of exploring wine simple and fun. Once you’ve finalized your selections, they are sent directly to your door. You can then rate your wines to get even better recommendations next time. Each bottle is selected from independent winemakers from all over and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

3. Bright Cellars – Great For New Wine Drinkers

Bright Cellars Best Features 

  • Exclusive Member Rewards program available 

  • Introductory palate quiz to help curate your bottles

  • Get a free replacement for any wine you don’t like

Bright Cellars in a Nutshell 

With an algorithm-based quiz that compares your preferences to 18 different attributes, Bright Cellars is able to introduce customers to wines with a satisfaction guarantee. 

The whole thing was created by two MIT grads who wanted to learn more about wine and make it accessible for others to learn as well. For more background, check out our full review

Bright Cellars is good for anyone who wants an easy introduction to wine. It’s also great for those who already enjoy wine but want to try something new. Every bottle is priced the same, so costs won’t fluctuate based on your selection. If you want to save a little, you can earn referral points by having your friends sign up. 

4. Firstleaf – Fully Customizable Wine Subscription

Firstleaf Best Features 

  • Has a sustainable focus – all shipments are carbon neutral 

  • Access to a wine concierge for questions and suggestions

  • Easy-to-use rating system 

Firstleaf in a Nutshell 

When you sign up and take the initial patent-pending quiz, Firstleaf will customize your introductory box to include a variety of wines you’ll like based on your answers. With each month you’re a member, the system gets smarter and learns more about your preferences based on the feedback you give. 

Check out our complete review for more information.

Firstleaf’s wines have earned countless medals in contests like the International Women’s Wine Competition, so it’s safe to say the company has some incredible options. If you want to choose your own from the online store, there are plenty of filters to help narrow down your options. Each shipment is completely customizable – you can select your delivery dates and the frequency of which you receive your shipments. 

Firstleaf is a great choice if you’re looking for an introduction to wine or want to try something new without spending a fortune.

5. Wine Insiders – Competitive Prices and Great Variety

Wine Insiders Best Features 

Wine Insiders in a Nutshell 

Wine Insiders offers a membership that sends six 12-bottle cases to you each year. Each case features 12 different, high-quality wines, which means you get the discount of bulk-ordering without having to order a case of just one type. With 49 different varietals, you definitely have plenty of options. Our expert review covers this in more detail.

If you don’t want to sign up to the Wine Insiders Club, you can still utilize the online store and take advantage of the discounted prices. There are celebrity curations and other fun collections to enjoy. The subscription is a great deal, but it’s nice to browse the store without having to commit to regular shipments. 

6. Martha Stewart Wine Co – Hand-Selected by a Professional Hostess

Martha Stewart Wine Co Best Features 

  • Seasonal Sips shows wines that are perfect for the time of year

  • Informative tasting guide and in-depth notes with every bottle

  • All the wines have been tasted and selected by Martha herself! 

Martha Stewart Wine Co in a Nutshell 

Martha Stewart doesn’t put her name to just anything, so you know this wine club is likely to live up to her impeccably high standards. Sign up and you’ll receive 12 Martha-selected wines every 12 weeks, with the option to choose a mixed red and white package, an all-reds package, or an all-whites package – all selected from vineyards around the world. 

Read our expert review for more details.

In addition to the Wine Club offerings, you can also shop individual bottles and wine packs for special occasions. Planning a barbecue? Try the Great Wines For Grilling pack. Or how about the Patio Sippers half case for those summer nights in the garden? This is a great service for people who want to try new wines and love having a variety to choose from. 

The service is simple to use and offers lots of packaged selections to take the decision-making out of your hands. It’s a perfect gift option as well.

7. The California Wine Club – Take A Wine Vacation Without Leaving Home

The California Wine Club Best Features 

The California Wine Club in a Nutshell 

The California Wine Club is unique because it offers multiple levels of club membership, so there’s something for everyone. From the Premier Series, which is the most affordable, to the Aged Cabernet Series, which includes two bottles of prestigious Napa or Sonoma Valley Cabernets each month. The clubs start with two bottles per month and you can add more if you want. You can also swap the monthly membership for something less frequent if you select the Give a Gift option. Get the lowdown by reading our full review.

The company started decades ago as a way to share small-batch Californian wines with customers all over the United States. Now, you’ll also find a Pacific Northwest Series featuring Oregon and Washington wines, as well as an International Series. It’s a great way to experience the famous wine destination without leaving your home.

8. Wine Awesomeness – A Fun, Modern Wine Subscription

Wine Awesomeness Best Features 

  • Monthly membership perks, including deals, rewards, and more

  • Wine Cellar access, including tasting notes, recipe pairings, and reviews

  • Choose to receive either three or six bottles per month

Wine Awesomeness in a Nutshell 

While many of the other wine delivery services out there have you fill out a quiz when you sign up, Wine Awesomeness doesn’t. You can either shop a la carte via its online store or subscribe for a complete wine surprise that’s been curated by the team. You’ll be asked to choose between red, white, or the variety pack.  

It’s a great service to help expand your horizons and try new varietals that you might not have selected on your own. The focus is on discovery, so it’s all about trying new things and finding new favorites. Check out our full-length review for a more in-depth look at the wines offered.

Along with the wines, you’ll receive exclusive access to Wine Cellar – an interactive experience featuring recipe pairings, tasting notes, and more. 

9. Vinesse – Tons of Variety for All Budgets

Vinesse Best Features 

  • 95% of its wines have been rated “would buy again”

  • Quick shipping on all orders

  • Flexible membership with the option to skip shipments 

Vinesse in a Nutshell 

Vinesse makes it easy to find wine that you’ll love. If you’re not interested in signing up for a Wine Club membership, you can still browse the store and order one of the many six- or 12-bottle sampler packs. 

The options are plentiful – almost a little overwhelming – but fun to sort through. Our full Vinesse review goes into more detail.

Another great feature of Vinesse is its availability in all 50 states. It’s one of the few services that will deliver to both Alaska and Hawaii. Every order is shipped within 48 hours of buying and you’ll receive a tracking number that you can use to monitor your delivery.

Best Wine Delivery: Comparison Table

Wine Delivery

Starting Price Per Bottle

Shipping Fee

Shipping Locations

Ideal For

Naked Wines


$9.99, or free on orders over $100 (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)

Mainland US, Hawaii, and Alaska (excludes AL, AR, DE, MS, NJ, OH, RI & UT)

Affordable wine from indie winemakers

Get Started



$9, or free on orders of four bottles or more

40 states (excludes AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MI, MS, NJ, RI, SD & UT)

An easy introduction to wine 

Get Started

Bright Cellars



Mainland US (excludes AK, AL, DE, ND, MI, KY, HI, NH, RI & UT)

Anyone new to wine or wanting to try something new

Get Started



$9.95, free on your first order

44 states, including Washington DC (excludes AL, AK, HI, RI, MS & UT)

Award-winning wines

Get Started

Wine Insiders


$14.95, or free on orders of six bottles or more

40 states (excludes AK, AL, AS, DE, HI, KY, MS, RI, SD, & UT)

Great introductory offers

Get Started

Martha Stewart Wine Club


$14.95, or free on orders of six or more bottles

All states and Washington DC (excludes AL, AK, AS, DE, HI, KY, OK, MS, RI, SD & UT)

Martha Stewart fans 

Get Started

The California Wine Club


Calculated at checkout

All states, including Alaska and Hawaii 

California wine lovers and anyone looking to support small vineyards

Get Started

Wine Awesomeness


$15, or free for club members 

The contiguous US (excludes AK, AR, AL, HI, MS, SD & UT)

A thoroughly modern wine subscription service

Get Started



$21, or free on orders of 12 bottles or more

All states, including Alaska and Hawaii 

All wine drinkers, from novices to wine connoisseurs

Get Started

Wine Delivery Service vs. Wine Subscription: What's the Difference?

You’ll see a mix of both wine delivery services and wine subscriptions on the list above. The difference can be a little blurry. Simply put, subscriptions are wine clubs. You pay a monthly fee and receive a regular shipment of selected wines. Wine Awesomeness is a great example of this – you pay your monthly fee and, based on your preferences, the bottles are selected for you.

A wine delivery service is more like an online shop where you scroll through and purchase bottles that will be sent to your door.

When choosing what kind of service to go for, keep in mind that wine subscriptions usually come with perks and price savings. Even though you sign up for recurring payments, most are easy to cancel or pause if you need to.

Best Wine Delivery Gifts

Wine makes a great gift for many occasions. A few of the vendors on our list have some incredible gift options.

Many wine delivery services, such as Bright Cellars, offer gift cards, allowing you to purchase a “wine experience” for a friend, family member, or coworker. This is often the case for those companies that like to customize their service to the specific recipient’s tastes. Winc and Firstleaf have similar gift card options.

If you’re looking for something special where the physical bottles arrive as the gift, Wine Awesomeness has a few gifting options. Imagine how fun it would be to receive a surprise gift of wine on your doorstep!

Best Wine Delivery Website

The best wine delivery websites feature easy filtering systems, a user-friendly setup, beautiful photography, and customer service that’s easy to locate. 

Winc has great filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s easy to see the customer ratings and figure out how to get started, too. Firstleaf and Naked Wines have support boxes located on every page so it’s easy to jump in a chat with a customer service advisor and get any questions answered.

Bottom Line: Is a Wine Subscription Worth It?


Wine subscriptions can get you some really good wines at fair prices. The best part? You can do it from your couch. You can learn about what you like and find new favorites. Or you can just keep your wine fridge full without having to leave your house!


What is a Wine Delivery Service?

Wine delivery services are companies that use the internet to market their products, allowing you to browse, purchase, and have wines conveniently shipped to your door. By removing the layer of storefronts, you’ll often find more competitive prices by purchasing directly through these websites, many of which partner with small, independent winemakers. Naked Wines, for example, focuses on doing just that.

Who does free delivery on wine?

Winc offers free shipping on its wine delivery service when you order four bottles or more. In fact, most of the other services we featured on our list include free shipping if you order a minimum number of bottles.

What is the best wine delivery service?

Naked Wines is the best all-around wine delivery service thanks to its great selection at great prices. Our comparison chart lets you see all of the difference between today’s top wine clubs.

How does a wine delivery service work?

Wine delivery services offer a selection of – often exclusive – wines that can be shipped directly to your home, either as part of a membership or as a one-off purchase. Some services will curate a selection for you, while others allow you to select your own wines based on the recommendations provided.

Get a more in-depth example at how a wine delivery service work in our expert Naked Wines review.

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